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Saints Row 3 the Third Walkthrough Part 1 Intro - When Good Heists Go Bad

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Saints Row 3 the Third Walkthrough Part 1 Intro - When Good Heists Go Bad

Saints Row 3 Walkthrough Gameplay (Let's Play / Playthrough) on the PC.

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Developer: Volition

Publisher: THQ

Series: Saints Row

Platform: PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Linux, Nintendo Switch

Release Date: November 15, 2011

Genre: Action-adventure

Mode: Single-player, multiplayer


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Ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the channel we start in our second series of the channel saints row the third y'all voted this now yesterday on Twitter Facebook as if people wanted Kingdom Hearts or Dead Rising 3 and I just couldn't choose because the votes were pretty much split on Twitter I see more well on Facebook I see more de rusha through Twitter I say we're Kingdom Hearts I figure we're gonna do all three of these bitches but anyway if you search ever go ahead and subscribe and join the family everybody else you know what to do timestamps go in the comment section let's go ahead and get this Saints Row 3 I think I'm gonna make I don't even know imma make yo who should I make I trying.

To figure out why should make cuz I'm gonna probably just make something off one of these YouTube tutorials us what I did I made Michael Jackson and I'm a eminem on the last one maybe we'll do to Parker spider-man you can do the whole you can do a lot of people but anyway face brother.

Conquest' the story of human history get.

Out my face big ass flash this time and memorial great leaders have risen from humble beginnings to do shit and so it.

Was with the third street seats young man says khakhra Stillwater the what smart a street gang has evolved into a media empower a Saints movie is in development Johnny got a shot on pop culture icons and Pierce well who gives a fuck who gives a F about Pierce the point is it says for the world stage and every criminal organization wants their crown there was al a matter of time before one of them took the fight to the Saints I mean was this intro neccesary.

Brother is a big flag like just flying like can y'all see him.


That's ridiculous.

Super excellence you know is that the new Pierce character model right there that's ridiculous Japanese commercials easiest money you'll ever make grant Larson is right up there you ready for this no worries I do my own stunts hey you're just a ride-along man so don't get all Hong kong-style in there I am a method actor if I'm gonna play a scene with any degree of emotional truth I gotta make it real I hope that dudes.

Not a part of the game trust me Burke be real you're robbing a bank dressed like yourselves oh yeah who doesn't want to be Johnny yet ultra post-modernism I'm cool with the.

Saints movie but do we really gotta drive this asshole actor around hey Josh some slack he's just researching his part yeah I hope you signed a waiver all right people nobody died sorry.

Jumps it's fine can we uh go again you all know the drill can I get a picture. With the boss say sleaze get mine bitch. Hey don't be a dick would you call yourself gang bangers you're bunch of pussies we should be all up in their shit like see this you look.

Busy oh that's different grandma I'll hit fucker with the handguns they belltower to get robbed badass thing just shoot all these motherfuckers that is my plan what's Annie. Let's get us our first mission looks like we don't robbing the bank you my grandbabies keep robbing me pull the gun out on it alright let's go oh you Abel let me create Matt is a bowl go to hell you want to play motherfucker nan even let me create my dude yet oh.

We're gonna die what happened to I do my own stunts hey hey do these look like scripts to you all right people let's find that ball you back your hat that's why you fuckers we're coming for ya get.

Up Burke let's keep moving a man little brown like this here yo Sam. I can't believe you're still thinking about listen all that matters is the vault it's fine now get the hell out get up oh nice hair shot told you fucking shotguns yeah normally thanks to look like a palace either no statute before you blew them up you forget before these guards a pack of military-grade hardware the hell are we robbing come here oh how you doing sexy. Let's throw you out the window.

How does she not die throw the bitch bye.

Baby you could have been the one you could have been my bitch damn you you just.

Harlem shaking on the walk outfit you will need that money can I have it thank you sir appreciate it it's just so generous of him I can't breathe no way we're cracking this day. Ready for Plan B yep Josh get over here got the tools right here homes so uh. What's plan B huh drill it fuck no we. Blow it what do not cool man done get to work.

We'll need to set those above the vault alright looks like we got a plan some mobs go upstair I think we've got company looks like they're coming in from the lobby oh yeah you think. Birthing hey Josh Berg don't be starstruck very approachable want me to sign your breasts uh no that's all right yeah you know by night blade on DVD man nobody knows you nobody knows what We Need to Talk we really don't it's just if I die here I don't.

Let's get the jumper and lift this baby out of here hey guys we've got the helicopter found the way to open the ball don't touch it Josh are you trying.

To get us all jail time what I don't want to be some dude spinach do I have to go after him forget about it he'll be fine he just gonna leave he just going right how long until the chopper gets here I don't know I'll be like two waves of SWAT guys that's about right let's get it I got a. Shot get in man let's test out the shotgun oh let's go.

So bad that comes a shotgun to the face. Right there and we got more coming in come in hi we're sir matter of fact you two really.

Had something there come here what girl sat flat be free be free where.

Do you go come here come here baby flap you to come in he should only one.

With a shotgun yeah everybody fly the night welcome to slice go ii should be how you.

Doing sir oh you want to swing got somebody up rub.

Who was that he got a shield about the. Dap right run run run i got i got to sit back here for a second gotta let my help rejuvenate - along with that he's down I never seen.

Him up there now he's Avada a shot to the dick.

Seriously who are these guys a bunch of assholes oh he just sat there playing peekaboo.

You thought I wasn't going to see you lay it down.

Shooter what what I got out limited ammo.

Here's not rhyme.

Hey yo you got a big ass here hey.

That's you me back then you stay with the ball oh this is B's let's go this is nice stay cool stick the line.

All right we hang on a helicopter we have one hand we got a gun these guys down let's take them out.

Fall up to the driver shoe still here.

Again shadow comes along appreciate that. Kind of negativity take them out hopefully I know you can you can design your own character maybe you get the good after this mission I don't know.

Oh then this camera angle was is bro up.

What is that how much armors on this damn thing we gotta take this one out now hold on brother is the D flat huh.

Your dad another I don't know how that.

Will look for YouTube Jimmy point for your boy but the flower was just straight disrespectful Amina the fly just flew right on the TV nobody.

Thought it was gonna happen. Alright let's swim no shit big low hell.

I was a multi kill.

Come on bro the flat look debit real bra is.

Taken over to channel yes Gatto that's right don't fuck me no no.

No no.

That that that ain't no good.

We thought we achieved excellent as we had achieved nothing right there why did.

He shoot him in his head though he kept like five hundred cops you know you kill a cop in the streets you a cop killer they will take you down now there's got to be a video game so now we get to customize our character I'm gonna customize my guy I'll be right back in about two seconds the fuck is this we.

Paid up this month someone paid more. What happened we got arrested no to us Burke's right we traded our dicks in for pussies seriously movie deals commercials Saints name used to mean something more than body spray and some ass taste and energy drink brands worth a shitload of money is that what it's all about it's always about the money mr. gat which is precisely why our employer wishes to speak with you if you'll indulge us. The dole Jadine I'm saying this is about seven sexy bitches that walked in I love a woman in uniform hi-yah - Dora see what I'm saying you have any idea who you fucking with here of course a remarkable likeness.

These visions are viola and Kiki and I am Philipp Lahm chairman of a multinational organization called the syndicate never heard of it evidently not or you would not have fought that Bank perhaps you wonder why you are still breathing at this point actually I wonder what my foots out of your ass at this point like it or not mr. Gant our organization is expanding into seed water I am offering you the chance to leverage your assets against your lives ladies you may continue to operate the same soul tour media group as you see fit in exchange for 66% of your monthly gross revenue that is before taxes of course listen you French fuck please I am Belgian so make yourself a fucking waffle we done here Anna had so hoped to come to a. Rational business arrangement.

What the hell's going you gotta bail no not without you.

Just like half a dozen guys I can take him what if the plane I'll fly it back to Stillwater Johnny you can't even drive stick how you gonna fly a plane details details just cover the balls go I got this.

Bruh i thought johnny was a goner so I attempted to make brother to pop but I'm let me get him right I gotta get his don't i gotta get his joel rings asshole it's in the tattoos and all that and i'm gonna change this voice i don't want the same voices lesser are you doing sermon and this landed in stillwater damn I'd like to remind all Pantera and.

Enjoy the flight see Johnny's enjoying himself he's over oh I can see some of our passengers are getting restless here's some relaxing music for your enjoyment doglike baby wait somebody in here.

My apologies you captain is having trouble finding a clutch oh you watch you guys come here. Of course I won all right let me get that gun up off you pop partner pot nuke you'll be pushing the wrong place it should be clear I was going to say biggest a shot oh then what I was.

Already good Here I am steady sheer sake move I'm gonna let me help you do your cut and disrespectful tongue for me a mouse oh yeah Linnea new oh let's get up.

Closer person let's get a name face Oh God he tried to reload right in the middle but gonna gate. Hey to take her out.

Oh ooh hey-yeah hate with daddy you Pete.

Where you going come here gay hand enough. Let's see if I'm all the way up top.

We finish it off with a nice little hand shot very we go sexy ass home.

All right who else got it here you wasn't too Johnny we're about to jump.


I didn't sell good and sound liked Danny yeah hit the face with a big-ass bigot gotta catch her catch her catch her catch her who's this these days only.

Don't they know when they lost oh shit I couldn't even get my sights on your day Saints always win take him out take.

Them out take them out can you view my sights on. I cannot get my sights on these dudes.

There you go I've got a couple more good couple more guys down below this go ahead and take them out take em dog rocky you are they.

Go we do it all this in midair beast it.

Flip it no flip back over yeah they talk about.

Yeah we're showing yet.

Let's do this I want to see when this. Gang starts getting we're just y'all said uh I start getting weird around Saints Row three two was pretty normal I want to see what them sad missions is looking like them not really liked the side missions on saints row to Santa has some of the best side quests you can family deity's game I'm not gonna like.

For a minute I didn't think you're make it in time girl you gotta have a little bit more faith in wait what okay it's nothing to freak out over but that plane looks like it's gonna try to ram us what do you mean don't freak out do you have a plan if I shoot up the window the back you made way right I'll be back in a minute wait what shoot out the window fuck was I thinking get inside get a sad sit on.

Down brother sit on down Oh.

Man this stupid piece like I said we've.

Got changes boys will get his thug like gear on the chains without the sheriff Epping you know I wasn't create Geoff Knorr. I should have created chef no well going. We go what brother Pop's lot of gas over. Here son yo there's like a hundred dudes out.

Here right now I can't even get on let's flip flip flip by the side no we.

Came down we came down the first mission of the game we can't do that let go here.

He come again.

How had the air were we this whole time.

How many y'all but that watchdogs bad blood DLC I've been looking at it but I. Don't know I don't like it's not like it's you know infamous first light err last of us left the handle s what's left behind was great then got you girl huh.

You're a fucking asshole I have my moments that's a terrible terrible voice for brother puck right then we got to fix that ASAP I might even restart the game and recreate recreate overshadow fix the point.

Gentlemen negotiations were less than successful viola in Kiki will spread the word still power belongs to the syndicate and the Saints are not welcome mister conveying gather your shadows and bring me their leaders head mr. Miller hacking to the Saints accounts and leave them nothing.

Looks like we just completed our first mission of the game gets a little bit of respect y'all know how we like to do try to do a lot of side quests and stuff but it looks like imma see y'all in the next episode of saints row the third do check back for Dead Rising 3 and Kingdom Hearts if you're interested if you have not subscribed go ahead and do that paints

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