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Gunpoint: A+ speedrun (Gentleman, Ghost, Ninja + Laptops)

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This video from: prenatual.
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Gunpoint: A+ speedrun (Gentleman, Ghost, Ninja + Laptops)

Full speedrun of Gunpoint with A+ rating on every mission, Gentleman/Ghost/Ninja/Swift badges and all laptops hacked.

The only exception is the last mission, where I failed to get Swift badge, because it's impossible to hack the laptop and get Gentleman/Ghost/Ninja + Swift on it at the same time. It's fairly straightforward if you skip the laptop, though: get to the 6th floor, rewire the blue box, turn the lights off and link the lightswitch to the trapdoor on the 7th floor; then just wait for a guard to turn the light back on and get to the top floor. Should take ~50 s in total.

* * *


Rooke: Caught on Camera (00:58)

Rooke: Guarded (01:58)

Rooke: Crossed Wires (02:45)

Rooke: Mains (03:26)

Rooke: Three for All (04:09)

Collins: innocent (05:22)

Gessler: Industrial Espionage (06:26)

Collins: intex (07:38)

Rooke: The Prototype (08:40)

Gessler: Acquisitions (10:36)

Collins: the recording (12:09)

Rooke: The Trace (13:22)

Anonymus: The Collins Case (15:21)

Mayfield: The Datsec Recording (16:16)

Mayfield: The Morgue (17:46)

Mayfield: The Suspect (19:06)

Mayfield: The Room (19:51)

Rooke: The Plant (20:50)

Rooke: The Killer (22:24)

Gessler: Come and fucking get me (24:10)

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