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Nancy Drew: Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon Official Trailer | Nancy Drew Mystery Games

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This video from: Nancy Drew.
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Nancy Drew: Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon Official Trailer | Nancy Drew Mystery Games

Watch the official trailer for Nancy Drew: Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon here! Order the game @

The Hardy Boys have invited you, as Nancy Drew, on a train ride out West hosted by beautiful and prominent socialite, Lori Girard. Lori has gathered the greatest minds in mystery to solve a century-old secret and the haunted train is their best clue. The luxurious train once belonged to Jake Hurley, who set out long ago to find the mother lode during mining mania. Years later, Jake's train was found in Blue Moon Canyon with the engineer slumped over in the car - dead. Jake had mysteriously vanished... Climb aboard as Nancy Drew and see if you can uncover the truth in this mystery adventure game!

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Rated E for Everyone. *HeR Interactive jingle*.

It's up to you as Nancy Drew!.

Lori: Well, people, now that our little orientation tour is over, let's get started..

Okay. I, again, am Lori Girard. Thank you all for coming. John Grey... ...and Charleena Purcell... ...and Tino Balducci... ...and then there's Frank and Joe Hardy... ...and you must be their friend, Natalie? Nancy: Nancy. Nancy Drew. Lori. Whatever. All right. I'll bet you're wondering where we're going. Well, we're going to Copper Gorge, Colorado, to solve the mystery of what happened to Jake Hurley..

One day in 1903, his train - this train - was found in a place called Blue Moon Canyon..

Only the engineer was on board. And he was dead. As for Jake Hurley? He had disappeared from the face of the earth..

*Lights flicker out* *Train whistle* / *Lori screams*.

*Paper rustling* Nancy: "Silver." What do all those colors have to do with silver...? *Metal buttons pushed* *Music box* *Metal contraption opening* *Dolls being picked up*.

*Train breaks squeaking* *Birds squawking* / *Wings flapping*.

Nancy: I need a key. *Metal contraption ticking* *Click* Nancy: What were you and Lori arguing about earlier today? Do you really think that a moving train can be haunted? I understand that you found something on the floor in the dining car. Who was the next person on the scene? *Cart rolling along tracks*.

*Metal crash* *Cart rolling along tracks* *Explosion* / Dare to play!

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