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LEGO Star Wars 3 - The Clone Wars - Episode 01 - Prologue

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This video from: Blitzwinger.
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LEGO Star Wars 3 - The Clone Wars - Episode 01 - Prologue

Featuring Level - Prologue (HD) (Gameplay) .

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Background Information-

LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars is a Star Wars video game developed by Traveller's Tales and published by LucasArts. It was released on March 22, 2011, nearly 400 days after its announcement on February 8, 2010.The platforms this game runs on include the Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, Playstation 3, PSP, Xbox 360 and Windows PC. The game continues on from LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga.

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Already what is going on ladies and gentlemen my name is Blitzer and welcome to my brand new gameplay walkthrough for lego star wars 3 the Clone Wars what is going on everybody of course you guys voted you made your voice heard to decide on what walkthrough you want to see next and you guys all chose Lego Star Wars 3 I mean overwhelmingly Lego Star Wars 3 1 so that is why we are gonna be taking this particular title on now I have not played the Lego Star Wars games at all this is my first one so I'm kind of doing things backwards starting with the third one but I'm hoping that it's gonna be a very pleasant experience indeed now of course guys if you could please hit that like button that would help me out a ton I'm kind of looking there is no options menu which is a little odd and if we could get the up to a hundred likes guys that would be phenomenal I think that that would be an incredible feat oh look at that Yoda awesome I love that you little Yoda face over there but guys if we could please get a hundred likes that would be amazing and that would get this series pumping onwards and forwards so what are we going to title the saving icon for this one I lost Yoda face Oh creepy Yoda face yeah.

Let's call it creepy Yoda face cuz he is pretty creepy looking there I mean look at his eyeballs he's a my name Yoda or no Yoda is my name okay so let's get rolling well blam Star Wars is it gonna read I.

Don't think that there is no talking in this title cuz of course this was before travels tails they actually kind of like went through and actually made the actual talking parts so we've got our prologue which should be fantastic the gionee an Asian arena Jedi Master obi-wan Kenobi has traveled to Genesis in pursuit of the Bounty Hunter Jango Fett which of course is related to Bullivant however he has been captured by Count Dooku the leader of this separatist conspiracy against the Republic Anakin and Padme I'm not sure if I'm pronouncing that correctly received obi wan's distress signal but they too have been captured all three now await their fate in the generous general sein or general Zee Janos Ian execution arena what blam so let's get rolling shall we ice cream.

Nom nom nom Wow.

I'm assuming they're in love.

Is that really that important right now ooh ice cream with a KitKat.

All righty so press and hold a circle to force the accolade towards you okay so I. Am doing so oh wow look at that I've freed myself using the force or at least partially I mean look at this I can wrap myself around this thing that's pretty funny actually okay so I assume any to rescue sorry press and hold circle two four oh whoa. That is pretty cool I love that that's cool alright I think I'm gonna be very very intrigued by the possibilities of using the force within the LEGO universe should be fun for sure alright so let's try to hop up here and it looks like I might need to separate myself through here no maybe not look at this ahaha I've released the point there okay press so triangle is still the same oh wow hey you don't have to attack me do you hey how rude alright whew look at that.

Oh whoa that fella is not too nice again.

Guys I do not know all the creature names so I'm not even gonna be attempting to pronounce them just because I know that the Star Wars fandom is so very very serious about their hobby that I would feel bad about doing that I'm serious okay so whoa okay. You've gotta be kidding me these fellas are tough alright I'm trying to get my studs to trying to collect studs over here can you please let me go alright hey careful careful there buddy.

Okay I'm gonna switch to Padme or Padme I'm again I'm not sure if I'm pronouncing that correctly okay so looks like she's got the chain ability at least for now I mean she's got a chain in her hand I'm not sure if it's an ability but it seems like it okay so now let's switch to a Jedi had a character sorry.

Come on what the heck okay so again let's try that now switch to adjudicator Kirk stream + bless what is going on with me right now press circle to subdue oh look at that we've subdued the monster aha interesting I see a purple stud back here I want it actually a purple and a blue star over there which is kind of cool whoa look at this attack from obi-wan he's using the Force to push things out of control alright so now I can ride this guy whoa that is so cool alright so try using the reek to charge against the other enemies I guess look at me alright try charging the reek against the neck soon all right and look at this you could press X to speed up oh-ho it's like riding the Rhino from a spider-man I mean it's just as soon as this thing gets going good luck trying to stop it alright come on I'm actually the interesting thing about Star Wars right now I don't know if you guys would want to know this but I'm actually been taking this film class right now in school and the very very interesting thing about that is we've been discussing how Star Wars was kind of almost a representative film to a certain extent of kind of the Vietnam War and you know the ideals of the United States trying to push its habit not habits but its ideals onto other countries such as Vietnam which is pretty interesting and then when you start thinking about it I mean that is kind of what the Empire does so I found that to be pretty unique alright so let's take out this knack see or it might be like a zoo because often times X is pronounced like Z which is odd the English language is a very very confusing thing when I just started to speak English for the first time I was so confused many times like for example no really why do you have to put a K in front of it no really it was that really necessary I mean that's just it makes no logical sense as to why you would do that awesome I got myself the true jet I'll level which is awesome ooh okay I.

Guess we jump off at this point all right let's collect some more studs though because those are gonna come in handy I'm certain of that all right maybe he got it I guess he got tired because I was holding the X for so long but I should be taking them down another stance a stand that should say there we go got ourselves a mini kid fantastic now I don't promise this guys it's not gonna be a 100% walk that I'm literally just gonna play for fun so don't be like telling me oh you miss Minnie good and then don't forget that I'm also not in free play right now which means that I won't be able to even unlock some of the many kids all right so we took down the next two I love the little stars and I love the design of that creature that's a very unique looking creature and I mean that's the big appeal of Star Wars in my opinion as well as just the very very cool designs like these droids.

Eleven keeps the ice cream.

How rude sir all right grab your.

Lightsabers and pistols and let's get rolling all righty I wonder well how do I like what I do to these pieces over their legs sorry okay.

So I have to attack the alkali which I believe is the name of this creature over here so that's my priority right now whoa oh I can't switch Kay oh yeah I can I'm like I wanted to be Anakin Skywalker come on all right come on even though.

The bad guys are the coolest install at least in my opinion I mean come on Darth Maul Boba Fett they're so awesome the designs are incredible alrighty so let's take out that second leg ha ha fantastic Wow okay now there is a bunch of different enemies coming our way look at this I can use the Force how cool is that gonna toss them into the acolyte that would be amazing unfortunately not though alright so we gotta yet again restrain it now that that leg has been removed and now I've got a switch to a Jedi character hey oh. Okay I guess I quote there we go look at this that's a cool animation nice that was cool alright you've got a switch again I guess we gotta rinse and repeat the same exact process my goodness look how many characters there are on the screen this is impressive I don't think I've ever even seen this many characters and the opening of the Lord of the Rings maybe there were but it just it sure doesn't feel like it which is pretty cool it's definitely cool that there are such a great amount of characters all around and such a great designs everywhere alright let's use Anakin this time here we go slice and dice and take it down and I love the mix of kind of like you know almost realistic design like if you look at it it's got like these are not LEGO pieces and you're not I mean like look at its shell and everything but I like the mix kind of of the LEGO pieces to the regular designs it works really well in my opinion all right so Obi one is gonna stab that sucker bring him down oh my goodness all right.

So you can target an object to throw a lightsaber added by pressing what was it square oh my goodness okay wait this has got to be hey what the heck oh by pressing and holding okay well is wasn't that what I just did I thought it was okay I'm trying to target those droids but for some odd reason it's not allowing me okay why isn't that.

Working huh that is odd all right well I. Don't know okay maybe I just need to target Jango Fett which I would assume that's the reason as to why okay there he is up there haha my blade has been thrown at him oh god I've been killed I did not even notice I'm so used to playing like Lego Lord of the Rings and having regenerate hearts that now when I'm battling here I'm like why am I taking damage and why am I losing my studs for God's sake do not lose them studs those are valuable my friends those are very very valuable alrighty so where is he look at him floating up in the air look at that lightsaber haha alright now you've been brought down and now you can be dealt with ah damn just when I think I could deal with him he goes right back up to the top alright let's bring you back down here fight me let's make this. An honorable battle ah where'd you go where did you go damn why did you go so far away it's not fair I want a jetpack alrighty there we go oh goodness gracious no no no no pick up that stud and now battle him yes final blow.

All right Wow that was pretty cool.

Finally some spacecraft.

And here come the clone troopers oh look at that look who they are accompanied by the master himself.

All right whoo whoa look at that well no no no no come on use your use the force here there you go whoa that's pretty cool so wait I could switch to any of those characters or what how does that work oh no okay I just need to bring the appropriate characters onto that one board of those ships okay so we're just trying to escape at this point we're not trying to fight anymore which is the smart move all righty go go fellas everyone who needs to jump into this one go go go go go go you got to get the heck out of here okay so wait do I need to close the doors as well oh damn I didn't close the other guys they're getting shot at they're just standing here and they're all like uh you do know we're getting shot right okay final ship should be on the other side there I'm trying to get there Wow okay there is a big mess going on around here okay I'm trying to defeat some enemies to make an epic all right obi-wan do your thing buddy do your thing come on everyone jump in well I like that design on the ship there isn't that cool like that little design there oh my goodness no not again all right spawn back collect your studs collect your studs okay everyone is on board close the doors wait a minute we're not on board on any ship hey where's our ship guys this is not very fair oh look at that how cool is this I can toss guys into one into another that's so cool I love that look at these that was awesome.

That's the sign of a badass relationship if he could be kissing and having fun meanwhile protecting yourself in the lightsaber there you go.

I feel ya Yoda I feel ya he's just like.

God what have I got myself into well there you have it guys that brings the first level or I should say the first prologue to a conclusion and we get a trophy title this is just the beginning so we unlocked obi-wan Kenobi Anakin Skywalker n I'm not gonna pronounce her name I'm sorry I don't want to I just don't upset anyone so I'm sorry about that but we also locked our two true Jedi should say ranking which was awesome got ourselves over eighty thousand studs which is a pretty gosh-darn good start if I may say so myself we'll see how much characters cost in this game of course I'm not a hundred percent certain yet but should be a fun exploration period oh look at that you get to unlock actual characters in the the Star Wars Lego game which is pretty awesome and look at that we got ourselves two gold bricks which is pretty gosh-darn fantastic but there you have it guys that is going to conclude the very first episode of the Lego Star Wars 3 the Clone Wars walkthrough I hope you guys enjoyed this episode again if you could please hit that like button that would be the best way to show supporting to show that you guys want to see more of these down the road so again let your voice be heard hit that like button on top of that you could always leave your comments opinions thoughts on the game in the comment section below as well aren't anything that occurred within the storyline what was your favorite moment of the prologue let me know of course in the comments section below of course do not forget to hit through that subscribe button to not miss out on any future episodes share the videos favorite the videos thanks all for watching you guys are family fantastic I'll catch you guys next time with another episode of lego star wars 3 the Clone Wars peace out and see ya later

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