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10 Superpowers Ironman Wants To Keep Secret

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10 Superpowers Ironman Wants To Keep Secret

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10 Superpowers Ironman Wants To Keep Secret

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There is no doubt Iron Man is one of the most famous and popular heroes in Marvel’s catalogue right now. Who can resist that playboy smile and slick red and gold suit? Thanks to the release of Spider-Man: Homecoming this year, fans got more Tony Stark in their lives. Having to wait for the release of the Infinity Wars movie in 2018 is too long a wait!

With every new appearance of Robert Downey Jr’s much beloved character, we learn something new about his abilities. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is known for keeping secrets, but we dug real deep to pull out the truth out about Iron Man’s powers. For instance, did you know that Stark has accelerated regenerative abilities? While his wound may not close immediately like Wolverine or a head grow back like Deadpool, Stark heals faster than the normal human. Which helps him when he is wirelessly communicating with global systems to gain valuable information. He doesn’t even need to jack in, he can do it from wherever he is. That leads to his ability to literally launch the Iron Man suit from within himself. Due to contact with Extremis, Stark can internally store the suit.

That is a powerful weapon in the fight against evil. Additional secret powers that give Iron Man the advantage include his genius-level intellect and advanced tactical skills. Now that we are talking about it, we wouldn’t want to cross this guy on the battlefield. In addition, Iron Man con project holographic decoys to buy himself time while he transforms into the car to speed away.We just hope we aren’t giving too much away and Tony’s enemies find this and use it against him!

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Ironman has proved to be a formidable opponent you may attribute it to his genius intellect and unlimited bank account but we think it's something else he's hiding something under that armor and it isn't a slick suit that's why CBR is here to help unlock the secrets of Ironman superpowers we know you love cvrs videos and getting free stuff why not combine the two by subscribing to CBR on youtube all the videos you enjoy will get delivered to your inbox totally free every day by nearly augmented retro framing or barf god I got to work on that acronym holographic projections you ever wake up in the morning and say to yourself I wish I had a clone to take care of all the things I don't want to do today imagine a world where you can be in three places at once you'd be the most productive person on the planet you can make your duplicates do all the things you don't want to do Tony Stark decided to harness this dream and turn it into an additional super power picture not one Tony Stark but several starts taking care of business we know that there are other Avengers who are jealous of this ability this is one of Iron Man's powers that we'd love to see more of in the Marvel Cinematic Universe his ability to project hologram decoys in the battlefield plus 611 million dollars for my little therapeutic experiment while the MCU has shown characters using phones and shield computers utilizing Holograms we've not seen an onscreen replica of what Navy Iron Man's most underrated power Iron Man's used his suits ability to project Holograms in the past by projecting a copy of himself out of the armor this fooled enemies and baited them into attacking him he's also projected multiple Iron Man to fool weapons and attacking forces as well as chameleon type blending capabilities that essentially make him invisible to everyone one what giant diamond of the size and that facing engine would be completely freezing beam when you picture Iron Man poised to do battle what do you imagine we pictured the iconic Iron Man stance with his arm reaching out straight in front of him his palm is open wide and you see the repulsor ready to blast one right at you when you see Iron Man poised like this you know you need to run away as fast as you can what if Tony got tired of shooting at you with his heads say something happened to his hands or arms that he can use it did you know his chest piece is also capable of being used as a weapon we rarely get to see the chest weapon used so you may not have known among the most interesting capabilities is his ability to generate a beam of ultra freon which would immediately freeze an opposing enemy this would stop the opponent immediately in his tracks while the opponent would not be frozen forever it buys Tony enough time to make his next move the freeze ability is also able to counter in situations that a repulsor shot may be of no effect thanks to his genius intellect and the other power she's accumulated since he became Iron Man he can keep bringing new abilities to the table to surprise enemies and delight fans those of you.

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Smart does that automatically make you good at everything else we here at CBR do not believe that this is the case some of the smartest people you know can also be less than genius in other areas in their lives Tony Stark is not one of those individuals whose genius is overshadowed by weaknesses in other key areas as Iron Man he's a leader of the Avengers being a leader means having to come up with plans often on the spot and backup plans for when everything else fails the ability to predict plan and follow through makes Iron Man a superior fighter and leader his tactical skills are of the highest order perhaps only rivaled by Captain America at times his genius intellect also extends into ingenuity on the battlefield he understands actions and reactions being able to predict with accuracy the moves of his opponents he's often able to plan several steps in advance to stay ahead in the game Stark can formulate elaborate plans using individuals and outcomes with ease tactical superiority is a component of intellect but also its own skill would you want to go up against Iron Man he would probably know what you're gonna do before you do it.

Superhuman healing Tony has evolved with the times and technology he is far from the weakened alcoholic he was in the beginning of the series hot sake yes - please no just I'm not drinking Iron Man has always had a wide array of abilities we can all agree on that some of his abilities are a result of the Iron Man suit and others come from within over the last few decades these powers have received some serious upgrades to help Tony stay ahead of the superhero pack one of the most coveted super powers regardless of it being a Marvel or DC Universe comes in the form of healing think about it supers like Captain America Doctor Strange and Iron Man are fighting to protect the planet on a near daily basis thankfully cap can recover quickly thanks to his super serum however Tony could only last at the Iron Man suit protected him that is until he acquired the ability to heal Iron Man looked to Wolverine and Deadpool and gained the ability to heal taking a page from his suit which has been developed to patch and repair itself of damaged Tony Stark is harder to take down than one might think with the superhuman ability to heal Starks body can produce entire new organs if he needs to keep itself alive. Store iron men inside Tony Stark you're a supervillain battling Tony Stark you have to come up with a plan on how to defeat this genius engineer with insane weapon systems and powers he even has weapons you can't see because they come flying in out of nowhere when summoned what do you do you think I'll take his suit away from him without the suit what could Iron Man possibly do think again Iron Man's powers have been upgraded over the years and the result is a superhero that can never be separated from his costume because it's hiding inside of him and while Iron Man has had a collection of suits over the years that have all had different capabilities it's the suit that's a part of Iron Man and Tony Stark that truly makes him a superhero Tony Stark would create a suits that meshed with his mind and body this armor was called the bleeding edge armor model 38 it was controlled with his thoughts and implanted directly into his nervous system via nanotechnology Iron Man's suit can be stored inside of his bones able to be deployed whenever the situation presents itself this made.

Tony one of the most powerful superheroes in the world from Iron Man.

To iron car have the Transformers crossed over into the Marvel Universe to join Iron Man on a fast and furious mission what next is Vin Diesel going to show up are we seeing things rest assured you are not seeing things that is a car in the air painted in Iron Man golden red he may be saved yourself this car armor doesn't seem practical a fireman could fly why would he ever need a car to fly away isn't flying away faster than driving the transformation into the car does serve a few practical capabilities if flying malfunctions then Tony can drive away if he needs to blend in with a crowd he can use the car the Iron Man armor model 52 can be used as a normal sports car but can also turn into the Iron Man suit with the help of repulsor turbines on the other carriage it can also be a flying car that carries non flying superheroes to a destination Tony can't carry everyone with them it also serves as a kind of holding cell now that sounds pretty cool doesn't hi dummy how did you get that cap on your head you earned it communication systems one of the keys to being a superhero is being a step ahead of your enemy you need to know how to foil their evil plot by anticipating their moves you also need to gather more information than your opponent because knowledge as we know is power how do you do that you need to constantly be looking and listening let's be real Ironman is an icon his high profile status creates a target on his back that means Ironman consistently needs to be steps ahead of a lot of different enemies all at once in the Iron Man comic book series shortly after he disassembled storyline Tony Stark became more aware of this lead he started to use the bleeding edge armor which we briefly touch upon in this list he can wirelessly connect to telecommunication devices across the globe due to the tech no path bond on command Tony is able to talk to and listen to machines such as phones satellites and computer systems this power is just another under-the-radar power that makes life as Ironman a lot easier come on go on it response time when you think of a fast superhero who comes to mind maybe Nightcrawler because he can BAMF all over the map within seconds what about Quicksilver and his mutant ability of superhuman speed he can run faster than the speed of sound does Iron Man come to mind well he should when Ironman got the extremis armor his suits operating system was hardwired right into his body's nervous system as a result he gained the ability of speed Iron Man's response time is instantaneous thanks to advanced technologies unlike a normal human who has to think about something and then send the signal to their limbs Stark simultaneously thinks and moves his reaction time is cut down to next to nothing what would you do if your synapses fire and it's immediately carried out by your body all those shaved seconds adds up to save time throughout the day those seconds can also mean the difference between life or death for you fire man's ability matches up with powers like spider-man's spider-sense or the skills cap got from the Super Soldier Serum and thus it puts them on a level playing field with the more traditional superheroes that everyone knows about what do you think I have successfully privatized world peace too smart for his own good Tony Stark graduated from MIT at the age of 17 when most teenagers were busy hanging out with their friends are getting into trouble Tony was busy engineering machinery to save the world when you think marvel universe geniuses you probably go straight for Reed Richards Hank Pym and Bruce Banner Tony Stark probably doesn't rank up there very high because he think of him as the sarcastic guy who built the Iron Man suit you don't think of him as an inventor a scientist or a great mind of his time sorry to burst your bubble but Tony Stark is a certifiable super genius one of Tony's and thus Iron Man's greatest strengths as his super intelligence it's easy to forget that Iron Man isn't just a high-tech killing machine when you look at him you see a piece of very expensive machinery that can do some awesome things I don't know of anyone in the history of any superhero franchise who seems to have never run out of money you aren't even thinking about the fact that Tony had to design and build that suit it all came from his mind if not for him being a genius he might never have made it this far to begin with sure money would have gotten him some of the way but it's his ability to conceive and follow through that got him where he is today what do you do you region avoiding detection let's be realistic about this superpower being able to avoid radars or sensitive detection software is not the most exciting superpower it isn't as iconic as Captain America's shield or make a cool sound like Wolverines claws when you're a practically indestructible weapon not many people are going to pay attention to the tiny things that make your powers useful let's be clear being able to avoid detection is an immensely important ability it's just that it gets overlooked all too often after all people can see Iron Man suit his rockets and beams those things are exciting people on the ground looking at him flying overhead can't recognize the radar avoidance taking place when you're flying into hostile territory are trying to take out any number of various Earth destroying threats with the Avengers you're generally not going to want to draw attention to yourself when one of the Avengers come smashing into your backyard that person will notice that is not true of Ironman having devised a genius cloaking system to avoid radar and other detection methods in a suit Ironman essentially has invisibility on this side right up until he Cooley lets out a sarcastic insult that his opponent and gives his location away good job Tony seems like Tony Stark may have a few tricks up his billion-dollar sleeve he probably won't be too happy that we let them out today what other powers do you think Tony Stark is hiding which is the most powerful let us know in the comments below while you're here don't forget to check out our playlist for more awesome videos if you enjoyed our video please like and share with all your friends and finally thanks for watching

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