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Halo 2 Walkthrough | Cairo Station / Outskirts | Part 3 (Xbox/PC)

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Halo 2 Walkthrough | Cairo Station / Outskirts  | Part 3 (Xbox/PC)

Halo 2 Walkthrough Part 1 Gameplay Review Let's Play Playthrough (Xbox/PC)

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I didn't know there were so many elite oh my god I'm gonna die I'm gonna die I'm gonna die I'm gonna die good i okay I'm good that's close too close for. Comfort. Yeah I get him now I did it fuck fuck.

Suck it sticking these super leaves. Away I just want to use your elevator please so I can get to the bomb above above Lamba bomb I am da bomb a bomb bomb diggity diggity they get it a bomb I don't know where the other two least went but I'm leaving so they went up there then sayonara buddies I'm taking out I am peace announce there's one of them I don't know where the red one went though he is gone there was two blue and then there was a red red Karen so whatever whatever ever whatever ever whatever ever ever ever whatever.

Yeah what's it very hard for them to get on this ship was it I mean I don't think you killed I don't think we killed even one of their ships they've already blown up two of our ships we haven't even killed one of their ships kind of sad Donna what about.

Me oh right I got to take care of the bomb do boom so my job is most Porter right I'm the one who saving the world again okay I'm gonna hide here because my shields are really low right now can.

You shoot like the back of their jet packs and then they go flying off or something I don't know if that's right or not I want to test that theory out maybe I'm just thinking of gears of war with the flamers where you shoot their their flame or feel and then they blow up yeah so this thing is pretty.

Dangerous that I'm standing on right now I've actually fallen off of it plenty of times and it sucks especially when you're on legendary yeah you get through that whole area and then you fall off because that stupid thing there are quite a few elites guarding the bomb oh I know uh.

Man I don't think I need to be that creative oh right right on the runway is.

It okay if I shoot the bomb you know you know to shoot the bomb a couple times that's not gonna detonate it or anything is it really not ow.

Someone has a fucking needler gun over there Kneedler gun you're so wonderful it up add a chimp and a bat dipper dude.

Fuck out of here yes you go into here.

Fuck you you can ambush him from behind that kelmo nope one more oh you got the needler gun you take bag out of here plasma rifle hand a needler gun sent necessary me inside your head now.

How much time was left you don't want to know Kairo this is an Amber Club probably go shield us down I'm in position and ready for immediate assault negative commander not against a ship that size not on your own sir permission to leave the station for what purpose Master Chief to give the curfew that are coming in vector Bob permission granted haha oh god how do I remember this shit.

Wait there's a dead elite right there and I killed just a couple SEC's go as.

Far as pretty awesome and it's crazy so stay here unfortunately for us both I'm not like crazy.

That's why we're so perfect for each other Cortana I know you're an AI but I love you you mean everything to me baby.

Just one question what if you miss I won't I won't.

Master team does not miss.

Did it and did it it it it it it it it it undid it on yeah it'd be pretty hard to miss that thanks fuckin here I don't know how he's. Guiding it exactly though things gonna be weighing tons it's probably already on its own path so I.

Don't think he really needed to grab onto the thing in the first place but you know whatever oh he has to activate.

It right.


For brick he - pretty good chief get inside gear up we're taking this fight to the surface did you just call me a fucking break what an asshole I mean you think there'd.

Be a little bit of gratitude seeing how I saved the world and everything regret regret regret any idea what it means.

And we most definitely regret the core just blew up our raggedy-ass fleet ooh.

He's on that carrier one of those et bastards comedian Brit kilo - three is hot recommend mission abort Roger recon it's your call sergeant we're going in get tactic on the Rings.

The only place on earth to come and I decided to land that profit is going to tell us why 30 seconds out stand by - whoa oh yeah that big ass motherfucker.

Will you forgot about him.

Hey wake up oh oh they'll regret that -.

Yeah so as you saw in that cutscene there was a guy that was prone down with a sniper and I always thought that was like some sort of clue or some sort of like hidden secret there was gonna be Froning in Halo 3 with snipers I was something I always wish for inhaler oh shit give me your cypher I completely forgot you have a sniper rifle don't you I usually take that from you so thank you I'm gonna need that actually believe it or not once the hunters come in and have to fuck their shit up Oh Oh Mitch in my nose not a.

Good time for that I want to kill him are you on about after what they did you don't want to kill them seriously Johnson are you just saying that so you can you know make some stupid joke keep it fun I'll break you guys I know I can break through this maybe it's only certain ones I could break you oh there we go hello hi you're dead.

Yeah let's settle in what he said I'm.

Just gonna repeat everything you guys said cuz I can't think of you know I can't think of things for myself I'm not smart enough for that oh wait before are you fucking serious three sniper rifle shots one to the head and then like two more to the body that's ridiculous that's we're taking a bus ride that's good frag hello right goodbye well on the street and I. Know this another stupid little flying bugs are gonna come in here.

You're not paid to think soldier you keep that shit under wrap and you follow orders. It's too easy too easy and again last time I said that I ended up dying like two seconds afterwards so let's just see how it plays out right get a little cocky here excuse me.

I can do a lot worse than you think you can Johnson you Jeff yeah you are Joe got jackals in the coal yard jackals in the courtyard. It gets kind of annoying because their shields and of course they shoot him in the pistols hands there my nose is that you again NH my news oh man I'm on this on a BRE amount is there any ammo around here it better be some ammo around here there was some on the other side and you check real quick good hit mm oh uh yeah em all there.

Wasn't I would have just had to kill one of my Marines they're useless anyways.

Andy dead and you're also dead I'm.

Shooting you right in the head dude asshole your hair alright fuck you gonna hand Bam Bam Bam.

Bam Bam under time no but I'm heading over the rooftops fuck us Matthieu little fuckers luckily they're easy to kill on normal this was legendary be a completely different story neither guns and the plasma pistols bullshit all right hunter time I think.

Anyways yeah a hundred times uh of. Course good thing is they can't come up here but I can't shoot us for mud from down there oh no 100 time least not yet.

Now anytime yeah oh dude you probably.

Shouldn't have jumped out he's gonna die he is most definitely gonna die hello god damn it I want to fight the hunters I wanna fight you assholes with.

Me jackals jackal the de jackal jackal jackal it's a jackal jackal jackal jackal Jack it's a jack it's a jackal all right those guys are.

Most definitely gonna die in about two seconds here look at him he's just sitting there shooting the fucking guy right in front of the door that the hunters about to come through oh never.

Mind apparently they're gonna drop some aliens off first.

Hi okay I'm gonna hide inside because they're about to start shooting at me anymore be re mo a little bit a little bit of erm over there little bit of erm over in my hand a little bit of erm em in my rifle it better be I'm gonna kill that motherfucker alright let's kill these assholes then after these guys then the hunters should pop in and we can get out of this area.

Hey don't don't even fucking throw that at me up it's more over here.

Oh shit fucking grenade

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