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SKYRIM SPECIAL EDITION Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - INTRO (SKYRIM Remastered)

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SKYRIM SPECIAL EDITION Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - INTRO (SKYRIM Remastered)

Skyrim Special Edition Walkthrough Part 1 - Skyrim Special Edition Gameplay Part 1 - Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition Intro 1440p Xbox One Gameplay with Commentary & Impressions Throughout

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Winner of more than 200 Game of the Year Awards, Skyrim Special Edition brings the epic fantasy to life in stunning detail. The Special Edition includes the critically acclaimed game and add-ons with all-new features like remastered art and effects, volumetric god rays, dynamic depth of field, screen-space reflections, and more. Skyrim Special Edition also brings the full power of PC mods to consoles. New quests, environments, characters, dialogue, armor, weapons and more – with Mods, there are no limits to what you can experience.

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Hey guys and welcome to Skyrim special edition on Xbox one it is here I can play it I'm excited so so excited when I still play Skyrim in in like a long time but I am so sorry to pay more very the visuals have been improved vastly we now have mods a lots changed so yeah we're just check out today this would be a part one for now if you guys want to see more leave a like in the video leave a comment this could turn into a full series it's up to you guys also its little thank you for you guys watching this video I'm doing a giveaway to win one copy of the game live xbox one ps4 or PC leave a like on the video leave a comment subscribe you guys be entered automatically well I see you got mod stellar that is massive I will do a separate video on mods also we might incorporate mods into this walkthrough as well so you guys want to see that let me know leave your feedback crap new a brand new game.

Hey you finally awake you were trying to.

Cross the border right walked right into that Imperial ambush same as us and that thief over there damn you Stormcloaks skyrim was fine until you came along Empire was nice and lazy they hadn't been looking for you could have stolen that horse and then halfway to Hammerfell you there you and me we shouldn't be here it's the Stormcloaks the Empire wants we're all brothers and sisters and binds now juts out back there what's wrong with him huh wash it down just speaking to Oh Frick Stormcloak the true High King Ulfric the. Yarol of Windhelm you're the leader of the rebellion but if they captured you of gods where are they taking us they don't know where we're going but sovngarde awaits no this can't be happening this isn't happening hey what the village are you. From horse thief what do you care on Nords last thoughts should be home Rorick stead I'm I'm from.

Rorick stead the headsman is waiting. Good let's get this go over with sure. Kynareth akatosh Divine's please help me.

Look at him general Tully's the military government and it looks like the Thalmor are with him damn elves but they had something to do with this. That guy looks so freaks out he is petrified this is Helen I used to be sweet on a girl from here wonder if Fela they're still making that mead with juniper berries misty funny when I was a boy Imperial walls and towers used to make me feel so safe why I want to watch the.

Soldiers inside the house.

Why are we stopping why do you think end of the line goodbye hands let's go.

Shouldn't keep the gods waiting for us I agree well you've got to tell them we.

Worked with you this is a mistake that's.

Coming off guys Empire loves their data lists Ulfric Stormcloak y'all of Windows it.

Has been an honor yara lofric bailiff of river would well.

Sound name i don't know no care of Rorick stead no I'm not a rebel you can't do this well you are always wearing away oh wait you there.

Step forward oh I'm on your list am i you have no idea who I am who are you oh he's puzzled I don't know why I am so let go try and pick my race and I'm finding it quite hard to decide I don't want to go with I might be like the Imperial is that quite boring I last saw combination between combat and magic it works quite well it's still like high elf it's just magic don't know a wood. Elf I'm gonna be an imperial yeah I'm.

Doing it it'll be a human right what waits making quests kini or quite manly. Quite beefy let's go for like ones that cross the nose there we go quite subtle wall paint whoa hello if I shadow one. There ah I definitely knew war paint. It's a bit much leave the Warpaint right onto the face whoa none another best too scary from nothing like that what the hell that's. That's fine that looks fairly normal but that is that is a bad hair line days a bad hair like best even worse I want some sort of hair oh my god he's got ponytail he's gonna hear it makes no sense all I can fill up the long hill the longer look the mani look ooh sounds put.

Some lipstick on could with some fancy lipstick on as well look at that nice red lips you could go with red lips nice.

Rosy red lips let's not do that so there's that guy yeah I don't I don't. Know what to say it does something like great I'm really bad at making the characters look decent in this game I don't know why about that would do there we go yeah my character.

I'll name him Scott there you go how original berry elderscrolls not I will name him.

Scott after me berry elderscrolls not really hello you're a.

Long way from the Imperial City what are you doing in Skyrim captain what should we do he's not on the list let me live forget the list he goes to the block boy by your orders captain I'm sorry we'll make sure you'll remain sort of turn to Scylla do follow the captain prisoner I've done nothing wrong you're not on the list.

Ulfric Stormcloak some here in helghan call you a hero but a hero doesn't use a power like the voice to murder his king and usurp his throne you started this. War won Skyrim into chaos and now the Empire is going to port you down and restore the peace what was that it's.

Nothing carry on I'm pretty sure some give them their last rites as we commend your souls to a serious blessings of the eight Divine's upon where the love of Talos shut up and let's get this open up as you wish come on I haven't got all.

Morning Wow just take them ahead off hurry this up fair enough my ancestors are smiling at me Imperials can you say the same and Cho oh man.

Clubs as fearless and death as he was in.

Life no no no no no no that's not fair.

Yep thank please come down please did you hear that save me I said next prisoner to the block prison Oh nice and easy I was on the list I wasn't. On the list I'm an imperial like you please would you please select class.

Head there as well what's gone second time around but there's a there's a. Tracking shooting oh man the timing on their perfect.

So let me loose please freaking dragon here my friends yo maybe that's food go.

I'm unbound make your way to the key stop here go thank you for saving me Stormcloaks. Could the legends be true legends don't burn down villages your hands our mouth closed because he has abilities with his voice the tower let's go you know he's free let's go up we go.

Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa scary the.

Legends are true the Dragons return oh my god I touched.

The flames a little bit all right just a tiny little bit.

You're doing clay still alive prisoner.

Keep close to me if you want to stay that way so you don't keep me alive now take care of the Bora I have to find journal Tully us and joined their defence God's guide you headlong so now we're gonna pull ahead bar real bit even though he's Imperial she's confusing me so we're. Gonna keep me alive now you burst on the head off. Quickly so you guys for the game looks better let me know love snow your feedback beam if he does there's a like oh my god it's a brand new game it's just all this.

Avant-garde I'll open these options so.

HAP 4head Vargas we need to get his time it's gonna soak them and I spend on furnace before I don't know if they've been like two options is that new I'm doing anyway because why not I mean I'm an imperial so that's one minute it looks like we're the only ones made it what's that really a dragon for bringing some the end time walls get him off get him off cut me.

Loose there you go take a look around there should be plenty of gear to choose from I'm going to see if I can find something for these two bones I need some armor ah look at that Imperial light armor perfect I will equip it I am sword I like keep key as well and some like boots.

I'm ready let's keep moving it is nicely I could do is lose some of these chests. Yes Oh can I quit as well I'm nice taking the gold the guys put dead in there anyway so it doesn't matter too much yes miss that precious precious.

Gold anymore it's not a chest here that's why he's already good never saw it come on this way I'm not I'll take it.

So compact we go.

We need to get moving that dragon is tearing up the whole key just give me a minute I hear that I'm close.

Maybe we can reason with them we could fire someone there don't you worry the name okay moved on. Take a bow for what is longnecks cups on.

A button so I thought that game for a very very long time whoa stammers low okay back away back away stamina back with the few attacks behind yes the.

Downbeat can block as well I'm gonna mix.

On this stuff because I am don't win the battle axe I could sell it I would say cool thank you this person this dumb. Cloak soldier oh she's naked she's in the nude one.

Second I lost status area any suppliers I think we are Oh actually I might take.

This as well it can be I can set all the ways it's good I want to take a lantern nope a broom nope be patient block why.

Do I need to block make me worried oh shit listen folks I feel like I may have a.

Bit actually named Frank that's girls PC head guard here y'all set potions in.

Here we're going to need them like my.

Swords as we see if you can find some.

Potions in handy definitely like something I like I like potions in this game definitely apparently inside these barrels these ones oh I will take all your. Stamina health and magic are my thing.

That's pretty much here they should wanna take a bucket tunnel that keen on I'll be honest done then I'm gonna wait let's go hadvar that's an awesome name my name's Scott Oh torture whoa.

These guys are up themself I listen to it don't mr. magic ma'am it's in time these boys seemed a bit upset at how I've been entertaining their comrades why is that dragon is attacking he'll get cut dragon please don't make up. Nonsense the torturer oh they'll come to think of it I did hear some odd noises coming from over there I wonder one with us we need to get out of here first of all no authority over me boy didn't you hear me I said they keep us under attack forget the old man I'll come with you wait a second look there's something in this cage a little father with that lost the key ages ago or fellows scream for weeks you'll see if you can get it off in some pigs we need everything we can get what's in this you're all my things I have one this book the book of the.

Dragonborn ironic maybe just gonna put out there I would take it and I want to just iron dagger a lot picks perfect. Before I used to be quite good at it but I'm probably gonna do a terrible terrible job iron makes my necessary weapons iron shield also found another book a brief history of the Empire volume 2 or pot 2 but loved those books the way that guy's diet what way to die that woman's like oh my god I've been wounded by this crazy torture a guy if we can do it we can pick like this that'd be good it's catered or i roughly I'm about to do it just find the weak point and spit there we go cuz I absolute pros I'll take this book just a nice pretty sore bitch it's teaches a spark and gold some medica I. Look at gold checking with baby oh no using the nude so starved and those in the nude if it in here I see just bones that's a bit pointless nothing in there okay so I could open it and get some xp for it I think this how it works.

GXP opening doors torturer you're a dick right leave me to my work unless you plan to stay and help it's no one here my you also give up just come with us and help us you old fool anyway we move on what's down here Oh some hey wonderful I've been down there oh there's.

Something down there that's for sure I will have a look oh yeah my lock-picking goes up when I do it so if I improve it enough that will live me up eventually and what is that a Quinn purse and such a skeleton I'll adapt oh good I don't. Want some bones suppose a trapped in for just some crazy lion nobody's in there oh I'm so sorry. That's a terrible way to treat youth Imperial is a bit scummy aren't they that guy how long these pulleys been in this war let's go then let's get over close to escaping. Joyfulness evil evil dragon where in Oblivion are we supposed to go where's the way out and on a strong cloak still.

Why you guys still here I will block you missed it there from behind a hole but.

Look up quick nice teamwork nice slices.

Life's easy stay down so I'm still alive there is a bunch of live action but the main great source. Ha are three units damn you fools. Check out show me what you got on my.

One-handed comm bears gone up 21 oh. That's pretty good yes teamwork let's F.

Think I'll take that boasting I will take that bow I would say he always a longbow classic now got too much weapons I've taken too much oops and goodnight let's see what this goes sounds like a plan let's go with that switch for a bridge leaver a very fresh.

Teammate is good we're good ah screw here I can hear the dragon I.

Can't see it though look up here.

That dragon is not happy paper firmness. I can see the light guys and see the light how do we get out why do you hang in there for come on let's go let's go let's leave pages hell escapist dragon.

May think up there have a look anything.

Here done some bones some skip some bones and some gold and some potion healing nice she wear fancy I don't.

Quite know where this goes to but what happened here I said back ok don't get.

Me stressed already let's just up the game this game is like this one is games where you go I'll go for 10 minutes or half an hour you don't like two hours three hours four hours just absorbs time not bad thing but yeah it's just things that distance it's one of those purse I guess we'd better try this way this way try forget it's horrible horrible place.

Okay these are definitely spiders hello. Mister spiders oh it's loads of them oh there's a big one as well are you gonna help me out please wolf poison let's slice them up that.

One's dead it's a big ones oh nice.

What next I know what's gonna be next frostbite the venomous snakes I'll take one so what's next snakes probably more skeletons up there Mazal try loot this copy doing here what.

Why here I just hang it angular potion.

Of healing potion of health and luck help are you slowly potions going beyond just ahead see ya a bear I'd rather not tangle with her right now you might be able to sneak by just take it nice and slow and watch where you step or if you're feeling lucky you can take this boat might take her by surprise go ahead I'll follow your lead and watch your back hmm so I could try the bow tempting try my luck and luck - actually. Apparently I said I can try and get a sneaky shot we do um extra damage oh.

Fish you up oh my god what's shot what I.

Am a legend already in this world no not.

Bad at all I would like a little bit of an archery in my forte definitely nice I'm not too heavy again No.

The skeletons around here they're our enemies who have humans that blueberry's is killed.

I think we can move let's get going it's Gaza I mean that might be it and that bear was the last enemy war weapon their bones got kicked.

This looks like the way out it does start to wonder if we never meet let's leave to Skyrim we're outside yes we can.

Finally get to see way looks like outside oh man wait wait for what are.

You waiting for looks like he's gone for good this time well for a while but I don't think we should stick around to see it come back eventually he will I guarantee it it's.

Probably best if we split up good luck I wouldn't have made it without your help today ng my friend thank you very much.

When I guess we should have a little bit I mean it definitely looks like there's a small foliage around I'm not that was not in the 360 version at all maybe like a mod for PC but this looks so much more lush look at it but I'm missus or game I.

Thought I would just play this game do some like super long episodes and just enjoy it so so much Abby I would love to like do a series on this channel for sure oh hello let's split up oh hello how are you what do you up to today I'm gonna see that ruin oh it's a sunken bleak falls Barrow when I was boiling that place always used to give me nightmares dragger creeping down the mountain to climb through my window at night that kind of thing I admit I still own much like the look of it I won't go there then for a while yeah there's some stones here so it was like a thief one a warrior one and a mage guess we're gonna sigh which one to go with The Guardian stones Tuffy stone these mate stones dolls the worst of the 13 ancient standing stones that dot Skyrim's landscape go ahead see for yourself I will I. Let's go for the warrior one I'd say this game is a lot easier being a mage differently that's what sort of slightly tempted me cuz maybe it's not not easy as such but being a warrior is hard very hard time take over mage but Imperial mage I mean I would like a little bit magic maybe I'm going to spill warrior screwing whatever those on the decide warrior will learn all combat skills 20% faster that's pretty good. I knew you shouldn't have been on that cot that method I laid eyes on you see he believed must kill me I didn't yet absolutely fuel I just quit on some favorites I got my long sword and my long bow ready to go and we're gonna head to River wood is just up ahead so I'm a sword and my shield at the ready which way to go whereas is it. Never as far as I'm concerned you've already gone you're good but until we get that confirmed by general Tullius just stay clear of other Imperial soldiers and avoid any complications all right I understand try not kill Imperial soldiers I will try not to but I can't make any promises remember what is up actually just up here Oh what oh my god little boobies.

Leave me alone noise you come for me.

Loose and sneaking your wolves the blood of my flaws spying that's fine blood I'm glad you decided to come with me we're almost to River I think we can separate but I guess I sort of followed him Paxton his flame the water looks like that war those are interesting war effects definitely looking better I'm M TT at least look pretty pretty bad in this game look at us they're pretty.

Good it's not quite as good as I probably would have hoped but it does definitely like a decent improvement that's for sure River wood has been discovered things look quiet enough here come on there's miles it's a chicken.

Maybe mustard chicken are you doing are.

You on leave from shores bones what happened to you boy please keep your voice down I'm fine but we should go inside to talk what's going on and who's this he's a friend saved my life in fact come on I'll explain everything but we need to go inside okay okay come inside them. Sigrid we'll get you something to eat and you can tell me all about it it's.

Got something thanked every day we get visitors in Riverwood what pretty quite round here Sigrid we have company hello.

We've been so worried about you come you two must be hungry sit down and I'll get you something to eat she looks pretty hot now then boy what's the big mystery what are you doing here looking like you lost an argument with a cave there I don't know where to stop you know I was assigned to general Tully as a scold we will stop then hell yeah when we were attacked by a dragon a dragon that's ridiculous you are drunk are you. Boy husband let him tell his story not much more to tell this dragon flew over and just wrecked the whole place mass confusion I don't know if anyone else got out alive I doubt I'd made it out myself if not for my friend here I need to get back to solitude and let the know what's happened I thought you could help us out food supplies a place to stay of course any friend of had virus is a friend of mine I'm glad to help however I can like. I said I'm glad to help in any way I can but I need your help we need your help we can give you all.

These gifts that's a lot of stuff you sure some apples grilled chicken breast I would take it thank you very. Much I would take like gifts the yarrow needs to know if there's a dragon on the loose River would this defenseless we need to get work we are old bald roof in Whiterun to send whatever soldiers he can if you'll do that for me I'll be in your debt I will do that can I use your. Food can I can i full to my own weapons I see no harm in it if you have the skill run will improve your weapons use. The table to improve your armor that's good to know the raw materials you can use the Forge to make something new yarrow balgruuf he rules Whiterun hold a good man perhaps a bit over cautious but these are dangerous times so far he's managed to stay out of the war I'm afraid it can't last though I don't think he likes either Ulfric or Ellis if much who can blame him but I've no doubt he'll proof loyal to the Empire in the end he's no traitor so you support the Empire then maybe I guess of course Skyrim has always been part of the Empire that doesn't mean I support everything the Empire's been doing lately but Nords have never been Fairweather friends okay join the Imperial Legion if I want to I don't have to do that my finger good guys we can go coming how do I still get to Whiterun is it closed on them ever and then head north you'll see it just past the falls when you get to Whiterun just keep going up when you get to the top of the hill you're a dragons reach the Jaros palace okay sounds good you.

Two make yourselves at home so Whiterun i go there's only one place to go so that's where I'm gonna go next obviously you could go and explore if you want to um but I'm pretty gonna keep doing up the main stuff for a while but yeah it does look a lot brighter doesn't it ready within reason I will look how we look at that sky I know since Skyrim. Looked this good it does look really nice I must emit foliage the war looks amazing you can see a lot like look further as well it's like blurry Frank guys what you know I hope you guys did enjoy it - leave a like on the video leave a comment subscribe view I knew you guys made for the next episode if you guys want to see it I don't know anyway bye bye

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