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F.E.A.R. Walkthrough | Interval 01: Inception | Part 1 (Xbox360/PS3/PC)

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F.E.A.R. Walkthrough | Interval 01: Inception | Part 1 (Xbox360/PS3/PC)

F.E.A.R Walkthrough Part 1 Gameplay Review Let's Play Playthrough (Xbox360/PS3/PC)

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Oh ah.

Yes sorry to wake you senator it's about origin what happened there was an uprising fettle has taken command of the prototypes my god we can still. Resolve this discreetly but we have to move fast oh all right all right let me make a few calls.

This wackos name is paxton fettel he's the key if we contain him we contain the situation fuckers got an appetite I think he has an agenda it's not just recreational he's getting something out of it essential vitamins and nutrients what's his story property of iron macam technology corporation they're working on a military contract to develop an army of clones who respond to a psychic commander top secret of course fettle is one of the commanders you gotta be fucking kidding me this is why nobody takes us seriously military clones a full battalion of them highly trained and heavily armed a battalion what are we supposed to do against a thousand super soldiers like I said we put fettle down and it's over fortunately the whole point of the program is to give commanders first-hand knowledge of the battlefield without putting them in danger that means we should be able to corner the bastard without having to wade through all those soldiers how do we find him I recant implanted a transmitter in his head should lead us right to him that's awfully convenient assuming it does what it's supposed to what about you buddy ready to go to work putting him in the field are you crazy he just transferred in a week ago you've seen his training results his reflexes are totally out the charts I think he can handle himself whatever man it's your call god damn right it is don't worry you'll be fine let's roll let's stay.

You will be a god man we've tracked.

Fennel to an abandoned building just up ahead no sign of enemy activity on the satellite but don't take any chances Jen Kowski you in position all right move it out.




Hey bro what took you so long try to find a way around.

Hold on a sec come on you ready go.


Jen we need you up here on my way looks like we're too late boss just leftovers your bye gotta be around there. Somewhere I'll wait here for Jin you take a look around.

The dead man's name was Charles hey Berger I remember him but are the. Memories my hos it makes no difference.

He deserve to die they all deserve to die come here.

Norma what's going on at last metal signal we ready what do you think is an.

Appointment hey back already see anything guys about sign up there are they just getting started you boys run along I'll be busy here for a while.

I've tried so hard to forget.

These men are from fear there are special attachments to our unit for the duration of this table they will be on point their missions to assess the nature of the threat our job is to keep them alive do not engage the enemy remember that we are not dealing with ordinary backup team one will move in from the southwest team two will approach on the north once our recon is complete we'll rendezvous and wait for further orders okay let's saddle up

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