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Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm - Walkthrough Part 3, Gameplay PS3

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Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm - Walkthrough Part 3, Gameplay PS3

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Gameplay Walkthrough Part 3 for the PS3 in 1080p HD.

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Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm, known in Japan as Naruto: Narutimate Storm (NARUTO-ナルト-ナルティメットストーム Naruto: Narutimetto Sutōmu?) is the first installment of the Ultimate Ninja Storm series. It is a fighting game developed by CyberConnect2 and published by Namco Bandai Games. The game was released for the PlayStation 3 (PS3) across North America, Europe and Australasia in November 2008 and in Japan on January 15, 2009. It is based on the popular manga and anime series Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto, and the first installment of the Naruto: Ultimate Ninja series on the PS3. A sequel titled Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 was released in Japan, North America and Europe in October 2010 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Another sequel, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 was released in March 2013. On December 11, 2014, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 was confirmed for next-gen consoles and PC.

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Hey guys what's up my name is OG bats and welcome to naruto ultimate ninja storm the leaves are turned and from.

Previously knowledge of a ninja mastering chakra control let's continue.

Mission success Oh guys you know what I.

Haven't been paying attention to the items that were getting after we complete um how I say the missions cuz I complete I dude this guy is like so irrelevant that I keep forgetting about him and I feel messed up saying that but let's see if we got his blue flowers yet oh we did you see. So blue flowers just what I've been looking for think I can have those by any chance of course buddy here you go really hey thanks a lot oh yeah I can just take them without giving you as what oh okay I thought he said I can just take them without giving you anything but he said I can't all right so once you got bro we shouldn't give me ahahahahaha thanks these are really valuable to me so take great care of them okay gave me a red missile or yeah I think that's pronounced it so I'm assuming that these information characters when we do happen to take on their side quests they're going to give us like ingredients that we can use at the ramen shop which by the way we need a hand in B ingredient we initially got into this video so we're going to do that right now and aside from that we're also going to pick up another new ingredient that popped up on the map as you guys can see it's in the upper left hand corner than that so let's go ahead and do that now I don't know like I said before I think this lady's in love with this dude because she wanted red flowers he wanted blue flowers so I don't know that's just me though might as well just.

Collect some of these like scrolls right here before we go get the ingredient because why not you know we do happen to get rewards from iruka-sensei or a hookah if I say so myself not really not if I say so myself that's how the game is um we do get rewards from him if we go to him he will give us what is it ninjutsu right everything this game is about like support ninjutsu so he will give us important in jutsu if we treat in an adequate amount of Scrolls if I remember correctly.

All right so I'm kind of struggling here to get up here. Oh guys by the way I forgot to tell you.

I ordered an Xbox one two days ago and it's arriving today so you guys gonna be able to see some Xbox one games I already got a couple of games for it too when I ordered it so it's gonna be a lot of fun I hope you guys are looking forward I'm gonna be playing so many games I have like ps2 games in mind to that I'm gonna be playing oh dude just stay tuned dude we're gonna be playing so many games in this channel from now on it's not even funny man like the Naruto games on the ps2 is also something I'm very looking forward to but I decided that you know what like first we should just clear like the ultimate ninja storm games or maybe just clear this game first then go to a ps2 game it all depends on how you guys want to see it because um the ps2 games were narrowed or freaking epic as well.

Alright so we have um oh wow we have a couple of them actually I'm going to be happy have three yeah we have three new ramen that we can get so let's get ahead let's go ahead excuse me and get the Walnut ramen first.

Oh man.

Matadors like it looks so good but you.

Know I could tell when I wrote this a scrub he's a he's a total pleb when it comes to eating food cuz it doesn't matter how good it looks it's about the taste man yeah so I don't.

Know honest you guys like all these Romans are increasing our overall chakra but I don't see any benefit to increasing our overall chakra for the time being maybe it'll come in handy later on I don't know but for now I'm just like okay and I'll do it since it's here but I don't see any point in increasing the chocolate anytime you do well okay I. Take that back I retract my statement because having higher chakra allows us to run for a longer time and just use the Naruto hang cannon for a longer distance I'm assuming.

Our there we go so these were all the ramen that we currently had oh we actually we have one more natural salt ramen. Wait that's a natural or native I think it said native my back oh no I said natural I was looking at the ingredients I was like oh shit was it native or natural all right that.

Should have been it though it should be all the freaking ramen that we had yeah that is it okay so now we're good to go now we talked to that guy we got our home and that's a lot of chocolate rum that meters looking pretty big looking just as big as something I thought let me stop you I need to stop with these joke right people are about to be that yeah you know you want to watch him for very commentary you go to this guy called og Beck's literally all he does is talk for rarity stuff girl's gotta be like these guys are freak I like it over he's a freak like that so kakashi hatake s-- or hatake I don't even know how to pronounce like literally dude I didn't memorize people's first things their last names I for the life of me I cannot pronounce like Kakashi is one of those people I can't pronounce his last name but this is his final exam and after this we're done with again in training art.

Kakashi hatake final exam time to put teamwork to the test alright guys so I don't have you.

Heard Naruto's sake Kashi's last name so I did say right Hatake now one of the optional conditions that we do have to actually do because I think it's not even optional as mandatory is that we have to summon a support character at least four times so we got to keep that in mind and you see this way too easy for the next video I will have this done guys in the next video I will have the difficulty higher but for the time being it's just like really weights reason now Kakashi is like going in right now bro he's like shit you think it's too easy man biggest waves it's not easy being an NPC and trying to get hired by cyberconnect2 imagine of being like an MPC which is like a regular job you had to get hired and stuff like that Matthew that we all like different NPCs like she's trying out for games it's like well in this game Kakashi wasn't featured because he never attempted to we can get hired for the job.


Ramin celebrate our victory kakashi-sensei editions fulfilled.

So I was expecting there to be like a dialogue cutscene but you know how this game is a dialogue cutscenes they don't care yes so the getting training arc is completed now we entered a new scenario the tuning exam art but you see what I'm saying like come on you have to let talk this out you have to like at least like I don't know like walk us into this type of stuff you can't just be like oh yeah it's literally like the first part it's like boom I'm like okay well it's a nice game what do I do so the following character is not available as a playable character Kakashi secret poles are also Hammack secret Scrolls also appear on the map so yeah do like literally know eat and they don't dive us into anything they expect you to like already know everything like you know what man hey man do you watch anime it's like yeah alright then we don't got to show you anything watch the anime that's your cutscene for you that's like their ask you'd imagine that was their excuse is like cyberconnect2 why don't you have any dialogue or cutscenes animated as transitional phases in the game cyberconnect2 your comments it's like uh did you watch the anime the guys are yeah we fuck off might imagine so anyways um there's a new information character on our map so we're going to go to it it's on the left hand side and aside from that we also got a couple of other things that I completely forgot about but me amen I'll probably remember later or sooner hopefully sooner than later.

So if this game by the way guys talk to your room oh you know oh this girl's hottest yo out of my top ten right bye inna was number two because Hinata has to be number one you know she's banging oh my lord brothers melons oh and II know English is hot as hell II know it's super hot bro she never ages I swear to you she's just oh just give me one round one round you know and I'm Oh anyways I wanted to tell you guys something oh that this game I don't think it's gonna be too long because like we're already in the tuning art after the tuning art we do like you know some BS blah blah blah we have like the tuning art then we have another BS arc and then another BS arc and then we have the Sasuke retrieval which is what this game covers up to so not really all that much to it you know I'm saying but anyways let's get on with this actually no Han we have like four arcs before yeah I think it's like three or four arcs before we actually get to the Sasuke beat reward but nonetheless I don't think it's gonna be that long I don't think this game is gonna have that many videos okay so this is the Yamanaka.

Flower shop here you can sell and exchange items which are flowers that you've picked up by completing missions welcome don't you see around don't see you around here oh that's what she said don't see you around here much. Oh did you bring me some flowers how thoughtful that's believed so we can. Sell her some of the flowers but we're not gonna do that because well you don't have a lot of them we don't need to sell them she's like bring some more anytime yeah girl I ain't give you no flowers what you're talking about but me ha ha daddy's done she needs a razor there we go them cheeks boys I am ready well actually guys kind of have to like go do something right inside now imagine imagine there's one youtuber like is that like super obsessed with like girls and stuff like that anime videos or in anime games that I say and every time there's like a hot girl that comes on screen he's like guys yeah I literally oh crap look I have to go do something bareback and he goes to just like literally FAP all you hear is like FAP in the background but all right let's go on to the next mission if we can take it oh yeah we can so you jumped into a brand new scenario when viewing the mission list highlight the icon for flashback missions then press down I'll press the down button the screen excuse me I'm sorry I don't know what's wrong with my voice the screen will scroll to allow selection of a new mission icon nice so we can toggle missions and stuff like that you see that you can go up and down cool so but unfortunately we can't. Do the tuning exam or at least the mission that's called the Chunin exam begins because we don't have enough mission TX cream so we need to find a new mission to do perfect which is this one right here Sakura on training.

Okay so soccer has actually marked on the map she needs some help but I mean who doesn't need help from backs I already know what type of help she needs and trust me believe it believe me when. I'm telling you I'll give her all the help she needs that'll do there you are okay let's start training whoa she's all fired up you bet there's nothing more powerful than a woman with a go do it already I'm telling you I know her intentions you always were strong not strong enough to beat me but what What did he say uh nothing so I definitely know what Sakura wants man so for the sake of love for him obviously this de-rank mission is not about Sasuke it's about me obviously I have to get stronger if I'm going to achieve my goal you're kind of freaking me out but I guess any trainings good training okay I'm ready when you are Sakura try and keep up with me Naruto you already know I'm gonna keep up girl let me just unzip my pants Oh what is this though this looks sick should we do it. She would give her what she wants I look we're gonna use Sasuke right and trick her into thinking that it's Naruto so we're gonna pull out oh dude why didn't I don't ever do that Naruto shit I'll use like a I don't like a transformation jutsu it just transforming it to sake it Sasuke excuse me just hit like bang the book out of socket Oh yo you're already done it epic.

Dude this game is awesome you can you can actually remember I told you before you can customize your and jutsu and stuff you can actually do that look I didn't customize it though oh my god I'm so stupid I wanted to at least show it to you guys but this is really really cool I like how they have like this animation for the character selection that should look nice bro damn land at.

Least three extra hits on a downed alien all right so they mean - well that optional challenge is just telling us - when Sakura's on the floor they really want her to pummel it or what I'd like to say they really want us to pummel her like this because you already know when she's on the floor on bottom ooh in any tap dance out okay that's the second hit now one more should be it or everyone.

Agree wrong boom there we go nice now we can actually just do whatever metal - go ahead now that sets out Sasuke's are like ninjutsu to stuff like that Wow fireball jutsu this is ultimate Wow.

Dude that's his curse mark we're not even there yet how and it's crazy. Because this is not even his first level curse mark this is like um he's dead back but this is the in-between level one curse mark and level two curse mark I don't know that they shouldn't allow us to use the character we're not there yet in my opinion but it was whatever it's cool though that was a cool ultimate.

So we got a whopping 13 points whew let's just drop it oh if I can't even beat you well of course you can beat me you can.

Beat me any time you want girl whose support and acting all camera shy now you did it just yesterday Sakura you're pushing yourself too hard wink wink why this sudden training craze anyway uh you see it's here we go Sasuke yeah just fitting if I'm going to be on sass his partner I'm gonna have to be strong enough right a bond of trust can only develop between equals so I have to get as strong as the years Thank You Naruto because that's how I feel right now that's why I'm not eat I'm not even reading with enthusiasm anymore because that's how I feel somehow I just lost my motivation train and I lost my motivation Denari this perhaps so I'm not going to nari anymore that's right you better leave ah. What am I supposed to say to that nothing broke silent treatment works best on girls bro trust me I would know about this I'm a pimp got five girls but sight now display but anyways now we can take the first mission because you got a whole bunch of points extra from that Sakura mission so let's go ahead and do it fellas the tuning exam begins.

The gathering of rivals the Chunin exam begins all right guys so.

This is actually gonna be a forest race it's fun to do this shouldn't be too bad we already did one of these you know we should only get better from now on all right.

Oh man I missed that freaking speed bonus right there but do like i keep on. Saying i really like these um like three sequence challenges if you will they're really cool I like the minigames you know the other storm games like I told you guys in the beginning I remember play the storm game but in the other storm games there haven't been any like minigames to my like knowledge and stuff like that so this is really neat I hope they bring it back and in ultimate ninja storm 4 I really do hope they bring this type of like minigames back and stuff like that that would be cool to see.

Well well well would you look at that look who's over here Orochimaru man ROG

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