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Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory - Stealth Walkthrough Part 1 - Lighthouse

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Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory - Stealth Walkthrough Part 1 - Lighthouse

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What's up everyone some strains here one back at you with more Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell HD trilogy on to the final part of this trilogy Splinter Cell chaos theory Splinter Cell 1 and Pandora tomorrow both completed 100% stealth no alerts no damage taken on the hardest difficulty and we're gonna continue that with what I believe to be the greatest splinter cell game ever made so far chaos theory now I just want you guys to know that this is gonna be a thorough walk through this game this is not gonna be one of those speed rushes or anything like that I definitely want to give you guys as much story as possible ok there there's these interrogations and stuff like that in this game that I really like it kind of brings the story out a little bit more moreso than it did in Pandora or tomorrow or the original and I want to make sure that I give you guys as much story as possible now I could get through these missions without taking anybody out and just kind of rush through them and still remain stealthy and still get a good score and stuff but I just want to take my time and just show you that everything that this game has to offer all the little nuances all the different ways that you can knock somebody out and just have fun with it so if you guys are looking forward to that well then by all means you have made it to the right place and we're gonna go ahead and get underway this is gonna be done on like I said the hardest difficulty which is experts in chaos theory have have no fear because we still will be continuing after this playthrough with double agent and I will be doing that on the Xbox 360 this is the ps3 version so I hope you guys enjoy this please don't forget to comment rate subscribe and let's play Splinter Cell chaos tea.

Looks like a Chinese young way class cruiser with a North Korean destroyer escort.

Events in the Yellow Sea took a turn for the worse today when North Korean and Chinese forces blockaded and boarded a Japanese cargo ship the North Korean government released no official statements and their ambassador remained out of contact while at the UN Chinese ambassador long dan urged the US and her longtime Japanese allies to remain calm calling the blockades a legitimate response to what the rest of Asia views as a possible remilitarization of Japan this blockade is an act of war the NSC is working on a formal response they've ordered the USS Walsh to close at flank speed the walsh is the most advanced spy ship in history my best man will be on board.

What do you know Chinese and North Korean ships working together again it's what we expected that's a zero five six prototype Chinese exactly how are your sea legs I haven't lost them good because the zero five six prototype isn't the only new fish in the ponds.

Newly formed information self-defense force had this to say this is another distressing attempt by China and North Korea to further depress our for Turing economy the is DF and Japan appear to.

Our allies for the military support promised us under the post-war constitution of 1930 means that in the eyes of many in Asia the is DF itself is a violation of the post-war Constitution prohibiting Japan from maintaining a military force capable of striking beyond its borders in Asia the memories of Imperial Japan are still fresh.

I'm afraid I have no recollection of that senator I got a space set up for.

Younger folks oh you can make yourself to home in Fisher an American engineer.

Named Bruce Morgan Holt has been kidnapped by a Peruvian separatist group called the People's Voice their suspected leader hugo la serda is a hardcore revolutionary preaching information warfare is the only realistic means to achieve revolution in modern society we need you to get in there and recover or destroy any information morgan Holt may have been forced to divulge and if possible rescue him as for Lacerda he's just been bumped onto our target of opportunity list so if you have a shot take it hostage rescue isn't normally our bag but Morgan Holt was part of Project Watson the UN committee that studied Phillip masses handiwork after Georgia some people are worried that this kidnapping is just a cover-up and that Morgan Holt is being interrogated for classified information about the mass kernels fact is that some of the tricks mask came up with could be used to do a lot of damage we need to contain that information at all costs the target area is a lighthouse attached to an abandoned Spanish colonial era fortification and some nearby structures we don't have an exact location on morgan holt so you'll have to find him yourself insertion will be at night by zodiac onto the beach beneath the fort Thermal Imaging shows that there are some old natural and semi natural caves under the fort so you may be able to use those for infiltration all right Fisher the helicopter will jump you a few kilometers offshore in the zodiac you'll have one of my zodiacs in logistical support in and out of the target area extraction will be by helicopter from the top of the lighthouse this place international holds the contract with Wright Pritchard technologies to protect their VIPs in potentially hostile situations we did a thorough threat evaluation for their project in Peru and we accepted the VIP detail on Morgan hold the guys who came after him know what they were doing this was not a tourist grant I lost three good men in the snatch and I'm currently preparing a rescue plan for approval from Morgan Holt's family and Wright Pritchard this is going to cost this place a lot of money all right so one cool thing about splinter cell chaos theory is the fact that you can choose which loadout you want to go do you want I guess you could say this is starting the downfall of the Splinter Cell series where is there's always been stealth before now you actually have the choice to kind of go assault as opposed to just stealth so it's I wouldn't say the downfall but it's kind of opened it up for more players but obviously you guys know that we're gonna be going with the stealth loadout because that's what the true stealth guys like to do so let's do it okay here we are look at that this game is seven years old this was like really when the the graphics pretties kind of just populated all the games and stuff like that I think a lot of games of 2005 when they came out they were looking so much better than before and let me tell you this still looks amazing have all your regular visions plus a new one which is EMF vision which pretty much isn't gonna be used too much by me it's only just to show what things actually can be used in the environment but one really really cool gadget that we're going to use quite a bit is the OCP which as you can see takes out all lights so have the user you know actually waste ammunition and stuff like that you can actually use that to take lights out makes you a bit more stealthier than any of the previous games so that's gonna be really cool now one other thing about my walkthrough as opposed to all the other ones on YouTube is I ain't gonna be saving at all just from the beginning save I like to do these levels all the way through in one go and try to get everything right I feel that is the way it should be you know I don't want to save in the middle of a spot and then you know have like umpteen times to get that spot right I want to make sure I do everything right from the beginning so hopefully it's coming from up ahead but.

Lambert and I think guerilla I think what do you mean I've had enough a case fired up me in my time to tell you that wasn't one.

There's some kind of all Greeks better you know I went that smokers used to use these old games smuggler see he probably had all sorts of secret passages and tunnels down here.

Whoa careful it's safe don't worry okay so normally I'd easily be able to get by these guys I could have even bypassed them before they even came down but since I actually want to show you all the little things all the interesting conversation that some guards can have it's gonna make this definitely a more watchable kind of walkthrough and I hope you guys are going to appreciate that as well I want these videos to be kind of long but not too long but at the same time I want to be I'll show you what I believe is the right way to play this game all right don't you mind.

Well I'm gonna head back I'm going to stay here and enjoy the view all right one cool new feature to Splinter Cell chaos theory is kind of like a little stalking as soon as you get close enough to a guard where you can actually stalk him he goes into this really cool animation and it's really fun to watch it's pretty badass didn't anyone ever tell you that's the luckiest dangerous oh no you are going to kill me right only if you say the word monkey now tell me something I want to know all ammunition and medical supplies check around inside the keep they have tons of stuff in there some of you guys do real helpful why do you have to work for the bad guys you're the American oppressor you're the bad guy are you gonna say monkey what no then this conversation is over oh yeah that's so badass and in just in case I forgot to tell you guys this is live commentary I have a brand new iMac that I just bought 27 inch iMac and I'm pretty much back to normal speed as far as all my editing and stuff goes I've decided to kind of give over to the dark side and go to the Mac so pretty much back full speed and I'm ready to do this.

I think you're right about the equipment Sam yeah they got themselves a little stockpile of high-tech kit here the SSC C code is some waiting for this guy to.

Kind of step a little forward then we can kind of get out in the light a little bit definitely on the expert mode you definitely want to watch out because they are super sensitive I mean Ubisoft Montreal just pretty much jacked up AI sensitivity when it comes to expert and it's just amazing so you definitely want to watch it I think we got a card up here you know watch out for your sound as well because it actually shows all the different sound that you're making and the environment of noise and all that.

As you'll see when I start moving right now as you can tell yep I was just moving it too so you definitely want to keep that meter below the one that's actually moving that way you see I bet is faking faking his.

Tongue is a lump of coal is bringing it up so give him more it's already at the maximum what should I bring it down another butter what did you say amigo to one another battery wait a minute kiss his ears look small I think I'm going to be ill I think he's dead only one way to. Be sure I'm going for a walk.

Alright so obviously these guys are kind of pissing it off so you know what normally I probably feel right around us not worried battle oh that's right so.

Many new moves if Sam Fisher has and we are gonna use them all baby he's kind of.

Cracked when I said that I meant hi there alright so let's make sure no one's still looking all right ease out of the way really cool that you can actually use the sticky camera in these kind of situations and of course you can go back to it anytime you want you can actually have multiple sticky cameras up at once so you can get a really good layout of the surroundings and you can collect them just like before but this guy this guy that we're going after right now he's the guy that actually tortured Morgan whole right booth so we definitely want to take him out it doesn't sound too.

Good down there Fisher the sound isn't the prop you should smell it you're sure he's dead deader than Elvis alright leave the body we still need to recover any traces of the interrogation Graham we'll call you back I already don't I kill don't make it worse for yourself who who are you shut up why did you torture Morgan halt. Told us to why what does he want to know math problems programmer stuff I don't.

Get it you're just a stupid one who likes to hurt people exactly can you. Think of a reason why the world wouldn't be a better place without you please I that didn't think so now as much as I.

Would love to actually take him completely out we're not going to I'm still going on that whole rule of don't kill anyone unless you absolutely the game mandatory make sure so it looks like he's still kind of in the light here so we're gonna pick them up and move them to a darker area now what's cool about it is if you actually hold that hold you what is it that ll1 button I think on the ps3 if you hold that in it'll actually keep him kind of up in the air just because he's dead.

Doesn't mean I need to leave him here hanging like a piece of meat don't get too connected Fisher I need you to stay rational you can spare 30 seconds for some simple dignity grim we need to make sure that whenever Morgan will might have told them about madness algorithms never leave this site okay I detected a wireless link coming from its technician left the room before you entered so I need to recover any data he might have uploaded to their servers exactly from the looks of it these gorillas have a pretty temporary setup it's unlikely they have any kind of alarm system on location yeah.

All right let's get in someplace quiet don't want to alert the guy that's actually patrolling this area here.

Hi there you looking for it I am loyal do we get no information from me really hmm that looks like you forgot to shave this morning let me help you out of debt huh Hey what are you doing okay okay what do you want to know I'm looking for the Syrah he's been behaving very bad a big baby well you're wasting your time American he left enough votes and over I go he could be anywhere by now I guess I'll just have to follow him then don't worry he won't slip away I love the things that sam says it's like actually yeah seems like my shirt. Is long gone we'll see if we can track in for restaurant don't worry about it for now we'll keep you posted it actually seems like you definitely want to like knock him out as soon as he says it just cuz it kind of fits that's pretty cool.

Two more crates there's a more than one way that you can actually go through this part right here we're gonna choose the top way just because I seem to find it the best solution unless you're going for Less like that speed run i think the top ways the best way to go.

This docker Sam we're gonna leave these guys alone let me go home to their wives they didn't piss me off we still got one more guy that actually pissed us off here and he was the one that actually came running out of the out of the room that you saw so that's four of the five creeks am your eyes peeled for the last one and he'll be coming up right after this part so we're definitely gonna interrogate him and see we can find out have you seen this that's why I'm worried you can see.

They are very smart the enemies know what you're doing so you always got to kind of be on your toes here's the guy that we ran into earlier who left the room before we could actually get to him let's see we can interrogate him.

Why did you Georgia Morgan award the Zelda he wants algorithms some kind of computer algorithm what does the second a communist revolutionary want with a computer algorithm I don't know I don't even think last evidence I think someone might have fired us what makes you think that I don't know la serda he's been making lots of deals something's going on I don't know what you don't know who's been talking to no you're not much good to me anymore.

That server is the one that have tenants for these her occation friend or two you'll need to accent good work Sam that way for whatever information Morgan would might have given them they wonder what happened to it it was easy enough to make your little intrusion look like a memory allocation error don't worry we give you the best tools all right so let's keep going.

Using trouble thunderstorms make me nervous when I was.

A boy in my mother my father was in the army when he realized we could not do the mountains with some.

Navigate were told to game play the game well allows the game is broken.

Benjamins you pretty much run I definitely recommend it this is gonna be guard on the other side of the lighthouse here that you want to make sure that you can get by hand without.

Now that your time actually starts out slow evening start - ISA come in evening star. Marina pizza coming.

Carga received Maria Narcisa it all checks out.

Affirmative Maria.

Our system you're not trying to set me up on another flying Dave so was the.

Last girl yourself Fisher story the Maria narcisse's and cargo ship owned and operated by celestina Inc Portuguese shipping company registered in the Philippines cross Pacific freight contracts lots of details missing sounds suspicious sounds like I'm setting you up for another date after all that wait to meet her good thinking Fisher now they won't be able to tell other cells they've been hit that's the idea always one step ahead the day I fall behind is the day I come.

All right now it's time to get out here.

Come on over here brother.

All right it was like I was gonna do it I hope you guys enjoyed the lighthouse level just kind of getting started on this winter cell chaos theory walkthrough and it's only gonna get better from here let's see how we did so.

It looks like we've completed all of the mission objectives that we could the reason the rescue Morgan whole was canceled was because obviously he died and we couldn't eliminate Hugo Lacerda because he is on the marina and whatever it's called sees Ernest sista I can't remember all right so it looks like we did that in 16 minutes and 40 seconds now I could probably cut that down in half definitely I think my record that I've had and I've never been a speedrun kind of guy but just me just kind of still enjoying it but not speed running through it I think was like four minutes and thirty seconds so it's definitely possible and of course we took out seven enemies now most of the enemies that we took out is because we had a reason either we were gathering information or because the SOPs killed Morgan holes so definitely thought that they should at least be taken out so hope you guys enjoyed the first part of the Splinter Cell chaos theory HD walkthrough for the ps3 and well it's time to move on to the next one don't forget we got a lot more games coming out this week Sleeping Dogs and Darksiders 2 so definitely be checking for that in the near future I want you guys to have a great week I love all of you and I'll see you next time peace out bitches

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