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Baldur's Gate Walkthrough Part 30 - Werewolf Island

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Baldur's Gate Walkthrough Part 30 - Werewolf Island

In this episode, we embark upon an epic journey to an unlisted island somewhere in the trackless sea. Rumours from a passing merchant vessel speak of a shipwreck that bears the insignia of Balduran, the founder of Baldur's Gate that went missing three centuries ago. Our party is caught in a huge storm that destroys our ship, and we end up shipwrecked ourselves on the mysterious island. Will we find out what happened to Balduran? Will we discover a way off the island? And will we get to the bottom of the strange goings-on within the island's community, where nothing is what it seems?

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Hello everyone welcome to my walkthrough playthrough of baldur's gate enhanced edition we've just finished the ice island quest that Chandalar has given us and we're gonna go to the docks but.

First I just want to talk to this drunk who's shouting out here and he says hip how did he hear that they found Bulger on in the trackless sea and they're bringing him back to rural Bhalla geared so this opens a little quest a lot of.

Journal entry sorry and it says I hear rumors that the remnants of bald Ron's last expedition have been found but I think the tales of his return me to rule may be a touch too optimistic it has been several hundred years since his disappearance after all so for you guys who don't know Bulger on was the chap who founded bollards gate and he went off to sea and went missing and never returned and this kind of ties in with the quest that we're about to undertake so I'm just gonna I'm healing win because she's taking a little bit damage there and I'm gonna rest.

And we're going to go down to the west of the village.

So we've got a rather interesting gentleman called femoris here let's have a chat of him my name is Fenris bulan.

I'm honored to have you speak with me how may I be of assistance have you gone on the to our deluxe tower oh it was wonderful to her somewhat Steven price why do you ask the tale of that ill-fated tower is a fascinating one do lag troll killer a great warden hero built the tower over a long and successful career do like a master greed hoard of treasure rumors spoke of rooms full of gems and a hall strewn with dusty heaps of gold coins with the aid of hired dwarf still like took many chambers and passages in the tall and raised lawn tower above it planning it as a seat where he could found a dwarven community and grow old and peace surrounded by happy prosperous skin instead doppelgangers organized and aided by fell main fliers slew and impersonated dialogues companions after the shock dwarf can discovered the first impersonation he was attacked by all the others and spent at airfield 10d frantically fighting through his own fortress she is by monsters who wore familiar forms but sought his death in the end alone and victorious he was powerless to stop the fleeing elephants Fiat fearing lead returned alive hired one of the famous crap Hawk he could feign and begun to rebuild his tower and the tour beneath is an elaborate succession of traps magical wards secret.

Passages sliding prison chambers and triggered weapons so deluxe Tower is one of the best dungeons and the series in my opinion so you've got a little bit of a insight into the things to come yes it really is that bad there are so many traps in deluxe Tower it's awful for several centuries things went on like this and the increasingly eccentric deluged lived on fungi and it is cruelly whispered the bodies and intruders at length he died and presumably his bones to lie in some in a room guarded by thousands of deadly traps after haven't seen the first rooms for the tower myself I can see that it must be as the interest as legends pretend it is a fascinating place to visit and I strongly recommend you take it to her I must be off no farewell and enjoy so. That leaves you with a little bit of a little bit of diarrhea at me there and I think it's a really good idea to doodle ugh Stella try and leave it towards the end of the game so what level of my name what level of Manu creycrey seven yeah.

Okay I think that's that's a good level to try and tackle the tower because it is hard it is really really tough to do so lets them at this house and speak to the inhabitant in size so this is mendes.

And he sees your heroes of the sword cost and he's from water deeply sequester of small truth he needs a fever he's got money and a big heart for friendship can you help the gentle fellow and search for knowledge hmm people who see that they're gentle tend not to be but we'll see you mentioned Moony knowledge is a.

Worthy pursuit how can I help tragic things are happening merchants.

League these bad men they find the alien to the West the åland has a broken ship a very old shipwreck Lisi her gua get on. With it man you're as long-winded as Worrell so the shipwreck is apparently.

Bulger owns the think that the Bulger on had much treasure and his fame foliot voyage missions League will destroy the artifacts to get the treasure did do ship's log book ok.

I charted both forthwith.

There a small problem though these men that find Eiland they keep the sea charts locked up in Barlow's gate there is a building and northeast city of the merchants sleep counting house to find adjust call northeast from the health song tavern the sea charts they're in there and we'll say the couples of the ship will have them I don't know such things as chart retrieval but you are a hero and it is no problem for Heroes there may be small danger so I give you some gold for the chart and I meet you here okay.

Calahan ello me Callahan I be scourge of the fish in the seven seas eight see me before newly be love the pirate slam there verily I am here to meet a gentleman scholar by the name of Mendes well we've just met him so that makes no sense indeed it is my first lovely visitor all got speared I remembered and raised in the beard Ivy got violently flirted a sea chantey on me breath I'm not gonna.

Answer that that's so pretentious I still have a tongue you have the beard as lovely as a mules absence smells like a tenday fish welcome all me the fleece became in the ladies kinda tis nothing you look at my. Floated myths can I be of assistance do you know of men - men Darcy's a grim sword never came word rosier auntie yep.

So just give him 20 gold in your talk men dust came to the beard this season past bought all Swensons please he did claim to be from water deep but I know fellows from the city of splendors and his feet the Comintern as good as I don't so I don't know if you noticed but men das spoken quite broken English men - don't talk like to mix.

With us common folk he keeps himself in his house for most part leaves few days every month is all I be knowing I'm afraid.

Doesn't have a water deviant accent Mendes must be from somewhere else the.

Reclusive scholar interesting so this.

Gentleman is clearly not from the village keeps to himself more than what.

He seems do you think it's usually how. It goes in this game so we need to return to allah's gate to a place called the merchants leave kept merchants League counting-house which is in the northeast so let's go there and this is.

The merchants leave League counting-house here all right let's all oh we can't get in help us out in win.


So you can't fight the sky but it's it's better to kind of not really fate is. Avoidable so just see you here to clear your debts of teen spaces purchasing Curatola and that avoids a big drama so.

This is Captain taluk Harris our I'd be ready for the salts and who be bothering me now.

Why the new deckhand Z requested Sura has from yourself I'd be a fine Slough cook - I love these awful accents so if you just choose the top one if is there anything else you need he's asking me for a jug of the town's hardest liquor Alda tranny and brews avails well that will do the trick you find the old coot at the blushing mermaid so we need to go. To the blush and myriad I'm just going to do a spot of snooping first I don't.

Know what that is port of healing hmm it looks poisonous I'm gonna do a spot of shopping as well just to get some supplies because why I've got to go on a.

Voyage a sea voyage so it's probably best that we stock up.

I like the way I'm just helping myself nobody cares that's fine you just steal all of our potions and money it's not a problem.

Just checking out what's here.

So I'm going to go to sorceress sundries I'm going to sell some things and buy a few things too so I'm going to fast forward through this bit.

I'm gonna have to apologize for this part because my video capture software didn't capture this bait which is super super frustrating so there's a whole segment that I've missed out but I'll show you what I've done so after I sold my things at source for sundries we've just literally been to the Counting house and captain Kyra's has asked us for some eel so I've come to the other half of the northeast section of the map by going through the north because if you just click on this you'll end up back at the Counting house you need to beat the brush and mermaid so go via this central North section and.

You'll end up in this bit so this is the Counting house here you need to be on the other side of the inner wall and this is the blush and mermaid so all I did I went into the blush and mermaid.

And there's a chap here called the tree.

Nyan now you chat with the tree nyan and he tells you that the captain and his crew top it up a nine hundred gold bar tab and he refuses to give you the eel until you pay your tab you can't pay the nine hundred gold or all I did was I got emmalin to drink and a portion of master thievery where is it. I'm sure I've got some more yeah so I got emmalin to imbibe a portion of master thievery to increase her pickpockets to sixty five and then I used her to pickpocket him and she pickpocket the eel from the tree nyan and then what I did was I returned to the Counting house. So I returned to the northeast section. Of the map through the eastern section otherwise he'll just end up back where he started so you have to kind of go we and I went back to the Counting house up the stairs talked to the captain and he handed over the the sea sea charts.

The ocean charts he's quite drunk so basically is a drunkard in his I care who are these for safekeeping and then you have them in your possession and here they are the sea charts so the sea charts have been obtained from the merchants league counting-house for Mendes okay so just to go over that again captain Kira's asks you for some eel you go to the blush and mermaid talk to the.

Tienen he offers to sell you the beer. For 900 gold you can P it if you want otherwise you'll have to pickpocket them for it bring it back to the captain and the captain will hand you the sea charts alright so I'm really sorry that I've missed up it out it's just for some reason my video capture software didn't record that bit so let's return to Olaf's beard.

So we're back you know Lucas beard and.

What I'm gonna do is before talking to men das I'm going to drop off some items in this little box here reason being that I want to free up some of my inventory but I also want to just keep.

Some things in here for safekeeping that I can pick up later the reason being that there's a lot of booty on the island that we're going to go to a lot of treasure that will pick up and also that you know it's good to have a little storage box that you can pick things up from that you might want later that you may not want to sell or drop and you can do this in a lot of different places anywhere there's a chess joyas house is a good choice at the foot of the friendly are mean is you can see you've got the sea charts there that's.

Lawfulness anted or container is full okay so what I'm gonna suggest you guys.

I'm gonna do some rearranging which I will fast walk through but there's a very powerful boss on this island the.

Alien that we're going to in the trackless sea there is a boss on this island that is extremely tough and if you want prepared you can actually get stuck on the island and you may not be able to progress so this is pretty hard so I'm going to go through my inventory and I'll fast forward it and I'll explain what I've done after I finished.

So I've gone through my inventory now I've completely emptied my portion bag. And I've put all of the portions that I won't need for this journey into here and I've temporarily placed oh that's a.

Forgery of a ward stone I'm gonna stick that in there as well because I don't need that so all of the quest items that.

I have that's an actual odd stone so.

I'll keep that lost your humor I think all of the items that I want to carry along these are too precious for me to drop off I'm sure there would be fain if I put them in the box but I'm a bit paranoid about losing things so the valuable book to get into.

Candlekeep I'm not gonna drop off the golden pantaloons I'll always keep on me and the sea charts I'm going to use in a minute you don't have to do the tails of.

The sword cause quests in the order that I'm doing them if you want to go to candlekeep first you can you you. Absolutely can that is your choice no problem I just prefer to do it this way because you get more experience and also if you do want to kind of nip off to baldur's gate things will be easier for you if you go to Bhalla get after candle keith the return the candle keep the flame and fist guards will be hostile and a lot of things will have changed so i prefer to do it this way around but you absolutely can if you want to do it the other way around Gorda candlekeep first won't stop you from going to all God's beard and doing the tails of the sword cost expansion it's just my personal preference to do it this way so I've gone through and. I've picked certain portions to take along with me this is just again my personal preference you do what you want to do but there's a bad guy the boss actually the boss of the åland is really hard probably the hardest bad guy that you'll have come across seriously like I think that the bad guy on the island and the tracklist see that we're going to is one of the hardest bosses in the game actually if you don't know what you're doing so must must haves in my opinion if you're going to listen to me is Condor plus one so this is the sort. That you get from old earth in the cloak wood if you remember and this one is thug zero plus one but it's plus three vs. shapeshifters now this weapon has a special property.

That isn't outlined in the statistics and it's what's called a called alien weapon and if I'm not mistaken in the enhanced edition please do correct me from wrong but I think there's only three weapons and the whole game that are called alien weapons and this is a hidden statistic you can find it through AE keeper or shadow keeper if you're playing the original CD version and if weapons marked as a cold alien weapon then it can defeat it can cause damage sorry to the boss of the island it's there's only one of three weapons that can do that so Condor is one of them so absolutely absolutely shape that along the other two are the Wolfsbane dagger that you will find on the island and the sword of Bolger on which you will also find on the island so they're the only three as far as I'm aware weapons that.

Have the called alien property that we'll be able to defeat this but it's sort of caused damage to this boss Zoe other things that I'm taking along portions of heroism portions of freedom free action firebreath portions of strengths for my non tanked characters portions of frost giant strength for my tongue characters so these increases strength to 21 and I'm going to give those to Minsk shahira and Khalid portions of invulnerability a.

Couple of portions of invisibility and oil of speed and some portions of fire breath so I'm going to take those along I'll put them in my portion bag that I've freed up some space in.

Poor Dana hair is laden with ones so I've the boss on the island is also.

Quite susceptible to once because he has. 0% magic resistance he's incredibly tough is really really hard but he is. Quite vulnerable to magic so I'm taking along pretty much everyone duck and feigned to be honest one of the heavens is very effective wander fear can affect him as well the wands of magic missiles are useless in this in this island so I've just dropped them off in the box but ones of lightning are effective if you're brave enough to use them and you've got good lightning protection ones of paralyzation are very useful but some people think they're a bit cheesy it's up to you if you use them I personally do ones a fire of our useful and so are ones of frost sleep is quite. Good for the random encounters that you come across on the åland - so I've cleaned up my inventory it's nice and shiny and we're ready to pick up some treasure and I think we're ready to depart so I'm going to speak a separate. Sieve and I'm going to call it AM default before departure.

And let's have a chat amend ass.

So peace of 2,000 gold for the sea charts and he goes and he chant as a.

Vault and all we have to do is approach.

The docks so let us leave immediately.

The reason I skipped the cutscene is because for some reason the text goes much quicker than the speech and it's all very disconcerting but basically what it says is that a huge tempest hits the boat you become shipwrecked and you're washed ashore on this strange Island and there's a little girl here called saw Liana and she's staring at earth so let's have a chat with her and.

All you smell funny you swim in.

So you ask her who lives here mami papi brother - we've got nearby as the village is very nice so it sounds like there's a civilization on this island and she sees the Greek great-grammy came here on a ship home like you something happened the ship home is here somewhere I guess we're not allowed to go there.

You still smell funny but you're not scary not like the beasties sometimes they look like us but the change in that mean mommy sees the nothing more than animals but the other animals don't hear to us so much maybe it will help us so.

She talks about this lady called Kai Shas she leads while mr. chieftain is away don't know where he went but he's away and you should speak to Kai shafts I got a goal so let's find out a little.

Bit more so as you can see we've got the remnants of the ship doesn't look like anybody survived apart from us which is convenient.

I'm not going to bother interacting with anyone because until you speak to the chieftain the Acton chieftain nobody will talk to you so I'm just gonna have a little snip around see what we can lift from the åland I've got a portion of explosions and a cursed portion of healing which I'm not going to bother with nope there's lots of treasure you.

Can get from this island it's pretty cool so there's a guy here a commoner.

But you won't talk to you so there's no point everyone just tells you to speak to cassius oil a fiery burning.

And they all kind of see you do not belong they've all got this weird stock freeze you do not belong we've got a few.

Chests in here I don't know if the trapped or not I know they locked your.

Portions of healing you've got portion on fire drains strength portion of regen which will come in handy later that would definitely come in handy later and a.

Couple of pills.

Nothing in there.

Let's see what's up here.

The sailings quite big it's split into two parts the south part has the village on it and the north part is pretty.

Dangerous it's where most of the quests to please.

I'm just looting the houses see what we can find nothing much by the looks of things path failings pretty messed up in this game in the tales of the soul Coast expansion it can be a bit it can be a bit hairy so if you talk to anyone.

They'll just tell you to speak Turkish ass so until we do there's no point in speaking to anybody I'm just looting the åland and seeing what I can find because you can find. Some quite nice portions and things so this is - loon he's the only one actually that speaks to you even then EC's come back and indulge an old man when you're finished so even he doesn't really interact with you just searching for traps because we've got a few things in here I don't think there is any I think they are locked Thor. So we've got some more pills moon bhajan.

And nothing in there okay.

So chaos is over this part of the island let's go and see her otherwise we're just going to be traipsing around for ages let's see what she has to say to us.

Old one the wrong way it's in there yeah this this is like a walled compound where all the kind of leaders houses are.

Strangers how's it possible you must speak with clay shafts so this is crisis.

Here Caixa scan this is tile ass who as you'll find out soon doesn't like us very much.

So she's seen the seems little girl the Greek grandmothers were from far away they traveled Nia and the depth swallowed the ship the curse had cliffs blue have sharper teeth and witty so that's quite an interesting thing to see so the little girl mentions that you smell funny quite a few people mentioned that you smell funny and she says that they have sharp teeth unusual thing to see right so she asks how we know of. This place and we said that a merchant ship sailed close during a storm and spotted it noticed that the shipwreck has the markings of Bulger on here oh that meant missing 300 years ago and a man called Mendes hired us to find it and his accents very similar to his and.

She said that she doesn't nor this men das and that she'd kind of hoped it was their leader their chieftain salade it she doesn't know Bulger on either but he's not among the founders and she hasn't seen the shipwreck for about a year but she knows where it is so let's ask her she says it's very aged repairs.

Not likely this wreck was a skeleton then and she sees those beasts on the. Island and the wall protects and the fight tooth and nail but the Islanders wailed and she seemed that they did.

Start to build a ship after all if they can build a wall in a village that can build the craft to leave the first of the mothers were concerned with survival but no we wish to go so several generations have gone by and it sounds like they've developed the technology and the skills to build a ship we could. Not build the ship home on this edge of the island because of the reefs and cliffs below the sea as we found you know all ship was wrecked to the other side of the island is calm but the creatures live there we fought too thin we wish peace and life perhaps you can help us if you kill the beasts we will all be free to leave together we will.

Leave this island take our children to the world you will find the gates are open to you please close tightly behind it and we shall guard while you search they have a leader the beast is doom they're howling calls from Karuk but it is hard to understand for sure now kuru is the boss and he is really really tough let's have a chat stylist and he.

Says we don't belong I smell outsider on you please get away from me call speak with chaos she will deal with the lake of you but I will not well how rude so. What's in here let's just read that read.

The supplies gems all portion of heroism.

Yes please very nice so we can talk to.

This lady now this is merrily let's have a chat with her I've heard that you'll. Fight the wolves in the old ship please help me my baby they have him stop your sniveling wench it's all down you have my attention two moons ago my husband took my son out hunting with him they were attacked by horrible wolf creatures they killed my husband and took my baby crusher says they took the baby away to eat him Oh God Rhino is still alive they. Won't go and look for him and they stopped me from leaving the village so.

I've promised that I would.

This looks like some kind of sleeping quarters or sick fear perhaps that's.

Just northern area Jade ring let's look under this woman's head let's check this woman's pillow while she sleeps nothing rare literally stealing from sleeping people.

Again let's just steal from sleeping people so Christ the Barrow was in there.

Nothing okay.

Let's have a chat to this Joran chap.

Brave heroes II who's more like it gosh we claimed there that be heroes no fools explain yourself it is my job to protect the people of my clan from all dangers including your promise of deliverance from the man wolves I fought these beasts you and your handful of warriors have a little chance of defeating these monsters I don't want you running around making promise that cannot be kept Oh God.

You will forgive me for your opinion holds little weight now run along toy soldier I think there are some leads to public nor let's see it our actions speak for us me look be with you then.

There's a little girl here called farthing she's involved with a quest so let's talk to her I lost my daddy she sounds a lot like him or in actually I'm only five my Papa let me hunt are you allowed to hunt so if you choose no I'm only three select me fish and play with dolls just like me we can be friends if you want I lost my dolly in the woods the gatekeeper won't let me go and get it so if you promise to bring it back for our it starts a quest.

This chaps involved with a quest as well fishermen evolved there is he's hiding. Camouflaged.

I smell outsider sees a fisherman it is.

A pleasure to meet you there's a natural.

Harbour in the north of Ireland and the east of the island the ship of my grandfather's of Bolger on lies beached in the North Harbor so that's a bit of a contradiction so Caixa said that pauldron wasn't one of the founders yet the vault said that the ship of my grandfather's of Bolger on lies beached in the North the East Harbor holds the hope for our survival so there's a few min consistencies here the island is very different dangerous I'd say the village may I ask for your help I know. That you may not believe my story no one else in the island does my brother left the village two nights ago and has not returned I know where he's gone there's a witch on the alien my brother called her the blue lady and there was of us supply these waters have all heard her singing at one time or another my brother Evan heard him all the most I think he went find her I think he's under his spell this sounds like a siren I think that he is under his spell I must go and find him this witch may kill him he's strong but he's under his spell I fear that she will kill him before he realizes what happening I've.

Only heard us singing along the west coast of the island okie-dokie.

It's let's pay another visit to the chap that asked to see us again so he's got to see so this is two loon he was once a see live arm and know he's a proud member of the clan so he was Santa master Chi.

Laden with spices the ship was attacked by a Kraken he managed to survive or the world nobody else and his crew did and he drifted ashore fishing and farming he.

Taught them some new techniques the crown has been here since pauldrons time.

Tucked by lycanthropes wolves the continent of men if they so desired in the battle of the ship was torched and the wolf beast chased the crew to this end of the island the combatants thoughtless standstill the crew built this village and the wolf beast took over the ship betwixt skirmishes life went on female crew members took husband's and start families things remain the most Mucha seem today so if you guys haven't figured this out already from the language of the clans. People and this guy's story people on this island have been afflicted by lycanthropy and yeah you'll see boat.

Around and it's great right okay so this is this is awesome okay bald Ronon is great trade deal guy drew deal went missing about all such a deal just to give you a little bit of a spoiler is in the second game and he's quite a tortured soul bless him we meet him we meet them in the north of the island but he actually turns up in the second game as well he turns up in spell hold where he's even more torture than he is here which is quite sad but you know no one knows where this Isle is for certain nevertheless attempts that we made the fishermen under my tutelage fill a small vault salade gan or headman and husband acacia sealed for the meal and nearly Aragorn we have not heard from him.

Okay don't trust anyone so it looks like they've taken to phishing and pharming and they've built themselves a community it's all very civilized see what's in here.

So this is July and dependent on your.

Protagonists gender if you've got a male protagonist this would be Delaney and if you've got the female protagonist this will be July and it's kind of a kind of a semi romance so let's have a talk to do Lyle what's your name.

Magpie milord I am history forgive me I.

Mean I am historian I keep the stories of the great elders and some of the few relics of all I learned the autumn as well yes I tried to keep the speech but we have been on our own for some time what of you what do you do I seek adventure and travel I bring righteousness and order to where I go that would probably be the good aligned answer and I'm neutral so I am a Beachcomber of sorts i salvage shipwrecks let's see you number one I've heard of such of the wandering that knows no bounds you seek adventure there is a little of such on island home I have put a monday and task of you if you hear me out the storm you felt that took your ship it was fierce here to you in a cloak the trip the village sent I was cast to the wind I think it's beyond the wall and will not risk the beasts to get it so it's pretty old it's got the symbols of the past so it's. A piece of living history basically.

So and let's have a chat law stay away.

From my garden I don't want my vegetables trampled upon don't worry about your garden were not yet trampled your head woman asked us to defeat the monstrosity they killed my wife will he send them to the hell for me I expand my God once he.

Killed even ones I've been able to leave the walls before so it sounds like these beasts are evil horrible creatures ok.

Let's kick some ass then but before I do.

And there's AG lead here with flowers in it these flowers ought to do with delay or a little bit later on belladonna flowers you only need to take one bunch you don't need to take loads of them and you can also find the belladonna flowers in a cabin in the north of the islands so there's three belladonna flowers you can pick up I'm just going to look at my. Spells and see what I have.

I'm gonna cast my main a sequencer.

And what this does is you can pick two spells from other levels one or two so. I'm just going to do a magic missile spam so it's memorized two floors done and what that does is in your special abilities you've got your sequencer which you can aim at people you can also charge it with defensive spells and emit to yourself that's not a problem very useful spell to have so without much further ado I'm actually going to rest and go on the D light so I can see easier let's go to the north so it all.

Looks very innocent and peaceful but you end up in a battle pretty quickly so I'm just gonna buff.

From evil stood on my face let's do a.

Little costume of bless.

This guy's called Pilon I don't know if it's a reference to Michael Palin and he sees those monsters attacking a small group of people basically everyone that you encounter in the north of the map is pretty evil so he's an imposter. Basically and he leads you to two evil so come for those are as feast so it doesn't actually matter walk to you and you answer with you'll kind of just pertree you anyway so I'm just gonna make sure I've got really weapons.

Selected for my tanks gonna make sure. That I've got ranged weapon selected for those who aren't ambushed.

Oh I thought they were going to come to me.

Whoo okay here the cone.

She's condo which definitely helps.


So I'm going to try and charm let's try.

It on this one a quite susceptible to. Charm actually wolf ears. Although that one managed to get its even through so we've got farthings Dali so let's pick that up and just see that.

There I'm going to very quickly give.

This to farthing just to get it out of the way Irish is there isn't sure.

Well bye he stirred they go I want to.

Pet you and stuff bye-bye okay so I've got 1400 xp for that so.

It's worth doing if you rest in the.

South of the island you won't be ambushed and there's not much Lordan time you literally just school from here here so after every battle if you want to you can rest in the south of them are.

Replenish your spell's and whatnot.

So they'll be wolves and stuff you get like random encounters with wolves in fact it may be worth equipping the wand of sleep so this is me a maim you act as.

No little drama who might you be shipwrecked sailors perhaps feeling somewhat cryptic today are you somewhat you've certainly briefer than the cutland say the village you leave the safety of the palisade with a confidence strain the dangerous look about you those fools within are frightened of their own shadows what does crush a seeker view.

Karuk will have something to say about that no doubt now that your acacia is lucky what do you get out of it we will gain escape from the island the port that we arrived on the ship raft on the reefs fool kook will eat you alive confront him in his life immersed crisis will not allow an outside on her ship anyway mmm interesting.

So this chaos might actually betray us.

That outside I did see don't trust anyone maybe he was right so I'm going to the.

West of the island to look for this guy's body and look for the sea which.

There's two ways you can do this you can either fight or you can resolve it peacefully I'm going to resolve it peacefully but if you don't want to do it that way and kill her you can get a little bit more XP and you can get some hours of baiting which are pretty good she's got two lackeys the comic behind her so I'll show you what I mean so this.

Is the siren Queen and if you do choose to fight OSHA summons to sirens down here as well so the kind of trap you on this thin stretch of åland you can resolve this peacefully and you get 2000 XP in the brothers body which is the way that I'm going to do it but if you do want to fight err what I suggest you do you use the green stone amulet which.

Makes you immune a charm for one round and an oil of speed or haste and do all.

Of those things too like either means or a jaundice if you got him along dawn will make mincemeat of these girls they're not very physically tough it's their magical defenses that may some hard but if you can get in there with if you want to use a mage or a spell caster magic missile lock may not read anything that will interrupt the spell casting is good too and ranged weapons like our rules and things like that or but I'm gonna do this the peaceful way so she sees hot land-dwellers he'll give you leave to approach me horn what happened to that fellow behind you she's a siren and needs to meet with a human me love my song lures and to me the meals are happy to oblige more support normally both parties will benefit it is mainly mead so lured him in he attacked me and tried to force himself on me when my song no longer affected him I took more drastic measures and wants to deserve to die perhaps even land dwellers can understand that so you can you cannot.

Believe our I'm not in the mood to fight us so I'm just gonna take the body back.

Heaven's body there we go.

Nope oh I'm encumbered okay yeah me trying to curry the the body of a corpse even Minsk struggling this guy must be really heavy so I'm just going to get rid of.

This body give it to the guy Oh dread wolf yikes ambushed and.

Oh level up additional level three spell.

Additional level for spell six hit points and law increased by three not too shabby I think vanilla another haste would be.


Stoneskin 100% stornes Kings greet such a good spell.

It'll come in handy for the boss failing it ah.

So let's go and give this to the. Fishermen I don't know I can't get bring that we I've got to go through the garden.

Okay so 900 XP we got four vaults brother body and Dana hires leveled up.

So she's got an extra three level three level four six hit points and law increased by three so let's have a look I think hmm.

I think another cast of slaw would be.

Good well spells aren't great great um.

Allison oh great I'm Allison I think I already know great I'm Allison actually.

Actually naw I'm gonna use great I'm Allison instead and she oh she can't use.

It cuz its enchantment it's our opposition school that's a shame that's a real shame in fact what I can do I'll.

Leave that out actually and I'll memorize I will memorize so once again I'll use the scroll instead I'm just thinking of this boss fight in my head.

Okay so we're going to go to the rate of the åland now and we're going to come.

Across a couple that are also wolf we as.

And they will try and trap you an attack. And stuff they are at this stage in the.

Game like at level level seven level eight these shouldn't pause too much of a problem if you come to werewolf island any sooner you'll be in for a much larger challenge so kryla she'll set you.

Up. And yeah the usual so as you can see.

They're not causing us much problem.

And this cabin saw Trudy of blessum has.

Been on this island for like 300 years I think he's an elf and that's why he's lived so long but let's see I what he's got to see can it.

Be after so long by saloons bleep blade I am saved I need to cut off this curse.

At Island so he's not had any guests for.

Several centuries which has made him a little bit unhinged Easter do his mage recent convert to the Church of celini I was a guide for bald Ron's brief adventures to anchor all my blog beyond that was long ago I have been attacked for some time they fear me it seems but the younger ones refused to learn the lessons of their fathers and every generation I saw they'll attack and they'll really in their lessons again it has kept a diary the diary is pretty funny there's a couple of really humorous things in this expansion pack so like yeah we'll come across something else really funny as a whole but the Diaries worth reading and it's in here he doesn't mind if you take it it's kind of a cross between a cookbook and some random scribblings so.

He says that Baldwin sealed frança room 200 strong returned with half the Brethren on golden land shores but pauldron was ever the successful adventurer arrested a king's rounded ransom in treasure from the curse of Lord of anchor on before we were forced back to the ship and expelled from their shores the curse had Lord's power haunts me still those monstrosities out there or the product of our travails and anchor room which was a bitter wind that carried his horn wise and we reveled not in our newfound wealth we came upon a sailin quite by accident and stopped to renew or dwindling supply of fresh water I led the landing party while bodhran set the remaining crew to repairing the seals and fishing for fresh food my party was hardly out of the air shot of the ship when the curse struck the blood still stains my robes so it sounds like they've brought back from their adventure this curse so what happened they were changed of course it was so sudden we were speaking about what we intended to do when we arrived home Galen died first his throat torn open by one of the changed men I couldn't tell who killed him of course they were unrecognizable in their change forms I searched for the one that I carried in my robes but the abominations move too quickly of the ten sailors and my party seven were lycanthropes aka shapeshifters we had no chance two of them leaped at me well the others feasted on the bodies of my sealers cast lightning with my wand and killed one of the shapeshifters neither wolf hit me with great force so this is this is a bit of a clue for what's to come lightnings quite effective actually Layton is quite effective against the boss of the saloon so just bear that in mind and I was thrown back against a tree and I knew no more I walk in the dark several hours later at first I believed I was dead I try to rise a pain in my head dispel that myth it was blood everywhere body for lycanthrope I'd killed several feet away that's one of. The few spells I had invisibility wagering that if a lycanthrope court sent of me they would believe they were smelling nothing more than a corpse called back by the beach so the ships sunk half sunk in the sieve huge Hall nurse aide as if a giant had punch through her in a rage we'll see that in a minute there was a smouldering fire on the deck that sickly late I could see the bodies of the crew gutted and humming in the rig hung in the rigging like someone to meet dawn arrived I came upon this ancient fellow to the hut was sunk in the sandy soil crawled inside to hide father way behind me with my famous spell after a short and fretful sleep I managed to faint where the hood had broken through into this cave to this point I've survived on this freshwater stream in peculiar site is fish live in the pools below in these three hundred years I found some fever with Shalini she's granted me a few spells awards to better protect my home every left these caves for many years yeah me I can do little to help your.

Fate against the powerful lycanthropes however this wolf has been charged we'll make the younger lycanthropes wary of attacking you in return for this assistance I must ask a fever my.

Spellbook lies within the ship within it I have with it I am a powerful mage without it I am the poor pallet stands before you the few wards I cast our gifts of pity from Cellini so basically he can't cast any of his spells I took the goddess and my fear and solitude perhaps it's penance so that I may become worthy of my goddess how you don't rest so you might be able to find a way off the island go on destroying the lake and through ups where there and bring the spell book it's in my cabin happiness next to Voltron's on the upper level just below the decks so that's where the boss is basically please hurry back with it this amulet is all I can offer you as protection against the lakyn throw up should you need the rest I hope that my hanbok aboard will serve you well so you can rest in here huh Trudeau who seems insane you certain years that's why ends up in spell hold so. Again you've got to belladonna flowers which you can take 210 gold this is the cloak that de lisle has asked for and we've got a quarter staff here I don't know what it is yet so let's memorize and identify spell before we do let's.

See what else we can loot from this place the recipes and ruminations of. Wander deal of death you this is so funny a lovely bun cake formerly a lovely bun. Cake brightens anyone's day the recipes here in on my own imagining and thus ingredients are sub sex subject to change as per my whim belladonna pancake a simple little dish for a rainy afternoon corn flour the eggs of a sea birds would wake her fungus fruit of your choice for sweetening one small measure of belladonna root prepares one would a bread loaf the less time given to the rising being a well-stocked half under the leaves one turn of the hourglass to myself refrain from eating this ever again exceptionally poisonous remember the unfortunate week on the kitchen steals vegetable surprise edition attended surprisingly edibles not recommended as the primary meal every day for 300 years some disorientation result 2 cups of virgin nether ease olive oil and 1 large chopped onion in a large pot saute onions and oil over medium fire until onions begin to clear 2 chopped carrots and 2 stalks of celery sorted for an additional 3 minutes add one and a half quarts of water and bring to a boil add two days and puberty it was 1 cup of white wine I find that a myth or in an Iranian vintages PFA 1 bay leaf 2 days tomatoes and chopped parsley to taste cook covered of a medium smallish fire until vegetables are almost tender add 2 cups of chopped spinach and cook for an additional 15 minutes if hot and garnish with grated cheese note for the orcish version replace all the ingredients with turnips I may try and cook this at one point.

Curative ingredients for the spelling of lycanthropy mother's family recently mother's topical Salvas rather Lodge failure research further with the following main features in this area unusual brought beyond the splitting into two factions there's an odd case one that defies the traditional remedies such as the unfortunately dangerous muffins previous the one is not without hope the exotic origin of the original stock suggests the unique enchantment editor vampiric afflictions casual bait may be averted using the belladonna flower but an intentional infection could actually require the extermination of the leader of the clan so basically it's in mouth to kill the leader merely conjecture of course I've been unable to examine said leader despite my strange immunity here's as a strength that could inflict a measure of serious damage upon my physical form he and I have spoken on occasion those tolerance of me is no more resilient and main of him future notes to myself future offerings of peace to aid of the world and crown should not take the form of muffins of any sort bachelors crotch noodles of quality inconvenience Easter phallic ramen yes so funny a measure of noodles.

Boiling water container conveying ingredients in container and joy oh yes enjoy Nords to myself should probably be supplemented with something of nutritional value less maybourne's become breathless jaw perhaps the container we think some of the developers was poor students at one point I certainly know when I was a student that was my diet for for a good year okay so jokes aside actually before I go let's let's heal and rest why not cuz your hero needs a little bit of healing.

I might make the vegetable surprise not.

The orcish version though that sounds very boring so we've got a wolf spean.

Charm I'm gonna equip I'm gonna quit.

Mints with that actually no I'm not I'm not I'm gonna equip that with her Condor lead absolutely worth having use a.

Little bit of kit so what I'm going to do next I'm gonna.

Do the first three floors of the pirate ship I'm not going to do the last floor.

And as you can see we've got rather a lot of bad guys yeah so straight off with the ones.

Area of effect spells are useful things.

That collar and sleeve.

If you struggle he's always a good option this floors not too bad.

The upper floors you really do need to before the wall they're really tough and.

If things get really bad you can always just fight and then go on rest in Steel's cabin and then come back so.

Remember to use magical weapons magical are more easier buffs if you're like.

Level seven level eight and you use area of effect equipped like weapons like wands and stuff like that and spells like horror and sleep this floor won't do you any harm really it's the upper floors where you really have to kind of prepare yourself.

Here let's search for traps because there's a lot of traps on this board.

And you can get some really good treasure here so I've got wandered magic. Missiles got some dots plus one I don't. Know what that is yet I'll memorize it when I go back to the cabin just want to double-check those normal things here there's a tiny little nuke over here all. Right it's barely noticeable but if you press tab you can see better and it's got some seriously good treasure in there so I've got a wander frust we've got a portion of storm drain strength the ever useful portion of master thievery five portions of healing and some dots of wounding okay I'm going to.

See if that there and I'm going to go back to Judy's cabin you don't have to do it this way I like to do it this way if you think it's cheesy then just keep going depends on the level of challenge you want to give yourself but if you're struggling you can always just rest into deals carbon and it's never a problem.

Okay so before we go to the second floor which is much tougher than the ground floor just going to buff our characters so mirror image is good for mages and on.

Our faithful I'm gonna cast stone skin on myself strong skins a really good spell um protection of evil eye cast on em win.

Bless our cast protection of evil of myself on pain hair sorry. Kosnov look I think on Minsk and here's.

To the most okay this is an absolute most if you don't have haste Oilers of speed.

Otherwise made struggle so I'm just going to shove my spellcasters don't one side and my weak characters.

Again area of effect spells so Thea is good wonderful pearlized a shin is good.

So let me just try and paralyze him that.

Definitely worked charm can work as well.

Excuse me.

Oh I don't know what you're doing.

Not so fine.

I've took these guys.

Actually trying a horror them all.

Great it gets too far so you do have to.


This is a very important weapon this silver dagger will identify it when we get back to do deals carbon but it is quite important that you pick that up so this little locked and trapped chest over here that's a very powerful weapon.

And again with the wand of lightning that is actually very effective against guru guru.

Go downstairs if you want to rest go downstairs just to lick your wounds get. Yourself better rememorize spells all.

That sort of thing and I'm going to identify some of the treasure that we've just picked up oh she's in combat that's.

Why she's being so slow so what I forgot yeah okay so this is where being where being is one of the three called alien weapons.

That I told you about so this is proxy.

Rho plus one plus four vs lycanthropes but it's got that hidden statistic that says that it's a called alien weapon just any old plus four plus three weapon will not work against the boss of this Eiland keurig it has to be one of the three called alien weapons that I told you about so Condor plus Juan we are being plus one and the sword of Balder on which you'll faint behind the boss in locked and trapped chests on the on the ship so wonder frost was useful.

Wonderful lightning no this is a risky tactic but you can't protect yourself against lightning so you can drink a portion of absorption and cast protection against lightning on yourself and it'll make you immune but you have to kind of do it on a that all of your party or you have to like keep running up and down the stairs it is a valid strategy it does work I've done it before but it just depends on how you like to play it I don't like these lightning myself but if you do want to do that then just be aware that you're in a small space this stuff is a lethal it launches an electrical bolt in a tightly confined area and if you're not a mean lightning it's gonna do some serious damage so you must must must protect yourself against lightning if you're going to use that strategy this.

Is a staff miss so if you equip it image.

It actually looks like a nice but it's a it's a stuff so I'll make it that Dana here actually stuff me supposed to part.

Of the golem plus two so I'm gonna give that to you Dana here actually and we've got braces of bein a bending which are cursed so I'm just gonna dump those actually drove find it amusing the.

Conjurer who Cora very nice lovely so I'm just gonna dump those on the floor because I'm not worth my time and then I'm gonna memorize some spells so we've got spook which are very good blindness.

And let's memorize grease as well.

Shocking grasp could be a good one actually know that we've got stone skin in fact I might even take him I made. Memorize a couple of them let's heal.

Okay I'm just gonna pause for a bit because I need to get a drink back in a second okay I'm back with my cup of tea let us continue.

Okay as with the first and second floors just make sure that you're you know well prepared the second and third floors especially you need to kind of arm. Yourselves or do a lot of buffing mirror.

Image is good for your majors on a faithful druid priest spell that sort of.


Yes and oils of speed of very handy.

So straight off the bat we've got wolf we as around again like before the.

Wander fear is extremely handy things. Like horror spook blind that sort of thing or very useful to have just area.

Of effect spells really all very swell. Straightway she's been held which is highly annoying so let's chunk her try and get off as.

Many ones of fear as possible.

So I managed

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