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Nancy Drew: Creaure of Kapu Cave - Junior Mode Speedrun (1:18:14)

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This video from: Arglefumph: The Nancy Drew Dude.
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Nancy Drew: Creaure of Kapu Cave - Junior Mode Speedrun (1:18:14)

A speedrun for Nancy Drew: Creature of Kapu Cave. This speedrun was completed on December 17th, 2017. It was done on Junior Detective Mode. It is single segment run, which was livestreamed. The video comes with live commentary from the runner.

This video contains footage from the Nancy Drew series, made by Her Interactive ( All rights are owned by Her Interactive.

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Hey everybody and i margall thumbs the Nancy Drew dude and today I'm doing a speedrun for Nancy Drew creature of kapu cave this is gonna be exciting I've never done a speedrun for this game before I haven't actually practiced it so I'll and I just dropped my iPad well that's a great start so you get to see me speedrun this game for the very first time and oh gosh I think I just broke my. IPad charger that's great okay anyway.

I'm live-streaming this game too so I've got 39 people watching me break stuff and hopefully the thing I break is the world record for this game the current world record is one hour 29 minutes of 31 seconds so that's what I am hoping to beat I'm hoping to beat the game in under an hour and a half it's basically an hour and a half is uh the fastest somebody's beat in one of these games yes okay so I've got somebody saying they should be studying for finals but Nancy Drew Nancy Drew indeed and I'm not the hugest fan of this game but let's get going I think I've got a good route okay so I'm gonna play on junior mode and the timer starts I've got a little timer here so the timer starts when I hit junior mode so three two one yeah no.

Way to skip this opening cutscenes so the reason I have my iPad here is because it's got my notes on what to do I've got like pictures of the puzzle solutions and everything so for example my notes say first I talk to Big Island Mike and the conversation is 2 to 2 1 to 2 and by that I mean I just click the second option in the conversation so I did I did was I went through this entire game basically went through that conversation over and over and over again and tried out the various way you go through the conversation to determine what's the fastest way through the conversation so I guess you could say technically I have you know done the speedrun before but I haven't like actually recorded a speedrun or done it speedily that was just me testing to see how fast the conversations are what you need to do in order to trigger things and stuff like that okay yes the end.

Game challenge I have not practiced that'll be fun I don't remember him.

Shouting Aloha my memory is not the greatest anyway basically the fastest.

Way through this conversation is to pick the second option every time except for one point where you select the first option really say I hope there are like.

Three different variations of the conversation on the next conversation we have a Big Island mic depending on if you get Shelly's so if you have extra shells who says something different if you have extra necklaces she says something different if you have no extra necklaces aren't no extra shells he says something different so there are three different variations on that conversation the fastest one is just no extras no extras I'm just here to pick up some car keys my name is Nancy Drew.

Yeah most of the conversations in this game are pretty simple and straightforward not too difficult this one is just too this one is kind of long that's all mess with stuff way worse than bugs what kind of stuff is he doing nobody knows big mystery people who work at Healey Healey they never stay long and when they leave they don't talk well I should probably get going so generally the extra shell got the key right here but know what I'm not gonna give it to you I don't think dr. Kim is gonna like the extra shells generally by the streets so I'm not gonna get the shell by the tree I'm trying to remember you can put the.

Shells you find in here make me at Aloha necklace there's a picture of it over at the necklace making table but I I really think I should go and meet dr. Kim like I'm supposed to I give you the key only you know what you're not gonna want it anymore you're gonna walk on yeah this conversation is pretty simple it's just it's just long that's all oh wow I've got 60 people watching me. Play this game yeah no I totally broke my iPad charger plugged in and then I dropped my iPad the iPad fell off the desk okay I'm gonna stop talking here I. Focus on the game okay now we have another long scene okay then it fell off.

The desk and broke off charge okay I have to collect shells I'll make a necklace before I can get the key she's left for me it's a long story well I wish I could be there with you believe me it's nothing but rain non-stop since I dropped you off at the airport the sky is just this constant shade of gray it'll be depressing even with you here but with you're not here oh my gosh you're not gonna believe this but Frank and Joe Hardy are here Aloha.

Means hello also means goodbye it's sort of like laughing what no why and they both have the same word for hello and goodbye work for the next two weeks what are you guys doing here we got here yesterday believe it or not we're on assignment oh okay yeah there's no way to speed up these conversations it's just that just sit and listen to this conversation the whole time you know generally when you the game by yourself of grass puzzle as the puzzle that takes forever actually I think most of this speedrun is gonna be actually getting to the frass puzzle because we have a lot of unavoidable things one of his products he wants to.

Make sure there are okay so uh okay so I'm gonna grab shells from everywhere besides the far off spot with the tree that's all then I'm making a loja necklace and go back to Big Island Mike this opening section of the game is pretty simple you talk to Big Island Mike he forces you to make a necklace you make a necklace you talk to Big Island Mike and then you leave that's all so there's really no way to speed it up you you kind of have to go through these conversations because there's no way to get the necklace without doing these conversations so we'll see them along this case I'm gonna guess what like seven nine minutes yeah let's go.

With nine minutes so it takes you like nine minutes just to leave Big Island Mike's because he forces you to make this silly necklace come on Mike that's Hawaiian for rough skinned man he's this legendary guy who got half burned up in a volcano a millennium or two ago and now whenever something really bad happens on the island people start saying they've seen him in the jungle he doesn't like people messing with his island see so he goes to puzzles that are really difficult for fishing and fishing fishing was obtained.

After getting with the other puzzles but anyway he was probably gonna take a while there's no way to speed oh yeah the final puzzle yeah fishing them the final puzzle those are like puzzles which are really really random and so if if the game decides it wants to take a lot of time it's gonna take one all the time freek looks very uncomfortable poor brain ants see dudes okay. Game always make sure you make sure you have enough shells in this front part I grab that one no I did not okay I'm gonna hope that's the right number of shells and I'm not forced to go back because I would be sad if I made a mistake I did not awesome great.

So actually time this out making a necklace takes kind of a lot it takes like a 20 to 30 seconds and fishing also takes like 20 to 30 seconds so these are basically the same in terms of time what. You would do if you are like manipulating time in this game are safe coins it's basically just save while you're on the beach and come on no.

Navigation errors pick on the Mike okay it's right there and it's gorgeous if I do say so myself anyway like I said basically a fishing is slightly faster than making a necklace so you'd rather if you could just just go fishing the entire time rather than making necklaces it's the people there doing something that counting Ocala doesn't like that's why he's back the people that say he's just a legend don't believe them I'll remember that really hope I don't regret this the rig's out front got a GPS okay now I run on them quickly any program did well it was nice meeting you Marlow okay.

So this is this is a point where I can actually speed things up a little bit with camp Quigley what you're supposed to do is listen to one particular thing on the tape recorder in order to open up her little thing and open up her little trunk and when you open up the trunk you can then leave camp quickly so I'm gonna I'm gonna try to focus that.

Great well hopefully dr. Chen will be able to help me get it out Oh sounds like I missed a call you have raged Nancy Drew who is currently unavailable. Like why does Nancy hear that when she's listening to her old messages like when I was since in my voicemail I love hear like the voicemail recording so on top.

Of being stuck in a ditch I'm stranded in the jungle well yeah it's not good at driving poor Nancy and where's dr. camp.

A tape recorder there's a tape in it looks like it needs to be rewound so you only need to listen to that one thing.

You don't actually have to listen to it all you have to do is be there while while the game plays it and the game considers out as I've listened to the tape that particular message on the tape huh pretty cool that's a time-saver okay.

That was it.

Guess I did one of those things wrong darn that's that's me of losing time on my speedrun oh well yeah Nancy had her.

Phone with her and on the entire time.

You're supposed to get this because if you ignore it the game holds up okay you.

Know I look at that look at this the.

Radio doesn't have any power okay I need to look at that in order to trigger this conversation here a solar panel looks. Like this is what powers this way I can ask dr. Craven how the about solar panels that's basically what I'm doing Oh rich.

All righty and I just fixed Nancy's car.

Three stances car no real big problem so far besides you know the me messing up on the opening that one thing opening the trunk okay go to kili kili slightly faster to use the access card on the door this saves us like three cent seconds so I'm gonna use that cuz I get.

Straight-up arrested right there if you.

Press the button the answer will talk about the pass and the guy will ask him to put her hands up and then so get arrested I found it a little faster a scam my name is Nancy Drew I'm doctor this is another longest conversation which I just had to go through over and over and over again Nancy basically says the same things no matter which option to play anywhere so I went searching through her stuff or something that might tell me where she is I thought that since she had that pass someone here could tell me where she is well you thought wrong and for your information that pass was reported missing she probably stole it weeks ago you think dr. Kim stole it oh use your brain this is a private research facility with highly restricted access of course she stole it all right that's enough excuse me you're jumping all over me with me okay so what I'm gonna do now is run down the stairs he's gonna give me a job so I need to go downstairs get the brown sands with the white splotch the conversation and go back to Quigley's campus I would give anything to know what you're doing with the plants in here but being a genius does not give you the right to be rude oh I'm sorry young lady everything you just said is quite correct the genius part rings yes there is a second chance of this game besides a lava thing Frank can die in the when was swimming with a swimming. Frank and I he can drown or he could get drowned in the currents so two different ways to drop smart girl I'm in desperate need of some photovoltaic cells so I can repair a solar panel back at cap okay so now Nancy's triggering this puzzle yeah.

Nancy's always breaking into other people's places and their stuff a dozen. Seeds from those plants down there and pretty sure this is extremely I mean come on he cuts off the conversation here basically ends it as opposed to Nancy saying goodbye and he says yes yes I went to eight flea circus my getting seeds from them is out of the question but since you're here you can do it John never mind I guess I say no problem in that end conversation okay into the container to know what I mean by viable just read the notes that I left down there no problem good bring me twelve viable seeds and those cells are yours imagine have two where are those oh damn I'm not quite done yet the sooner you I did not mean to click on that I was double clicking to pick up those strong leads to get to work geez.

Okay well uh it's mistake number two okay no more mistakes this is gonna be a mistake free run so fun fact you could.

Just click in the same area every time it doesn't really make a difference.

Game makes you think you need to click all over the board but no just click in the same area every single time obviously I'm flicking in this bottom middle area because that requires the least amount of movement of my mouse 12 viable seat I hope forward to dr. Freeman finished.

For most very good these will do just fine and so as I promised instruct alts and now I fix the solar panel as soon as possible right away dr. Craven unfortunately even after I've destroyed those little green Devils I'm told it'll be some time before this itching stops isn't there something you could take for it I was prescribed a tiny histamine but I'm afraid taking it will make me too sleepy to get any work done I still need to find dr. Kim so I'd better go by all means farewell so things Nancy says at the end of the conversation are randomized and the things that people respond to her with are randomized to they don't really have like three or four different options they'll pick in the game just just randomly picks one you'll just shuffle through them all okay I'm just copying.

The solution off of my iPad I've got a screen grab there it's working okay and.

Nancy does not have this her winch.

Next to solar frequency of one eight three oh five i need look at the post-it note first before I can do that so yeah Nancy welcome use this radio to.

Call me at this frequency eighteen point three zero five QK power that helps.

This is Nancy Drew calling doctor okay so you've been playing for like 20 minutes and we still haven't gotten to dr. ken oh wait it's gonna be a while before we get to dr. Kim right cuz we still need to figure out where she is okay so like I said a good portion of this game is gonna be getting to the frass Plaza pretty much everybody boss is Nancy around in this game where exactly are you.

So here's the thing about calling the Hardy Boys so unless whenever you call the Hardy Boys and then you know switch back to Nancy Nancy's location will have changed she generally goes to the start of an area so I could fall anywhere inside the Healey feeling you get work to the outside gate and if you're if you're anywhere here you get warp to right next to the car and if you're you.

Were sort of to the front of that area not exactly to the front of the area but somewhere close to it so I'm gonna use that as a skip just to save myself some time just some traveling time you know it seems you travel long time how am I supposed to figure out where that is don't be such a whiner Nancy I'm being.

Mean to Nancy hello hi Joe it's Nancy.

Hey Nancy what's going on well after I finally got Big Island Mike to give me the keys to the car doctor kemon arranged for me I started whoa so what did dr. Kynn say when you told her somebody or some thing had torn up her camp frankly I'm not sure she heard me please you're not talking to Frank you're talking all right. So parties let's see what you need to do. Is to ask him how to do try3 tell him the conversation I mean basically you're gonna go fishing what you want to do is trigger the conversation about fishing because that would get really big island Mike as soon as possible what you want to do is get rid them so Joe can snoop around his desk and figure out what the stuff you're eating trigger rock will do are you going to be able to get figure out where the addresses okay that bridge is the least of my worries about you later okay bye.

Hey what's up think you could explain this try it and trade it system of yours again real simple over at the necklace making table there's pictures of the different necklaces you can make out of shells okay you collect shells you make something you turn it in you get whatever the picture says it's worth in Big Island bucks you get enough Big Island bucks you can buy some fishing gear and bait you go fishing you catch something you turn it in you get paid what it's worth the better the bait you buy the bigger the fish you catch and the more Big Island bucks you get the more Big Island bucks you get the more stuff you can do it okay it's faster to pick the second option here rather than complaining cuz you can see and cleaning takes longer to say it shows you find in here whenever you're ready to turn something in necklace fish whatever go so if you complain he says something a lot of lines oh hey hey hey the more money I take in the less I got to charge customers like you so I avoided that conversation little body surfing at this.

Great little beach I know I'm game what are Aloha big shore fish really okay so now I go fishing know what happens I got their favorite food right here well get ready to take a little time off big guy cuz I am on it.

Earthquake wait calm down Joe.

It's just earthquake.

So fishing with fishing doesn't really matter where you click at all.

Want to do it down five first fish you catch is always in Aloha so basically I want to get as much money as possible during this it doesn't really matter it's kind of impossible to get thirty thirty dollars which is how much you need it's kind of impossible to get the desired amount of fish just on your first try you're basically forced to fish twice in order to get it you technically need 31 you need 34 scuba diving and $1 for shave ice for Big Island like so.

Later on when I go fishing I'll have to do math in order to determine how much money I have that'll be fun.

Let's see so I'm just gonna go straight to Big Island Mike after this and that'll be that so number of Bob's you have in between fishing it's just randomized it's just randomized so if you're going to like save state abuse you would have to save between every single throw of the fishing rod that way you make sure you get the the expensive fish all the time and you make sure that you get them quickly instead of waiting like for 10 10 seconds wait for 8 I don't know how.

Many seconds I wasn't counting.

Yeah tritscher in the Royal tower is a good game speedrunning it is kind of a pain the first part of the speedrun is just doing all those chores for Dexter and you have to do that so he'll fix the you know fix Nancy's radiator and give her that thing of oil which allows you to get to the Royal tower so the first part of the game is really you know getting through the game as quickly as possible all you do is just chores great chores for a while.

Okay we're now twenty five minutes into this game and we still have not met dr. Quigley and I have not wasted that much time I've been playing this game bow as quickly as possible.

Looks like I'm getting close to the end of the fishing challenge here.

All right one more to go Wow.

Messed up on clicking there come on clicking fingers work with me.

So those fish are the best no no the Allu are the best anyway I get paid for all these fish except the Aloha so the second from left fish gives you two dollars per fish and the other two only give you $1 per fish so if I want to get something that's not an Aloha I want to get the second from left fish because that will give me the most bang for my buck.

I'm fairly certain that you know if you reach a point where you get enough fish that aren't Ulua the game will just force you to get nothing but Aloha just to prevent this challenge much being forever six cause you're a natural dude.

You see me fishing what else do you think I'm doing here that's for sure oh.

I need to start typing in a moment here nothing tomorrow if she wanted if you saw it the other option there he talks more about Pele so it's it's faster to ask if that get outside you're in.

Paradise enjoy those fish you wanted me to catch well here they are what do you think hey you didn't wasn't sure you were 12 bucks.

That's last I saw she was still trying. To teach Franco to sir I was hoping for a lot more I think that's enough to get mr. Babu have a nice Drive.

Just go for it until you hear the car and then you go back.

Alone at last this so look at this that.

Should be a rock where would I be wait a minute three finger rock that's what that bug doctor must have said three finger Rock I better call Nancy with these coordinates he leveraged Nancy Drew dude.

Nancy pick up your phone every once in a while hey Nance good news I figured out.

That dr. Kim isn't it Green trigger rock she's at three finger rock the coordinates are North 19 degrees 24 hours 42 minutes by West 155 degrees nine hours one minute gosh yeah you're pretty awesome and this is what I said.

Earlier uh Nancy was inside the tent when she called no she's outside the tent right now Nancy's just walking around while they're playing.

Thank you Joe okay I've got a type in.

These coordinates oh boy 1924 come on.

1924 42.

/ oh one got it so one thing I'm doing.

Different from the world record speed run I'm doing things in a slightly different order I'm gonna get the Fras here on my way to dr. Quigley rather than getting it after she officially starts the Fras puzzle and I'm gonna be doing most of the other Hardy boy stuff I think right here I think the other route does it later and when I say right here I mean like in five minutes first I have to do this fetch quest for dr. Quigley because reasons so you need to get every single bag if Fras in this game including the.

Two OTT at Kabu cave.

Should be another one here yep there we go. This this conversation with Quigley this was another one which took forever to get through your timing couldn't be.

Better Nancy Drew I presume you're dr. Kim please it just call me Quigley Harry okay so basically what quickly does is she goes on to Turtles longer wait called digression long digression goes on two of them and basically what you do here is you determine which is the digressions she goes on first about the.

Father first she tells you don't let me digress again if you do the second digression first and she just gets mad and goes goes back to what your job to keep me on top I'm focused understood okay good Wow I'm roped into this tree so I can observe and that's okay here's the second thing she goes on a digression about okay really things so I could be wrong as you know I'm much more interested so now she's gonna get mad at me because she's already told me to stop her from digressing right North errata which interestingly enough are carnivores themself now to my knowledge the if mnemonic wasp I'm observing do not parasite I'm still slightly faster I mean like I said not the faster rate.

That a conversation is to have the dad digression first right well let's get to. Work shall we where's the clipboard and now we get to the meat of the conversation which is clipboard on the radio look I'll go back and get it okay I don't know Nancy you're getting off to a pretty shaky start here. Get my clipboard the quicker we can get started oh shoot I forgot to tell you that somebody trashed her cap and now it's just clicking all the way back click click click click click generally you can there's a sweet spot and as you can see I've hit that sweet spot where I just keep my mouse I don't move my mouse left or right or anything I just click click click like a madman to get out of there and now I get the clipboard and.

Then back to Quigley ok oh come on there.

We go that's looks like Greek to me cute.

Ok you can click on the car there you.

Don't actually have to turn around to get into the car so that's a minor time-saver and like I said you know when.

We when we talk to somebody we can just make nancy move so i'm going to use that to make nancy it escape the long walk all the way back to the car cuz the long walk back to the car this is the longest trip of the game.

The second-longest is Healy Healy going from healing Healy to outside when dr. Craven does is a little angry thing about fighter wind now you can't just call the Hardy Boys to skip that because basically once you fertilize the plants doctor dr. Craven will start shouting at fighter men avoid hearing that angry.

Rant by using the cell phone but what happens is it doesn't do anything you still have to go back to dr. Cravens and.

Then you have to listen to it again well life oh god okay so the fastest way through this conversation is the first option then the second option i accidentally selected the second option twice darn okay what kind of data you'll.

Need to locate all my frost stars in it okay there we go 35 minutes into the game and we started brass jars return to my base camp for the contents record your counts run them through my formula and report back to me could you maybe repeat that it's all on the clipboard just do exactly what my notes say and you'll be fine don't breathe a word of this to anyone but I'm on the verge of making a huge discovery here Nancy cute if the bigger your eye that confirms the one I arrived at yesterday we are talking major big-time worldwide fame will be on Oprah late-night talk shows somebody might even make a movie about this and thoughts I met this producer when I was in LA last year well he hasn't produced anything yet but he had this thing about butterflies so as you can imagine we headed on quickly what your digressing oh right well just get going I'll give you the whole scoop after you do that analysis fame and fortune await.

All right so like I said call the Hardy Boys hello you can basically switch to. Frank it doesn't matter when you do this you can do this at any point and in the trash challenge after the first challenge is over I think the other wrong they said the the current world record speed run I believe they call Frank as soon as Nancy goes right up to complicated and sees the teeth but I'm going Frank a little bit earlier well let's see whew this quickly lady sounds like she's gonna be a real taskmaster like I said I'm just calling Frank there just so I can skip if going all the way back through the forest just one time that's all I can do Frank okay.

Deal I'll talk to you later how's Frank.

What I need to do is grab this and then. Talk to the pawn broker so I can trigger a conversation with you ah so the pawn brokers conversation I picked option two than option four and then I end the conversation this is the fastest way to get pool to talk about the chamber yeah took a while for me to.

Figure out how to get through this quickly because basically what you want to do is trigger the conversation with foes quickly as possible you're asking.

Yeah so we like to ask him about Big Island Mike's yeah we've got a pretty nice career going for him in the freelance thief address he gave me turned out to be focused gave me a cell phone number too but he'd never make it up do you have any idea why Johnny Kudo would you guys be person I know some people think this is the game that I mean a lot of people think this is the worst thing to do when people think the shared medallion I think we shared a medallion because I was the xxx game and we knew Sonny juniors there and they were trying to make it extra special because we have high hopes for that game you know that makes it seem more disappointing than it actually is doing okay you pick the first.

Conversation here option every single time you're not gonna like anything are you but yeah because because that's because this is not a conversation I need just like the police oh must be all.

Those cop shows i watch like I told the police I have no idea who that guy was my mistake I was trying to get the fish conversation I was trying to get the fish conversation there you go okay so. That's another mistake okay triggered.

This what do you mean like what like.

Hiding or maybe even fencing stolen property for someone what look it's a real real long story and I can't prove anything so you don't really have to worry conversation with Big Island Mike where do you suppose he put it oh my gosh the chamber that's what he's been doing in there this island is riddled with lava tubes tunnels made by ancient volcanoes they go all over the place my dad knows them all lately he's been spending a lot of time in one of them he calls it the chamber because yeah this game is similar to the shattered medallion in that we've got a bunch of puzzles but they don't really seem connected like the storyline with Big Island Mike here really seem connected with finding bugs in the jungle down there still there there's no other way to get into this chamber thing yes there is from the water it says so on this old chart my dad has what are you waiting the end of the game kind of tries to tie these two storylines together but not like the greatest of ways okay well if anybody's got any really amazing questions or just questions for me about this game just just throw them here while we're having conversations cuz I can pretty much focus on the chat well I'm talking call the police say it I promise I won't call the police unless I talk to you first okay okay the charts in that old trunk in the immersion centre to open it you'll need to know what my father calls his favorite flavour of shave ice I can never remember so you'll have to ask him just don't make me sorry I trusted you.

Frank how's your brother he back from the clinic yet no they wanted to keep him under up sink Frank enjoys design I you know I like everybody else I preferred the way that the Hardy Boys last train to be lone cannon have I ever been double ye yeah I've been of Hawaii it once it was when I was a kid I barely remember it probably what 10 or so used to work here look whoever the guy was he's no richer I'm no poorer he's gone I'm here no big deal well except for your brother getting walloped like that my brother and I would feel a lot better if we knew who did it you want to look around play detective if you want it if you picked a different conversation option we would go on about the guys shoes I'm gonna make you guess you'll make me a shave ice and bring it back here if it's my favorite flavor or combination of flavors I'll tell you if it's not well you'll just have to keep making them till you get it right I think I can handle that like I always say a busy customer is a happy customer now that right there was a conversation option where you know no matter which option you pick he has the exact same response.

So the fastest way through that is just to pick that not option because it's shorter it takes it takes Frank less time I'll say it is really the only thing that makes that option faster because his response is the exact same no matter which option you pick a little chest here the pieces.

Always start off in the exact same night.


One one two three four yeah so the pieces always start off in the exact same position so you could easily I was easily able to figure out what's the fastest way through that puzzle what is the smallest number of clicks I need in order to get through it and that's it hey Nance it's me listen I just came across something I do like message in a haunted mansion you know I like games.

Three three through five I don't know a. Fan of like six or seven and I'm like actually no late and I am are good I think I like shadow ranch thirteen were.

All like home runs for mayor.

And there we go okay oh no I did.

Something wrong oh I'm like my goodness okay don't worry um I'm saving it I'm saving it okay.

Thank goodness okay so with this part with the frass puzzle we've got a couple of things we can do at once no the microscope lens is broken so um that.

Right there is actually kind of helpful I skipped Nancy's complaints hopefully that doesn't make any problems I didn't mean I didn't do that last time I played the game Oh for.

5:11 44 3 505 11:37 i3o 506 159 105.

Great so you need to look at that page.

Of the of the clipboard in order to get the coordinates for Kaku cave otherwise the game will say hey you you don't know where Kabu cave is come on okay 1920.

31:55 and five three three and a Kapo.

Cave you need to get two of those frats things because like I said we need to get all six grass things so yeah what I.

Did there um was not intending it worked pretty well I had Nancy interrupts Nancy there to cut off Nancy and that saves me a little bit of time so do not go up to Kabu cave at this point because that will trigger a conversation with dr. Quigley and that's not good an optional.

Conversation basically she'll talk about those webs talk about the webs Nancy and clay will talk about the webs and it's a time saver not to have that conversation okay and what you wanted to do is make sure the microscope is broken because with the bracket microscope that triggers this puzzle here at Seelye dealing so really you could have gone pabu cave before seeing the microscope even after saying the microscope doesn't really matter if you do it before or after it's not time wise but that's an. Option that's an option yeah so the way Frank and Joe looked on the phone and labyrinth of lies those pictures of them.

Look sort of like the way they did in the blue man who's just about your age nice girl spunky insisted on majoring in English or sociology or some such drivel but a very bright girl nonetheless unfortunately her father my brother and I don't get along so I I don't get to see her anymore anyway what could I do that was dr. Craven showing an emotion which was not anger this is the only time in his life he has felt emotions besides anger of course but I'm not running a charity it's like the movie inside out he's definitely got anger anger anger anger and regret those are his five emotions not on him don't even think.

About leaving before you're finished they need to be fed now if you make an error I knew I liked grant some of the seven ships I'm one of the three people that like that upset because I could.

Just just turn off my part of my brain that said hey Nancy Drew games are about mysteries and and interrogating suspects and I said hey Nate suit your games are all about puzzles and the ransom of the seven chips is basically just puzzles I liked some of the puzzles I especially like the slider puzzle which was like a two-part slider puzzle that was creative I mean what is it now I fertilize those.

Plants good job the microscope lens is yours anything else I'll go now but I really appreciate your talking to me good luck and to monetizing so Ike I say he's gonna get mad at a fighter menhir yeah and you could use the phone to skip over this conversation that's not a time-saver I tried that and what. Happened was the game tried to do both things at once so dr. Craven was.

Supposed to be sleeping and yelling at fighter men at the exact same time the game got mad at me for trying to trying to break the game that way that was not a time saver at all oh well.

Okay so next I'm gonna go oh gosh I.

Don't have any time to read my notes hopefully my notes are good okay so grab this that's all I have to do there okay.

Brilliant okay I get the number frequent conversation yeah okay so we finished with part one of the frass puzzle about 50 minutes into the game 50.

And a half minutes it's honestly not that not that much of a difference there yeah so that's the fastest way through. That particular thing if you try to do things at different times like the game will get all silly like Nancy will say. Hey I need to put the clipboard thing in yet I haven't put the clipboard thing yeah she'll mention stuff like that she's got like one or two phrases like I need use the microscope first yeah so I just aborted those by putting things in that way wow this is another short conversation tell me okay tell me well your mission and the White Wolf icicle puzzle actually like the ice cleaning puzzle like an icicle freak boxing pieces just the long takes forever puzzle some people like it it's I think. It's fun unless I'm like live streaming the game and I would live streaming for three hours and I want to finish for.

Some reason the North Bay to odorata obviously faster here not to get a lecture on bugs I'm hard up right and that's a big deal it's huge nothing like this has ever happened before anywhere it's as if you woke up one morning and found a thousand baby Robins in your front yard it just doesn't happen okay you've confirmed what is happening now we need to figure out why attach secrets could kill remastered is great I love the I especially love the students of the month part yeah mr. September that guy is amazing I love mr. September he is clearly the best character of the entire game spoiler alert I play mr. September it's so amazing I. Was in a Nancy Drew game that still makes me giggle II Here I am.

A grown man about to turn 30 - and I'm giggling because my picture was in a video what okay so here's the thing um I.

Don't know if dr. Craven is gonna be awake or asleep I think I think he's. Gonna be awake that's what happened when I was trying to figure out how the speedrun rap would work but I saw in the.

World record speed run that doctor dr. Craven was already asleep oh this is gonna be fun yes watch this.

It's how long it takes him falsely one to sleep yep yep that's how quickly he.

Falls asleep dr. Craven what like he.

Must have taken some powerful sleeping pills to falsely that quick I mean he must have was sprinted over to that chair to fall asleep not quickly okay. I'm sorry I found that hilarious here we.

Go fighter number 14 - 6 6 7 - 3.

All right looks like employee number 14 - 6 6 7 - 9 3 otherwise known as fire I wish I could fall asleep that quickly yes that would be amazing I would not be like lying in my bed at night I would just be one and done ok ok ok 13 Locker number 13 ok 4 left - made a.

Mistake there clicked one too many times yeah it doesn't really matter if you. Overshoot it and then go back the game doesn't matter I mean the game doesn't care that if you do that ok there are.

Multiple ways to the room here this would be the fastest long 14 6 6 7 ok 9.

3 ah I'll see I accidentally triggered.

That conversation I was hoping not to do that the fastest one is to only hear extract codes so unfortunately that.

Things did not work out that way for me sorry everybody so yeah you want to just click on extra codes before Nancy says anything but if she is forced to say something saying extract codes is shorter so you would go extract codes then shipping in an extract codes what I'm doing here what I'm doing right now here is you click on this and that and that no time no time lost what you're supposed to do is hit shipping and then extract codes I went extract codes shipping and then extract codes all that does is split up the extract codes conversation in half doesn't say that or waste any time.

Stay out of sight from here on out. Okay get from this plant come on there.

We go and escape want to slow down a.

Little bit there otherwise you'll take a step forward right into that guy and walk into his back and that would obviously be bad because then you'd get the game over and I need to walk straight to the exit why am i slowing down no no slowing down okay back to camp quickly okay so I clip on the bag then the stopper then the tube and relief then the stopper than the tube I wrote down the list of this. Is the order I need to click on everything because I just could not remember you know this was just going to be a little bit of back and forth with Quigley we've already had that so not.

That big a deal yeah it's just going to.

Be run quickly match the color of the frost sample better go tell Quigley okay.

Okay look as this conversation doesn't have any conversation options I don't think we just talked to her and then she just sends us back and then we go back and then we come back to earth run run.

Run as fast as you can.

Quigley can I talk to you yeah so if you had gone all the way to the face at Kapoor cave Nancy and figley would have the conversation about the spiderwebs here is the conversation I avoid by not.

Going to complicate earlier okay almost.

Done with Fras.

Okay and about an hour into the game okay 59 minutes I was 59 minutes there so I'm still still still still trying to eat though however the time is okay so.

Here I just use this third from bottom is the fruit elated flag beetle match so looks like those caterpillars have been eating fruit elated frakkin that's Quigley conversation I pick option number one and then I get the nose ring and I will start the end game challenge for Nancy.

Yah-hoo Quigley I guess the bug stop.

Doing their dance well it looks to me like those caterpillars have been eating nothing but fruit elated flag beetles Brit elated flag beetles no no that's not possible I have never even heard of a treadle weighted flag beetle the related flag beetle is a relatively minor species in this area but if your analysis is correct Nancy we can't go.

Public with this until I figure out what the heck is going on where are you going.

Kept bringing up my calculator so I can do the fishing puzzle so I can know how much money I have on the fishing puzzle okay that's gonna be our next big thing.

If you can hear the baby screaming from upstairs mom's watching the baby.

Mom watches the baby bald dad plays videogames dad is a horrible parent okay.

I go straight to Kapoor cave here and just like the pony aa puzzle we had earlier the starting position of all the things is basically the same every single time so that helps of course.

So because the starting position is the same every single time it was really easy to figure out what's the fastest way through this puzzle BAM go forward a.

Bunch dance is gonna jump turn left to go forward I'll pull out the tongue then just go forward again it opened I better call and tell Frank I'm gonna. Go free be frank if Nancy hey remember.

That creepy face that have been carved into a wall the one with all the pictures I have teeth well thanks to that list of animals you gave me that face opened up and I'm about to explore whatever's behind it I don't know if for how this helps you but I just thought I'd let you know anyway I'm going in so wish me luck yes this is pretty simple in terms of speed running it's just run really fast click really fast and that's it turn left to do that now I go all the.

Way forward ok so here I just don't mess up when I click the puzzle solution so it's 1 2 3 4 I've got a picture again try to get my. Mouse in the sweet spot so I can go all the way forward that was not it.

Death uh my mistake everyone what.

Happens I think that's been a problem for me relatively in this speedrun that's like Oh click too many times in a row you get yourself in trouble ok dodge.

Right as soon as I can and fish until I get thirty thirty yep.

Cuz I need thirty in order to go snorkeling hey remember that crazy face.

That have been carved into a wall the one with all the pictures I have teeth well thanks to that list of animals you gave me that face opened up and I'm about to explore whatever's behind it I don't know if for how this helps you but I just thought I let you know you might ask you can surprise me after beating a game and going back to replay it you know I've learned new things about this game like the fastest way through these conversations okay so I've got $11 oh I.

Only have eleven that's right okay so that means I'm buying this bait.

Okay I've got three dollars okay so I start off with three dollars I'm trying to get dirty.

All right fishing.

Hopefully I get into Lua I probably won't okay that's a two-pointer okay.

Three plus two.

That's a wine. Plus one okay so I'm at six now.

At 7:00.

Yes oh man that's a six I think how much. Isn't a little word somebody quick f

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