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Black Mirror 3 (English) Walkthrough part 4

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Black Mirror 3 (English) Walkthrough part 4

Chapter 1:

Darren (Adrian) fixes the copier and finally gets his hands on his file.

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It can't be that difficult to fix a copier I studied it once well kind of.

What if we got here the fuse is long switch to turn it on then you press the green button to copy if I twist and connect the wires that work it should be able to copy again.

That should do it.

Can I ask you something briefly mm-hmm.

The copy is working again mm-hmm now can. You copy my file sure then I'll send a copy to your lawyer hmm the copy of your.

File well then I can send it myself.

The inspector insists that no files can leave the building without authorization I see hmm damn constable mm-hmm when does the mail.

Go my lawyer needs the file as soon as possible I'll post it later on it ought to be collected this afternoon Thanks goodbye constable mmm.

Okay this is my last chance to get my hands on the fire I somehow need to stop the letter from banishing irretrievably into the mail Bank an access point to the sewer system brings back memories that I'd rather forget you could sit.

Media there's nothing to buy anymore though.

Hmm a piece of thin board that's a menu.

They probably don't need it anymore.

The board is just the right size to go straight on top of the mailbag so that when the constable posts that letter I can easily pull it out again.

It worked.

Let's see what's in here hmm Friday afternoon 12:30 they must have discovered the body then the time the death of Miss Valley was the previous meal Thursday between 10:00 and midnight cause of death burned alive after a blow to the back of the head witness interviews see not important saw nothing it continues Friday 1837.

Emergency services called out at that time I was in the rooms of the oil Academy with Angelina Lewis and my mother then Saturday 12:06 a.m. fire under control at that time I was running from the ruins in the direction of the castle three bodies were attributed Lady Eleanor Gordon Edward Bartholomew Bates the butler and Sally would the cook one survivor lady Victoria Gordon suffering from severe smoke inhalation also on Saturday morning 12:00 12:00 a.m. Darrin Michaels arrested on suspicion of arson and murder of miss Valley hmm witness interviews on the subject unproductive and lady Victoria Gordon could not as yet be questioned she remains in shock after a two week period of hospitalization was discharged of her own wishes to continue medical supervision at all hey it says here that Murray can't remember having seen me in the hotel on Thursday evening I can't be right I was exactly when he threw me out of the hotel the rat was lying huh just wait evidence still insufficient to charge but strongly suspected of crime current state of the investigation Darrin Michaels conduct as well as his contradictory testimony is currently being examined for plausibility by the psychiatric expert dr. Joyce Wynn Ivana here's a note - constable Zack if he's diagnosed as nuts will he have to be remanded in a loony bin possible murder weapon back porch still smoldering which was in Darrin Michaels possession when apprehended he is undergoing forensic exam deportation to USA not possible release of the suspect on bail on direction of the court dr. Wynn a bottom authorized as prime supervisory agent and point of referral good and I've got too many goals already visit Victoria and see how she's doing and let Marie know what I think I'll write in the file so I don't forget enough empty pages I can stash.

The remains of my diary away as well.

Then let's see what Murray's got is saying in his defense.

Ah mr. Michaels welcome back to Gordon's.

Palace we missed you here how's that last time we saw each other was Thursday three weeks ago when you threw me out of the hotel thrown out of the hotel how did that happen then the thing with the sewers the secret entrance in Angelina's room that ring any bells.

There was something ah well please excuse me I did overreacted a little I hope you're not going to bear a grudge though mr. Michaels I'm very happy to make things up with you you'll also understand that I couldn't hold your reservation for such a long period unfortunately your room is occupied at the moment but you can have another are bigger nice so on for a small price really and for such a room a ridiculously tiny price so you've remembered then very good then please go right back to the police and tell them that you know exactly where I was on the evening that Miss Valle was murdered but was that the same day are you sure now it may well have been I don't pay much attention to that kind of thing why should I it's really nothing to do with me you two-faced snake I insist you march down to the inspector and tell them you want to change your statement mr. Michaels you're free I don't understand your problem I'm only out on face oh my congratulations I'm sure that.

Wasn't cheap however in spite of that I still don't see why I should get involved with things that don't concern me you can't be serious thanks to you I've just spent the past three weeks sitting in a cell as an innocent man mr. Michaels I really am extremely sorry but I can't fulfill your request my own credibility would be on the line if I were to simply change my mind unless unless what come.

On spit it out and quit playing around your pathetic little blackmailer otherwise I promise you that the murder series will continue here and now.

Admittedly I'd be the last one who's standing in your way a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do isn't that so oh the same I would like a photo of you nothing sensational maybe somewhere in the woods with a knife in your hand so they can send me straight into the madhouse no way okay you think about it a watertight alibi for a tiny little amusing photo it's not a bad exchange you are one nasty dirtbag. Murray you know that I'll even give you a camera to take it with my best one.

Yeah does it still work using a lever it's a collector's piece one of the first instant film cameras on the European market and sx-70 and still in great condition too fifteen years ago a very well-groomed gentleman handed it over to me as a deposit in my pawn shop he never picked it up again so you can say that I obtained it quite legitimately and now I entrust you with it pay attention I'll tell you how it works that's okay I'll work it out if I choose to use it but that's not all I've got another present for you here a brand-new rucksack.

And free food and lodgings for as long as you wish mr. Michaels accept it as a peace offering and reparations for the trouble with the statements you really are a few cards short of a full deck.

Mr. michaels wait what do you want now. Forget the woods in front of the castle would definitely have much more impact the photo army can people think I'm crazy.

A rucksack with a contorted image of my father's face on it I'm not sure Marie's actually allowed to sell crack mouths whatever I'll soon for that later first of all let's see what's inside

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