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Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice Walkthrough part 3

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Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice Walkthrough part 3

Tracking the pigeon. Talking to other occupants of Ca'Nacostra.

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Wrong bird gotcha mr. chinnough hello.

What kind of message is that we get her call Sofia did you see me Nancy you have.

Tracked the pigeon after it left bongos at Pluto Campos Santa Margarita it landed right next to this place called Casa de joki Casa de okey you are sure yeah is something wrong Casa de Okies private club on binary code tattva the police suspect that he senses tolling good for big criminals like Leo Miyano fungo is working for the Phantom perhaps tops I was working for him - Lu Kurama Casa de GOG Nancy talked to Tata if you can get on his good side see how much you can find out without making him suspicious was the pigeon carrying a message yes but all it says is hello in English followed by an exclamation point there is a dot at the bottom of this exclamation point yeah you must find a microscope and examine this thought Nancy if uncle was sending a message to Tata maybe it's hidden there a microdot of course I'll do that I'll find a microscope and take a look at it I do not hear from you you will get from me.

I see from the way you are dressed you.

Are American who are you uh my name is Nancy Drew BC is a private the club you cannot become in sorry.


Additionally mr. jolly. When I'm chairing the final activity know the under a master post CC Fiona me. Camille alo tsuyoku Bishan Ang Imaginarium you see ya companion make a fetching jindo yellow date ok molto Buono avenging Jean la conozco Malkovich enjoy Manute Iroquois impasto aya nee-chan geometry Americans everything.

The reason you called mr. schirra cGCC the payment ariel Supermercado comprare Pomodori Thank You Saldana gotcha epic to knock on shave you know see generally looks like that's it no cheating ammonia no tsuita mentioning Belfield.

Another package.

We both know that our corresponds of American girl at the bottom it was not my idea for me to stay here believe me yikes they're talking about me we shouldn't listen she doesn't bother me nor me in fact I rather like her I'm going to anyway this is because he spends most of her time on the road bothering me she's always after looking at a building through binoculars if she says that she wants to be an architect but if she wants to learn about architecture she certainly come to the right city which reminds me the restoration council is finally responded to our plan for renovating the shower area would you rather get upset now or later leave later I just ate anyway I apologize for the trouble singing if she bothers me you pay me and I will get hurt oh she's fine she's quite fine actually if you change your mind you'll know where to find me.

So I noticed something got a box of chocolates you perhaps from a secret admirer they are not for me they're for someone named ill doctor eh I thought that was someone special name for you how disappointing especially since I was going to ask you if I could have a piece and starving do you have a carnival a costume yet no but I have been invited to several parties so I'm definitely going to get one I've got this strange urge to dress up as a cat I'll come back later okay juice hello Nancy does.

Margarita know that you went to prison in England for art theft what I don't know what you're talking about you wouldn't lie to me would you Colin my real name is Justin Beaumont two years ago I removed a Renoir from the private collection of a man to whom it was nothing more than a financial investment I took it home so it would be appreciated as the masterpiece it was its former owner took issue with my actions I was arrested and I was sent to prison for a year as for margarita she's the only one who knows she says if I don't continue to work for her for next to nothing so tell all her friends I have a criminal record which would essentially end my career here in Venice just like it ended my career back in England if that were to happen I'd be utterly lost how did margarita find out I have no idea she wouldn't tell me what's worse not only does she keep trying to get me to use substandard material so she can save money on the renovations I'm doing for her but she wants me to cover it up by lying to the restoration Council about it and for someone in my precarious position oh let's just say resisting has been very very difficult enough I insist we change the subject do you live here at the car no I have a room in a building on the other side of the Grand Canal a very small room but I spend so much time here and so little time there I suppose technically I do live here do you know who that box of chocolates in the entryway is for no I didn't really look at it because I assumed it was for you it's not no it's for someone named ill dottore oh I was afraid I mean I assumed they were from that Lockett fellow of yours eels Doctore wonder who that could be what are you going to be for carnevale this year working that's what I'm going to be I haven't been invited to any festivities which is just as well because I detest costumes so to Carnivale a I say bah humbug would it be okay if I used your microscope I have a very strict policy when it comes to my equipment no one touches it but me and now you I trust you Nancy please be my guest oh thank you.

Hello again you always wear that locket I have only had a week my boyfriend gave.

It to me just before I left I should have known not explained what is so ordinary which is not a bad thing it is just that well when one lives in Venezia one becomes so used to true beauty that anything less tends to stand out like dirt on a white rug my roommate Helena. Berg does she stay here a lot this is the first time I met her at a party which rosetta del bene gave when Elena found out where I lived she practically begged me to let us stay here and with Rosetta standing right there well I could not say no why was she so. Insistent about staying here she said it was because the nurse Costa is so centrally located which it is after ok but I think it was because I am so centrally located she is what you call a social climber always asking me about parties when they are where they are who is invited what should you wear whose name should she say to get in case key for the upper class of amici is closed to outsiders Elena is full of Boleo this is true but she will never be one of them ah I'm.

Running kind of low on euros you are not asking me for a handout I hope or alone could I maybe do some work for you and earn the money no oh but do not stop with me there are many ways for people with energy and volleyer to make a money in the city go to rialto market and see what people are buying use your eyes use your brain you will think of a way I hear you've been using the fact that colin has a criminal record to try to get him to do things that may not be totally legal what does you this Colin he says that because I do not Finn it is him he is the one who wants to break the law margarita he says pay me a thousand euros and I will find a way to save you ten thousand euros on your renovation no I tell him the Sham of study but he keeps bringing it up he told me just the opposite he is telling you that cheating on the renovations was my idea who wants a liar and a thief always a liar and a thief this is what I get for being a nice yes and when people find out I hired such a man it will be the laughingstock of Annette SIA so please Nancy please keep what you. Know to yourself who is ill dottore the. Torah means doctor or what doctor are you talking about there's a box of chocolates downstairs for ildo today someone must have left them here by mistake has anything else for ildo Toure ever been delivered Here I am appeared all day something gets delivered something does not get to leave it I do not know I do not care will you be dressing up in a costume for Carnival a ok ok I have fallen in love with commedia dell'arte so this year I will dress up is my favorite character the big nose nasty Pulcinella he and I are so opposite no one will ever guess it is me attractive later good good.

Please do not read that.




Nancy you have examined the Microsoft the pigeon was caddying I sure have a message which was written in English said ildo today requests you to change the safe room WAP combination two four three five five six Gilda Tata yes which is really interesting because in his office Sango has a poster of comitia del Arte masks he's crossed out all but five of the mats and among the ones that are crossed out other brighella masks hahaha we're right and the mask for ildo torii wasn't crossed out either and it was in the middle like it was more important than the others and when I went back to the place where I'm staying a box of chocolates had just been delivered for someone named ildo story which means very possible that ildo story is one of the people at the kana school stuff but perhaps Pongo and the son come and Trevor off they are working with are going by the names of Khmer via dell'arte characters this would make it easier to secretly communicate with each other discuss to perhaps those chocolates are a message of some kind and the field authority was at the center of that poster you saw perhaps the personal message was meant for his during later just what I was thinking here is what we will do I will have a technician hi tracking devices and objects these people are likely to carry around with them then when we know which of them is ill za'tari we will activate the appropriate device and be able to follow him awesome let's see Halina is always writing so for her I could plan a bug in her pen maybe and margarita is always sunning herself so you could hide a bug for her in a sunglasses case but for Cullen's for Colin you could bug a mosaic tile you know a tessera is likely to get a mosaic tile on his person if it's from me you will long story this is good information Nancy I will have our technicians prepare the two bugs objects and the device which you will hide in the pen then leave them for you in the bunker DeLauro ATM you shuld give them to each as soon as you get them will do keep your fingers crossed my fingers are always crossed

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