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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl Live Walkthrough Part 5

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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl Live Walkthrough Part 5

Killing lots and lots of bandits. Also, defending Seriy's hangar from bandits, how to get the unique 9x18mm MP5, rescuing Mole from the military, taking a stash or two, talking about Clear Sky, and almost entering Agroprom Underground.

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All right I think it's safe enough now let's get back to the conversation we were having Tibet having with Bess you know before we were so rudely interrupted by bandits and after this we'll carry on with the. Game and get something useful done.

When the culpers showed up I had to shoot Welland him out and jump out of a third-floor window I've been here since I've done well in this place but at least my crimes has gone the lane who little longer to tried to fight the lawless just as I did on the outside I trained up rookies and teach them to survive in the zone so why don't you join duty if you feel that way duty fights against the zone I played for the people besides the two closely linked to the government in the army I don't want to wake up in a cold cell one day well good luck to you I know quite a lot I could share some information I know quite a lot what's this place the garbage we are right at home here you see the heaps of crap you don't want to go there trust me so full of radioactive waste the Geiger counter goes off the scale this is the only decent way into the zone in the bandits have been increasingly active here lately be shot again this shit scared the Contego into the zone into duty territory like experienced stalkers but this those penis just love warping the rookie seal so if nobody else cares we have to stand our ground and fight ourselves go on everywhere and especially here you got to act like a human being like some creature an animal then smile to look on life okay goddamn fucking bandits which you've kindly fuck off.

I suppose depending luck piece of the.

Guy set up at a checkpoint up ahead LM here have a grenade well that's a guy.

To whom I think stop shooting.

I think I'll bring this up in editing cuz this is hard to see for me I imagine.

It'd be even worse most usual gives us hands on it.

There you are.

Shit it's kind of cheesy here heal up with the food instead of wasting a bad chair.

I've been still on the ruin and I'm. Really brewing it's already here so you guys gonna help now be really appreciated.

Now you know let's continue reading this.

Are there are there any large buildings in the garbage in the center this a hangar this amount hangar usually it's pretty quiet there worse comes to worse you can spend the night there if you go west in the direction of the acre from there's a bandit camp there and that's what these those freaks that we killed up a while ago we're coming from but I have a feeling that there's more of them human there thank you finally got all.

That done a friend were more of them.

Still they respond up here.


Oh man I was not expecting this they.

Usually don't respond back here this quickly okay we better help this guy real quick I don't want to take his coochie idea to I knew would.

Hopefully you smart enough to say this weapon back up pick it back up you.

Should change the fire arrow.

Oh he just walked into an anomaly in anomaly fine best if you don't want to pick that gun I'll back up.

That's a way that cheese your way into getting a unique weapon.

You'll go back to this.

Okay that guy's walking up there to try to presumably try to kill that guy.

Put it all into him shut up.

No no the checkpoint is still. Population well Sonny.

Just kind of wrap here artifact where's.

That light okay that kind of irradiated me a bit faster than I thought just get out of here.

All right that's a new guy coming in here.

Okay so I'm out of regular med kits I need to steal somebody's weapon off the ground here not that.

Let's just take this and run.

So you breathe torch then you from Dainese cars.

Just we have a new weapon to the rookies here oops.

Okay and I finally move on I suppose I'll have to fight those check my advantage anyways spreche up to cover.

Skirmishes run.

They won't give chase save here and run up anyone who can hear me by a gang of bandits we need help brothers help us we're in deep shit all.

Right so this fellers in trouble here.

That was my discomfort of it we'll talk later you have another one of my med kits.

Great job boys we wiped them out.

All right now that that's all out of the way and done you stock talk to our friend Siri here thanks for the hill things got pretty hairy what are you doing out here anyway I am looking for information about Strela fox told me about you so I came for a chat okay you held me out for free so I'll tell you what if the guy is a former digger god Maul is waiting for me he dug up straight looks - but they don't know if you found anything there here are the coordinates - of a meeting place tell him I sent you they'll be looking for me now so I'm going to disappear for a while here's some cash for your help - its 2500 thanks for the information.


13:33 sell into these.

Unless certainly could have gone better and like whoa ha bit of ammo just appeared there but sure we'll cut off for that greenie ental can I sell you only one of us okay.

All right well it's about time to start making a move on like it didn't like I did say yeah at the beginning of this I'm going to be playing this a little more linearly for the sake of the series.

Could probably do with a bit better inventory management honesty.

It at nine by nineteen millimeter ammo in the ban Vantage jacket in here right now I'm mostly carrying them around is back up since as you can see by the blue bar over there this Burke suit is getting a little beat up.

I'm liking this 2-shot burst for some.

Reason it actually feels more accurate than that single shot.

That's a good sign I guess tip me a bit over two hours into the game to start getting heard enough to believe like that.

Nothing can be as simple as you'd like it fortunately once again this is a.

Ladder for that it's completely broken so you can to get a nice vantage point so for the most part this is the best you can do to fall back a little bit I.

Think maybe the lack try to get chase.

Most of all there's a couple supplies back here.


Thank you. All right I think it's pretty much safe to head back up there they certainly haven't gone but little.

Just a little better prepared now.

There all of you are.

I just can't remember if this game.

Handles the hollow points right and that it makes it more of a mace is more deadly against unarmored targets or if it does something weird like making a more armor-piercing.

I really hate to use another one of these but by using really waste.

He's over that way.


And it's all the one down progress.

That's taken care of finally let's do some quick looting.

I suppose I can take a little break here.

A break I mean walking to the giant anomaly filled tunnel.

It really shouldn't be killing my framerate like this.

Okay and the reason for going down here there is a unique mp5 down here that. Fires 9 by 18 millimeter rounds and has its own icon which is kind of cool really. But I honestly don't need it at this point so I'm just gonna pause here and every load yeah that's pretty much just to show you that how to get it and what it is and how to get it.

We're now however like to focus a little more on getting where we need to go which is to say the Agra prom Research Institute so another level changer here another. Demo record. Well I suppose this actually and very close to a mare is meant to be before I head over there I'm just gonna point out that in earlier builds there was a large garage kind of like this with a big underground area and I think. There were a couple uh a couple more factories in here as well I remember for sure but yeah anyways.

Let's carry on to anger prom all right we're here destroy group then that's a.

Military and assault groups our guys are there let's go.

I can actually see the helicopter spawn there it's kind of funny.

Unfortunately that whole cutscene happens in real time so you kind of just stand there while your friend continues moving forward as you can see this isn't.

Going very well for us out here.


It's actually going really slowly for us right now.

Well actually right now it's 3v3 it's not too bad.

Okay you can upgrade to us regular ak74 here but think alike I think I'm going to keep veces special somebody for you. For the time being yeah there's another Merc suit back here so I'm gonna drop actually I'm going to drop both of these.

You know need to actually loot all these for this video series.

Hop on over here.

Thankfully it looks like some of the regular stalkers from the first fight managed to get up there real close from.

Close range like because it did save.

Just stop down here real quick.

You know he died.

Thank you friend you saved my life that was still close the grunts always carried our emissions through they have got to get out of here before the task force arrives come on I'll show you the way all right then lead on and our friend over there is gonna buy some time I guess it's not the usual mo but just do some really quick looting I.

Think the tax the task force and mole was just talking about if I remember right thick area and 94s with them so if you want you can stick around and fight.

For now I kind of just want to head up here talk to him.

Whew it's quiet here I can't wait for the reaper fish daddy told me what you're looking for it's Underground around here somewhere but I don't know exactly where you care for that good luck.

Thanks for your help stalker if you haven't shown up I'd be a dead man by now I'm looking for info on Strela Siri told me you knew something about it Siri well okay this is Trey look used to sneak around here on top of that his stash somewhere around here below ground I have this group even has its base here we also look for the stash but we found jack shit I'll give you the info about the stash maybe you'll be lucky this is everything we have the mustache how do we get into the basement this is one of many exits which will lead you to the interconnected basements once you're in there you'll on your own I don't have a map in the basement network is huge and confusing thanks for the information before we.

Head in there I certainly hope this frame rates trouble is just from a harddrive space damn better.

This right here is one of the entrances to the underground or at least it was.

All right so those interested mold does carrieth unique weapon of his own if I remember right it's one of these except it's chambered for the 9 by 18 and up for a.

Stop for the for a moment this is a swamp here one of the side missions that you can get from sidorovich involves the soldier up here it's quite a bit of a good stuff in clear sky this salt in clear sky there is also an entrance to yan tar in this.

In these swamps there's also a lower entrance to the garbage down here basically takes this road round here of.

Course a clear sky this also exists as the great swamps sands this building complex.

But that's for another playthrough so yeah time to take another little break

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