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Darksiders Walkthrough - Part 1 Prepare for War Let's Play XBOX PS3 PC ( Gameplay / Commentary )

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Darksiders Walkthrough - Part 1 Prepare for War Let's Play XBOX PS3 PC ( Gameplay / Commentary )

Darksiders 2 Walkthrough - Part 1 Death Lives Let's Play PS3 XBOX PC ( Gameplay / Commentary )

Get ready for my Darksiders 2 walkthrough with this Let's Play of the first game. Walkthrough and Let's Play Playthrough of Darksiders with Live Gameplay on XBOX PS3 and PC in high definition.

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All right what's going on ladies and gentlemen my name is Nick also lost touch for ninja and I welcome you to my let's play walkthrough the game Darksiders another older game that I did not get a chance to play when it was released for the first time and with Darksiders 2 coming out next month I thought I'd be once again an opportunity to kill two birds one stone play play the game give you guys a walkthrough and get us ready for the Darksiders 2 walkthrough that I will also be doing so yeah other than that let's get started hopefully you guys enjoy the series if you got enjoy a series give this video the biggest rain that you can just get the series off to a good start and if you don't want to miss an episode of the series in YouTube sub boxes thumb and then I suggest that you scribe to the show that I have created for it on youtube so the videos will get directly injected into your sub box and other than that let's get started start off with the default normal.

Very very excited to play this game it's a well regarded and hopefully lives up to my expectations since the dawn of.

Time the armies of Heaven and Hell have. Waged an endless war drawn to the. Conflict was the charred Council an entity bound by ancient laws to preserve order and balance it held that any great power unchecked threaten the very fabric of the universe in time Heaven and Hell. Can do honor the council and its laws for none were beyond the Swift and terrible Justice of the countess's enforcers the fearsome Brotherhood known as the four horsemen amid the turmoil the first humans emerged the council foretold that these week but cunning creatures would someday be integral to the balance thus a fur. Kingdom was named the kingdom of man by.

Order of the council a truce was forged between heaven and hell the great pact was bound by seven seals to be broken at the appointed time when man's Kingdom stood ready for the end war and battle that would bring balance and determine the ultimate fate of the three kingdoms. Epic announcer dude is epic.


Those ain't meteors I tell him that much.

No not me he hears that huh.

All right here we go jump right into it get mini-tutorial what I do with circle.

Fuck shit up beside you a circle.

Got a little minions to deal with first before we deal with the Big Daddy I guess tap you while you're down controls.

The deal very good it's a responsive graphics look alright considering its a few old game oh I don't do that - tak.

Chaos form Oh baby Oh what is that right off the bat get.

This Bluebird power its power down so we don't waste anything.

That is sick and just those disclaimer I'm going to put up there right now since this game is very old I would.

Appreciate it if there was no spoilers in the comment box of what's gonna happen within the story if you are caught putting a spoiling into the color block I will block you for the remainder of the series alright let's be fair I find that as always I was like starters I walked it up an older game Bute with some people but just loved ruining ruin the storyline for me I think so I would appreciate and other people who have that play with you appreciate it if there were no spoilers alright fair there that's your first and only warning oh look at this guy.

You don't know who's about to mess with I am more like the hell just pulled them down.

Angels what are you talking eating.

Oh jeez I think something's gonna happen I'm gonna like have to do a gigantic power-down probably and like all my powers that's what I predict.

He's getting back up I'm the horseman.

Where's my horse what is happening.

Guy catch up to this guy oh there's my dash.

Hot damn this camp is not mess around these guys are shooting nude guns what's up little minion things.

Slice it the dip.

Why shooting like you guys are working.

Together or something I can't be true to really try to avoid more attacks. I better for my health.


I want a bigger sword.

What's this gotta climb that biz ash demonic growth.

I like it.

And just so this kind of once again I will be doing a walkthrough Darksiders - it seems like every time I start in your walk here of the game people like to ask them what are you doing the next game yes I will do you think I'm kidding I could say it's something three times in the video some else I'll get the same questions just the way it goes and you do some people just like scroll that really reading let's go through the video without actually watching it all the times there you go Oh.

Nice drop right there I want to use my.

Power again that demonic form well no.

Way back.

Ah. Good call come on Oh take bath what's up knock you right.

Off the building I like her now.

Oh God so I got the Devil May Cry eat.

All the enemies in the room to progress thing.

All right start throwing to new enemies at me please.

So what kind of combo I can build up here Oh fifteen of panelling I limit.

There yeah moving on drop down see what we can go.

Looks like it's a pretty linear path game you from point A to point B nothing wrong with that just a lot of estates entertaining jump down or slide down.

Angels Oh.

Our three to aim hyah.

Do more damage of this sort I think you know what I can't use it.

I want to use my demonic form.

No no only I'm a -.

Chop you have.

Move it on the maps cuz I should go this way. Going towards the gigantic skulls is always a good idea.


Looks like he's the boss around here.


Impossible habit on what is this where are my brothers this cannot be final seal.

Oh my lord.

How did this happen.

This guy's got stop daydreaming ah.

The Seventh Seal was not broken what in.

Heaven's name have you done I answer the call.

All right focus on that guy how I supposed to focus on the talkback guy.

This guy's wars voice sounds very familiar all right are to the face.

What's up you have insurance I'll watch that yeah.

It's all better I'm not gonna pick that up to it yeah it was I knew it was a trap you son of a bitch I knew it I knew the cars from.

And you know the car please what that take me whatever dude are the face Oh get in there get in.

There get in there.

Well absolutely what the wrong way I want to work for records awards and right there holy shaking the diagraph Oh God how did you shoot at me.

No need more cars.

Grab that quick throw at him.

Busca it's good.

Maybe a jump to avoid that attack most time.

We are this go.

Oh man whatever dude.

One more time to do it it's usually a trope of videogames do something three times.

Oh what the hell I should see I know where.

Oh geez. Don't think so oh boy oh boy get there get there get there hi what's up.

But I think that attack is cannot be dodged a little bit.

All righty I.

The hell's a but my power it's freaking. Horn.


Hot damn.

Choice of the part.

To pass this up.

Marched to hell with your claims the.

Seals were broken I were summoned forged.

When I wrote heaven and hell were already at war now the dawn was there Hugh's never gone through Fordham off. The chaos used I fast powerless against the demons and still you accuse me defeat proves nothing likely to destroy the past suicide when he was feeling.

I serve only the council only the.

Balance there's the horsemen always have sent me. Back I will punish the ones responsible Hey.

Then I will fail and the demons will have carried out your sentence.

Remember that I will really get under your skin.

Charred Council huh we definitely got screwed somehow we just don't know it yet but anyways guys that's gonna be it for this first episode of the series pretty epic star so hopefully as enjoy it yeah I once again you go enjoy series get this first video big stranded cam oh sorry I got my.


We'll grab that next time but like I said once again they'll be it for this episode thank you for watching enjoy episode and want to support the series give this first video the biggest rain that you can and don't forget to subscribe to so you do not miss an episode and I will see you guys next time for some more dark studies right have fantastic day

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