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Crysis Warhead Walkthrough - All the Fury [5/7]

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Crysis Warhead Walkthrough - All the Fury [5/7]

Getting to the top of the control tower triggers the end game at which point we have to take on a metric ton of aliens of all kinds. This is a great time to have a Gauss rifle (and lots of ammo) because you can do a lot of sniping from on top of the control tower itself to thin the herd before making your way down to the airfield. Once down below, a secondary objective will be to retrieve a special weapon, the PAX, which can one-shot alien scouts (you don't have to do this but I highly recommend it).

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Alright let's take on the endgame that starts off with going to the top of control tower there and triggering the endgame at which point we are going to get bombarded by hordes and hordes of aliens so it's a good time to have on board a Gauss rifle and there's more gauss ammo about halfway up the control tower show me on the way down let me write out and we're gonna read it alright let's get on up there i'll just show you right now right here it's more cows am okay so we're gonna use a lot of it upstairs at the top because that's the best place to take on a lot of the aliens it's right up top you're right at their level got the high ground and got.

A clear view of the airfield so it only makes sense clear out the area of as many aliens as you can and then go down there and well just show you what we got to do when we trigger the end game what we got to do is go over to that crashed cargo plane and when you get there is probably going to be totally infested with aliens so it's not gonna be any cakewalk and in there is the secret weapon in the packs we're gonna take on the packs and that will one-shot kill aliens gets discussed once again are the guys that fly around those guys the big guys to fly around on this guy and when you can one-shot kill the scouts you're golden so we got the packs and the Gauss rifle and that should do it so let's do it vulture 1 9 Oh rapture do you read me over.

We've got a situation get your veto down here now that's a.


Over here did the death die Roger Wilco.

That death ever big death I will give unto death day.

Hold still what's he shooting at oh yeah.

KP are gonna help us out here by acting. As a decoy well what was gonna what what.

Did you die.

Dang it fireman show yourself here we go.

It's just me and a Gauss Rifle do your.

Death die your death die feel good alien.

Get that he's not on me now yes oh that's a.


Okay so we got a whole bunch of the scouts down now let's start working on the troopers next you pick off a lot of the troopers from this distance - it's gonna help it immensely there is a whole pack of troopers right there and it.

Helps have the sniper rifle on sniper scope on the gals Rayville.


Shooting fish in a barrel yeah that's instead of going down there and finding them on the ground geez.

The game runs a lot better too once you clear out a whole bunch of these aliens because this final endgame it's really taxing on the CPU really taxing those pcs here we go here's another one hang.

On a reloading no fair okay I'm ready yeah you up.

As a dead die hey medium we're coming in ok now I'm.

Pretty sure that if you wait around long enough the aliens will just keep respawning you can thin their numbers a lot but I don't think you can eliminate them all completely that's my humble opinion like completely forever you know you can eliminate them all like for a good period of time no but permanently I don't think you can do that just refilling the gauss ammo here ready to rock and roll.

Okay now the procedure is using Gauss on. The troopers and the missile launchers. On the Scout to save ammo this is a good place to take cover in here and don't forget you got that never-ending supply of missile launchers over there okay.

Yeah go get another miss outline sir.

Neverending splay.

Somebody wants a spanking doesn't he.

Yeah hiding a yeah you you're the one.

That wants a spanking oh fuck a sneaky bugger.

Look at this guy I see you yeah ha ha.

Food your ass.

Okay let's dump this empty miss Outlander it'll get a fresh one and got.

The troopers here what's it matter did I kill your daddy good this is great.

You can get him in this position where they're coming at you in here this is great cover.

Now the hardest part is gonna be getting the packs because there's no cover out.


And I usually a whole bunch of troopers hanging out inside yeah.

What y'all what's the matter did.

Somebody shoot a missile at you and now you fell down and go boom oh that's too bad.

Try to recharge my suit on the fly here here we go okay come here you little fuck yeah it's them you too they're.

Really dodgy eh okay I'm out of here

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