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Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper Walkthrough part 15

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Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper Walkthrough part 15

September 29/30 , Whitechapel

As Holmes

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Let's go to the police station.

Come come back again are we come this way good man the inspector has a few questions to ask you here is the man inspector congratulations Humphries so my lad one would say that you owe us a bit of an explanation for having left something with us what is your full name and profession Sherlock Holmes consulting detective well how about that mr. Holmes can you explain this get up your presence in the neighborhood despite my instructions as well as this most opportune restitution of jewels firstly I should tell you that not being under your command I never understood what you said as an order but rather as advice I thought I'd be wise to follow them to a certain extent I intended to explain the stolen goods sooner or later my presence here will allow me to fill you in on a few conclusions that if it is in regard to the Whitechapel murders it won't help us much we have no doubt that we will be revealing the identity of the murderer to the people in the area in a day or two I'm impressed inspector and I offer you my sincerest congratulations nonetheless you should investigate the certain doctor listen Holmes let us do our work you've rid us of a great pain in the rear end by finding those jewels for us it's weeks of work that you've saved us but I think you're a little under qualified for a case like that I've checked the Ripper until it's over I demand that you do not set foot in the area is that clear I take note of your advice inspector you mentioned Jack the Ripper pardon me but you know the name of the murderer oh it's from a letter that the Central News Agency sent our way it was written by the killer and even if it can't be proven it must be recognized that the signature is striking this information is confidential and I would ask you to keep it to yourself Holmes can I have a little look out of mere curiosity inspector then I shall disappear hmm in. That case I don't see any objection thank you so much.

Me not up to discovery who Jack the Ripper is well we'll soon find out won't we inspector abberline I now know who wrote the dear boss letter signed Jack the Ripper that abberline gave me and above all I now know why this Tom bullying was inspired by this fantastical character to build a myth out of the Whitechapel killer perhaps he would be receptive if I shared my discovery about him and prevent him from accusing Scooby I must find him at once my best bet will be to try my luck at the power.

Ah Holmes I got your message and Here I am perfect Watson that oath Pluto is.

Looking for us with evil intentions and he may be hiding here I will try to get more information inside you Watson will be our lookout and at the slightest suspicious sound do not hesitate to call the constable on his rounds.

Good evening mr. Bullock we know each other know however I have some information that may be of interest you talk my friend a pipe for you of what you say is worth something does it have to do with the Whitechapel murders indeed I know the identity of the man who wrote a letter to the police a letter entitled dear boss in which the author claims to be the Whitechapel murderer and is signed Jack the Ripper what it's a journalist who was inspired by Spring Heeled Jack in order to strengthen the credibility of the seriousness of his agency this new jack will give him some first-hand information that he in turn will dole out sparingly to the authorities as well as some carefully distilled indiscretions that the big papers will come to beg of him he plays both sides off against one another and becomes the chief Orchestrator of the rumor he wrote this letter in this very spot and he has red ink on his fingers like you what exactly are you after my friend you've been threatening a certain squiffy to distribute a telegram naming him as a possible suspect in these murders in revenge for an old feud I would suggest you don't write this note and that you leave squiffy alone I'd forgotten about the existence of that rapscallion I threw that at him when I was visiting the station to get the dope you should have seen his face you must also stop sending these letters as waste the authorities precious time right well I don't even know what you're talking about I have a great relationship with the bobbies just ask around I don't have to answer to nobody now leave me alone farewell sir golden rings.

Let's hurry to the police station Watson we are close to our goal squidy will be able to reveal what he knows about Tumblety squiding so that's it you're a.

Free man again we were just coming to the station to find you yeah the bobbies agreed to let me go and on paper see blue towel before 13 you out so you've seen the newspaper man yes he is in the pardon everything is taken care of but I'm waiting to hear what you have to say about dr. Tumblety okay well we have to be quick one night I got to see Bruno designer that ain't far from the boarding house where this Tumblety blow as at room I'll see him coming in - really must have been on one wheel binge to the point the Tumblety fella was there and he smiles at me all night long he tells me he's a great Yankee doctor but my business interests him I'm interested I tell him but I'm not the time to just jump right in without gains in our person see he invites me round to his room to talk business just him and me we empty a bottle or two and all of a sudden like he wants to show me what he's going this big track that he always can surround prices I just about vomited see in these jars just like pickles you know how there were pieces of me and he whispers there is the lady base of some old Dame's he called them picky bins I'll call him love kippers old yeah after that he started to go on about Richville they ain't nothing but dogs and who I'll tell you the worst of it then he comes all close to me and puts his sweaty hand on my leg he was one of them types no me no I don't wait a second before I give him a good threat and I start running and let go of him and he still wants to see me again just to talk business but then I had to do time so business do you know where he can be found why I mean his digs maybe he got to like it laughs behind bars - I had some jobs there's a way to thank you for your information and we'll meet again my friend here is the sum I promised to get you out of London - ah fella I've just got a little score to settle with blow now that our meeting for the country.

Let's go.

My dear Watson we must strike while it - hot we have avoided meeting dr. Tumblety until now the time has come to do so do you have an opinion Holmes we must assume ourselves of the factor collector of female organs and a murderer who knows sedums our resident in the same area at the same time is nothing more than coincidence I thought that you.

Wouldn't bring me back your keys it's oh did you mr. Holmes good evening dr. Watson indeed this is I again one of. Your tenants left without returning his keys yes it's dr. Tumblety whom we spoke about shortly after your last visit here some constables came and asked me a few questions regarding him barely had been less than the doctor came barreling around a street corner and rushed up into his room upstairs a little while afterwards while I was tidying I heard a thud in his room and a rush down the stairs he left with most of his bags but without returning his keys you can go up and see if you wish the door is still open

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