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Final Battle: War Kills the Destroyer. Abaddon Death (Darksiders 1 | Boss Fight)

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Final Battle: War Kills the Destroyer. Abaddon Death (Darksiders 1 | Boss Fight)

Final battle with Destroyer / Abaddon. Abaddon was the former leader of the Hellguard before turning into The Destroyer and commanding hell's forces on Earth and conquer and rule both it and heaven. He is later revealed as the main antagonist of Darksiders but he was eventually fought by war when the horsemen defeated his chosen and infiltrated his tower who ended Abaddon and his reign once and for all. The leader of the Hellguard, Abaddon bravely fought in the name of Heaven for many millenia. His hatred for demonkind was fierce and he was less than content with the treaties of the Charred Council, a view that put him out of favor with the majority of the angels. He is described as being the greatest warrior Heaven has ever produced.

When Belisatra's construct army attacked Eden in an attempt to recover Grand Abominations from the Nephilim's last battle, it was Abaddon that led the reinforcements for the angel garrison there. During the battle, a construct using the long thought lost Nephilim sword Affliction attacked Abaddon and took his eye.

Death encountered Abaddon when he arrived at the angel encampment at Eden, where angelic healers were trying and failing to save Abaddon's sight. Were it not for his own innate power and the healer's efforts, the blade's poisoning effects would have claimed far more than his eye. Abaddon and Azrael negotiated with Death to share their knowledge regarding the incident, but Death left as soon as he saw Affliction, correctly guessing the constructs' purpose in attacking Eden.

The Archangel later encountered Death and his brother War in the White City when the two fought an angelic assassin on their way to research the Maker Belisatra in the Argent Spire. The Archangel confronted them with his guards, a young Uriel among them, and nearly attacked them out of fury for War's recent raid on a facility of his. But Death managed to blitz Abaddon and held him at blade-point, threatening him with both certain death and a declaration of war from the Charred Council. Though incensed, Abaddon relented and allowed them to proceed with their mission.

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