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Let's Play Final Fantasy VII Ep. 1 - Not Just a Reactor!

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This video from: BlackLightAttack.
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Let's Play Final Fantasy VII Ep. 1 - Not Just a Reactor!

This game has been out for over 15 years now, but I'm sure there are plenty of viewers who didn't get to experience this game at all - so let's keep spoilers out of the comments please :D

Apologies for the tasteless jokes about the dog in the beginning of the game. This was a crack at anime tropes and not meant to make light of the subject. I've since done away with any similar jokes as I personally find them in poor taste.

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Squar a soft.

Oh my goodness what is even what are we.

Even looking at today what is going on ladies and gentlemen my name is blacklight attack uh Wow it is hard to believe that I'm here but um man this is this game let's just get right down to it Final Fantasy 7 this is indeed ladies and gentlemen my favorite game of all time a game that I have actually been apprehensive to let's play simply because I love it so much and I would be so so dismayed to do it injustice in any form but here I am finally ready to take my step up to the plate and let's play it for any of you who are not regulars on my channel who don't know how we do things around here this is called a let's play and it means I'm going to be talking throughout all this so if you're looking through just a naked run-through of this game and want to just see the game start to finish without somebody talking over it you came to the wrong place I will be talking a lot believe me it's what I do and for those of you who are mainstays of the channel but have never may be seen Final Fantasy 7 before or maybe even any other Final Fantasy I will do my best to keep you guys up to date and informed on what's going on in the game and you know I'll take into consideration that a lot of people haven't played this game before and for those of you who have played it before I hope you'll be patient but yes oh my god okay I guess we'll just we'll just I don't think there's really much to this opening I don't think it really shows much except for the credits so I guess we can just go ahead and skip this and I mean just to give you guys some scope on how much I absolutely adore this game this image that you see right here I actually have this tattooed on me except it's like this that you came I'll actually put an image right there and add that that's actually permanently on my flesh oh my on my right calf so where's it my left I'm so forgetful I honestly can't remember where my tattoos are I'm sorry it's my left calf holy shit I'm absent-minded uh so yes um let's just get it started why not and we have a little cutscene to watch at the opening here shows us the first character to be seen in the game who is well we'll get to who she is space the final frontier all these stars.

Keep in mind at the time this game came out cgi cutscenes I don't think this was the first game to do pre-rendered cutscenes but it was definitely the one that that popularized it I've heard some people say it's the first I honestly don't know I don't know the facts but I wouldn't be surprised if it was but they. Should like to spend a lot of time hovering around these stars sorry it's just building tension this is how you build tension and then BOOM. Now don't get too excited even though this is a PlayStation 1 game it doesn't look this good throughout this this was pre-rendered back then this is what a pre-rendered cutscenes like anyway so we got a flower girl in the city in the.

Slums actually can't really tell quite yet but and this seeing this back then.

It's just so crazy actually Lovelace you see that poster just had Lovelace they brought that back big time they've really harped on that in Crisis Core because they apparently didn't have much to go on but and there's mid ger City Final Fantasy 7 baby my favorite game of all time a lot of Final Fantasy mainstays will tell you that 6 is the best of all time not here to dispute any which which is better which is greater than the other but I will say that I like trains a lot and 7 has train I put up was there a training 6 out I haven't played 6 all the way through I will one day whenever I find the time and flawlessly we're going to transition from CGI cutscene into suddenly here's.

What was here was another cool thing about it even though the character models in the world like this we got some dudes don't come few open here it's a Biggs wedge and Jessie and mr. Barrett will introduce ourselves to and there we are hello come on new comer follow me I won't be reading all the dialogue to you guys because there is quite a lot but oh I think he can actually grab potions off the dead guards but anyway what was really cool about this game when it came out is that even though the character models in the world look pretty bad first off the battle models actually look pretty good if a little low res and the backgrounds look really nice because the backgrounds are actually all pre-rendered as well just like the cutscenes so you're actually just a you know constantly a refreshed model running on top of a pre-rendered background so they were actually able to make those backgrounds look so good and I think those backgrounds are a large reason they don't want to recreate this game because if you look in them there's so much detail and it would take them a very long time so let's see if I was right yes you can't get a potion can you get one off the other guy yes so I guess before we start here let's just take a look at this is the big criticism of this game and a major reason this game doesn't age well look at this character model look at what are those arms they're like barbells it's just for some reason the arms are wider at the forearm and the hand it like it starts at the forum if it was just like a big hand I could see that but actually like starts at the forum everybody looks like Popeye in this game but anyway also nobody has a mouth except for like very select scenes I don't I don't know why that was one thing they messed up in the PC version a major reason I'm not playing the PC version is because all the character models have mouths of some kind and some of them look okay but they gave Sephiroth a blowjob face so with a permanent blowjob face it can take Sephiroth seriously so we'll get to who suffer out this later big says we used to be in soldier not everyday fine one in a group like avalanche art isn't soldier the enemy mm-wha we who is avalanche with soldier I was in soldier asshole actually Jessie's a girl didn't catch your name I'm actually gonna stick with the main a default name so cloud for the main character his name is cloud know what significance that holds but it is always funny to name name your characters after yourselves or just name funny things but I'm just just for the sake of the story I think it's story-wise cuz i'm gonna be referring to them as their name their actual in-game name anyway so cloudy a I'm no names don't care once this jobs over cloud is the F out of here and here comes Big Bear the hell y'all doing I told you never to move with a group the target is a North Mako reactor being on the bridge in front of it some people say Mach oh I say Mako I'm sure I think it's Mako based on like Advent Children ex-soldier huh don't trust you and that's Barret the second character that we get so we start off with two characters he tells you how to run not a big deal whatever and take a good look.

At the center I don't know that's not the center of the city that's to make a reactor so we'll see it more in more detail later but this is a city called bigger that has I think seven make our reactors around the outside of it and then the center is the Shinra building Shinra is the the company that runs these reactors which generate power for the city but they're actually much more sinister than that oh my god it's a tentacle rape dog no I'm not ready for this I can't be subjected to tentacle rape I'm not even a high school girl not anymore oh no he actually tentacled me how dare you sir glad actually does some pretty solid damage up here in the beginning he one-shots everything goddamn clouds got that Buster Sword which you saw in the in the opening cutscene really iconic for this game really iconic part of this game the Buster Sword and it's kind of funny because in the game should actually replace it like right away and then actually uh who's that wedge I think wedge is gonna guard the exit Biggs Jesse and wedge I don't know you don't really have to remember them they're pretty minor characters and as we get further in the game like right now battling isn't really a big inconvenience and to be cited yeah well I saw you first so it's not really a big inconvenience because it takes really quick and you know it's kind of an action you sequence anyway but as we start to get on to like the later where we're traveling across the map and we're going to run into enemies every two seconds and especially when I'm grinding I will be cutting those battles out so you guys don't have to worry too much about that but luckily this isn't like Final Fantasy 8 where it's super super grindy because in Final Fantasy 8 you could basically be as powerful as you were willing as long as you were willing to put in the time you could be as powerful as you wanted it pretty much any point in the game and I'm always a sucker for that so I would spend a million times drawing spells from enemies anyway Baron wants no this is the first time in reactor hell nah you did work for Shinra planets full of Mako energy and people use it err day every day I may go in but it's the lifeblood of the planet goddammit and shin ER keeps sucking it out not here for election well some people say it's Shin rah not Shinra but you know I guess it doesn't really matter later in later translations and you can even see it in some of the background art it's actually shin - raw so it's kind of like you know it's kind of supposed to be separated a little bit more but they just contracted there were some translation issues with this game and actually the character Eris was supposed to be translated as air if it's just that I don't think that the th sound really exists in the Japanese language so that it the most the closest they can get is the s sound I'm not totally sure that's true I don't speak Japanese but that's just what I've heard so I got incorrectly translated as Eris and then was later referred to as Aerith and every other with a th and every other iteration in the earth every other entry in the series there's big brown bear little by little reactions will drain out all the life and that'll be that and so already we've gotten a couple of of small details that are kind of leading up to really uh you know they're hinting at something much bigger going on but basically the reactors are powering the city but they're sucking out the lifeblood of the planet to do so using a resource called Mako energy which Barret claims is the life the lifeblood of the planet Shinra is the company that's running it and on top of that they have Robo guards and basically an army at their disposal cloud is here helping avalanche who is a terrorist group he used to be part of soldier the elite fighting force of Shinra and doesn't really care about the fact that they're destroying the planet this is basically like an eco-terrorist group you think about it they're way more justified and badass that really go terrorists who are usually douchebags who like attack innocent people um but Lina like scientists who have done me think I don't know if that actually happens all that often in real life but um basically they're fighting to. Preserve the planet and cloud doesn't really care about any of that he just wants him money he wants to get paid and to get on the move because clouds all about that paper and absolutely nothing else you know except for that poon clouds all about that poon - anyway I've never noticed that Jesse just like run straight through the door there she doesn't even open it after you miss where's Jess she's supposed to be a dude if Jesse spelled like that with an eye it's a girl yeah it's definitely a girl I was well I was always under the impression that it was a girl but it was only just now that I thought about you know Jesse can be guy's name too baby anyway we're descending into the Mako reactor oh it's so just oh god it's so menacing apparently there was an enemy just waiting for me down at the bottom there oh these guys these guys are weird and I mean these are clearly humanoid. But they have this weird subhuman stance and these weird masks and skin tight costumes and I mean it is an anime but they got these claws on I'm saying it's an anime are you an anime sir I mean it's a it's a Japanese game so you know there's gonna be some freakishly skin tight suits but still some something's not quite human about these guys so you kind of wonder about about Shinra what kind of dudes they have in there employee if you know what I'm saying and this is all the kind of stuff that I didn't really even think about when I was a kid I started I picked this game up when I was like nine and I think a lot of the the subtleties were lost on me but you know that didn't last all that long because I replay this game like about every two years or so the last time I replayed this I it was it was about a year ago but I'll count considering it took me half the time I think that's okay cuz I only played for about half the game well us not really Joe's towards the end but I got stuck on the optional bosses that are really hard we're gonna be going after them by the way people who have played Final Fantasy summer before you know about ruby and emerald weapon we will be going for ruby and emerald weapon and god are they hard but we'll get him eventually um let's not worry about that we're still a long ways off from that this is gonna be a really really long let's play and we found a restore materia really and I don't think yeah we can't even use material I don't know why for some reason it makes you wait for the tutorial before you can actually quit materia ain't gonna be nothing more than a hunk of junk I'll set the bomb okay. And he wants me to set it uh-oh high-pitched screaming noises watch out this isn't just a reactor oh my god my voice isn't off I just already know what all the lines are in this game what's wrong huh says was wrong let's. Move it so we just got some weird sort of like telepathic message that this isn't just a reactor uh-oh they had bomb alarms or something heads up here they come an first boss fight and unfortunately it's not the boss fight music which is Final Fantasy 7 seriously as some of the best boss fight music and in the in the biz seriously like a vault I'm luckily a cloud already has some magic autumn area has some materia we'll get into what materia is later I don't know if we'll have time in this episode I'm not sure how long it'll be I'm gonna do these in half-hour episodes I was kind of thinking just because this game is so long about doing hour-long episodes but that's a lot to ask you guys to sit through an hour's worth of me playing a video game so you know it would be great for the as you who have a lot of free time and you know or like you know spend a lot of time doing homework and listen to these in the background or what have you but for those of you who you know watch you know at work or on your coffee break half an hour's already pretty long time so we're gonna stick with half an hour and I'll try to upload this basically on any day that I don't have something else to upload so you know we had that whole adult start that I started it's kind of hoping to finish that don't starve playthrough before I started this but you know whatever I don't want to keep you guys waiting for this too long and I'm just I'm surviving and don't starve way longer than I thought I would so you know not really big deal we got a limit break so the limit break bar is like these are your super moves and they're they're specific to each character um I think it's gonna raise its tail on a second here oh crap I just attacked if you attack all the tails raised it'll counter-attack you so better be careful attack while its tails up it's gonna counter-attack with its laser that always confused me and I was a kid it was like because it tells you to attack when the tails up but yeah so clouds first limit break is a very impressive it's just a just a single target heavy damage it's doing a lot of damage zone on the plus side the limit meter is raised when you take damage so the fact that I just took a shitload of damage means that Barrett's already got a Limit Break but we're not gonna do anything right now because its tails up so anyway um yeah limit limit builds up as you take damage and then you can use it replaces your attack function so you at you unfortunately can't auto attack um not auto attack but regular physical attack if you have a limit break which kind of sucks for some characters take like Vincent for example later on will get a character named Vincent who his Limit Break is he transforms into a monster and he becomes more powerful but you lose control of him which is pretty detrimental when you when you need to strategize big time so if you want to like you know use his physical attack but you have a limit break then you kind of got to like do I wanna lose control of Vincent or what so um yeah anyway that don't starve you know that that was on you guys voted for this um well maybe not all of you but let's get the hell out here I left I left this up to a poll ten minutes to detonation oh shit this is like way more time than you actually need to get out of here but it is cool that they just give you that little sense of urgency by putting the timer up there and accidentally ran back um I left this up to a poll I give you guys a few options of games that I would play that I love to see what you guys wanted me to play the most did it be a Facebook poll and we'll back attack yeah right motherfucker if you yeah you know I'm not gonna tell you guys what I just did because I'm trying to hold like three conversations in my head right now um so I left it up to a poll you guys said Final Fantasy was the one that you wanted to see the most 597 was the one that got voted in the absolute most and that's awesome because I absolutely adored this game second runner up which out of the Colossus which after this I'm a let's play it's gonna be a long time from now but um and on that poll was don't starve so every when I started playing don't start anyway everybody was ago you're just ignoring the poll what's your problem why would you ask our opinions and then just do whatever you want anyway and that's not the that's not the case at all um it was actually that don't start had absolutely no chance of winning but when I said I would let's play don't starve I meant I would I would play a couple of lives and you know lives can last a long time if you're doing well and don't starve but generally speaking you don't spend that long in in one life um so I figured I. Just play one life get it out of the way while voting was still open and unfortunately like I said I ended up living a lot longer than I normally know that I normally do in that game because I'm terrible at that game um so it's still going but on the plus side I kind of need more stuff to upload anyway because I've been uploading smite recently and I think I'm just done playing smite I I cannot play MOBAs I have way too much video game ear age to play MOBAs and MOBAs are just so so enraging I'm not even gonna bother healing up because these guys do like five damage each and I have like 300 health like 350 health on each character and you know I could probably move Barret to the back rank this is like a long time function of Final Fantasy games where characters have you can either be in the in the ranked on the back rank and if you're in the back you deal less damage with melee weapons but you take less damage and then if you're in the front you deal more damage but take more damage but if you have a long-range weapon like barrier does cuz bad has a gun um you can just put him in the back like that and then he deals the same amount of damage if it takes less in exchange I don't know why the game by default has him in the front rank it might be because later on he gets a couple of melee weapons but he may have noticed that a barons got a gun arm yo what up Jesse let me touch Danny A's Oh or leg got stuck no I was just helping her I swear to God and then she jumps over me you're welcome anyway I'm sorry I touched your booty Jesse come back got back don't leave me I miss you where you going go out with me like cloud doesn't have enough fucking romantic interests in this game we gotta throw Jesse on top well I'll get to attach to Jesse cloud yeah it's all safe for now um a classic got his buster story back it's got his gun arm but Barret later on can get some Melo Evans instead of a gun on his arm still attached his arm but it's like I think one of them is like a chainsaw one of them's like a giant pair of scissors they're like a can opener one of them looks like a can opener I don't remember that's the atomic scissors or not I forget but I don't.

Know i yeah i think i think that's the atomic scissors one of them is called like the cannonball or like or something like that and it's literally just like a big-ass iron ball on his hand like goddamn dude it's fucked up he's gonna be - dude to death of the giant bowling ball attached to your forearm anyway Barrett seems pretty gruff and like you know kind of a generic like badass burly bruiser character but actually love him he's one of my favorite characters in this game then again there's not a single character that I don't love out of all the playable characters there's not a single one that I don't love to some extent even yuffie who's super super unpopular yuffie i actually really like and we'll kind of get she's supposed to be comedic relief so I don't know why people get super angry about her all the time talk to Jessie and she'll open the dose talk to Jessie I don't know talk to bigs there you go bigs Jessie now biggs and wedge are actually almost always characters in Final Fantasy games but wedge is kind of just like thrown in there or now biggs biggs and wedge or usually jessie was kind of thrown in there as the sort of the third wheel I don't know what's up with her but well biggs and wedge are usually male characters anyway and i guess they just wanted more female representation in avalanche which is cool so i guess they just threw jessie in as a as a new cutter is Jessie your current character any you anybody who's a big final fantasy fan let me know if they're if Jesse's a recurring character now every final fantasy is a different story completely different characters different world everything with a few notable exceptions but they often have characters Jessie I got to save your ass again clouds like aw it's gonna blow let me touch your butt cheeks again ridin back to the pre-rendered cutscenes oh yeah that's right terrorism oh one two three four five six seven eight its eight and it was either seven or eight um was I just saying oh so they're not the same characters but they're recurring and that they always have the same name and share a few key traits but the other big one is CID there's always a CID in every Final Fantasy and that has something to do with an airship um anyway big says that you keep the planet going a little bit longer with you look cute good so man these graphics dude. This is what we had back then if I feel so old playing this game but it's it's so good honestly as long as you don't mind a bit of grind I think this game still aged really well what really what really speaks volumes to me is the story and the and the quality of the dialogue I think age really well it's something that we don't really have in games that much anymore every game nowadays this voice acted and that's kind of hey give.

Me my money yeah we're just escaping to hideout right now and the thing is I think I think we really lost some quality when everything became voice-acted because the voice acting is just simply not as good as like TV or movies right now and there we go more that loveless shit they really visited that in crisis core really hard excuse me oh it's a flower girl from the cutscene how are you doing baby uh what happened you better get out of here nothing hey listen uh hey listen um I. Don't see any mail these flowers I don't see too many flowers around here it's a city do you like them there are only a Gil a Gil is absolutely nothing in this I will buy one thank you not that this flower actually does anything for you can I eat it is it a healing potion you better run you gypped me real bad uh how where did I come from.

Over here probably over there anyway. Well I in the middle of not finishing a thought I don't remember everybody's running around because there was a big-ass explosion just what the hell is going on oh no you tell me what potion yeah you gotta look for that shiny she is that's all the items is yes. Um this game really didn't Oh oh my god I've been caught oh it's talking about the dialogue and stuff and like as much as I love some of the games and like games are getting better more and more we're getting better and better games like take a look at BioShock Infinite for example is like really good voice acting in my opinion and really quality dialogue um but there I mean some games. A lot of games I should say I think are really hurting due to voice acting and like the Final Fantasy series in particular is really bad I was talking to a friend Nami I haven't played Final Fantasy 13 but I've heard a lot of not-so-good things some people liked it a lot of a lot of people didn't and a friend of mine told me that one of her biggest complaints when playing the game was one of the characters had an extremely annoying voice and that's the kind of things you run into is like I mean I played like Final Fantasy 10 was the first Final Fantasy it was that was all voice acted and I hated that game mostly because of the characters and I think that if the characters had only had written dialogue instead of spoken dialogue I think I would have liked them a lot more because a lot of them were so lame like the voice acting was just so actually some of the voice actors were pretty cool but mostly were pretty Arden was pretty badass I have to say but I hated Titus I hated Yuna and Rikku wasn't too bad I didn't like Lulu so much didn't like wakka although I'd somebody told me walk is voiced by benders that true I don't know and I don't know as much as I then again I don't think it was really walk his voice that made me hate I think it was just his character in general the reason for fighting all these guys right now is just for XP because why not although in the interest of let's playing I probably shouldn't oh no I can't escape you sons of bitches no I want to get a de so you.

Can actually run from battles it takes a minute but you can um if you hold down l1 and r1 you start running the opposite way and eventually you'll get away but. One of the main advantages to that and something that they fix in later games is if you get back attack you have a random chance of entering a battle with the enemies at your back um you can you. Can just tap r1 in l1 and they'll go to run away and then turn back around so you're not being back attacked anymore your ranks are still messed up because anybody who's in front and anybody who's in back will be reversed but any oh my god Shinra soldiers everywhere I've killed so many and they just keep coming that's as far as I go I don't have time to be messing around with you guys grab him fuck that to legit out of here so.

It's kind of weird sometimes in some cutscenes you have like the full-size normal people pre-rendered models and then other times you have the chibi models like we just saw it's kind of goofy but anyway cloud hops on a moving. Train to escape like a total badass and everybody's escaping thinking that I'm deed no way he was killed he's too awesome for that cloud he's dead I know it what the hell.

Do you think clouds gonna fight to the end what in it I thought they thought I was dead do I look like a my reader fuck dad y'all weren't such scrubs Barrett's just like relentlessly mean to these guys these are like his best friends and he's just think constantly verbally abuses them tries to ask about the money he gets a fist pound in response uh huh I have no idea who is supposed to be saying uh knock knock bitch who the fuck is it but me yo sweet flip everybody missed me so. Much looks like I'm a little late damn right you late come waltzing in here making a big seat if they actually made Barrett talk like really get out I actually really liked it like in in his dialogue it's just what I always do she even has the she don't give a damn about nobody but yourself I love this is kind of how cloud starts off is really cheesy and kind of full of himself um but one of the things I like about this game is that you'll see that change as it goes through so keep keep a close eye on cloud and how he reacts to certain situations as this game continues but anyway everybody's gonna verbally fellate me because I'm fucking amazing will do even better next time and you Jesse be careful I'll shut this thank you I'm gonna touch your butt cheeks again sexual harassment isn't cool if it makes you guys feel any better I would totally touch the butt of Barrett as well Jesse just so happened to be in the position to get her butt touched more than he did but touching will commence on Barrett though just give me some time I'm working on it alley-alley-oop now.

We're at thirty minutes I would normally cut it off right here but I'm looking for a safe point it'll be easier later on when we get out of mid gir cuz there will be more safe points in the world map you can save on anywhere but the first good vial of this game the first like our two I honestly don't know how long it takes but the first first while of this game is actually pretty linear and then later after you get out of Midgar you get a more open world and you get to explore a lot more which is cool so so already I don't know how long we're supposed to have been running away but somebody's already heard that the reactor blew up we're kind of celebrating in our victory we blew up a reactor and got away and there's a hobo sleeping on the train this is my house too make yourselves at home oh you my man I guess we'll make this a little bit longer than usual and do you think don't you think I got a bright future ahead of me I wouldn't hold my breath fatso it's pretty harsh cloud you really think I won't hell nah anyway um yeah I'm.

Bothering the other passengers I'm about to bother you with a sword you asshole that's one thing you got to consider people are just running around with giant ass swords it doesn't show up on the on the model but bombs and monitors you know we just got away with an act of terrorism I think this a little bit longer since the first episode went up I'm trying to say so many things okay it's about to start it's a movie in-flight movie it's a flying train a complete model the city of Midgar about a 1 to 10,000 scale my goodness I mean support structure holds a plate in the center and their other support structures built in each section so basically we were in the northern section the city is built like a big disk um and like I said the reactors provide that they react is on the outside provide them each each sector with electricity so even though we are kind of helping the planet we are also dicking over a lot of people just left them without power so it's not so more morally black and white but anyway each town used to have a name but no one in MIDI remembers them I always thought that was an interesting little tidbit now they're just numbered sectors its sectors 1 through 8 so it the city's a big circle it's got the eight reactors on the outside and it's split up into eight sections and there's the slums.

Underneath in the ring kind of between the center and the outside ring and then the there's a plate where the rich people live that was built above the slums so they're basically just closed in and sandwiched in between the the ground where they live and the and the plate above which created a whole second layer of the city which is just a really shitty situation to be think about because these people can't even see the sky this this is a city the slums in the city are eternal night so speak of the devil so she's just explaining that there's a security ID check that is indicated by this red light flashing and we have some fake IDs that you created for us so that we're not caught and will you stop pushing me out I want to go in that car this one sucks anyway you can see the. Surface now so you don't have no day or night just like I was saying no day or night if that plate weren't there we can see the sky so I guess it doesn't really have it's not like eternal night so much as it is like just constant like fluorescent fake lights neon lights you're just full surprises I bet he gets.

To walk into the next car train because that fucking Pete's are the people underneath are suffering he refers to the plate above is as a pizza and the city below is full of polluted air that's actually um what is the name the name of the track is called one of the songs on the OST is um I think it's called underneath the rotting pizza I think it might be this song actually but it's just it's a really depressing song this is a pretty depressing song listen to the music in this game by the way I like this trainee Karen anywhere except where it's rails take it and Barrett actually likes that quote oh he'll be saying his interpretations of that quote more and more as it goes on but anyway yeah I think I think this is.

Is this underneath the rotting pizza it might be it might actually this might be the train graveyard track I forget I don't I never owned the the OST so I don't really know we should be coming to a save point sometime soon here we can end the episode when we do and everybody's getting off the train sup biggs and wedge jesse here comes Jesse better run hopefully with the.

Compression on YouTube this pixelation will look a little bit better because on my end it's really really pixelated since it's a blown-up resolution get over here good over here the mission was a success but don't get lazy don't y'all be scared at that explosion next one's gonna be bigger god damn we're about to attack another one be back at the hideout so we're about to blow up another goddamn reactor sometime soon and that will be next episode I believe but there's a safe point up here yes perfect okay so this guy is taking a piss in the corner hey hey now or nothing you're doing just butt out come to see it to your penis oh the bombing right if this pillow should come down everyone in the slums is dust there's no point worried about that it's you Jane it oh you actually have to look up at this yeah so this is a big-ass pillar that's supporting the plate that I just mentioned above so we're in the sector seven slums and there's the sector seven you know nice town above that and if the the plate is held aloft solely by this pillar so looks like a.

Pretty important structure wonder what could come of that and I apparently this is a strange a wonderful place but it's my place you can come here when you want bye bro you just piss on my shoes over here now you're not the boss of me how about I save and then not even talk to you for another week how's that sound cuz I'm gonna do that anyway guys that'll be it for episode 1 a final fantasy 7 let me know what you think of this series so far I know it's just the first episode but you know also let me know what your what your kind of expecting from a run like this I've never actually let's played a legit JRPG before so we'll see how it is you know very dialog heavy it's stuffed I'm not really used to no voice acting so we'll see how that goes in the future you know show your support for the series by leaving a like if you did indeed joy stick around for more episodes and when I'm adding more episodes I will be adding it to a playlist hope you guys will join me next time goodbye

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