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Nancy Drew: Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon Walkthrough part 8

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Nancy Drew: Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon Walkthrough part 8

The ending of the game. One of the best Nancy Drew game in my opinion. I hope that you liked the walkthrough, and, of course, thanks for watching :)

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Seems like the trains leaving where's it going Frank and Joe will make sure it comes back for me I hope.

Oh right this is the entrance to Jake's.

Mine whoa what's going on here Jake's color wheel seems to be pointing toward purple Wow glowing lizards cool but weird wonder.

What that's doing there.

I can't get through here.

Jake must have made those symbols the question is why.

Another symbol.

Uh-oh there's some kind of chamber on the other side of those poles but if I move the wrong one the ceiling will collapse Jake was too meticulous not to have left a clue somewhere as to how you're supposed to move them I've seen. That symbol before okay so far so good.

I should be able to get through there.

Now. Jake Hurley I presume Camille.

It figures he'd be carrying a picture of her hmm there's something underneath it.

Looks like a letter April 14 1865.

Your humble friends aid.



Oh my gosh this is from Abraham Lincoln and April 14th is a day he was assassinated this letter must be worth a fortune that's just what I thought to.

See what I didn't tell you when I gave you that letter Jake wrote to Ruth is that I also found his diary which is how I found out he'd gotten to be friends with President Lincoln and that he gotten a letter from Abe that he knew would be so valuable someday that he always kept it on his person can I have it sure see I know if we could just find Jake's body we'd find the letter and you did it Amy you did it I'm going to be famous good famous for once so you never really cared about finding Jake's mind yeah I mean it would have been nice if it was filled with gold and silver and stuff but this is what I was really after and you followed me because you didn't trust me I trusted you to find it I just didn't trust you to give it to me and now that you have you know I'd really really be famous if I could say I found this all by myself but even if I got you to live for me how do I know you'd keep lying oh my gosh.

What if there was like this Haven and we were trapped but I was the only one who made it out uh excuse me oh my gosh that way I could not only say that I found the letter but that I tried to save you only you did something stupid and it was all I could do to save myself oh my gosh I'd make the national news for sure and people would say we're smart and resourceful and courageous even Laurie you can't be serious that's crazy you don't understand people are finally going to respect me I have to do this sorry.

The openings blocked I'm trapped now how am I gonna get out of here maybe I could get out of here and this.

Loree are you alright Nancy is everything okay it is now as. Soon as we discovered you and Lori weren't on the train we jumped off and hightailed it back here what the heck's going on I'm sure Laurie will be glad to tell you all about it darn you Natalie its Nancy dear Hannah some hostess Laurie Gerrard turned out to be when her father heard that she tried to seal me up in that mine he canceled all her credit cards and said that from now on Laurie I'll have to support herself she has yet to stop crying Tino Balducci told reporters that he knew what Laurie was up to all along and said he let Frank Joe and me solve the case so eat amateurs could enjoy his limelight Joe was just about to belt him when a big argument broke out between John grey and charlena over whether John had really recorded Camille's ghost she started calling him a crackpot and then he started calling her a hack then well let's just say that soon the press was no longer interested in what Tino had to say as for Jake Hurley it turns out that his letter from Abe Lincoln is worth a small fortune pretty ironic huh Jake spent his whole life searching for gold when all along he possessed something far more valuable his uncanny knack for making friends love Nancy.


You. Have you ever been to Paris France well prep pave vous because that's where my next mystery adventure takes place I'm going to be the assistant to manip a famous fashion designer I'll be working undercover to find out why she's been acting so peculiar lately throwing tantrums firing people she's even started wearing a mask for no apparent reason her studio is in this spooky looking centuries-old moolah that's French for windmill of course that doesn't anything to do with her strange behavior one way to find out help me. Solve my next case danger by design howl oppression

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