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Nancy Drew: Treasure in the Royal Tower Walkthrough part 5

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Nancy Drew: Treasure in the Royal Tower Walkthrough part 5

Finding the secret garden, talking to professor Hotchkiss

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So who would you find in the library please Lisa you know it's off-limits oh come on Nancy you've been on the prowl I can tell by the sparkle in your eye I honestly have no idea what you're. Talking about ah you're no fun did you know professor Hodge kids published a book on Marie Antoinette yeah I looked her up on the Internet the critics panned the book looks like other historians think she's a real quack I'll let you get back to your magazine keep me posted.

Ah it's freezing out here.

Gosh I can hardly feel my toes.

Glad you came down to talk get this I saw Dexter walking out to the maintenance shack with this like green ornament thing in his hand he's up to something right maybe you should check it out thanks for the tip Lisa I think I will when I come along thanks Nancy but you're the Braniac I'll just guard this comfy chair and wait for your report I'll let you get back to your magazine stay warm.

But I don't get inside soon I'll freeze to death.

What what's going on out here is that you Nancy ah come inside it's freezing out here what kind of a stunt was that Missy sorry about that but I was locked out well then what can I say except good thinking. Hey there Nancy you've been holding out on me mr. Egan I read in an old issue of the Daily Telegraph that you grew up here right in this castle all right I did live here for a few years once upon a time I was an orphan until Azra Whitford came along and adopted me but I left the castle when I was 16 and I never saw him again that's the story all right. Why did you leave some things can't be explained kid it was a long time ago and nothing can change it now okay see you. Mr. Egan goodbye.

Is that you brandy oh I'm glad you're here at the moment my theory is rising like a magnificent souffle I need to collect a few more ingredients if you will but it's a delicate situation if I leave my room even for a moment I fear the souffle will come crashing down in a heap you're cooking us souffle.

In there oh don't take me to literally dear what I need is some information about the castle hard numbers I've come to the conclusion that you are an enterprising and faithful soul therefore I have decided to entrust you with this important mission who knows if you succeed I might whisk you away from the hotel business to be my personal research assistant well professor Hodgkiss I'm not actually in the hotel business but I'd love to help marvellous here's what I need to know how many days before her 38th birthday was Marie Antoinette executed I'll be very eager to hear what you come up with but please don't disturb me unless you have the answer yes did you find the.

Information I asked you for sir death good but I need you to write it down so I don't forget thank you.

Let me do some calculations to see if this is correct the old recap if there's one thing I like in a young person its ingenuity now I've got work to do time to stir the cauldron and stoke the fire but if you'd like to talk I'll be holding office hours in the lobby between 3:00 and 6:00 a.m. meet me then.

Nancy dear welcome to the witching hour isn't it marvelous to be up and about when others are sound asleep I find my brainwaves are at their most powerful during this time yes this big. Old place does feel quiet at this hour but do you think everyone is really asleep I mean if this is the only time you're away from your room when else could you have been robbed you're right on that this is the only time that someone could break into my room but why are you so interested in this robbery anyway.

I'm thinking this robbery and the library vandalism might be linked somehow if you told me what was taken from you maybe I could put the pieces together I'd like to tell you more about the robbery but I'm afraid it just wouldn't be good for my blood pressure I'm traumatized you see because the stolen item was a keepsake from a dear friend and it was a cornerstone of my theory I'm sure you understand.

Have you checked your room for clothes usually the thief leaves some sort of evidence behind clothes you say I guess I haven't really looked oh I've been utterly embroiled in my work why are you conducting research here at the castle well you probably know by now that I'm a scholar of French history my specialty is Marie Antoinette oh poor Marie the most misunderstood queen of the 18th century Marie used to visit the very tower that now belongs to this castle I'm convinced that this place holds evidence that will forever change the way the world views Marie but the walls have ears so I'd rather not say anymore right now if you're really interested why don't you go up to my room and have a look around yourself you've been such a great help to me almost like an apprentice oh I've always wanted an apprentice oh that's all right.

Professor I don't want to invade your privacy I insist your mind is like a ravenous monkey gobbling up every banana in its path how can I stand in the way here's my extra passkey I get back to work at 6:00 a.m. sharp so just make sure you vacate the premises by 5:59 and put things back where you find them it's all scientifically organized in there.

What did you mean when you said Marie Antoinette was misunderstood everyone thought Marie did nothing but spend France's money on jewels and fancy soap for herself while her people were starving history books have upheld the myth that she was just a spoiled and heartless brat but I don't believe it. What do you believe I believe that she's been the victim of vicious rumors and lazy historians for too long and that if the real story could be told people would realize that Marie Antoinette was actually a good woman who wanted to help her people but didn't know how do you.

Know anything about a tiara that was given to Marie Antoinette the infamous tiara of course Oh people thought Marie had this extravagant piece commissioned for herself and they hated her for it but really it was her husband king louis xvi who had it made for her birthday oh she didn't want it refused to wear it and then a few months before the revolution broke out the tiara disappeared was it ever found it was never found there were rumors that she had it destroyed but no one has ever been able to prove this see you soon goodbye

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