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Nancy Drew: Phantom of Venice (Part 1) - Tesserae Slideshow

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This video from: Arglefumph: The Nancy Drew Dude.
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Nancy Drew: Phantom of Venice (Part 1) - Tesserae Slideshow

A video guide of me playing "Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice". In this section, we start the game, get Nancy dressed, talk to Colin Baxter, see his tesserae slide show (he adores that shade of crimson!), and talk to Margherita.

This video contains footage from the Nancy Drew series, made by Her Interactive ( All rights are owned by Her Interactive.

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Hey everyone my name is michael gray and today i'm going to be playing Nancy Drew the Phantom of Venice which is the latest Nancy Drew game is number 18 in the series you do.

Ooh cool glowing eyes I like that that's. A cool effect hi I'm Nancy Drew hey Nancy let's start the game I can't see.

Anything ah apparently wearing some sort of sewer system.

Well I'm not sure what's going on but I'm sure something creepy is going to happen because the music is creepy and they always like to start off these games with crazy stuff what okay.

Mm oh that's not good we're trapped in a room still that is slowly filling with sewage cabin this.

Case started out so well I mean what could be better than waking up in Venice Italy Oh mm-hmm not getting trapped in a uh.

You know a sewage plant that would be that would be nice.

Okay so this is the room Nancy staying at.

This is about the it's kind of cool-looking so anything we can do nope just sit and stir the view. Oh we don't have a task list huh.

Let's see we should I wear Oh apparently we can pick out what to dress Nancy and let's go with the pink blouse because well that's the only other thing she has for wearing.

Some medicines. No no no um we don't need any of these.

Things how okay let's leave the room oh.

Hey there's somebody hello you must be the American margarita mentioned I'm Colin Baxter I'm Nancy Drew if you're looking for margarita she's up on the Altana the rooftop garden um what are you doing if. You don't mind my asking right now I'm restoring this 14th century mosaic which means without getting overly technical I'm cleaning the Tesori that remain in place repairing those that have been damaged and replacing those that are missing with new ones custom crafted to match Oh huh you kind of lost me at tesserae simply put Desiree are the individual tiles which comprise the mosaic hmm where did you learn how to restore mosaics Oxford University that's where I'm from actually Oxford England at least that's where I was born I live here now and intend to do so for a very long while although I say that with no small amount of guilt why do you feel guilty people like me in Hellena are the reason true Venetians are slowly going extinct we foreigners come to Venice all in love with her and wind up staying high demand for food and housing results in high prices which in many cases means the people who were born here have to leave because they can no longer afford to live here if I could be granted one wish it would be to have been born here that way I would feel entitled Olivia and I would have to speak Italian you don't speak Italian much as it shames me to admit it no languages don't come easily to me and since I am able to do what I do without knowing Italian you know I have some slides of various Tesori not only are they enormous ly informative but they're also quite dutiful would you like to see them okay sure marvellous so what it tells you is spectacular isn't it huh.

Oh okay I get it I get it since he's a mosaic guy these are the draw the shade of crimson okay this is.

Now that's what I call him to go Oh totally kind of crap Oh yummy shade of yellow.

Okay now standing a color it's gray okay it's that's not very outstanding it's gonna wonderful Jade color actually that is kind of nice how do I get out of this outstanding in color I can see he's obsessed with gray look magnificent specimen no okay how do.

I get out of this can i I'd adore the shade of crimson well it was seeing such a radiant shade of åland when I'd adore the shade of crimson okay uh-huh make that incredible just incredible sure shook me okay I should probably get going yeah I thought I had at long last found a kindred spirit someone who shared my passion for beauty for art but you apparently I like everyone else interested only in what something is worth instead of what it offers the soul you know I like cars that's just we do need to be somewhere believe me I think what you're doing is fascinating and you obviously real your stuff turn that frown upside down you mean in front of you I've been dying to ask you about it where's there you go what this statuette yes it he is exquisite it's an example of late Etruscan bronze work no no Kassem 2200 years ago I'm not sure how margarita came to own it but she's very fortunate yeah it's almost impossible to find bronze it's very quality outside a museum you see after they conquered the Etruscans the ancient Romans melted down thousands upon thousands of statues like this just so they could make coins interesting shoot I wish I had time to hear more no no no you go on we can talk more later o apostle was just delivered for you it's by the door thank you okay so that's Colin uh kind.

Of weird but still kind of a nice guy he seems nice from they not this is in. German and I can't read German ah where does this go to.

Oh okay this is the rooftop or as Colin.

Said the ultimate and again welcome to Ghana's Costa I see you've finally decided to get up actually I've been up for a while what for I gotta shower and came straight up here if it's a daytime and it's sunny no matter the time of year this is where you will find me they say the Sun gives you wrinkles and words and that may be true but it also makes you tan to me to be tiny is good your. Accommodations they are do you like it oh yes the room is wonderful you do not mind having a roommate Oh sort of but at least she doesn't snore what are the prudence that you'd have to share a room with you so you have to come to nature this week and you have to stay here and as we both know what the prudence wants prudence gets have you gone outside the car yet no not yet just do not forget to take your key and lock the front door whenever you leave this is not a Palazzo Grassi but I do have a several valuable pieces of art and with el Fantasma this phantom field running around it stealing everything I prefer not to take any chances hey how long have you lived here almost two years two wonderful but very expensive years the city expects hormones like me to maintain these old buildings but to pay for everything we do the restoration council gives us nothing not one single euro it is criminal you mean you can't afford it you missed the point just because I can afford to pay does not mean I should it is the principle it is the principle of the thing besides being rich is something I like if I am all the time spending money I will soon be average I met the guy who's restoring the big mosaic in the main room he's pretty intense : Baxter I do not. Know how any man can find out Ennis looking at pieces of painted the rock all day talking to him it's like taking a sleeping pill Gabe are back but they say he is good and so he works for me how much do you know about him not much but believe you have one hair Stein raved about the work he did for her and what is good enough for the countess of chell nozzle Beck is more than good enough for me Marshall go back to your sunbathing juandissimo that's it okay well that's margarita who.

Owns this lovely little con of Scott that Nancy is staying at.

You let's go back to Nancy's

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