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Lego Harry Potter Collection Walkthrough Part 2 Out of the Dungeon (Nintendo Switch)

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Lego Harry Potter Collection Walkthrough Part 2 Out of the Dungeon (Nintendo Switch)

The LEGO Harry Potter Episode 2 Walkthrough Years 1-7 Remastered Collection Nintendo Switch! Welcome back to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. This Game contains all 7 Films on the Switch. Special Thanks to Warner Brothers for providing a copy of this game before it's Halloween 2018 re-release. This video features co-op commentary with my Wife.

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The LEGO Harry Potter: Collection unites the signature humor of LEGO games and the expansive world of Harry Potter with a thrilling journey full of spell-casting, potion-making, puzzle-solving, lessons, dueling and much more for players to enjoy. Fans can experience the entire LEGO Harry Potter adventure featuring content from seven books and eight films with enhanced graphics, environments, lighting and visual effects, along with two downloadable content (DLC) packs.

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Greetings muggles and wizards and filthy mudblood welcome back to Lego Harry Potter collection we're doing years one through four right now so make sure that you guys smash that like button or you could face a terrible demise or worse be expelled so we're here playing with Harry Potter and Ron I don't know why I want to call Ron stoppable it's Ron Weasley Ron Weasley Oh what cool brick. Has been collected my word I'm stuck on this bed oh it's the old school Lego remember when you would get a gold brick and you couldn't move oh yeah I just got something Ron of Hogwarts unlocks Ron mr. Weasley always in trouble with his mother so I mean the best thing about these harry potter movies is that Ron Hermione can't stand because he you know she always thinks he doesn't have his act together he doesn't really like studying doing his homework all the things that Hermione likes to do like they're total opposites but yet it totally go together like perfectly I'm pretty sure that this is the free-roaming environment oh hi hippie. Yes we have to follow that dresser.

I may have seen part of the goblets of fire on TV too so I have never seen any of the teenage movies I I thought I saw order of the Phoenix but no pretty sure I saw that especially the ending ones like eight eight and a half seven yeah you went to the theaters for the ones where they were teenagers and I remembered that it's real like oh and I saw the little very last one yeah yeah well you told me to go see one of them and it's just like yeah I saw a few of them munches and they get even like all the stuff that's creepy with like the weird like like clouds like following people and turning this imagine the painting saying like evil clouds coming to grab people and stuff kind of like the cloud and Green Lantern or whatever um you know like I feel like that kind of stuff kind of carried over to the new Harry Potter movies that are coming out now like with new scam scam whatever his name is.

Skin nude scavenger or something like that we just call them Newt or whatever well it's not the new guy it's it's a prequel yeah okay so we want to go.

Downstairs down the stairs to continue the story all the moving staircases cool.

Nope no it could be Hermione - yeah we could be Hermione - so am I supposed to use magic inside of there whoa all right let's try writing the stairs to go to the bottom perhaps no they want us to go up here no they want us to go there how do I change the staircase um I.

Do not know actually because the store is locked Ron can send oh hey Ron can do something there he can send something in there who's playing is Ron I am now.

Sent a little there it is send a little creature oh my gosh.

The man in the painting before we took his pants ah hello yep we would like to. Go down this way please oh my gosh the whole staircase is moving that was a cool scene in the movie though mm-hmm I feel like these little kids like are left alone with all these scary things inside the school it's like I mean I guess that's what makes it intense and everything but it's just like man I wouldn't say the kid movies are intense it's later yeah I made flowers come out.

I was fun I think they did a great job like translating this one for an HD console it looks it looks really nice it's really good and I hope they do more. HD collections yeah because it's nice I mean all this work was put into these old games it's great to be able to have it on the switch and stuff that's an alarm clock shadow I'll show you the wand of power oh yeah that's right we dynamically yeah old-school dynamic I don't even know if they have dynamic screen anymore I think they've it's an ancient relic from the past well it was kind of cool when you get together then you're like one screen yeah whenever you leave it definitely is like wool okay okay so we're looking for the arrow to continue the story there it is I don't know who that floating ghost.

Guy is I'm sure he's important to Harry Potter lore but I am kind of not. Familiar with a lot of Harry Potter I'm more of a Star Wars guy and Lord of the Rings we missed all the studs we don't need to worry about it it's it's a free roam environment we haven't even gotten to the next part of the story yet now we have oh it's a noise stick pay attention.

Class while I lift this thing with my wallet I don't want to.

Ron oh he's doing everything but lifting that it's like how did my classmates get.

Up there oops Oh Ron oh wow we still haven't gotten to the next story level yet this is just no I think this is the story no because the there would be a stud thing this is all free roaming environment we're roaming but this is part of the fun of it yeah it's a it's the plot of the movie but it's it's not this is back where remember in the lego indiana jones games they would also progress the story through the free roaming like a little bit okay yep that.

Was a really great game I don't think we ever did an LP of it I don't think it would stand the test of time now though oh it looks like travelers steal stuff Tetris box how do I rotate set blocks.

Wait lately.

Oh somehow I have to cuz it has to match.

The picture see oh wait you can put it.

Down out there I'm trying to but I keep grabbing yours for whatever reason wait no that's not correct wait it is correct.

No it's not I'm just going to move it over a loose there now try it oops just push it over a little bit oh I.

Mean he managed to make it up there here.

We go oh I just had to look that up oh you got to grab the kid there's a kid stuck on that chandelier so press y to cast on the painting and then.

Build that we can rub with it always.

Read the fine directions or else in Lego games the simplest problem will be very complex Tina artist and Edith wait um.

What what am i what am i floating floating a body oh I get it I know what I'm doing now okay give me give me that helmet last all men and.

Okay that was cool everything is so.

Magical and again we have never played.

The original Lego Harry Potter games all five and seven we almost did five and seven I remember that because Warner Brothers considered having us do it uh want to say like four years ago yeah and I believe there's talking in that one the first one No the first one is classic Lego goodness yeah I mean to little kids I feel like Wizarding would be really interesting if you were able to magically move stuff but after a while it kind of like I would want a wand that'd be cool I think it looks like you'd get something tangible out of it like a billion dollars but I could form out of thin air then I don't really see the point of just moving stuff around oh there's a snake in there all right so let's continue more of me that's because I've lost my childlike wonder I believe you have follow the ghosts I believe and that was me there's something. Strange going on something strange in your neighborhood that's what they should have made a long time ago a lego Ghostbusters game but they just did okay.

So we look at the picture over here and we move the blocks accordingly so I'm moving a person around that goes there. All by the green block and then the yellow goes on top we did it well done.

Did it wrong yes we did still following this ghost.

Guy and we're in another part of.

Hogwarts I guess I mean this is a massive school that is like a castle and.

Pulitzer got the boarding school so they have tons of people there oh dear.

Well my dad actually went to a boarding school when he was down in Venezuela.

Yeah and he they put him ticket all the kids in boarding schools when he was like I don't know the great sports guy just came home like every couple weeks or something like that ah the dining-hall I don't like that guy.

How could they do that show the little girl's room oh yeah the monster who is trying to.

Tell them about the monster this is funny that's hilarious a little travelers tales the way they tell stories yeah because everything had to be mined so.

Yeah it did out of the dungeon okay now we're in a.

Level finally it's that control thing.

That's right shadow yes oh that's a want. Ron weasley thing so you have to put your little guy inside there a button.

Over there it even tells you press the a. Button for Scabbers I just no no no hold. Press press the a button you should know what a button is by now I am pressing it my face face that thing this is old-school I go so you have to do it precise okay let me see.

I just saw him take it out there it is I'm sorry I don't know what I'm doing like I said old school leg oh it's got to be precise what is this.

Only characters with a book can understand these symbols a bitch of her my me is gonna be the one that has a book yeah she always has books well done Ron mostly Oh big scary nasty.

Troll yep now why did they even have a.

Troll in the dungeon is that where they put kids that like misbehave or something uh I have no idea I don't remember I don't think they put kids on the dungeon at all like if you would misbehave a lot of things they would just send me away from the school like all these kids are so excited to go to this school oh boy did this famous wizard spoon lightning is a nice touch.

Ya know I think that the that's cool you.

Have to remember that these are really powerful wizards down look at the school like the teachers so like because they didn't have really powerful wizards there I believe they hold some like you know they have trapped some evil things in the basement of the school probably something that we need to do over here it's crazy that I can actually use this lightning like this alright let's see.

What's going on there all right so I think we need this No must be something all right. Let's try to figure it out here sometimes these old games don't really give you the hints I do not hold your hand correct so I can't get past here.

Maybe I'm now the blocks can only be used here oh yeah creepy how far can I move these blocks.

And I move the blocks all the way out here um let's see I'm not sure what is.

No. Oh Oh we can go up there and then move.

Them maybe that torch will do something yes there we go that's what we needed to do well that was interesting good job Harry Harris cynically you're a wizard Harry alright alright so now what do I do with the candlestick I give it Oh paddle okay that was kind of cool it's a mermaid yeah this game definitely. Makes you think out of the box I like that yeah definitely Lego games have changed a lot over the years yeah I mean like when I mean now it's like they'll put like the person that needs to do it and everything next to this yep thing that needs to be done but back then it was like I love how they interact with. The painting so that's kind of cool that's like everything in this game it makes you feel like you're using like Harry Potter magic stuff yeah it definitely feels like that I'm trying to highlight that up there but I can't oh it's probably nothing important I'm gonna jump off look for this right because what I just thought I'd be done with this just probably hit the a button to get rid of the rat okay I think we need to bring these like swords I don't know can you grab the other sword maybe they'll duel or something no you can only do them one at a time oh this.

That's just for something else I'm just not.

It says do not use all that's what did.

You do wait there's a girl there now how did that happen well I think that's the girl that likes uh she's the one that looks hairy I think there's several girls that end up liking Harry that was random no that's not how this is Ron but how did he you know I saw the ponytail I no need to I thought I saw it was weird.

But no rule was that you have to be a girl so somehow I don't yeah cuz that.

Was a girl before someone maybe try maybe I did a magic spell made myself look like a girl maybe it was something with that pain oh I see you got it yeah.

Getting hit by a spell there we go ah.

This ray Ron Weasley oh my gosh there's.

The thing there so it's a time limit for but that's open now it's fine we don't want to go in there just yet someone I want to highlight those orb things up there does that painting to make people can you highlight that up there up there yeah that little crystal ball thing yeah. I think so there we go there we go I'm.

Going back to get the other ones I missed because that is going to give us something good to later on we go look at. That it gives helps all that fun stuff nice and because it's dynamic we can pretty much go anywhere so that was a good thing about dynamic yeah I mean that was one good thing about it was that he didn't wait for the other person to be on the screen indeed so the door is open we can travel. Through go cause trouble for the girls room for Hermione.

She's like oh well that's right she got stuff thrown on her face control uses.

The bathroom Oh.

Oh okay are we supposed to attack the.

Troll just little kids stay away from remaining money I can't remember which one is her name.

There she is you got her out well she came out when the roll like smashed all this stuff whoa crazy trajo Oh comment.

Roles for that alright do this I'm.

Supposed to tack the door just oh I get it now I hit him he doesn't look happy nope he has a weakness it's small knives deep.

Brush brush brush brush hey I'm brushing here not cool dude you're trying to clean up oh I remember these it's the brooms from the Star Wars game using your Jedi powers and then you would get studs after sweeping that's also the old school sound effects for a Lego were all Star Wars sound effects that people didn't know that because the first like licensed Lego game they did with Star Wars in fact the Lego Star Wars formula was used for pretty much all the Lego games even Lego Batman kind of used a lot of the Star Wars elements Wow and then they you know they made it more a change to the logo another piece of the.

Thingamabob er how in the world that we supposed to hop nope that's not how we hit him you can't. Get close to him we have to throw an object at his head ah there we go. There's an object you got to throw back at him good job jump Harry.

I'm using his club against him I think yeah thank you our know there we go.

Goodbye mr. troll vite rule troll elsewhere oh my gosh oh yeah pretty much.

I am sorry I did not mean to do this oh. Wait well they did it on purpose we almost.

Got all the house Chris house Chris that.

Was close though yep steadily I kind of.

Like I don't know maybe playing these older Lego games I'll get better at than who opens yeah me too because they really they don't tell you anything anymore and this is how it was they don't get any here nope they want you to use your Lego brain to put the pieces together yourself yeah all right so we are back so anyone guys a gals that is gonna do it for this episode of Lego Harry Potter here's one through four is part of the Lego Harry Potter collection special thanks again to Warner Brothers for providing the code before the game comes out on October 30th and we will see you with more Lego Harry Potter tomorrow thanks for watching until we meet again god bless and every gaming see ya alright so.

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