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Black Mirror 3 (English) Walkthrough part 5

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Black Mirror 3 (English) Walkthrough part 5

Chapter 1:

Darren visits Victoria, but she's not too thrilled to see him.

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There's a poster hanging yet we're rebuilding for you soon will be even more spectacular experience the horror up-close-and-personal reopening on the 1st of December that's in a few days time.

Spectacular backdrop huh but as I'm already here I gotta look in on lady Victoria and ask how she's doing.

I can't be bothered with that now I want to go and see Lady Victoria first oh you've got a new doorbell with an intercom system. Buthe that my name is dare Adrienne Gordon I'd like to see Lady Victoria please hello.

Coming maybe before it has just opened yes of course please excuse the chaos the builders are working on a renovation you're looking after lady Victoria yeah I'm a trained once great grandmother I.

Take care of all of the great friends in business thank you Miss handling system mhm.

Thank You sis dad wait.

Can I just ask you something do you.

Think that being in the middle of a construction site is the right place for such an old lady lady Victoria was most insistent that she be moved back into the castle she said that she'd been born here and that she wanted to die here and the walls here are rather thick she doesn't hear that much at least she hasn't complained as of yet how is Lady. Victoria as well as can be expected she's not speaking to me unfortunately perhaps you'll have better luck.

God isn't a death chamber in here I can feel a chill right to my heart I can only hope Victoria gets better soon Victoria my great-grandmother and the only member of my family I've got left.

Hello Victoria it's me Adrian.

Victoria I need your help really the police don't believe me how can I make them understand that I'm Adrian Gordon when the name Darrin Michaels is printed in my passport Victoria you're the only one who can help me please Victoria are you okay are you.

Being well looked after. Did you put up the bail for me I'm sorry.

About what happened to Bates Eleanor and Sally it must be awful for you.

Adrian tell me the truth was it you did.

You start the fire no Victoria it wasn't. Me it was Louis II did what Angelina told him to do she was behind all the murders it was her loss ignored me here because she needed me for you know the curse which only affects the male gordon's she wanted to achieve what samuel was trying to prevent she was possessed by it she lied to me to all of us Adrian you sound like a coward it.

Wasn't me it was Angelina why should I. Believe you why have you come here tall things were.

Going well for you in America if you'd only just stayed there it would still be life Helena Catherine miss Valley you're.

A too weak you can't stand up to Mordred.

His ghost writes you like a child rides. A rocking horse since you've turned up there's been nothing but calamity just. Disappear again Adrian do me a favor you.

Go back to where you came from before the other half of the castle goes up in flames.

What could you done to her nothing at all I've been talking with her that's all you'd better go now your great-grandmother needs peace and quiet yes I'm sorry I didn't want that I'm sorry just go please it's not just.

Everyone in the village that needs me we only remain a member of my family - real good job Darren but wasn't already doing it then signing up for therapy right away.

Oh well here goes nothing.

Marie my favorite hotelier obliging. Helpful polite and always on the lookout to maximize his profits on the back of crime hi Marie oh the esteemed mr..

Michaels what's on your mind.

So there you've got your stupid photo happy no I can hardly recognize a thing me in front of the castle as agreed okay after the cops Marie I'm sure you know how important my exonerating statements in the valley murder case is Marie okay okay I'll take it first go to the. Police station alright then I'll go today I'm an honorable businessman and I'm a possessed madman I suggest taking a rest in your room first and then when you wake up everything will have been salted with the police really could use some sleep.

The floorplan of the hotel all of the rooms are drawn on it huh Murray's office is right next to my room.

The room looks almost exactly the same as the other one I had three weeks ago I bet Murray got a discount on the interior decoration while I'm here I may as well put away the stuff I don't want to carry around with me huh someone.

Shoves something under the door.

I can help you prove your innocence.

Because I believe in your innocence but I have to be able to trust you too we can't meet yet which is why I'm just gonna send you Clues if you want to take up my offer then you'll find the first lead at your father's grave huh that's a.

Bit confusing who's this message from Murray he doesn't have an interest in proving my innocence in any way he would just tell me himself but booth knows I'm living here in the hotel I need to follow this up carefully and I ought to find out where the graveyard is around here.

Hi Marie oh the esteemed mr. Michaels what's on your mind is this note here from you pardon no I speak to my guests personally when I've got something for them was there anyone here asking for me earlier no you're simply not well-known enough that will soon change believe me the.

Woods around Willow Creek are pretty gloomy the woods are quite exceptional I'll have you know full of ghosts and demons if you like to believe the local folklore the perfect backdrop for all of the grisly murders that have happened here and are regrettably yet to come you can hardly wait right I've lived here long enough to know that patience is a virtue why don't you go and kill a few people yourself if you're so hard on at all I'm a businessman not a murderer a small but absolutely fine distinction that mr. Michaels. Marie do you know where the local graveyard is a graveyard didn't you want to take a rest I'm not up for resting anymore I'm sure you can't mean the graveyard behind the hotel it's being redone right now it's being what I've had it removed for the time being so I can relocate it in a sensational new setting it means I can charge more for some of the rooms with views over the golden graveyard you've had the Gordon family graves level and to be quite honest there was only Lothar Golden's grave there the founder of the original sanatorium the family crypt is in the churchyard at warm him ah right in warm Hill then see you Murray to work

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