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HITMAN 2 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 [1080p HD 60FPS PC MAX SETTINGS] - No Commentary

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HITMAN 2 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 [1080p HD 60FPS PC MAX SETTINGS] - No Commentary

HITMAN 2 Walkthrough Part 1 and until the last part will include the full HITMAN 2 Gameplay on PC. This HITMAN 2 Gameplay is recorded in 1080p HD on the PC and will include the full Campaign.


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Following the events of the previous game, Agent 47 embarks on a mission to hunt the mysterious Shadow Client while also discovering the hidden truth about his past. The game features six missions, which are set in six distinct locations. The game is scheduled to be released on 13 November 2018 for PS4, Xbox One a.nd PC

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The story so far agent 47 and his handler Diana burn would are the world's top assassins working for the ICA when all of their recent missions turn out to be contracts for a shadow client things take an unexpected turn all their targets have been operatives in an invisible organization known as Providence Providence has infiltrated the highest echelon zuv power and secretly owns our world the shadow client wages a silent war against them and so the constant Providence's enigmatic controller seeks Diana out his request track down and eliminate the shadow client in return he offers something irresistible the truth of 47s lost origins neither know that the man they hunt his 47th childhood friend and unlike 47 he remembers.

At the location no hostile presence understood Almer Enid's house is just at the beach our Intel indicates that she and her team are laying low most likely planning the militias next strike Reynard is one of the shadow clients tumblr tenants and yet she's not a target not yet anyway she's no doubt high on our clients list but for now it's information we seek infiltrate the house and get us a lead on the shadow client that for symbian e47 on my way.

Good eh now according to the local home security provider the house is equipped with multiple cameras placed around the perimeter I suggest you get rid of them 47.

Bodies may female early 30s executed I.

See them old bastards looks like reynard's grisly handiwork alright she was never shy about collateral damage the owners don't think so the house is registered to a non-existing environmental NGO this feels more like identity theft like you Reynard is known to use disguises hmm keep looking 47 nothing we can do for these people now.

Found something looks like research reports Berlin Shanghai every major malicious strikes as Thomas crosses kidnapping.

Looks like Reynaud had a hand in all of them all in the past I'm afraid keep looking 47.

47 back computer see if you can't access it encrypted hmm assuming there's a key Reina wouldn't just leave it lying around wait according to the floorplan. The room urine should be a lot bigger there might be a concealed space behind the wall check for hidden panels 47.

Ah thought so this should be interesting.

Here we go for the office computer no doubt.

Nicely done 47 should allow you to move more freely.

Hmmm appears Raynard cell is launching another strike those are sewer maps that.

Were residential area in Wellington well there's nothing we can do about it now our priority is the shadow client.

I'm in hurry I'm detecting movement up the road a motorcade possibly rain arts uploading the data hold on receiving it now hmm nothing on the shadow client or the other cells no names no aliases I doubt she even knows whom she's working for wait here's something a message from Robert Knox of Kronstadt industries and by the sound of it he's a Providence operative a defector well well well client won't like this one bit and you can't wait to tell her they're back multiple hostiles I see them damn okay. We've got hole we're going to get go to stage two 47 eliminator a nod and preferably without raising suspicion one step ahead of the shadow client for once let's keep it that way.

Oh I thought this night would never end what a snob fest and I even missed out on the action I'm sorry you'll have to enjoy all that free champagne and cello music Orson what can I say you really took one for the team well I say stick to what you know.

Not very convincing mr. Donavan take a deep breath better now you would take the stairs where your boss Rupert appears he's taking his morning joke you will inform his powers message you will approach mr. beers your him close to the edge does him Walgreens manga what do you think for the life of your.

Wife and daughters shouldn't be much of a choice even for a workaholic understand.

Best of luck mr. Donavan we thank you for your sacrifice.

Is it done who does and mr. Donovan's wife and children the guys will let them go at the stroke of midnight unless I say otherwise.


Oh you'll need to see a doctor like seriously.

Target down well done 47 now get off the property.

The mercs have discovered your boat 47 they're on high alert combing the beach for intruders proceed with caution.

Hmm nowhere to get past them unnoticed I suggest you cause a distraction 47 and make it a loud one.

Well it's official New Zealand paid off the client has given us carte blanche hunt down the militia by any means necessary a week ago Providence was a threat how did you swing the board the board of practical people 47 a blank check is hard to turn down besides the shadow clients war on Providence is causing a global panic someone need to stop the militia might as well be us and the man on the train you never told them about his offer taking a contract for personal gain is against ica regulations sodas would have been proud it's not a sense of humor 47 whatever next crying at the movies why are you doing this I know what it's like to have everything taken from you it claims to know about your past no childhood your memories everything or Maya stole from you and you trust him about as far as I can throw him but this is our best lead in 20 years I say it's time we break a few calls.

Good afternoon 47 your destination is the annual global innovation motor race in Miami Florida after analyzing the data from reynard's computer the case is clear the providence defectors are Robert and Sierra Knox head of robotics developer Kronstadt industries a visionary inventor and technological innovator Robert knots has spearheaded Kronstadt industries to the bleeding edge of technological development his equally brilliant daughter Sierra is not only a financial wizard but also a fiercely competitive race car driver with a fiery temper to match Crom stock enjoys enormous popularity with global consumers however few are aware that the company is also one of the world's leading suppliers of next-gen military tech last year a.

Despotic ruler jinpu employed prototype Kronstadt drones against peaceful civilian protesters in the now-infamous Canyon Valley incident and although it has yet to be proven there is little doubt that the Knox's personally brokered the deal making them complicit in a war crime it is unclear why the.

Knox's would betray their masters but likely the fear of being next hooked on the shadow clients hit list has pressured them to cut a deal with the enemy undoubtedly with Kronstadt industries on their side the militia will increase their attacks tenfold and so our contract obligates us to retire Robert and Sierra Knox and contain the damage they may inflict on Providence I will leave you to prepare.

Welcome to Miami 47 the innovation race is on its last day and it is down to the wire thousands of eager fans are gathered for the final laps of this unexpectedly close race ciarán ox is expertly piloting her red Kronstadt car her father Robert Knox roams the nearby expo building where Kronstadt is showcasing its new prototype car the Kronstadt RK mark 3 has seen fierce competition from the Chinese Kowloon Heavy Industries new racer Moses leaves CEO of Kowloon has taken a dominant lead and looks invincible.

The stakes are as high as the.

Hi there how you doing.

That is Ted Mendez one of the country's most influential military grade money men this must be connected to Kronstadt.

Fell it's Ted here just returning your call before heading over to the expo building to meet Knox for the new combat Android presentation No yeah I'm letting him stupid guys a genius and you know what their life is with me backing his respect for other last time I tried to have a meeting with him he had me sitting at a room for four hours cancel I'll head up alright I'll call you after the presentation speak then.

Oh hello.

And a good day to you.

Mr. Mendez good to see you sir the demonstration is scheduled to take place on the upper floors please feel free to use the stairs right over there hey.

What's up.

Mr. Mendez right this way sir.

I realize this may sound trivial but.

Mountain View soda dispenser has been on the fritz since we moved in I can't work without my energy drinks and I have been forced to bring my own what yes that's right they fixed it today but here's the problem you see mr. Knox and his entourage of gun wielding bodyguards manage to empty the machine in one hour now I was thrilled to receive the email telling me the machines were back in order but to come and discover how Knox and his goons have been seemingly bathing and fountain do all morning well let me tell you the disappointment is substantial not a matter for HR how so.

I don't think it's wise of me to take it up with mr. Knox himself no I I see well.

Yes yes well though thank you.

I'm hearing through the grapevine apparently knox wants to do a large-scale field test and panic in a few months right sounds like one of those entirely unfounded rumors that gets spread around down at the local bar after work a palace isn't in a state to be field tested on any scale well Lyle from outsourcing told me they've been a request to reach out to Jim Powell the reply back can be positive that's insane yes are true why would not risk another test after that the Tommy family mastic why I understand Jinbo is pre lacks with his import taxes and there's a lot of money in the bank I suspect not once a piece of the pie if Poe offs a few rebels to help improve Palace Knox is apparently down with them if this leaked the media would eat Knox alive he dodged that tunk Valley bullet for only because jinho is a lunatic and had no qualms about taking the blame for the massacre still makes you wonder showed us.

Mr. Mendez it's Derek.

Mr. Mendez is here already he's eager to get on with the demo you should come by as soon as possible.

Hello sir and welcome.

Long time no see.

Ah Ted can finally see you guess traffic was rough I'd never mind let me show you everything I'm gonna say something provocative now Ted war is going out of fashion it's dirty it's just plain bad PR nobody wants to exchange their children and loved ones for flags and medals anymore the glory is God Ted but luckily Kronstadt has a solution for that imagine this Android infiltrators operating in the field disguised and fully embedded ready to strike at a moment's notice indestructible robotic operators who can infiltrate the deepest sanctuary of any adversary striking an unseen fatal blow a surgical tool for a blood world imagine an army of them fully equipped Android medics seeking out wounded servicemen and injured civilians bringing them to safety or patching them up then in their Android pilots delivering payloads deep inside enemy territory with uncanny precision and minimal collateral damage alright Mendez it's very straightforward let me show you I just pick any other pictures on the desk then I use the scanner to upload the biometric data and Alice will do the rest target acquired.

Obviously the final system won't rely on you manually I'm feeding it biometric data this is still a prototype this is a pivotal moment in modern conflict solution Ted Palace is entirely full all you need is to pick a photo from the table and scan it just like I showed you it's perfectly safe go make my day.

Just can't one of the images Mendez. Don't easy.

Well impressive amazing I know I just.

Think how much together my brain the.

Sky's the limit here my friend mmm I don't know maybe I'm old-fashioned I still prefer the human touch you're part of an old institution and you prefer the traditional approach I respect I but like it or not this is the future you're looking at autonomous synthetic systems will entirely remove human agents from direct engagement I guarantee this thing will absolutely murder anything you put it up against sounds promising so mr. Mendez impressive so far yeah let me quickly show you our on-site robotics lab it's small but state-of-the-art and it's fully mobile so you can deploy it anywhere.

Hey good to see you man so as part of the deal Kronstadt will throw in one deployment cell per 5 units outfitted to enable on-site adjustments and calibrations it'll be shipped in a bulletproof shell and can be dropped anywhere on the planet using the Kronstadt oh you exams and deployment drones so if you have any questions or want to see anything again just let me or McKenna's know I'll let you hang out and look at everything for yourself hey don't be a stranger Ted.

Collecting pictures of celebrity on entrepreneurs now 47 hmm what are you thinking.

I'm ready for another demonstration please excellent let me just call mr. Knox and bring him down here Mendez is ready for round two.

Need to get down here ASAP.

And let me give you the rundown again all right I think we can skip the in-charge honks ah right it knocks down.

Now for the heir to the Kronstadt Empire.

See anything weird report to us immediately.

I can't I have so many things I need to.

Fix before this day is over there's just no way yeah Robert and his daughter are.

Both here you remember I told you how they were whenever they were at events together I'm literally doing everything I can to make sure they don't meet he's.

Fine it's her she's a world-class idiot she's got every opportunity in the world to act like a classy lady and instead she runs around with rock stars drives her precious cars and acts like a rebellious teenager she's almost 30 act like it lady I think he's being.

Extremely patient with her to be honest she's constantly dragging the Knox name through the mud I don't understand why he puts up with it did you know she actually hired a mobster to break the legs of a competing athlete when she was 17 17 years old. Robert would be better off just shipping her to Argentina or something get rid of her yeah me too listen I have to run I'll talk to you later have fun tonight bye.


Ah cool.

Doctor's orders the race is entering its final lap 47 you think that a top-notch.

Medical facility like that will be able to serve fugu clean.

We're probably knocking Dylan why are you talking this game would you mean he built the robot that saved your life yeah know that hmm funny yeah.

Maybe I'll jump you in front of a bullet for him after all only fair I guess.

You like what you're looking at.

47 the race is over Sierra will be coming off the track anytime now.

Maybe notice I'm difficult it is having guests now.

I'm a now ready to me up with Sierra knocks over the hotel yeah after the race I just got to pick up the documents for my van but I had to knock out a guy and steal his flamingo outfit now I can't find my car keys yeah I know it's done I think I lost him in the scuffle but the real mascot is still over there so don't get them I've got no evidence bye-bye money I don't know I need to figure something out talk soon can you do me a favor my keys.

Were fat guys crazy and I'd a disgruntled Kronstadt employee has acquired some dirt on Sierra Knox and intends on blackmailing her disguised as one of the racing mascots he plans to meet Sierra by the old motel well I always did feel that pink was your color 47 there go over there Bree tough.

Some guy jumping stole my mascot outfit.

Hey yo did you find some keys over there.

Oh man you're a real lifesaver thank you.


Howdy partner.

Nice outfit really brings out your eyes this toxin for me to be here she has to make sure you brought the documents so you bring the documents I have the papers right here excellent come on in have a seat or something so far so good from December now let's see where this meeting is headed.

So uh here for a job application of what something like that nice if you don't want me saying so for job is my suit.

Does that the cleaners and you couldn't find anything else to wear correct you must lead a very interesting life you have no idea.

Yeah it's either real.

So mr. hmm I never did catch your name. Names offer friends straight to the point in all business walk with me where are we going what am I gonna do kill you broad daylight I just not about to do sensitive business like this in front of an audience good idea so just to get.

This straight you claimed in your email to have somehow found internal reports that show Kronstadt s-- involvement in the Tongan Valley Massacre sounds about right let's be clear you and I are having this meeting because my father doesn't need to know about this it's just another undesired distraction I don't care if the information is true or false I don't care if it mentions moving money from the nexus project into Tongan valley damage control as you claimed in your correspondence I do care about protecting my father which is why you and I are now here I see leave me alone for a few minutes guys sure thing miss Knox right round if you could quit.

Breathing directly on me I'd be grateful so here's the deal you hand over the documents and leave and that's the end of it and you will do that now so here.

Are the two possible outcomes of this meeting one you will leave this place in this country for good and that will be the end of it everyone lives happily ever after - you don't choose option one someone dies right here right now which do you prefer not much of a choice is it no not really.

Both targets down well done 47 head for an exit and will speak again soon.

Hey good to see you.

Darling Jack hi.

Montreal we're bleeding operatives panic is spreading and now we are Xing our own narcs was a trader he would have caused in one fillable damage and he won't be the last this is exactly what the enemy wants we need to fight the sickness not the symptom and I have just the tool for. The job right the burn would woman Eric's owners warned you about her didn't he the Crusader I can handle this burn wood everyone hates power until you offer them some I see a speaks the.

Enemy's language we need them and once we don't we'll cross that bridge when we get there fact remains we are shadowboxing we need to know who we're up against I was getting to that.

His name is Lucas gray the late mr. Cobbs head of security Cobb was ground zero first of our operatives to die it had to be one of his staff someone with military training and access to the plane grasping at straws Rey is a mercenary a veteran of every backwater tragedy you've ever ignored on the 5 o'clock news Chechnya Sierra Leone the list goes on but before 89 nothing no records of any.

Kind come on CIA KGB plenty of spies.

Went dark after the curtain was lifted I cast a very wide net Lucas grace simply does not exist. Hmm if you're all quite done wetting. Yourselves with excitement I couldn't give two shits where he came from I only want to know one thing how does he know about us I swear to God this hearts and flowers.

Crap will get us both killed can't you see your so-called friend is working for them now he's not the man you knew is his fight to Olivia even if he doesn't realize it like it or not 47 is our last and only lead on the partners he needs to remember. He's coming for us and unlike you he won't hesitate just get me inside this Rica I need a favor.

Alright I made it clear this morning that if things didn't change let me off the Kronstadt deep knocks my skilled mechanic lazier.

I don't double myself for the entire.

Week and I'll come back in case the arrow decides to use that last pit stop you decide otherwise I'll be down by the panel best-loved race one of the Kronstadt pit crews quit the team in protest and grace Miller the ballbuster chief mechanic is in critical need of a replacement why don't you step in and offer your services 47 you're good with a wrench.

Pick some up good.

I mean one of my guy who doesn't jump the ship and I need to replace me ASAP are you available shit alright the shutter on talk later.

You stir the juniors leverage you got an interview right I suppose I am great this is your lucky day do well and there's a bonus that you've got it got it all right everyone look alive and get to your stations here and make them into a last minute.

To get more you know helped make the accident happen.

Excellent 47 and now for a bit of maintenance.

Here's coming in everyone.

Target down next up Robert Knox.


Are you watching the beat.

Well it's his daughter wouldn't he want to I understand he's with me but she could be dead for God fine.

Darling Jack hi Montreal we're bleeding operatives panic is spreading and now we're Xing alone narcs was a trader he would have caused infallible damage and he won't be the last this is exactly what the enemy wants we need to fight the sickness not the symptom and I have just the tool for. The job right the burn wood woman Eric's. Odors warned you about her didn't he the Crusader I can handle this burn wood everyone hates power until you offer them some.

I see a speaks the enemy's language we need them and once we don't we'll cross that bridge when we get there fact remains we are shadowboxing we need to know who we're up against I was getting to that deal his name is Lucas gray the.

Late mr. Cobbs head of security Cobb was ground zero first of our operatives to die it had to be one of his staff someone with military training and access to the plane. Grasping at straws Rey is a mercenary a veteran of every backwater tragedy you've ever ignored on the five o'clock news Chechnya Sierra Leone the list goes on but before 89 nothing no records of any.

Kind come on CIA KGB plenty of spies.

Went dark after the curtain was lifted I cast a very wide net Lucas grace simply does not exist. Hmm if you're all quite done wetting. Yourselves with excitement I couldn't give two shits where he came from I only want to know one thing how does he know about us I swear to God this heart some flowers.

Crap we'll get us both killed can't you see your so-called friend is working for them now he's not the man you knew is his fight even if he doesn't realize it like it or not 47 is our last. And only lead on the partners he needs to remember he's coming for us and unlike you he won't hesitate just get me inside this Rica I need a favor.

Good morning 47 our Providence contact has shared the identity of the shadow client a former mercenary and bodyguard by the name of Lucas gray his past is a black void but our analysts are digging deep meanwhile we've had a breakthrough of our own comparing the malicious attack patterns with global shipping and transportation routes we've figured out how mr. gray and his paramilitaries move around the world undetected they're using the distribution network of the Delgado can't help Columbia's biggest drug manufacturer clearly gray musta struck a deal with it all garters consequently if we can cripple the cartel we can severely limit the malicious strike range but to do so we need to slay a three-headed servant sociopathic cartel head Rico Delgado and his two closest left Henin's PR guru Andrea Martinez and several chemists Jorge Franco with equal parts guts and guile Rico Delgado runs a thriving billion-dollar criminal empire the word is the brutal and volatile cartel head is hell-bent on becoming the number one drug lord in the world to achieve this martinez a childhood friend of Delgado's has been buttering up state leaders and decision makers paving the way for an expansion of the Delgado logistics network while the brilliance but aloof and anti-social Franco has been hard at work developing a new type of super cocaine so three of Columbia's most infamous crime lords inhabiting a decidedly hostile environment I will leave you to prepare.

Welcome to Colombia 47 the remote. Village of Santa Fortuna awaits you deep inside the Colombian rainforest an iron-fisted Delgado cartel rules over the village and its surroundings security around Santa Fortuna and the closed off cartel compound is extremely tight armed sicarios patrol the streets of the village ready to enforce harsh punishments to those who do not comply rumors persist of hidden transportation cave systems connecting the village the cartel compound and the hidden coca fields beyond it is a rare occurrence to have all three cartel leaders present in the village at the same time expect that all targets are protected by scrupulous killers armed with automatic weapons Rico Delgado inhabits this fortified mansion on the outskirts of the village while Andrea Martinez can be found in her village office or around Santa Fortuner itself and Jorge Franco is engaged in development of a new drug in his field laboratory happy hunting 47.

Good to see you.

How is it going.

Why doesn't she just get him her said she's got a lot on her mind the construction of the new plant has been stalled for days now because of what they found she needs him to cleanse the place so Andrea Martinez wants the local.

Shaymin to do a spirit cleanse at the construction site she's ordered her sicarios to summon him against his will if necessary I suggest you get involved 47 after all getting rid of bad influences is what you do best.

A great American poet I don't give a.

Shit up.

The B sounds and lights of your surroundings caress your minds and spirits another trouble offenses were here in search of a spiritual ring news.

Are you ready to try it out yourself.

Hey you don't happen to have a magic marker they don't call me the prank master for nothing I'm afraid dammit.

Yeah so no the colors all wrong you know I did a lot of reading up on this thing before coming here and all the potions and the pictures were more you know read yeah Brett I understand.

Hello there.

Huh you don't look too good buddy.

Oh man this this is going straight up the hall Hey.

Think about it.

Finding a red box with circuit boards out here - any jump at nearly.

She came processing machine one part fancy machine my ass so it sounds like the Delgado's helicopter pilot dropped a package over the jungle by mistake a red box containing circuit boards for Jorge Franco's new cocaine processing machine hmm sounds like a workplace accident waiting to happen providing Franco can get his machine working.

Hey yeah we might have a possible situation stay tuned.

Yes esto get it get it everywhere you know oh yeah very well oh yeah understood.

Which opens time to bring Franco down to size.

You're suddenly overcome Julian's this is what happens when policies applied alongside proper work edges this.

No longer would we have two beautiful people out there just these marvelous mechanical contraption and it's otherworldly ability door perfect brakes Blanco confirms down nice.


No lo creo.

Rod just saw something strange moving in to investigate.

I tagged good to see you here sends his.


Welcome data hey miss Martinez is waiting for you and her office upstairs go right in well the famous Shaymin.

Decides to show up after all I'm pleased to finally put a face to the Meath I was beginning to think you didn't exist what with you're not replying to any of my inquiries I've been looking forward to meeting you miss Martinez alright I need you to get over because inside on the outskirts of the village the workers there uncovered a pile of old bones and I taken the opportunity to grab some unreserved recreational time I need you to go over there as soon as possible and wave your magic wand or do an interpretive dance or whatever it is you do I can do that you can walk with me if you don't know the way otherwise I'll see you there just don't take too long I'm an important person very well I haven't been to the construction site in some time actually alright I guess we'll meet them on the side.

I'm happy you finally came around Wow mr. Delgado will be pleased I understand he's not an easy man to relate to Lo and trust me I know exactly where you're coming in what volatility I love it maybe that's what he external.

Conversations between you and me Rico could probably do with a spiritual cleansing himself I'll see what I can do.

My father told me of the action ritual he performing in last week he's never looked better.

You see upon a cleansing ritual writer so good to finally have you here you have been sorely missed happy to be here so here's the problem. We're digging some holes for the foundation now we come across this well bonus I guess turns out that human and the workers seem to think they're part of some old grey sounds likely so no.

They don't stripe won't work until the site is cleanse this is where you come you know and you can help us out I'll do my best.

Hello there sir.

Have fun sir.

All right tighter treating the stage is all yours cleanse away.

Thank you for your leadership and guidance the site is clean now beautiful.

Excellent a beautiful ritual I could genuinely feel the spirits bless the worthwhile endeavor we are pursuing here there are peace now expertly moved on to the afterlife by your tighter I am confident this is the end of it.

Nicely done looks like the foreman is going to tour the site and show some of the machinery to Andrea Martinez this might be your chance 47 mumbling I am eager to get this site back on track mr. Rodriguez I trust you know what is at stake here si senorita Martinez.

Exeter mr. Delgado needs to have the plant up and running very suits.

The workers are not aware of the true purpose of the plant correct Oh jiminy - we need some private time. Here fourth of all that is correct senorita Martinez they believe it's a water treatment plant as does everyone in the village of course it will function as that and large-scale drug manufacturing section how are you hiding that from them we rotate workers on a regular basis bringing contractors from Bogota and use trusted people everything is good it's.

Important to me that the villagers believe this is for them Oh mono senorita Martinez.

You why are you just standing around this thing will not build itself your families depend on you working so they can eat this isn't helping anyone.

You enjoying the break I hope you realize there are consequences to this sort of behavior.

You why are you just standing around this thing will not build itself your families depend on you working so they can eat this isn't helping anyone I noticed some overtime requests mister.

Yes practice constructing a lot of building parts on site to make sure we hit the deadlines I've asked them to work.

See enterprising and the resort.

Muchas gracias de Martinez it also helps us.


That is P power real name Paul powers celebrity tattoo artist and reality TV star.

May I'm telling you I've been in some crazy shit before where this takes the cake Delgado mention just knock on the.

Front gate they sit and then one walk in and tattoo the world's most notorious cartel boss I can see how that's not easy I heard he killed me just for fun imagine what he'd do to me if I messed up well sure he's dangerous but is his wife you need to look out for my you know so P power celebrity tattooist of tattoo torment fame has come to Santa Fortuna presumably to work his magic on Rico Delgado a known ink enthusiast sounds like an invitation to the mansion forty-seven are you feeling expressive.

Yeah taxi it's me look I'm in real trouble here call me back all right.

My wife I'm about to pick out my way.


Be that a power guy anger man I hope you don't mind but we need to frisk you.

Like the Lions Jordan 47 tread caps practically everyone here is dangerous not least Rico Delgado himself so famous.

Tattoo artists on skin as well in my time of course most of that was in prison you know how hard it is to the to.

Traitor on a guy's forehead while he's squirming around on the ground like a wall let me tell you interesting story thank you for sharing I know that is Catalina Delgado wife - Rico Delgado for the past 11 years to meet you.

A great moment I cherish the memory to this day Oh see so Rico has this tattoo.

On his neck and insists it's supposed to be made on the photos I'm not informed mr. powers my nerves never look like that not even before the operation and sure I've had a few ticks down here and there but nothing as drastic as that I want you to make it look like me not some young skank I'll do my very best mrs. Delgado Oh Chico let me just grab a quick selfie with you all right sure why not yay. Just look this way.

O'Casey Wow we look so good together this is great.

Hey hey so far so good 47 now to leave your mark on mr. Delgado so this is the famous peep out that two artist to the stars yeah you don't exactly look like you do on TV do you there's something different about you how do you don't insult our guest you thoughtless will not been sitting in a stylish chair for days but this is P power who else would it be what about those cheekbones the guy on TV didn't have cheekbones like that hey Rico enough you know they fix all that in post-production just let the man work okay fine whatever you say.

Amen how much for a cover-up I'm ready to sell anymore looks odd I swear to god.

It's not every day we have celebrities visiting you know I find your constant photography very annoying dear I'm sorry that my social life is ringing your concentration you need to keep still mr. Delgado hey I wouldn't want to stab you back now I'm watching you did you hear.

Me but that's not to better look exactly like me when you're done with your new BFF Rico calm down all right everything's okay here better safe than sorry boss you're taking it too far Jose no guns I'm sorry but I'm just doing my job a throne hey Jose I need you to leave us alone now you're too wound up right now you understand all right boss all right but I'll be back in a little while if I don't hear from you away one Oh finally some peace and quiet can I finish my work now do what you do best man you got it.

All targets neutralized this should paralyze the cartel excellent work 47 now head for an exit.

Mission status Columbia assignment have successful tactical targets neutralized militia transport network disabled location of primary target unknown team chasing several leads end message encrypted sent.

I'm not as strong as you they have to pay for what they did it needs to stop you need to stop if my.

Source checks out we can prove the board knew about the chemical leaks we'll have grounds for a retrial I'll make a difference they're too powerful they're not the devil Nancy just a company they're not above the law don't you see this is bigger than James those bastards killed 80 people and they got away with it think about what that means no one's untouchable no one's untouchable.


We got what we kept move out.



Good evening 47 the militia has released a hostage take routing the existence of covenants to the world this was a fatal mistake and our analysts are tracing at origin as we speak in the meantime we have a lead on Lucas grace top left Tennant turns out the Delgado cartels counterfeiting unit was creating fake IDs for the militia and one operative in particular stands out was the caller an infamous South China Sea pirate better known by his nom de guerre the Maelstrom the Maelstrom and his cutthroat band of outlaws with a scourge of the shipping industry in the post recession years but his reign of terror came to an end with the disastrous 2015 hijacking of the super tanker Frances King Chinese elite forces stormed the ship resulting in the deaths of a dozen sailors and most of the males to his crew that car they slipped away unseen the maelstroms connection to Crais is unknown but we believe it was he who carried out the audacious killing of a Providence CEO in Shanghai along with two reactivated members of his old pirate gang Vanya Shaw a shady figure in Mumbai's criminal underworld and our wood rangoon the gangs old cashier turned dodging movie producer Shaw Rankin and the Maelstrom home Lucas grace Eastern soul they are a crack strike team and stopping them as our clients are pressing concern unfortunately the elusive Maelstrom appears to have vanished into the seedy underbelly of Mumbai the cradle of his criminal legend and no one knows his whereabouts or what it currently looks like so a Bandit Queen a showbiz charlatan and one certifiable ghost I shall leave you to prepare.


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