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Shrek The Third (Xbox 360) 100% Walkthrough - Part 4

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Shrek The Third (Xbox 360) 100% Walkthrough - Part 4

Level 4: Ye Old Ruins

Difficulty: Normal

Characters: Shrek

Fiona and Shrek say good-bye to each other, but before Shrek leaves, Fiona has something to say to him. He is going to be a father!

Meanwhile, Prince Charming wants to get revenge on Princess Fiona, Shrek, and some random lady who rejected him. So, he gathers the worst of the Far Far Away Kingdom and promises to give whatever they want if they help him take over the whole kingdom. Charming sends his soldiers away to the kingdom, starting his evil plan.

In this level, you travel through the town of Worcestershire. Beware that Prince Charming's minions appear in this level. Jocks appear, too, but they think of Shrek and Donkey as nerds. -_-

-The third coloring book can be found in one of the streetlights in front of the jocks' hangout.

List of how to complete Quests in the level:

Quest #1 - Complete the level without dying.

Quest #2 - Find all of the souvenir mugs.

Quest #3 - Complete 5 finishing moves.

Quest #4 - Set the geek free.*

Quest #5 - Find all of the jocks' trophies.**

*The geek is trapped in the locker next to the locker that is farther to the left of the gold treasure chest in the jocks' hangout. Attack the locker to free him.

**The collectibles work like other sets of collectibles in the game. These trophies are well hidden.

--The jocks in this level are apparently irritated by princesses who always get angry over useless matters. Weird...

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