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Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper Walkthrough part 6

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Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper Walkthrough part 6

September 11, 1888

Whitechapel: As Dr. Watson.

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Hmm there's a strong smell of gas seems to be coming from the abandoned building.

Good evening Finley how are you oh good evening doctor so so and you it smells.

Of gas ah you might say doctor without wanting to speak ill of the false and I have to wonder if the police are up to something what do you mean well I was signed yesterday evening when the light went out at my place and a gas smell came from the abandoned building across from my place and a minute later the police arrived and was snooping all around like it was them who hit the gas before arriving a thing sorted themselves out with your strange tenant don't talk about it doctor that man is truly bizarre he ghost of the most sordid locations once night falls three days ago my wife told me she saw him coming with blood-stained clothes and are fearsome look interesting what.

Does he look like and how old is he oh he's my age it all take so the other side of 50 he's always dressed in a striking manner with an American hat he's big close to 511 I'd say he has a strange voice not just his accent see his voice very well goodbye for now.

Finley goodbye doctor now then let's go to the police station.

Yes dr. Tumblety is a man around 5 foot.

11 about 55 years old extravagantly dressed and with a rather distinctive voice he boards at Finley's you should know where that is as the police were there only yesterday their arrival coincided with a strange gas leak oh yes I know where you mean indeed there was an odd affair with the gas it was rather unsettling we were searching for a well known scan ruling was ratted out by squiffy the chap we followed and saved from the pack a few days ago this thug no pity Bluto must have been in the abandoned building in question but it was no sign of him when we arrived furthermore an inspector said that given the smell the thingamabob that supplies gas to the building was probably damaged so we took no risks and were called away somewhere else I will. Take my leave humph res goo boy.

And old report on arrests that took place a few years earlier.

Here are the ripped statements I can piece them together again.

They're all done homes couldn't have done better himself.

Here's doctor I will take my leave Alfredo Boyd good.

Evening mr. Solomon ovitch good evening doctor what a pleasure to see you again have you finished converting the harnesses yes just now I got a little behind because of all the commotion commotion don't you start three days ago the very afternoon that you pass by there was a change throughout the neighborhood hundreds of people were chasing one man claiming he was responsible for the murders these last few days months it was awful I hope those maniacs didn't catch him better the police should tell me did John Peyser turn himself in to the police things unfolded as they should look in the newspaper The Daily News from today farewell eyes it goodbye doctor.

Good evening dr. Gibbons dr. Watson did.

You keep the cane we spoke of last time I was going to sell it tomorrow would you believe having not heard word here are your harnesses doctor they are top quality I'd say definitely worth the prize of this walking stick here it's yours do you have any formal in here no.

Definitely not they have it in University Hospitals to conserve anatomical specimens in jars but in a little clinic like mine we don't keep anything but bad memories well farewell doctor goodbye dr. Watson I must go to miss Bella's yes doctor.

Could you tell me what type of pill this is yes we have those here it's not really a medication we give them to patients with chronic respiratory conditions like tuberculosis did you have a patient by the name of Annie Chapman the woman killed three days ago indeed she came in the morning of her death poor woman did you give her these pills yes now that I think of it she actually came in twice the first time I gave her an almost empty container without making her pay she came back during the day and said she dropped the container and stepped on the pills she wanted to know if I could give her more again without paying I refused after she left a patient who was there told me that he lives at the same place and confided that she had been lying he saw the pills fall in the tenements communal kitchen but the woman immediately wrapped him up in a piece of paper where did this paper come from according to this man she'd found it near the chimney in the kitchen anyone could have thrown that paper there that envelope can't have anything to do with a murder pardon doctor nothing I was just talking to myself well farewell doctor goodbye dr. Watson I must go to miss Bella's.

Good evening mom um your door was open isn't that a little dangerous hello Doctor don't worry if the looks of anyone who enters doesn't please me me and my pistol know how to convince them to leave I found the cave was stolen from your client here it is doctor you are a real saint I can see that I'll finally be able to present my bill to this damned painter if by chance you see him tell him that a little surprise awaits him here you told me you.

Would give me some information on this doctor Tumulty agreed he's a Canadian or an American 'if arrives from time to time through the neighborhood in a fifty-guinea suit and is like a doctor but for business isn't worth it this damn Yankee hates women the few times that he was approached by the girls he's bitten all the while hurling insults it would seem that he was hunting for the bad boys he's looking for trouble that animal does he frequent any pub in particular I the wasps nest on Berner Street I think a seedy spot even by our standards do.

You happen to know any Chapman the poor woman who was killed three days ago darkening roof like all the Drifters in the area I've seen her once or twice with respect to the dead and he really was the bottom of the barrel what do you mean well in our profession the pretty young one go out when night has barely fallen and don't have a problem finding takers but poor girls like any or Polly Nichols who want as tender are often sick sometimes tragic for a whole night in the cold and the rain before landing a client and that doesn't help their appearances either they don't have much choice about paying for a bed for a few hours a glass of gin or a hot meal how terribly sad that's the price of survival in Whitechapel my angel one of my girls knew Annie for some time they bought some jewelry on the black market I think jewelry how could any Chapman who possibly afforded jewelry luxuries for a woman are always relative to her condition doctor as a bedroom act it was real cheap junk Annie got three assorted brass rings I think it's been said I have a memory for jewelry how is Lucy.

Keeping she's doing well doctor but believe me it won't last rare are the girls who can build a future in our profession very well I shall let you get back to work mark see you soon mala.

The wasps nest this pub looks even more disreputable than the golden lion in Baker Street

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