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Ice Age : Continental Drift - Arctic Games Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - No Commentary (PC)

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Ice Age : Continental Drift - Arctic Games Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - No Commentary (PC)

Ice Age : Continental Drift - Arctic Games Gameplay Walkthrough Full Game No Commentary PC 1080P 60FPS.



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Ah boy this is the light a nice cool.

Breeze and a wide open field as I lead my herd home do you say you are leading the herd that's what he said okay not exactly leading more like adding from behind Manny's legs in case any pirates decide to show up I don't see any pirates it but you're right about one thing life doesn't get any better than this agreed and a lovely pirate free day like this there's nothing that can bring me down.

Someone should go help him yeah someone should treasure did he say treasure I'm.

Coming for you and I'm coming for the treasure and for you too buddy I did it I did it I discovered a sunken buried treasure well I'll actually make corn full of fruit sitting on top of the snow but same thing hey I didn't order a giant.

Snowball hey it's my lucky day you mean.

My lucky day I crashed into it first no stealing pirates well well what have we here. A bountiful treasure' ripe for the picking not your picking our picking go through your picking somewhere else okay but don't rush me I don't move too fast maybe you just need a little incentive.

Can't we all just get along sure make right after we settle on who gets the mighty catch of the day I suggest a round of arctic game artic games all right what's that and why am I so excited about it it's an old pirate competition whoever wins gets the treasure I think you Pirates might have the advantage in an old pirate competition about something that's fair hmm yes mammoth I see your point but do you see mine ah let the games. That said got us roped in to begin.



Every man for himself come come don't go.

Sir baby what sorry captain we're rooting for you.

Are you telling me right steer clear of the broken ice.

Don't go but don't go.

Try sucking the gates of speed captain.

The treasure is in sight all thanks to me in case you're wondering this is what a winner looks.

Alas that is how a win is one look at.

You gloating your head off about one win fine forget the game I'll take the treasure and my crew will take care of you hmm game or your crew I'll stick with the game good choice unless mess all the slidin is wiping me out I'm gonna rest up for tomorrow's event why put off tomorrow what you can steal today now don't go throw on a big old pirate fit here I'll see you tomorrow all right but I'll be back and on that day you'll wish you were never born you're all full of surprises.


Good time to be a ready.

Oh yeah.

You answered a mean.

Haha let's do a victory dance.

You forget I'm the enemy oh yeah and I don't do victory dances.

Now I know I don't like sloths because you never met anyone as talented and friendly as me no you're annoying and I'm gonna tango with your torso oh goody I've always wanted to learn to tango yeah Oh somebody prepare the plank for this guy and hurry no no no no take your time.


Push hard and don't forget to.

Oh Sydney what's the spider back in move yes.

You're on my crew for a reason.

A whalemen give it all you know.

Screech where's a - behind you slide.

That over the front now yeah.

- terrified me.

Push em you'd better slide that to.


Slide that down the ice buddy.

I won points with LOX employer yeah.

Slide that over the button now swim.

But it's up to you to get us to win.

Did you see that mates I kicked it.

Okay nobody saw that pure first rate for. A first mate I'd say well I guess you just can't win them all you mean you can't win them all I can win again and again and again why you want a lot of time ready to take me on again and again and again don't mock me unless you want to be fish food since we're done with the turtles I'm gonna take one home as a pet I think I'll name him squint hey that's my name I thought it sounded familiar well you won't share the treasure so the least I can do is share your name with my new pet the least I can do is let you live and I want to live donate tell them.


Primate checkmate.


Well I guess here I go speed it up.

Around. Oh you give up now broke down.


Stop them now.



Not bad for the sea badger.

Not bad for the sea badger.

Oh wait I didn't like that race trees.

Were coming at me Oh stupid plants kept getting in my way you lost because Gupta beat you I want to race me Gupta I'll.

Beat you like I did that last stupid Belgian that was me I beat you.

I guess that's it anybody needs me I'll be over there feed my pet questions you go do that lady if I wouldn't know.

Better I would run away you're far far away.



Had all the confidence in the world now.

That's the way God taught us how to win mate too bad he taught you how to plunder and pillage - are you trashing my captain no I'm sure he's a super cool guy for a mean nasty pirate a bounty of compliments that's better.

Hmm I'm gonna go kick back before our next win you weren't win and you weren't like how captain got deals with losers we're not losers who lose and are therefore not losers yo give me a headache I'm a teenager

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