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Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper Walkthrough part 10

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Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper Walkthrough part 10

September 12, 1888 - Whitechapel

As Holmes

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A small torch a useful tool for opening.

Safes I would assume but the gas bottle is empty the satchel rather heavy and. Firmly wedged dislodging it will take a concerted effort and is better done in a safe environment I must prepare this leak before I can get the satchel out.

Elementary. This much-talked-about satchel is very heavy and seems to contain metal dishes I told Bluto that I wouldn't look inside but I've little need to it's quite obvious that it's full of silverware.

There are still gas in here looking at the state of this cat it won't survive much longer if it stays here let's go to the wasps nest let's go to the wasps.

Nest I need something there's no way of.

Returning this fortune to that loud Bluto I will give him the satchel but with other contents something with the same weight full of crockery the satchel.

Makes the same noise and weighs about the same as if it were filled with silverware.

Pulsed the sack to me did you look in I give you my word but it won't belong to you until you tell me where squiddy is fine the poor idiot was taken by the peelers the other day I don't know why some chaps tied to screech about it he was the Whitechapel killer but you ended up followed by an hysterical mob in a flash the bobbies at him rounded up and lockdown did you mean that the local police station my my not but if you order doc talk to him tell him that about Akaya business I'll forget ask or if your ass on a Yank it will know now and over the bag I say that's all a little bit wishy-washy I'm not sure it's worth the satchel I don't shake it like that moron if you don't want to end up with a knife in a bat you'll get busy with the pipe got it here take it that'll teach me for being a good Samaritan honestly how rude I'd best be.

Off now better to not be around when he opens the satchel.

I can't just waltz into the police.

Station to ask if they've got squiggly locked up I have to come up with a ploy to find out it is actually there then I'll need to get the policeman to leave for just a few minutes so I can talk to the prisoner so you little jackanapes.

You want to ride on the big world hmm another day Padma as a matter of. Fact I would like to know the chap I know called squiddy happens to be in this police station and how many policemen are inside information yes but time is money for me you know there are. A few gears so squiffy I'll tell you everything that I know are ducky nothing I know nothing about whether squiddy is there and I don't give a damn the bobbies don't whisper sweet nothings to me like the girls in the nice places now get lost before I get all worked up hi if you have something to offer to a lady I could tell you a little bit more maybe. I'll be back you do that the girls from.

The nice houses that monster Danny must have been thrown to establishments like Miss bellies that's what's him told me about fine I.

Have to go to the brawl.

We don't need OC do remember me mr. owls come in you're strangely dressed what you come to do in the area I've come to ask if any of your colleagues or perhaps even yourself associate with any of the policemen from the local station send girls go with police officers it's true but Bella will be able to tell you more than me very well I'll be on my way you.

Are a friend of dr. Watson indeed a fine man you're dr. Watson he got me out of a damn business with one of my clients we gave this war a lesson to remember and he's since gone to France having snagged one in my vest girls but it's a break from all of her chatter you're looking for information about the police is that right I can't help you there the girls concerned are busy and anyway I don't have the time what is bothering you so much the client left me a case of bottles as payment it happens all the time I'm saddled with all this stuff he told me that these perfumes were the latest thing straight from Paris well I'd barely smell the first one when I nearly fainted there might be some good ones in there but I'd have to find out if it's really perfume so that it won't burn the skin off my pretty girls madam I will undertake to tell you exactly which of these products are perfumes if you agree to entrust them to me for a little while in exchange I would like to know more about school silo in we've struck a deal mr. Holmes I'll give you these bottles I will need.

A book to help me identify miss Bella's perfect I believe your bookshop on Glen worth Street not far from Baker Street has just reopened let's go and take a look hello sir hello are you the new.

Bookseller in the neighborhood yes my name is Barnes you're one of my first visitors welcome what are you looking for I'm looking for work that can help me identify perfumes a book that deals with vegetation and its possible uses in the domain for example I would recommend the Encyclopedia Sparta car bad vegetation to consist of a reference on the matter this book is the most complete that there is fine I will take it but it's just that I have no idea where it is would you believe that my predecessor classified works by their acquisition date nowadays we advocate a thematic classification however I am getting down to the task you aren't looking for anything concerning the history of the script I'm fascinated by the subject and I already have numerous books on the topic it is no doubt very interesting but I need this books part occur without further delay fine fine I will try to find the acquisition date of this encyclopedia mr. Holmes Sherlock Holmes are fantastic you are the man for the job perhaps you could try to find the missing dates that will buy you some time there are some dates missing yes I forgot to mention that detailed the dates were written on cardstock attached to the columns and there was one date per Section as one goes along you will see there is no specific order and certain are missing I remade the labels but I don't know where to put them they're there on the counter are there any other details to know the proprietor inscribed a date every two years since his arrival in 1864 up until now that is 1888 he left a note regarding his method of shelving but I didn't understand a word I do believe in fact that he was a bit mad well I will see.


There mr. Barnes the labels in their correct places that should facilitate your classification have you found my book yes what duckie was to meet you it was acquired in 1882 I will look for it thank you very much I would suggest that you organize your books quickly I am in the habit of visiting my local bookstore at least once a week you are right mr. Holmes.

This encyclopedia on plants and spices is just what I need I will need my work.


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