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‣Serious Sam The Second Encounter‣Mese Verde Mountain Temple[Custom Map]‣No Commentary Walkthrough‣

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This video from: MetiGaming.
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‣Serious Sam The Second Encounter‣Mese Verde Mountain Temple[Custom Map]‣No Commentary Walkthrough‣

Serious Sam Classic: The Second Encounter (HQ Quality 60 FPS)

(Some parts of the video got glitched up by the youtube algorithm)

‣ I have some cosmetic mods installed, links below ‣

Level : Mese Verde Mountain Temple

Campaign: Palenque

Difficulty: ★★★★☆+

Rating: ★★★★☆-

Aesthetics : ★★★☆☆-

Playtime : 1hr ~50minutes (can last indefinitely if you aren't careful in the final arena)

Performance : Framedrops galore if you stare too far away in the exact right spot. Shouldn't be a problem

Type : Multiplayer only

Map Author : Unwary_Thief

Download link :

Hooo boy. This map is huge. by huge I mean. perhaps one of the largest Serious Sam maps I've ever played. It's right up there with maps such as The Forgotten Place for TFE. Spanning almost 2 hours long. This map is a roller coaster of all sorts possible. and to be honest, I love every part of it. This is one of those few roomy maps where it actually feels appropriate in all the arena fights present in my opinion. Everything is so well crafted, and though sometimes the map absolutely suffers from texture stretching - the timely placements of anything really just makes this map something cooler to behold.

This map is meant to be played in multiplayer, so if you try to singleplayer this map...oof good luck. I realised this around my fifth attempt in recording the walkthrough for this map. It was. HECTIC. Bring your friends together and enjoy this map if you can. It's really something else. It's unlike any serious sam styled map. It actually gives are more Serious sam 'Alpha' style taste.

◊ Cosmetic Mods ◊

*These mods are clientside and do not affect gameplay*

Included mods are:

MetiGaming's Golden Weapons Pack v1

MetiGaming's Scary Gnaars Mod (sound only)

Alexej's Player Models Pack

◊ Cosmetic Mods ◊

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