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Splinter Cell Conviction Walkthrough Part 1 No Commentary

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Splinter Cell Conviction Walkthrough Part 1 No Commentary

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Just do what you haven't I always do soon I always do.

The thing you have to understand is this Sam fishy you knew is dead America. Killed him asked him to make one sacrifice too many cross one line too far a drunk driver killed some anonymous.

Asshole who ran down his daughter vanished she was the one thing in his. Life that humanized him and his agency killed him set him up turned him loose and told him to pull the trigger on his best friend in a dirty New York City basement.

Irving Lambert died by Sam's hand that day and so did Sam so he left left - - Ilan.

Left the life he knew left America and mom and apple pie I left it all behind he hopped off the grid and went walkabout looking for a reason to go on living eventually he found it he caught.

A whisper in the wind that maybe his daughter's death had to did an accident he heard a name and he found somewhere to go looking a city called Valletta it's in Malta excuse me sir yes phone.

Call for you please accept these compliments of.

Sam who is this how you find me give me.

A little credit Sam don't tell me you don't recognize my voice even after all this time grab what do you want to save.

Your life we can go from there a team of armed men just entered the marketplace looking for you they're closing in on your position unless you do exactly what I say this will be a very short conversation I'm not doing a damn thing until you tell me how you found me we're third echelon we've got an eye on everyone look up you'll see it I see it then I can take it back up to save altitude and you can get moving you still haven't told me how you found me move you've got multiple hostiles inbound in your position and from where you're at you're a sitting duck now get to that group of stalls in the market there's a lot of cover for you there just like the old days I agree just like the old days Sam are you caring yeah but I'd rather not risk a firefight when they're civilians around that's very noble of you but right now what matters to me is getting you out of there in one piece so get to that group of booths right now or I can't help you Sam good now let's.

Get you a little closer to those targets and lighter go cover to cover until you reach the luggage then thing in there and I might be able he'll be impaired hang on with the guys tapping into the city's power grid because that'll let me overload the Transformers near you and blow out those lights get some goddamn backup down here now.

Hey there kiddo what's wrong I don't.

Like the dark it's scary mas me there's nothing to be.

Afraid of in the dark sometimes darkness is equipped like when you want to go to sleep.

When it's light I can't see into a place and start for when it's dark it gives you what's around you much better really so there's monsters are bad you can see them and if you're in the dark they can't see you okay then how about this.

There's one really cool thing to show you okay here this when you're in the.

Dark your eyes give you stars you can see all sorts of things around you very well and then you can do stuff with I'll. Take a look at your mouth you can see it really well right if the word monster standing because I can see maybe I could. Make it fall that I need to stay in bed.

Start shut the door.

There you go Sam nice and dark just the way you like it show yourself fucker come on I'll kill you come on show yourself fuckface.

It's not a Fisher you're running away. What do you got man you got anything good there's shit you picked it asshole you said we'd get a couple of dollies then there was metal scene shit we could fence you here the lady who lives here is hot if we wait for her to come home take it out in trade now you're talking.

Dad what did you sir. They don't Sam daddy what are you doing.

Sam talked me Sam.

Sam are you there come on don't check out on me yeah there you are they brought in some reinforcements and the man calling the shots get a hold of him all eidm and you can figure out what questions to ask.

Colvin we gotta keep working for this guy.

I've got an ID on the leader Sam his name is Dmitri Graham coats a local street-level boss he hires himself and his gang out on a regular basis who's he working for now why don't you ask him I think I will.

Special guys smart probably thumbs up our asses not max oh fuck he's gotta come from here before we die of old age hell is he hiding anyway Jewry's dead maybe work.

Asshole asshole happy lover me.

Looking for me asshole more playing.

Around who sent you I'm not telling you a goddamn thing okay.

Enough you want to know Sammy its Coleman Andriy Kobin runs drugs guns anything.

People want he gets it for them not good enough where does Kobra want me dead if I talk the kill.

He drove the car that hit your daughter used to brag about it you know huh heard you were coming so he hired me to kill you before you killed him you should refund his money where do I find him you don't understand.

In the city your museum on King George Street it's his place now guards out front and on the sides dock to him I told you oh I'm not gonna tell him a damn thing don't tell him I told you but.

I knew all along that's where Sam would be going anything dirty and Malta ran through that mansion Colvin's whole operation was based there and he turned the place into a fortress which doing.

Fair it pretty much was to start with and I was before he filled the place with jumpy guys totin automatic weapons but Sam knew Cobin was in there and then.

He might know something about what happened to his daughter so Sam was going in no matter what.

Can't say I'm Elena but because of shipment that's bullshit we've handled like shit shit ah fucker let's take a.


So what are we supposed to do with these dragon to the back courtyard let someone else dump them is that something who are these assholes anyway CIA KGB guys he.

Missed the hit on Fischer at the market I guess it's up to us now man man did you see that list Ahmed's koban watch he eats to my candy man he probably wants a new flavor no I mean the last thing you're holding it all down on the side of a freaking ammo box big deal what's he asking for this time everything whoa oxycontin shit those whore strikes the. Fuck man has been tripping on meds hits breakfast from washing him down but gentlemen jack is he trying to do a Scarface he's dude Jacob shit for that how much of each does he want he didn't write that that bring two bottles of each I saw him cried today then he started laughing and then he screamed that he shot up the wall saying it had sold him out it's getting scary up there man yeah he's the one who's scared he doesn't have any balls so he gets high I.

Just called it in gram Costa though. What's his name it means this Fisher guys on his way I think big fucking deal you think he took out that mr. Corbyn.

That's perfect now where's that fucking switch oh shit.

Guys we got a problem look around I've got that Fisher gun it's visiting our museum show yourself.

Come on the sooner we get this loaded up the sooner we get it to the Americans at the airport the sooner we do that the sooner we get paid how we doing ahead of.

Schedule any idea what's in the big box don't know don't get expensive so this means we're using the usual pilot for this run he does all the tough shipments yeah oh.


We've got that this is Oh

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