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Blood and Gold Caribbean part 1

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This video from: Lord John.
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Blood and Gold Caribbean part 1

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Hello the wrong and welcome to blood and gold Caribbean so a few subscribers at.

Some point wanted me to play this because it's basically Mountain blade it's very much mount blade it's mountain blade sort of mixed in with a pirate game and as far as I can tell it's sort of you mix the pirate game in Mountain blading you get something that's not quite good as either at this point so.

Yeah well it's it's not a completely bad game but there's some stuff where sort of okay I'm this mountain this mountain blade that's better than this maybe I find out a proper pirate game would have done better but I managed to get it on a. Sail and we're gonna see how how how this works now I actually had recorded an episode already but turns out that the sort of in-game music was actually copyrighted and this is not mod or anything this is a standalone game and but the they copyrighted the music so I had to redo rather than to sort of mute which sure sort of messes up the sound level of my voice and stuff so better get them to to.

Redo it so difficulty level we're gonna.

Go with medium for pirate the medium level to sort of not too hard as being a. Runaway slave might be a sweat or met but not too much so we start off quite easily so we start off with a ship and a small crew allow me to quit without saving as you can see here is very similar to hunter blade it is basically monthly and the train to stuff wood.

Trains and stuff I mean the the skills and stuff are basically the same as you can see here there's a few difference here to add in sort of seafaring naval combat fleet commander but most of it is. Similar or the same as we can see with the different scales here one of the new things though is trains which you can add which does some things like born leader here you're being able to blah blah blah and you get bonus there and. Maybe something more fitting to show maybe you get ship boy. Maybe give this movement speed on the map and febrile wind in actual sort of. Naval combat and stuff like that so you could be able to add those trains I'm not entirely sure I think I got my first strength when I reached level three or four or something like that so that's roughly sort of an interval where you get the trains or the train points I should say but otherwise it's the similar stuff so I'm gonna go ahead and set this up and set up my character name and stuff like that and so I'll see you guys in game and there we are now we're in game we can see the map here and we've got all of the Caribbean here with.

The Spanish the English the French we've.

Got the Dutch as well and we also got. The Pirates they've got their own area here and they've also got one area here on Jamaica but right now we're here off the island of Santo Domingo think is. What they call it and let's take a look.

At what we have so in our party here we my ship is called a sequin it's a war Brigantine Brigantine and you can see the hull the crew cargo and stuff ship upgrades what kind of cannons we carry change flag there's not a lot of them in-game but I guess we keep that one and then we see the crew here and we got sort of you know the mantle blade kind of stuff and then your is a the sort of boarding crew you can look at the scale and stuff and there we got me James Steely I probably add some nickname later on once I get sort of going if I become a great pirate or something and he will go on ship what we.

Can do is we can actually first of all go ashore and take a look here at the.

Petite group grow and here we got the town so rather than in Mount blade where you end up onto the screen there we actually get a 3d view here of the town we got a number of places we've got the ship right the tavern the mansion the town hall the market garrison fort I think these are locked unless you actually become part of in this case the French so then that will open up if I become sort of part of the French faction then we also got here a a lot of queer quests here and we've got some French colonists Lancers that I can hire looking for a job where I ship right in need they need a number of a number of. Units delivered to them we also got some well letter of marque was the ste kingdom of Spain so we can attack Spanish ships illicit trade it's looking for men of honor who share in the eagerness to stop illegal contraband and primitive illicit goods without honors taxation eliminate eliminate five gangs of evil smugglers and you will be rewarded with 2,000 Viesturs tax exempt oh it's tax exempt as well you know what that sounds like a pretty good deal we'll accept that five gangs of evil. Smugglers compared readers to the normal run-of-the-mill smugglers but we'll accept that here we got a ship we can sort of more it at port and leave it here if you've got multiple ships maybe we leave some here we got merchant stuff. We carry right now we carry a lot of rum right now might sell that for good price.

We got salted fish but that's what the crew eats so right now that's all lead salted fish much like they most of time just eat grain in a mountain blade warband and this is for your own business so I guess if you build your own business I haven't gotten that far in the game so that and that let's go to the ship right so we're going ship you can buy new ships we can switch out cannons we can train our crew for 600 since we made a bit of gold we can do that so now they went to the level restrained which means that faster on the guns and such and I don't know maybe in the rigging as well we got some upgrades early on here there's not that many there's the patches I think is pretty good so far repair but I haven't been really needed to repair during fighting and some quite.

Expensive I haven't taken a look at what would be super needed most of these I don't think is really super necessary in. The beginning maybe but as I go along there probably is a few of these that will prove very useful sort of going.

Around trying not to get sunk you got the market very similar to month late you've got the same here except with the goods merchant so we got arms and there we can see what I actually carry right now some riding boots Buccaneers dress and a felt hat and then I got a blunderbuss pistol light bullets and a Cutlass probably would like maybe. A better sword so balanced rich Cutlass for 2500 so we'll switch down and I.

Actually save this in case I'll I'll hire some some companions I could give it to him we got grenades we got big swords and yeah stuff really an armor.

Got a lot of fancy stuff or more stuff here we go a fancy thick jacket if I want to be I think I'll go ahead and earn wearing a bit of a fancier jacket or a fancier hat by you know completing the mission that I got here to to hunt down and go got some horses to hunt down these smugglers uh we got Town Hall and.

The match the mansion is just to get to talk to the man in charge the guy that owns this place and Town Hall you can go. To and let's see use at the Town Hall's we have a lot of fancy people here in this fancy place so we got the the guy who's in charge of it all or of this colony.

He's standing around here with the noble ladies we got the clerk which is force. When you set up your own business it's basically instead of the what's it called amount of light it's called the yeah you know what I mean if you want to set up your own business you do it through this guy and then we got the banker I have need of your banking services they're gonna tell me actually at some point that I need to put some money into my bank and I'm not entirely.

Sure why because I haven't gotten that far but we can put a bit of money there just in case just in case it's also very good because there's a lot of things that can go wrong when you play this and you literally will lose everything if you get taken down sort of they'll take that they won't like take you know what they take like 10 percent or something in Mont ablator maybe it's even less sometimes in this day they'll take everything everything you will have nothing I've lost up to like 30,000 being. Captive and then put on like a cotton plantation picking coffee so yeah we put will store some cash here with the banker and what's left is the.

Tavern let's go take a look at the tavern very similar to the one in mountain blade it's very there's not a.

Lot of people here we've got a weaponsmith who just has got even better stuff than this one is actually very expensive just for being ballast handcraft and mine is 33 actually let's. See it's gone one point more in speed rating and it's got one point more in reach and it's got one point more in thrust than one point more in swing and it's about I think what did I get mine for like two thousand five hundred or something like that this one's six thousand six hundred czar very expensive but if you have the money probably might be worth it just to have that little bit of extra but we're not interested in that right now tavern keep I haven't actually gone ahead and I'm.

Not intelligible you gain from having your way with the prostitutes but I guess it's to do with morale maybe or the fact that you can contract syphilis and your your brain sort of turns you to.

Mash I'm not entirely sure what what's the point there and we're not gonna investigate that right now we've got a slave trader very much like mountain blade you go ahead and sell people to him that guy just passed out from drinking hard oh sorry I think you heard me talking about him and down in the corner there's always this suspicious man always down here in the dark dank corner he's sometimes it dispenses missions which you can get quite a bit of coins and sometimes he just sits there thinking about dank memes but I think for today he is. Actually giving out jobs warrior one ha I'm looking for some dank memes no I'm looking for job hmm by the looks of you I might have a certain task for a man of your abilities one that requires the absence of moral fiber and quite a bit of discretion interested moral fiber.

I'm just gone to the Caribbean and you already spots my character you sure a good spot of character because I have no moral fiber in me whatsoever I'm all.

Ears my good man a client of mine best left unnamed is it is involved in a dispute of economic nature with a certain competitor in the mining industry he desires to make a bold statement concerning his competitors productive Enterprise specifically to bomb the bloody thing into smithereens I've got the right person to plant the Powder Keg but he needs armed escort in the field I'll pay you seven thousand piastres I'm up for the job this one is one of those. If I fail this or if I get shot down and cut down and stuff I'm gonna be working them they're gonna take everything I have and then I'm going to be working in the line so to start off with this also this just this mission takes quite a while so we don't want to do that for the first one I think I will head out to sea instead and now sounds too explosive for me how. About you have some hand over some some of those spongebob means instead no oh.

Right off we go out to sea hunt down some evil smugglers I will right so put.

To sea we're gonna smuggle a fleet over there let's see about chasing them down oh we got maybe we've got something else smugglers yes at check the smugglers.

Your one ship ready for battle they have one ship as well renowned for this battle is for let's go ahead and engage the Pirates I mean the smugglers so here we go here's my ship the what suppose they call the sea Queen we got like an ass and stuff just like in any pirate game and we can switch out what kind of short we want and I actually want to shell them with grapeshot so we can clear out some of the crew because I'm planning on boarding the ship and then taking it as a prize selling it at at port you can go in. Closer take a look so we're closing in.

One of the things that this lacks is I would really like tort of like you have in Napoleon or Empire that you sort of see where you can aim because most of times you just go press spacebar until you actually fire them cannons which it's bit annoying I think oh I think he actually fired canister on us bastard we coming up here behind him and space basically bow and then all and I'm going.

From the thick of the action so we got 22 guys and they've got 10 and this is normal mantle blade fighting error except that I've got a blunderbuss. Pistol am i able to shoot multiple people with it yarr horror in a bottle of rum and then.

More so than this you can also climb up in the rigging which that guys doing oh yeah yarr damn it. And I'll have to climb up up to the crow's nest maybe I should draw my sword action hey hey hey.

And off he goes right I also want to do another thing maybe c4 can climb down there we go oh you can sort of but you know use the ropes to sling yourself across. So you can go over here and you could jump way and then shoot and stuff right.

We have captured a ship one Buccaneer of.

Ours were killed and yeah you know the standard mountain blade stuff whoo maybe I like yeah we'll take that one hat that have instead any good bullets no tattered militia uniform I'm not sure which one is the best looking this one looks down a ragged plus we took it over corpse so we'll take everything just do because.

Ooh more salted fish jewelry tobacco.

This was quite the prize and we'll add it to our fleet and as you can see for taking down a smuggler we also increase our relationship with the Netherlands France Spain and England get some renown and we've got some experience and back to the Petit Grove to saddle a ship.

Possibly repair our own ship stock up on new crew you go over to the ship right so here is our ship it was slightly damaged I've made 32 Castor's to repair it then we got this ship that we captured I'm going to go ahead and sell it for 3500 which is quite good price. We're going to hire some say.


Wait did I actually have with Pope we took something else didn't we tobacco yeah we're gonna sell it to that girl maybe as well oh they this place actually has a tobacco plant like it tobacco plantation you can see the amount of tobacco they have right there so it's best if we go and sell that somewhere else but I think.

If we put to see and we go to quests we will see the licit trade I've we've taken down a limit get evil smugglers so we take it out one evil.

Gang of smugglers now we need to take down another one oh woe Brigantine that's the same one as we have have.

Asked GE a pirate I have come to wait we start off as a the level we start off almost medium as a dastardly pirate but what we keep doing is changing down smugglers so the wind is in my favor as we can see it's blowing a light breeze to the north and it's blowing right in the back of us and they're sort of travelling straight up through the wind so we have the wind on our side we'll be able to lay a broadside of the canister on them and then hopefully we'll turn in to capture the ship and I will bring it to port.

Let's see we're closing in they're going to lower the Saints a bit oh now I'm gonna up with the sails again turn turn turn and let's see oh we're not in range who he fired ground shot ass oh there we go. We fired as I said it's really hard to sort of sort of see when you're in range and when you're not in range so you just have to spam the button and we were able to give in to broadsides before we were able to attack and 21 troops against. Their 11 I'll go from the thick of the action and a blunderbuss pistol is very. Useful begins okay the thing is it's.

Quite easy to get your mate I gained a.

Level and now I'm going to get the cap Oh one of the things I have a problem with is I can't really seem to control them while we're in this ship mode so they keep charging so right now there's not a problem because there's more of us than all of them but if you were to be say bordered by the enemy you would want to not maybe have your men charge over but rather take defensive position above aboard your boat and so I'm not entirely sure why you can't really control them or I'm stupid and I haven't figured out how but the normal sort of controls don't seem to work right we lost four sailors killed gained some craft you're.

Going to take all this anyway Grainne beer back there silver that's.

Nice and we claimed everything from the ship and will claim the ship and we also gain. The level and now we're going to go to Santo Domingo or no it's not Santa its Santiago and we're going to go ahead and repair the ship sell the other ship sell the stuff you know the same the same thing we did last time and that we will sell this for five thousand so we're making quite a bit of coin we're probably going to need to hire some more sailors eighteen sailors this time around but we have 21,000 gold.

At this point and let's see they have no tobacco which means I can sell it for a much higher price than in the other place and then have they silver no they have not which means I can sell the high price as well do they have beer no they have not I can sell out as well very nice and we keep. The food they've got cheap banana so let's buy one no three bananas dammit I just wanted one banana one banana and then we can sell the arms I mean the armor actually will sell.

Everything everything else to go and now. I'll buy a food ragged fancy jacket how. About that that looks very fancy I would like some maybe a more fancy hat fancy that's. Pretty fancy and how bout some gloves. Sturdy c'mon gloves these are even more fancy they go in leis and everything now look very fancy I could probably go. For something like this but I think that doesn't seem like a type of thing eh maybe what a dastardly pirate would wear woody harden boots I think I like the Dark One's the the light one made maybe look a bit how should we say yeah ah 4000 skirt the in.

Low speed rating but it's gone bit away he's got a lot better weapon reach its got thirty six twenty seventy thrust so that's pretty good sword actually flintlock pistol I like the blunderbuss pistol actually pretty much so that's but maybe I should have some heavy bullets instead and then maybe I should. Have this basket hilt sword four thousand yeah we will say this for companions so I'm I'm quite the pirate now heavy mace that's interesting maybe. I should have some grenades that could really level the playing field seven small grenades the hub hundred damages if I get boarded by a larger party that could really help me out and they're not that expensive so we'll have those and.

We should really go sure maybe and see if we can have just a fight ashore I like the fact that I'm purple I'm pimped out pirate let's see if we can have a battle on shore to show how that works because I rather they have it sort of normal like the normal amount of blade stuff than the thing they have this maybe I haven't just gotten used to it yet see some of these pirates may be a smuggler there we go bandits I was actually quite a few of them 15 vs. 15 this could be quite the battle so right we start off here where I can actually sort of I'm not entirely sure what all this is but I can sort of pick on this move that around times your Walker why we would put that here or what's the importance of putting it here but right we want to have the Buccaneer.

Musketeers I want them to pick up the. Strategic position right there okay so it doesn't even leave a mark but they're going there now and the French renegades we want them over there and now it actually did there we go now huh no it's moving no wait why are you so.

Okay so maybe there there is actually a I don't know can I move yeah uh yes.

Let's start the battle right there they are so rather than the sort of norm the old style where I could sort of select a group well I can right now it one thing. It's good that you can actually see sort of what group you're selected but I would like to have you know when you hold down f1 you can move them out but you can't hear so you'll have to actually tell them to follow you charge or retreats you can't sort of take these guys and say you know move forwards a bit but maybe I can move them here on the map actually yeah if I want to move them I have to move them through the map rather than do it in there during the actual battle did we have a cannon and. It's it looked like we have the camera although I'm not sure that I can actually use it let's see if they turn. Up I haven't actually tested the small grenades we'll see how they work well.

The I think we've got spotted the enemy over there like at this point I probably wanted to move the Renegades over there wants to move them to that hill and so when these guys come into view here in between both groups will be able to fire upon them there but now I have to go in here and I sort of have to guess where the bloody wat oh there's quite a lot of Malaysia and I have to sort of guess where the hill is yes there may be.

Have we started firing I have them on fired will I'm gonna follow these oh actually now they're moving to come to my move which is not good we'll have to move you guys back we don't want you to get swarmed out there they should be within these guys are fired Wow got BAM yo Wow now for this normally I usually don't have the banners on but since everyone looks exactly the same I think. It's probably best to actually actually.

Have the banners on charge men I really.

Left London I'd really like to on the bus pistol and there's a skill that makes it so the bullet sort of traveled through the enemy so in in the future. There could be a possibility of you sort of I like how he's I guess he spent all.

The money on a cuirass people as thick as his Mellie weapon.

Nothing but a sea urchin it's pretty good and fighting that guy and we won.

Four killed one wounded so I really sort of need to get myself a medic take.

Everything back your ass that could be my life battle chaos but I don't have it's very red so it looks like a part of the the English army I gained another level anyways this looks like it's being quite a long video but yeah I'm gonna hand showed you a lot of stuff and I'm not sure how much I will be doing of this but if you guys like it I will definitely continue this anyways I hope you guys enjoyed it and hopefully I'll see you guys for the next one bye

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