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DiRT RALLY 2.0 Career Mode Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - FIRST RALLY

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DiRT RALLY 2.0 Career Mode Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - FIRST RALLY

DiRT Rally 2.0 Gameplay from the Full Game - DiRT Rally 2.0 Career Mode Part 1 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1

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Hello guys and welcome to dirt rally 2.0 I'm a big big dirt fan I love all the dirt games but pacifically I love dirt rally the original early access and eventually a full game which got released was just incredible it was more of a simulation experience compared to the I guess that the main dirt franchise and I really enjoyed it found it tricky but it was so rewarding so good and it's.

Back and I cannot wait to play if you guys want to see more of this game give it a thumbs up leave your support below so the plan is I want to check out career mode a rarely career mode but there's so much to do in this game got Reilly cross historic event tom trials loads and loads of things to do I want to check out a rally career also be warmed I might be a little bit sluggish at the start I'm hoping that of course as the episodes fly by I will get faster and faster more confident but just we want this game is um yeah it's tricky anyway events and let's see what we can do us I want to do a career in rally. Version see there's a rallycross career there's daily challenges you can do weekly challenges lots and lots and lots of stuff to do yeah I want to go for a career in rally right so that I guess is our first car the Lancia very nice a four-speed manual not a whole lot of power which I guess is probably good for my my first event cuz I might crash I honestly don't know how the careers gonna work guys this is perhaps the first free car you get and if they unlock more cars as you progress I don't know we do have a few different designs or why it doesn't look quite nice doesn't quite classy green looks quite cool I see the collar but Wyatt just a. Plain Wyatt just looks classy I like you so here you have your upgrades repairs the engine I'm guessing as we progress we can find units make it better I have no credit so I can't do any of this year so we're gonna skip past this and start the event so the first event is in New Zealand and it's gravel there'll be our first surface 7.13 miles damn also in this game is a development. On the how this will grip work so how the actual cools takes place so if you go first it's good we also grab for the grip you'll be quiet quite low actually progress the gravels of go to one side and it gets like a stun and I still like racing lion if you take that racing line it's gonna be it's gonna be extra grippy because it's that the surface isn't as loose I hope I explained it very well obeah there's an advantage to go in last basically dance yeah basics we have a. Shakedown we can repair the vehicle we've got tires I'm hoping the right tires are on I've got a medium could go for a soft but I would like decent durability we have one spare in case it break they're so cool spare tires now if we go for two spare tires it's just more weight and that means obviously you don't go as fast I know it mentions the surface so surface again is a massive factor the weather there's so much to consider when you start rally all right let's go I am I'm pooping it right now I'm so nervous seven point one three miles of just really surfaced rally starts one. Right very long twelve minute ones 31 left tightens oh right here we go class. Leader under seven miles I guarantee by the way I'm going to crash it's just community.

Sabrina no more. Aluminum foil and the wire and that's Marty be cows buffaloes.

To take a little a little caution don't country left.

Opens loudly to do see or don't have one less tightness I like me the steering wheel.

Into to the next intro see how we do interfere sector.

Turn three white immediately than a hammer I should say my first take mr. Zubov intercut maybe fall right.

Three best industry fight opens 30 I'm in the first game and boxes home when I first played and then I just last.

Terrible I hate have to find point ever be great it's just a hammering also about so bad first corner straight to a free.

Slowly you get so much more confident too right I never said don't come crying.

Babies every little cool every disregard.

Always against the flow.

Long way to go yeah.

Who puts a backrest it does stick tried to request the sometimes dr. intersects.


If there's a particular campus for for as well 20 there's no two bestest cyclic Miami terminal I am the resin forest. Smoke 20 keep whatever dress turn unseen open a black stone.

Take those instructions in just onofre quite of a Christ first rule mistake big mistake don't know furtively damage per their philosophy of life left 30.

Yes if that service to evolve that's about takes place due to defeat of my friend.

Into and Lisa you better tell you if you go first or last they like to be addressed.

Get out of boots yeah what's the actual rally driver play the game don't mind of that was an experience.

I was like I am a little mouth.

Experience and he's just go in don't.

Worry still actually quietly 1/60 of Christ.


To my god open side.

- the decisional innocence the lamp hampering I was warned on the wire out of this was it running really into tube but.

Titans turn we're green sector so far one right yeah.

To have to right gone into four left very long and.

Tightness 2:6 like what a 50 secondly I don't know. How which times three.

Into three buckets. Six right two one left i pubs. Whoa elf Oh.

Opens left floozy.

If you now wrapped up in excessive speed enough what about Philippe Pinel finished keep the flow to 0:30.

That's two advanced techniques of love this car is into six what. Best caution dog was it late turn your headlights on man so long as rally is to see the rest of a.

60 three left. It defaults or either see I'm probably a.

Big buck left no doubt along I'm definitely 80 Rudy Rustin. One of them to Tommy does I jump into and to systematically get panel but get back on the business into three.

It's answer to motors.

Oh cool it's a dream theft.


To request on what was he says that for.

A reason Christ.

If the three bite of a cast.

Right Authority don't got five left.

Falak danke that's what ready drivers will do if you say no car opens their trunk Ali said that once again a ton of. My carefully listened.


Yes set feed time so this clients are. Like a gift that does connect over 40 sudden there's no road with priest a person yen's please could be done under caution.

Pipeline 30 really dark energy surfaced.

To forget the light is also incredible in this game Samantha but in flavors no thought you come outside.

Crazy it does six lines of interesting job my people but we look around it I'm sorry about it happens I'm gonna be good of them any game I fly I just called evidence again keep right over 30.


- addressed. Mr. Joe baby when I finish 60 what was it there we go.

Stop by the marshal wow we dominate that.

Is he do with his hands I've got a ways to him he waving he's waving yep I take the porter looking good for a stage win in there that car is no longer white it is brown and white Wow no. Penalties you know for all the splits pretty close there in the full split actually no I was yeah it was it was actually not faster in the in the full split mr. King was fair dues yeah I'm.

Prepped with outs be honest I'm very happy I'll take that minor body damage Mulla got a drop in engine power comes broke and moderate break where a wheels will wobble in that's not great and Hoffman got a new co-driver interesting right so let's continue that went pretty well I'm pretty happy really of course you can view the replay from Mozilla angles.

What fun we had I think to my name him.

Have like dust popping that is crazy that's why and don't you go on that the better basically skip to another event that loose surface and underneath this movie I'm really.

History would you want to hammer it but you just head that will come that will come just give it confident just I just need confidence all right continue is quite an endurance as well so it's a long event that took me 10 and a half minutes to do the whole course Oh heavy rain oh great cause they still gravel. Cuz we're still in New Zealand normally it's the same surface throughout the earth starts 126 left extra long Titans over crest jump into 4 right oh my god if I need.

This 5-2.

What 20 requests short of a day comes to down.

Independence talk at the lecture as well quite keep one of those lights the lights out filming the best.

He's more slightly as well breasts.

Sno 15.

Opens with instruction 70 I complete missed an instruction completely it's amazing you missed one instruction and I wasn't passing CFD utterly luck.

Straight the it does free ride on tony's her drivers.

Envelope and keep it cool.

For nesting sites for free in it for.

Freedom in six white just rewrite IDs I just wanna swap the plates no matter T.

Believe it's like birth 30.


Eventually the ability to adapt and I have honestly already upsala it's so good it is to be a is one units.


Still making mistakes secretary - she's gonna keep after you've entered my.

Second you don't got to left 30 on the crest and about oh great.

15 I got my how this as soon as I said that outside yeah well straight of the coupe's lovely.

Two left 30 of a breast that's definitely my biggest mistake so far episode 30.

Stopping is my gonna go play basketball take the big shot - boy.

Slow please useful now as the way makes.

Basis in total it cut.

Six left.

6m law intercept wonder and raced an extra extra extra.

The snow crest at six o'clock.

Folks in these 40.

That's what changes Otero oh right long.

It took my place - huh yeah Titus - oh no I'm going down I can recover let's read right long to put on a nice long.

The rain slide off blows opens 68 deformation as in living.

- snowfall right. 50 that's constant analysis first.

Your excellency.

And to fight left over Christ it took three long I'm sluggin what's up.


Residents it right 50 - in the lead of a bus completed in the canoe seat on top of us my heart was definitely be closer maybe due tomorrow we'd like to pay for. Errors Mount not because of the lines the conditions are very different see bringing Rudy heavy bag opens speaks.

Up the collapse was barely even moving.

Enter three Nephilim.

It's enough bill is really different for the last event which is 13.

To a sporty white left rewriter addressed listen whoo Phil one thing good answer that when he loves it he's not sure about those hand animations whoo we might have.

A car filled in that stage do you want to make any setup changes at the next service it's more than rings verse okay. So there with the penalty we are third phase a little bit for strain I'm not gonna lie it I'm a guy by that but yeah so I would have been yeah I would have had it about two to second advantage there without the penalty but no I got stuck I couldn't reverse I was stuck I couldn't go anywhere so I had to take the hit not my best stage but we still got very clear lead so it's fine continuum please that was a soggy soggy. Of him I was soaking just no grip in certain areas horrific just the next event oh we're back to ten miles lovely Russ we can do some vehicle repairs could we take a little bit of damage engine looks good exhaust looks good right it looks good and I did some body damage but yeah some light body work definitely fixed that standard seems to be all good apart from.

A bit bodywork damage so that's good and I will take about three minutes four and a half minutes and we've still got 20 26 minutes left so that's good confirm repairs thank yours look at the bodywork. Done oh look at that look at that how are the tires doing so these are these the same tires yeah we can get a new set if we want that's also probably slightly the issue the tires were starting to get a little bit worn out these little performance perhaps could go go for a soft that could be quite interesting and Rudy try and push all go for a new medium.

Therefore a new medium yeah it's not a map it's not me not me massively used but I think it's have a new set nice new. Fresh set of tires the bodywork is now fixed I think we can head out how many events do we have so I'm one hundred and fiftieth apparently event standings that's where I am currently we're doing all right we still got about a 50 second lead roughly let's start the events oh it's not it's real 46 left our industry right long opens 30 good luck our number 12 Minutemen all day of rest in peace girl this is long events I just.

You just sudden I guess chocolate front of wood hands just trying to avoid those big things he was accosted palaces so do I be processed it's gotta be in I'm guessin 30.

Thirty-six turn and a left.

Into tree right 30.

Oh baby.

2:33 next sixty.

Turn five right next door biggest.

I loved it.

What side of the top-25 makes me in check strong.

Informants three nerfed items to keep right into six left.

So post-enactment.

30 and the.

To feel if you like the dangers like railings it's not paid video by the way. You copy he's my video.

We're dying to accomplish more than the good for a birth defect. I'm bored again since 2003 leftovers left to relax too long opens of a crest to the 5x Bobcat 30. Come up on the right here.

Keep reading jump maybe into my song the lockni increase money nothing like a.

Dealer you mean check see this lacks physical attraction thanks they can / things extra-long - released dirty was have long tight knees Saturday.

Into fight right very long where's his wife who fell lovely four bits six extra slices three one mistake and I am flying into a tea.


Into six lift into fight right I put Isaac off white.

We'll see hopefully a - unseen that - left extra long for boots before writing smart.

It's a request in to secure this facility like an overpower those.

I mean is it doesn't have power but.

Believe me the into forensic we progressed it all and three white silica crazy Mustang.

The success indistinct I ran out 20. extra lanterns with John foolish jump does abrupt authority take up too much of its day.

Slam that frequently you know. Particular ha quite honest believe long ago good Levi fifteen.

Opens 70.

Six right into six that long 100.

Well out of three.

Completely hostile men interfilm next future Beauchamp sixty sit right into five left eye keys it is rely tightness.


Thirty three more targets 50 let them jump start to feel it now first to get back into the criminal mess.

And mother Riley motorbike.

We talked about Christ are they alcohol sectors to go.

Snow six left of address Moody turn.

120. Sit right around three little piggies.

Get to ride my dog three.

Don't cut to left of the 30 or crest 50.

Stood the cut to left 30 or Christ because it varies along Christ.


Thirteen. Left keep what it does 6i floor.

Six write-ins Orkut 30. Six that long into six right different race - extra extra extra-long.

Too slow Christ at six and long. James oh no oh you are kidding me.

Joke paranoia we've done so well this is.

All connected my song oh you are feeding me three right long no what happened mrs. five nice long it's completely fell apart but completely how are you doing that is incredible it's got so well.

Something a little bit fire 6oz much space so well.

Ah Christ 54 double Howard after I press 30 on the scene to avoid they got kiddingly scar concentrate notice what the help Oh what happened here was going on what was happening absolutely incredible I've just completely effective Christ leave me lost it.

It can happen oh it can happen clearly.

Really into authority.

I stood 6 try to help like flips out a little bit Musa got nowhere to see town.

It's all day to the quest 30 turn unseen to rot.

Honestly the first level birds on the stage. And everybody I'm sure blows who could have be in the slam book for me to start the game up again it was good.

Kitana prema katha Vegas 45 left three right to request.

It's hugely frustrating Easter stings a. Peeper we said two penalties offering up to 18 seconds in time Jesus completely.

Screwed us should be an asset for a stage win oh I hope so 12 minutes constant rally this is it just goes crazy yeah for 16 seconds ouch.

Ouch it's painful I think we're good now.

Is quits the main menu and NS episode but hope you guys enjoyed if you guys want to see more of dirt rally 2.0 will so but no idea what to put now why not just don't ready to that does confuse me anyway I see you guys soon and Bob ice

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