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EA Sports UFC 3 Career Mode Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - FIRST FIGHT & CUSTOMIZATION

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EA Sports UFC 3 Career Mode Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - FIRST FIGHT & CUSTOMIZATION

UFC 3 Walkthrough Part 1 - UFC 3 Career Mode Part 1 Xbox One Gameplay via EA Access - Includes GOAT Career Mode Lightweight EA Sports UFC 3

Thanks to EA Game Changer

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Hello guys and welcome to UFC free this is part number one of the career mode I am so hyped for this the last game you guys absolutely loved I absolutely loved and I'm hoping we can do the same again leave your likes and support below let's try and get 2,000 likes can we do that I don't know but let's jump in and make a brand new fighter so now we select the weight class I'm going to go for lightweights apparently if we do really really well we can go for two belts only if we do well so it may happen I don't know hopefully and then we got striker brawler balanced grab Allah and submission specialist I want to be a pure out-and-out striker on an attack my foes and put them down on the canvas that is the goal just through the general information my name first does it have my surname I imagine it probably won't the life game do them it's a fairly common surname I thought I might join the game it's a little bit too strict it is not that great so Scott.

Green will return for the last game the same name cuz I can same person but Scott nickname ooh bad intentions okay.

Bazooka big big Daddy some whose names are hilarious blood the bone crusher mountain monster mystery. Why do you call yourself mystery pretty boy lesson a good one let's go for the assassin aliens my social media will be. It's got gleen because it is available.

I'll take you it's apparently in the game it's not taken what hooked so anyway Scott green there we go there we are come from our origins be a London England east along them whose is a slogan but be as young as possible gonna keep the weight the same high it's the highest we can go right sweep up here let's select one of the presets first I'm gonna go for this. Young man here's a lot more hair in this game now so that's a good luck all their old wrestle are looks like is Undertaker the old Undertaker good lucks with afros I'm gonna keep it quite neat though just got the sighing like my plants so that that looks nice they looks mmm fresh haircut we've got eyebrows I just done that beard I will change it doing eyebrows no eyebrows no sophisms big my brothers and.

Round no black that matches the hair facial hair we should have to clean shave them but that pit is a mighty fine mighty fine beard it's a lot of bitching go with that's like beasts or samurai Japanese or look come through action but clean shaven is yeah definitely a body hair I guess that's a thing so it's got a bit of body hair right now you can be like this or I can because you have a lot of hair let's go for the clean shaven look freshly shaved for this morning you can't put your game face into the game I have done it gonna select a template and I might do like a few little adjustments so that's the face we'll go move and so these are colors when I selects a buddy I mean we're buddies are very fine bodies but we want to go for an eight-pack look at that I'm so jealous.

Tattoo I would really like like I saw fool like arm sleeve if that's possible I would love to do that play is a really horrific tattoo goodbye right on one. Again that that's my good look long arm tattoo nice we can always add in more later on cool so I'm gonna represent with a mouth guard personality that's 180s I like how he just looks in the camera don't mess with me or I'll knock you out I ain't turn your back there's a bullet could listen to this yes that's a bit like a walk out son I ain't turn it back until I'm not Q out all right I'm going for that that's my ball catching again we can always change that my posture fancy go for a corner.

McGregor sore style posture so quit look about Eddie Alvarez that's not to boast bit bland maybe like.

I saw coffee isn't like he's always on his feet yes go for that talks I love toys if having a tool in means I'm doing very well and I'm feeling quite confident which wants to be have gunshow cross arms bring it on I like that one that's a cool one I like that well do we have come at me we go hell is that just wiggle your boobs I don't abs of steel my fire does have absolute steal I like that all the docs or southpaw that is that fighter guys.

Let me know what you think I was fairly quick about it I didn't spend too much time and I'm Bert Scott green he's ready for his first ever point get this done I'm hoping we get a little bit of training perhaps not really played UFC free yet and I'll page FC 2 for at least the year so I need some practice.

Contract earns so I'll put my finger on the screen or is that like a signature and why does my guy now look pudgy he doesn't look pudgy but he's a bit it's not where's the apec gun we having too many kinds so if we get can we get a thousand for winning and six hundred for showing up so we get some sort of money all right the pressure is on so guys transfer fight it's been said that you come any baseball play football or play basketball you don't play fighting to put yourself on the line against an opponent trained to defeat you is not something for the weak-minded because while mastering all combat sports disciplines is necessary to compete to succeed a fighter must have the heart and determination to walk through fire in search of victory tonight the journey begins far from the. Bright lights of Las Vegas or New York City but as the saying goes when the Octagon door shuts the flight-or-fight are we going.

Straight to the fire a nurse not UFC but this is an amateur fire and our first fire wowsers so reach we'd ever have a strong reach.

I've been hearing the first fire is supposed to be really hard this doesn't give me much confidence I have no practice I've not played this game for 105 days camp ever actually but well at UFC game for a while oh oh we.

Stand down confidential much forever the single leg takedown did not work come on go for him there we go already got a severe head damage posture up come.

On man posture up again come on come on Scott here we go up now go away be safe whew.

This guy's not messing about pretty realizes yet a very weak start oh. Oh oh oh cold with a kick man oh we get.

Back into the fight but nope boom stay. Down man the kicks asked wrong that guy has to learn to block so don't last but I wasn't so all those kicks the power behind when a cold I'm a cold stone killer winner one.

Knockout that's the best way to win isn't it let's be honest a knockout win is perfect but ten fans is a very low subhype so got that ten followers there it's a joke absolute joke so do we now get time to train and get ready for the next foot level win for Scott Green hashtag fights Scott Green. Was working on that kick all through training it was a pretty powerful kick so I've had a little bit of a rest recover from that previous fight now we look at the other foot offers on the table wants to take me on next all right guys Pat's chasing Baker impressive stats let's go whew then got a fairly good strike but we are best right okay we go whew chase a baker I accept the Flint go on under cards oh man I can't wait this next flat I thought the first flat might be a struggle but we just nailed him to the canvas with that kick I feel so bad so you got a basement gym which is free you could purchase a membership four different gyms I bet the max one is this half a million top level Conor McGregor Wow. Do we have like a sore boxing gym or something there 3000 that is tempting.

That is very tempting should go for that yeah boxing gym membership and then schedule training like I do up to four weeks there's a lot of money alright we're going for it so March 2018 fight and we need some money because we just spent all of it what we done we're upcoming fight I'm not some track again we do drink I was gonna say let's promote yeah on social media that cost 10 points got some followers training these going crates we're now we're gonna learn some moves and some perks I do like the sound of that so there's different trainers also slammed ten punches and don't miss small in freebase away come on and Ben let's do some training it sounds really simple furgus missing free reflexes alright so.

Here all my tanks he's not moving one else I done it if it.

Missed any strikes the guy just stood there though so got a body hook level two and a jab level free so we can't apply these moves which I'll do straight away so that's jab is that already been done yep jab level two a little bit more damage and we have body hooks that is left trigger lb and why that's to the.

Body that is B wire and left sugar I.

Gotta learn some of these moves uh-oh hook as well Ben's for when.

Suffering a health event that's when he gets staggered your strikes deal more damage that's useful I mean number 10 - like back away and get scared but as useful continued training is going will it is success.

Speak properly we can learn more did you. Learn some more let's learn some more issues this guy land ten punches in fifteen seconds now let's work on the punch accuracy land in a high percentage all right and.

We get this one more there we go I missed two strikes strikes two strikes out 12 is not bad to do so now we've got body hook level three and lead elbow it will free and we got zero in there's a pilot Turk burst which are go into my slot to see rain basically increases our accuracy on the strikes done and apply.

These moves as well so that's body hook again not a thing yeah same isn't it but now it's just level three there's more damage and less stamina also we have this which is currently empty so right trigger and X and that is level free lead elbow that's.

Gonna hurt that's gonna seriously hurt continue so got ten more points to spend we can do some training so got trip.

Takedowns and grappling defense 101 so submission defense weren't 460 so you can see how the attributes increase turn to the calendar that changing session was very good very useful we learned a lot is now week two I want to show this all the time when we let obviously future episodes watch this is a part number one and go through some of the basics learn 20 punches without missing five in 45 seconds so overhand and heavy hands all right do it them all right do it I. Think we can do this I say that now it could go wrong lamb 20 punches we're at.

Missing five and 45 seconds take my time.

That's it boom table country market comment I am on fire right now I have a punching God look at this wow missed no.

Strikes don't mess with me so go overhand and heavy how much is a new perk just apply the move first which I guess any little punch extra my smart so RB and why.

How's this look oh very nice and it's.

Level two as well let's also apply the.

Perk been a very constructive episode so.

What does this do increase damage when throwing hooks are hardly throwing hooks for days ma'am you guys are screwed continue yes this learning is well we knew we're we're 18 years old with that we've had one fire we have a lot to learn so this is really really good learn again I cam I can.

Learn something new I can't you must be a prospect tier to.

Select this trainer so I'm guessing perhaps later on all right Plan B like that play hard to get hope. In the future so let's train this train definitely train so from a box drill so this works on strike speed power and endurance you should get increases all those nice.

Very nice so look for those key attributes at the top see if they go up so we'll now go to strike speed 71 yep. They should all increase nice good I've. Got 20 more left box draw again or see much the same thing might be bad yeah.

Good training well done Scott green that's all the points gone we now move into week three burying very constructive training let's promote there's the Flex now we show how useful it is right now I don't really know train again I want a train to the max right now you want to mix of this Alps it's just so different now this is something different so let's work on dumbbell shadowboxing so blocking toughness and heart should hopefully increase nothing in terms of the major attributes but that game please nice and again gonna keep going.

I'm trained scott green hard by now hey Scott green get back to the gym you bum okay has literally no idea I've been working so hard in the gym right now so hard but we're already a much better fight site massively better since the. Calendar we still have I think one weeks ago yet we are training yes even those. Protein shakes back into training again. A beaut up so go for I react the boxing.

Drill on power strike speed it's just such useful useful attributes I thought.

Every what air strikes me was at a start but it's gone up massively I'm just I'm.

Training so much right now I'm surprised we haven't got an injury I'm not gonna lying we haven't done injury so I think I'm pretty sure we were stumped 7c pretty sure he was so that guys is training done whoo.

Fights are won in the gym Muhammad Ali exactly I'm winning that fight right now I'm not gonna lie so that guys is done I. Post to social media a couple of times my opponent quality and the last flat result have all gave me a little bit of hype but the hype is still pretty low it's it's not great but we move on to the second flight so there's a bit boy I'm watching the training but I will put it edit some of that stuff out I don't know what do you guys want to see because it can get a little bit boring but I mean the learnings not too bad actually that's true our next five I got a bit.

Like those toes oh so sweet look at the tattoos on that guy okay block the reach to reach bonus is such a good uh varnish massive massive reach on Scott green you.

Give me your spit man nice I like that I like you I will try.

And do now is practice our newfound strength also oh the hook man did you see that oh oh. Damn oh we are just back to in this man. Right now the constant bombardment some very heavy attacks it's good at blocking noise good have LACMA given murk open up again haha right round the chops houses.

Got stuff standing except of bring him down to the floor single leg takedown and posture up and.

Then boom come on then stay down on the. Floor you idiots wow he's actually out cold the rift appeared out of nowhere if by magic and this Harry Potter Isis what just magically appeared hello the point. Oh it's really heavy attacks but I was a step above this man in terms of fight quality fighting prowess gum on the.

Floor pounded him never wind by knockout that's how we roll well Scott green you.

Are a mighty fine man longevity is now 99.5% we know next two fights by stoppage in the first round so that's like an optional contract win two fights in a row I will try my best what do we get we do that contract is like for money or so the beech tree is my next opponent I can't decide who to pick that that's all I've got but one decision in a zoo but my strike is 71 this man is going down look at that strike 57 are you kidding me are you you joking my mouth except the fire I might do some basement.

Training my Hector yeah basement.

Training I can't afford it again 600 is a lot of money so that's to go for my basement for weeks of out-and-out training in my basement don't really.

Learn much but the attribute should hopefully go up a little bit Tugg green Dana Wyatt will be scouting talent on the looking for a fight TV show act on next player put on a show kids this could be your ticket to the UFC or about that off my foot yes I mean I'm not rewired right now I'm contracting my fight only win the money on the progress they know Wyatt can uh it's sign me up if I'm good enough if he can market me make some money I'm sure he will sign me up thing the Y is a legend right let's.

Promote the fight social media posts yo.

Fans I'm about to fight neighborhood by crying alright fair enough they's Hart leg strength and endurance all pre imports attributes but the black pride it's an actual black ride around neighborhood my toughness has gone down by one I love power protein shake is is it ten points just having a shake yep just gonna drink my toughness is now back up but just do a minor injury protein shake again oh it's so random let's go for shadow boxing we're gonna train hot though ever for every week we're gonna put down the training guys look at that strike speed just climb in 82 83 very.

Nice very nice indeed our strike is now 72 in terms of actual stats that is incredible there's another week done we move on to week free oh I'm loving this game so far I'm really excited to see how this game actually plays out how we get City a course DFC there's Dana Wyatt approaches how does that work I don't know strikes stamina and Chin's shrimp step a bailout so that's ten points each go we. Want some just want to keep on working keep on working working hard yeah well. Apparently my accuracy is now minus two all well taking a bit of a hit right now let's go for shadowboxing to finish the week off we've got a few minor injuries but it happens is a physical spool tell. Me any saw things happen it's promote the week before the fight close to social media Kemp is going. Greeks well that's a tiny bit of a lie yeah it's a tiny tiny light let's go for. A bite word again which is the river risk it might aggravate the injury but it's got such good stats Hart leg strength endurance protein shake more.

Toughness and just we'll finish it off with a bit more power power and blocking.

There we go guys that is all the training done we are ready for the next flat but that will be in the next episode thank you guys for watching hope you guys enjoyed it we whips yesterday we whipped it and there's a lot of fun hey guys what you know and I'll see you guys later bye bye

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