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Prince of Persia (2008) Walkthrough Part 1

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Prince of Persia (2008) Walkthrough Part 1

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You know what it is that I asked if you.

The wind is free but the sand goes where it is blown unaware of the world around it whirling on the breath of the gods at the mercy of the storm that engulfs it what is one gonna see in the desert one grain amongst the storm.


There there hi.

I told you she didn't come this way come on hey at least tell me your name.



With some militia hey you.

Hey there's no need to get nasty.

We can talk about this okay so you're. Not a conversationalist.

Wow ah.

Oh bet you wish you'd opted for. Conversation now don't you huh yeah and.

You can run - why are you following me I'm not I'm looking for Farah I heard you yelling you and your girlfriend should get out of here girlfriend Baris not my girlfriend she's my dog you're risking your life for a donkey she's a good dog that and she's carrying a king's ransom and gold just get out of here if they don't see you with me you'll be alright hey you want a time.

Your advice better next time.

Me ellika no he's nothing to do with.

Them No.

How did you whoa I've got you they're moving that wait we. Better get out of here how did you do that I I don't know right and you being. Able to do magic isn't anything to do with why they're trying to kill us they're not trying to kill us they're trying to kill you okay fine keep your secrets but at least tell me how to escape no I can't leave I've got to get to the temple you really.

Can put me down now release her.

I have lost my donkey fallen down a.

Cliff and had a rock dropped on me I'm not in a good mood really I'm not holding her hostage let her go it's you she's running away from.

Do you think you're up to running yes.

Then where's that temple you go I'll.


Which ways this temple we need to go this way do you often drop out of the sky onto men I mean you're a good-looking girl and everything obviously pretty high-maintenance but you shouldn't need to go throwing yourself off cliffs onto men how can you suddenly develop powers from nowhere I don't know no one's had these powers for centuries I don't know why I was chosen.

She's here we have her hey stop there we'd be you no harm.

Now Oh.

You will not stand between us and the princess what princess you're a princess.


Ellika it is finished you cannot return why do you run there is nowhere to go. This guy doesn't give up I hope you're good with Heights.

The temples there under the tree you guys worship a tree.

What are you doing up there get that end and pushed what's in the temple just pushed is there gold in there I can't.

See anyone following we should hurry.

Well if there's no gold why is this place so secure Arvind hahahaha all it.

That Armand the big bad god of Darkness kills people destroys cities scares naughty children unless you want to see lots of dead not and you'll help me fix this.

Where's Armen under this seal.

Thank you for helping me reach here but now you should go you want me to go just let my crown get back I've got this.

I cannot lose you again father no I beg. Of you Father.


No father no.

Father let's get out of here come on I think we need a better plan.

That was a better plan.


We have to get out of here you think.

What are these things armen soldiers they were traffic escaping.


Job are you Creek jump.

I am the darkness I am your n watchman.


Any more of your relatives gonna try and kill us or is it just your father who wants to end the world do you think I wanted any of this well what do we do now presuming the great god of darkness doesn't just squish us flat yeah he can't have escaped yet not fully the temple must still have the power to contain him something's happened to the fertile grounds if we can get to them we might be able to stop Armin escaping the fur tile what this land was built to keep Armin here these areas feed the temple with life energy the temple feeds the tree we have to stop him we have to get out of here fine run but you're not going to get very far aah I was on my way home I had more gold. Than you could I'd have had wine women I'd have had carpets this thick now I'm stuck with an angry god and a crazy woman aah all right which one of these things. Do we need to do whatever to.

We can't reach the fertile grounds in these areas we'd need to well we can't reach them anyway we'll have to get to these four then we can see what's happening if I ever find that donkey.

Carpets this thick this thick.

Over that way there is nothing here for us we must get to the fertile grounds we're wasting time what are these fertile grounds they feed the temple give it the energy it needs to hold armed entrapped how I don't know they were constructed a thousand years ago after Armand was imprisoned now if you want the guided tour can we wait until after we've reimprisonment you don't know what these fertile grounds do we have to get to them please just go on have you got a plan B in case this doesn't work I don't have a plan a yet then where are we going to find plan a Armand can't we just kill him he's a god how long have we got if the tree is still holding him ours moments maybe is there any way out of here other than the way we came in yes no no there's not terrific so what's.

With your father so what's with this donkey do you know how hard it is to find a good donkey good donkeys are hard to find I'm beginning to worry about you and your donkey if Armand is trapped how can we hear him he's not escaped what we see in here of him that's just the little that can be heard through the prison bars so you lived here yes lived grew up it has been my life if you're a princess where are all your people was it Armand have they been turned into those monsters they left where did they go beyond into the desert you don't know do you they deserted their duty they left the thing they'd pledged their lives to these people that left that had pledged their lives they came here or they were born here the temple is the duty of our people how can you pledge your life to something if you don't know anything else that's not a choice let our women free or protect the world from him you're right there is no choice why are you doing this what helping me because there's no way to get out of here why are you doing this it's not you're not doing this for me are you I've seen you looking at me I recognize that look hey you're cute but not stay to fight a dark God cute would you have helped my father if he had asked you he's not that cute either I just want to know that I can rely on you people can well they can and you have a lot of experience with people I have experience of men doing stupid things for women well I only ever do stupid things for myself you're an attractive lady I've got a brain - Eddie you're wasting both and you are the person to lecture me on that I have looked some brains then do I one you rely on too much the other one you don't use at all there's nothing wrong with good look gold glitters but it's what you buy with it that counts this is some sort of map it shows the four parts of the city the Citadel the Vale the palace and the city of light each of these areas has a fertile ground the areas at the top those are the places the corrupted made their strongholds they're lighting up we can see the fertile grounds we've healed the map shows what powers we need to open the fertile grounds not your average shape for a city the fertile grounds map twin constellations or Mars and Armand anyone else going to try and kill us I told you to leave I should have climbed back out of that Canyon why did I follow you well a minute now aren't I I'm not here someone else is here doing this crazy stuff sandstorms got nothing on this no if I ever find that donkey I think I'll just stand here for a while don't worry princess I'll help you out of this mess I'm not.

Doing this I'm in another place yeah one else is stuck in this mess gold Stooges gold coins gold gold just follow the girl or what can go wrong uncle.


You know what it is that I asked.

Can this day get any worse they're the corrupted Arman's chosen few they ruled here a thousand years ago that thing we saw the darkness that was that was Armin what was that a dream.

That thing we saw the darkness that was that was armand if we saw armand in the vision doesn't that mean it's him creating them it wasn't armand this is or moses power it is the temple protecting itself was that thing we found the temple are corrupted no it was a soldier of armand some were trapped with him when he fell how many soldiers is some no one knows some scriptures talk of Ahram and falling with the four corrupted and a thousand followers let's hope they're off by a few hundred do the corrupted know where we're going the corrupted lived here when armand conquered the city but the fertile grounds weren't here then the aura built them to contain armand this would be the armand we could hear in the temple they know where we're going what are these corrupted armaments chosen they sold their souls to him in return for rewards they will fight for him they will fight to be free the corrupted sold their souls what's the going rate most who stood against him were killed or turned into the creatures we've seen even some of those who sold themselves into his service just became some of our omens creatures the corrupted were different they retained some of their free will some of their soul and Arum and gave them powers to fight for his cause the corrupted are free they are still the person they were at least somewhere inside they are but they are all Armand's puppets you still want me to leave princess all the places to get lost where exactly are we going I'm grateful for your help but please can we go on I think I'll just stand here for a while.

Allow me coming through.

We're entering the Citadel if the corrupted returned to their places the hunter will be here I get the feeling we're not alone here once we reach the fertile ground we should be safe can you see the hunter we can't worry about him let's get to the top of that tower don't worry princess I'll help you out of this mess the. Fertile ground is at the top of that tower and we can reach this one yes let's get to the top of that tower walking along there's a storm now this.

I thought I was done for.


Let's go.

What's the best way.



We're trapped we'll be fine now.

I need you I could do with some help.

Yes let me now.

What now I'm not sure you're not.

I think if I.

Whoa what was that how did you hey I'm.

All right it's nothing it looks like it the fertile ground is pure now it will stop Armin using its energy so he's trapped no we must heal the other fertile grounds.

Yeah you're in fine shape for that the lights lead take me to a light seed.

Thank you you need these things I felt I did I didn't know what to do when we reached here but I knew or Maz would show me the way yeah let's hope he keeps having bright ideas let's pick up some more of these lightnings.

Will that corrupted thing come back here we're safe Armin can't cast his shadow here now the land is healed so princess will you stop calling me that well that's what you are isn't it a princess my name is ellika all right sorry princess ellika I didn't catch your name that's because I didn't give it to you what's the furthest you've ever been away from you were there the end of that Canyon where would you go if you could the ocean what's it like well in the desert you feel alone you survive the desert but you live see that be. Careful princess you see that you might not come back what's it like being a princess tiring why do you wear that scarf it's. Lucky I didn't think you believed in that sort of thing I don't but maybe it believes in me I didn't ask you to come with me okay anything else you think you should be telling me you're an idiot.

Go oh right.

Whoa that Dingles let's go.

Are you okay I'm fine.

Thank you.

Oh yes should be from us no chiz the.

Best way now ye.

Point the way for us.

Thank you.

These things ever give up I know you.

Don't believe it but someone must be looking after you.



Coming through here.

This way Hey.


Ready this way.


On this Sean baby.

Nice catch.

Huh do it mushy.

Muscle urination.


Daughter had the money or mom

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