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Tomb Raider 4 The Last Revelation Walkthrough [No Meds] - Part 1 Angkor Wat

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Tomb Raider 4 The Last Revelation Walkthrough [No Meds] - Part 1 Angkor Wat

Key Moments:

2:25 - Golden Skull 1

3:38 - Golden Skull 2

4:52 - Golden Skull 3

7:48 - Golden Skull 4

13:20 - Golden Skull 5

13:50 - Golden Skull 6

14:35 - Golden Skull 7

17:10 - Golden Skull 8

21:15 - Race for the Iris

25:05 - Closing Cutscenes

Tomb Raider 4 Playlist:

Part 1 Inventory:

8 Golden Skulls

1 Small Medpack

1 Large Medpack

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You ladies and gentlemen I am badass games and today I'm finally going to begin my epic journey through the last revelation Tomb Raider for several people have been waiting for this and I know that I'm happy to be finally providing this to you guys for sure unlike the other two meters though this one actually doesn't have an intro video it's just the yeah that's it let me get the loading screen so there are a lot of differences in this new 2 meter game compared to the third one and you know for the most part they're they're nice advances for this for another part they actually suck some of them are pretty bad and they really irritate me but um when I get to them I'll let you know exactly which ones actually irritate me which ones are good so let's start a new game and get this underway.

And that's the extent of the intro video welcome to the first loading screen of the game actually it's the second one isn't it yeah it is and so we breach the sanctum of the ancients the first footfalls in this tomb for centuries this place gives me the creeps after you okay so random guy here this.

Is Wernher von Croix if you don't know already the he's pretty much just gonna teach us how to do a whole bunch of stuff and yeah he's pretty much the mentor for Lara Croft as you can see Lara Croft is young she's got pigtails or as I like to call them handlebars oh maybe you get that what that means maybe alright but the first thing that we encounter in this level is this actually this entire level is like a huge tutorial and it's irritating as hell because this guy just doesn't shut up he'd always tell me a bunch of stuff that already know and the stuff that I don't know or they should be explaining they miss and I'll explain that when I get to it too so let's get this underway all is not as it seems concealed traps and pitfalls await the unwary you must stay close and follow my instruction alright so I got to stay close and follow his instruction um now if you notice this is actually the secrets I believe throughout the entire game but here is a golden skull you pick this up and it counts as a secret now when I collect I'm sorry there are eight total in this level and when I collect all eight then unlock the most difficult or there's two paths at the very end if you get all eight skulls you take the hardest path if you don't get all eight schools and you don't take you actually take the easiest path so it's up to you if you know if you want to get all the secrets then you have to take the hardest path so it's you know whatever I'm just completely randomly on alright more learner good men have died for the information contained herein and cruel men have bartered the information for that own and for this we must respect it we will not deviate from its route and you will not deviate from my instruction this way I will not deviate from his instruction you really doesn't give much but that's fine we want to go over here and then we don't want to go any further he's actually gonna activate this this glyph on the wall and it's gonna cause these spikes of spike up through there and then it's safe to go through and now when we get over here we actually want to go in the water because there's another golden skull in here okay now we.

Have that we can go ahead and leave and then we're gonna get some more instruction by Werner the first obstacle a small Hall to test your how do you say plaque press and hold walk now push forward all right test for plaque come come child do not fear this is merely an appetizer for the barrows ahead push forward and jump together yeah okay um yes so far.

Nothing is really different there's a boar here and you can actually just bypass him you don't have any weapons but Werner doesn't he can kill him but patience child disrespect is route to carelessness our route lays beyond the stream oh-ho the golden stream whoa whoa anyway. What I was gonna say is a runner can kill the boars but if you can get to the next cutscene then you can bypass it now down here before you actually perform his instructions there's another golden skull this is three out of eight so yeah that's where that's at and let's go back up here and have Werner tell us how to hop some gaps.

This gap is wider and the edges treacherous first walk to the edge then press forward and jump together when you are in midair press and hold action you will grab the outcrop or you just run and jump it you know I'm saying that's what I would do ah the pace is quickening now yeah one more crossing child or do you wish to stop for tea oh I think I can just about hold it together wouldn't want to spill it on your nice suit at any rate all right now there's this last jump here this one actually does requires one cools photo ran out yeah I would go fast one of those things you will go first we'll see about that oh so what now Werner von Croix I've.

Deviated from your instruction and you still haven't punished me for a useful crack rendered by the hand of time invisible to the untrained eye you're a regular superhero vana is the super man hmm there's enough comedy mm-hmm okay.

More of this stuff here we go run to the wall now press forward and hold action to grab on now press right to shimmy across so yeah it's basically just a bunch of stuff that we already know so far um later on I don't know if there's there's not too much that is actually new but um yeah like I said when we get to it I'll explain good good now press forward to. Climb up oh how about that Werner cocky bastard okay so we just. Continuously follow this guy and he's gonna keep talking oh here's one thing that I do not like about this game I'm pressing the look button I'm pressing it I'm holding it and I can't I mean I can look around you can see that I'm looking around but I don't lose the camera angle and I can't I don't know if that's like permanent in the game I don't know if there's gonna be a whole lot of times when I need to like look away but that's annoying and that can cause a lot of problems this is a high fall you should lower yourself down to be safe turn around to face away from the door now press back and hold action let go of action to fall to the floor like this Werner like that is did I do it right. All right in this water as you can see why it came down here was to get a golden skull and before we actually leave the water if we go into this this little passageway in the water go around these corners will find a large med pack and I believe oh and by the way this is. The menu also it looks a little bit different and all the items are right here you can save here you can say whenever you want finally and just like in - mater - and yeah all your your.

Items are here you get a compass and yeah let's see what let's see what's on the pause menu - we got resume quit so you can actually go back to the main menu game settings in statistics so all the statistics are actually listed here now and game settings you control your. Volume with a pretty pretty nice beep or whatever and then music value configure think you kale in there configure controls you can actually believe you can now you guess you can set them you just go through different configurations so I just keep it on one that's the original one it's very similar to two maybe three screen adjust so you can adjust your screen automatic targeting and manual targeting now there's a difference between these two automatic targeting is just like it was and in the first three two meters you automatically show automatically targets a guy or an enemy and you don't and you can fire atom arm now manual targeting she doesn't do that actually anymore what she does is when you press the look button she'll target somebody and then you can press the look button again to target something else so that's kind of useful but still I still like the automatic targeting and one thing that sucks about this game is that when somebody goes out of your line of sight you no longer maintain your lock on that enemy you automatically go back to straight ahead of you so that sucks because I used to use that all the time to make sure that I knew there was an enemy within my that was still alive or you know it's something that that nature of some good idea where he's at and clearly they didn't want me to do that so they got rid of it unfortunately okay and now that's enough about that stuff so let's resume the game oh there's something to pick up this small med pack okay now I got this. Let's get the hell out of here.

Isis TV no prizes for you this time Lara I will use forward and left and right to.

Move across the surface until you reach the shore then press action to climb out. Some reason they talk really quietly here found it like this is how I do it.

Werner um new switches though you know also unfortunately I can't touch this.

Thing to activate it I need this guy to do it.

Alright you would catch your death in those clothes my dear a quick sprint up that ladder will dry you out again such concern I never knew you can do you are.

Valuable asset you are romantic you.

Wow that old man's romancing like how will the she's 16 14 I can't hear you.

Water's too loud and besides whatever you're telling me I was doing it anyway get off my screen where is so annoying I.

Swear I can't wait till you pass this level in to put this crap um this is the first time that you play as Lara this young um I believe it's the only time - I'm on your lover get off my case all.


Swiftly across the vines now now press forward to swing across don't get doing it oh you would again I don't know why he's speaking so quietly um and for some reason it only happens in this room I'm not sure how it's gonna pan out for the rest of the game so I'm gonna have to term the value and whenever people speak if it's gonna be quiet like that from here on out sorry guys not my fault all right.

Finally all the way across that thing we also get sprint like we did in Tomb Raider 3 which is nice I don't have any weapons right now though like I was saying and they reminded me because there's some boars out here again just avoid them but there is if if you don't. Feel comfortable you can actually have Werner kill them there is a golden skull right here you can pick up so and that border is gonna chase you around so if you want to just get that before he comes and get you or like I said to have Werner kill him all right and we enter this room we.

Actually want to go over to the right there is another golden school and I.

Believe that sit in that room there is no mention of this in the text I fear this must be opened internally we must enter through the grate and be wary of snares I presume by we you refer to me yeah my heavier frame may activate traps you will pass unnoticed how convenient yes how convenient now as you type you teach me out of crouch then I was doing it press and hold the Crouch that's what I did push forward to crawl into the gap be alert I did it better than what you were telling me to do and then you ruined it for me now when we enter here you want to go to the left and at the very end here there. Is a golden skull all right I think.

That's either six or seven we may have one or two left to pick up.

And that's how she got that familiar-looking backpack don't forget to press this lever actually make that.

Wall roll and that's interesting because in the other games whenever you made a change in that area it actually be instantaneous and one lets you watch it change you can actually watch these doors roll open and everything oh come back let us hope it does not hold the same luck for you as its previous own how do you know why my own luck Verna what now how does he know what happened to the previous owner oh I skipped the cutscene I don't know how I did that all right whatever yeah I'm pretty sure you.

Can't avoid the damage um I haven't mentioned yet but I believe I'm going to be trying to do a no medpac run I'm not too sure how this game fares for that sort of thing so as far as I can I will be trying to use Nomad packs um so yeah now before we actually go dude before we actually go stand over there where those two statues are we need to come over here into this corner this is the final golden skull and now that I have all the golden skulls I can actually take the more difficult path so you found the.

Garden of the five towers well done my child to the right the path of the heretical to the left is the route of the virtuous I'm up for a little heresy now she says I'm up for a little heresy that means that you actually did find all of the maiden golden skulls in this level if she says something about being a virtuoso then you didn't find them all and you have to go back and actually you also see Werner go over here to this and and activate that gate instead of this one over here so keep that in mind.

No it becomes interesting yeah yeah now it is not for the weak of heart how do you hold up girl oh I think I could get used to this mm-hmm okay so here is I guess this isn't a schlemiel forward now present old action when you are hanging from the ledge hold down crawl to squeeze into the gap.

Alright so this is slightly different I think in two minutes three you actually didn't have to press Crouch in order to climb up into a crawl space like this I think it was automatic well in this one you actually do have to press crawl which is kind of its yeah yeah it's like whatever kind of a weird change yes now this this is annoying he's good okay so over there is a rope he's gonna tell us a little bit how to use this rope swing across through the alcove jump from the ledge then hold down grab the vine to release let go of action so yeah he. Tells us about the action button you know you hold the action button to grab the thing and oh what the heck I just uh fell um yeah I guess I'll explain while making my way back up there he tells us about holding the action button and then releasing the action button but he says nothing about how to swing and how to jump off the vine like okay this is supposed to be a tutorial and this is the one thing that is actually new in the game this was not in any of the other three tomb-raiders and he fails to mention how to properly use the rope that completely blows my mind on top of that they don't explain anything about how to use the weapons so it's like come on is this a tutorial is this supposed to here to annoy the crap out of me I'm gonna go with option two okay so I will explain how to properly use this thing I'm holding the action button right now and I press it down to get to the very bottom you can actually climb the rope to but you want to be at the very bottom of most these rope and you can slide all the way the bottom without falling off now when you're there if you press the sprint button she'll actually kick her feet and it causes us the rope to swing and you. Can use that to jump from rope to rope or from rope to ledge or whatever you need to do now when she grabs the rope with her legs again you can actually use the sprint button again and then you can press square to actually jump off of the vine and that's very useful information. Right there all right and that's.

Basically the end of the tutorial now we're going to go down here and actually begin the race.

And now for the last you are an exemplary student Lara although you have not yet learned the root of all adventuring the craving to win at whatever cost I throw down the gauntlet to you my child whoever is first to the iris claims the prize watch your back old man I warn you I'll pull no punches yeah I expected no less on the count of three one two and he.

Fails to save three say three um I need it I want to save my game before I actually begin this and uh because if I fall if I take a lot of damage or whatever or if I fail then I can but I can come back so I would recommend you also say before doing this race if you want to try and come in first um now when you're doing I don't know too much about the the easy path so it's pretty easy but so I'm just gonna actually just do the hard path and explain as I go hopefully because it's going to be pretty quick as I go through this - first we actually want we actually want him to be ahead of us for now because I think he actually opens a passageway to a oh I died game over haha Oh see that's.

Why I saved um wasn't it say though is he actually opens a door he shuts you out of the path that he takes but I believe he opens a door to a shortcut I think it's a shortcut I'm not sure it does seem to be a lot shorter because by the time I come out from the shortcut I'm already ahead of him so it's actually beneficial for him to be ahead of you right off the bat you don't want to be too far behind him because that would cost too much things.

I can see that becoming a big problem later on the game if there's certain traps and stuff okay so you want to be about here at about 33 seconds he's gonna open this door over here to the left and this is what I would consider actually a shortcut spread across here.

Slide and jump and jump watch out for spikes down below and yeah I believe I'm ahead of him now I'm pretty sure he is behind me and now just.

Sprint across this bridge and then we're.

Gonna enter this room with the water I'm trying to fall in the water and just go into this room and now we got another.

Jump that I got to do here if I can make.

It oh I grab the ledge.

Oh okay I was clearly gonna grab grab the ledge there everybody everybody here's business everybody saw that that is not legitimate all right um don't worry about the rope that's there in case winter actually cuts the bridge down on you if he's ahead of you and if he's ahead of you by now then he's most likely going to win because I'm pretty close to the end here when you get to the statue just walk into his mouth and you'll fall into the next area and yeah um this is pretty much the end.

And so the pupil excels the master I congratulate you on your agility take your prize from the plinth you have earned it in the time it took you to find your way here I've examined the inscriptions it warns of vengeance on those who remove it ah ancient hocus-pocus forget this nonsense and come over here I don't count poison darts and triggered into mint your average Charles Tea Party I feel we should lend this some respect ah and you are the world's famous archeologist adventurer Lara Croft yeah no no I am the renowned archeologist. Adventurer then often cry and you will do as I say go to the wall and pour the lira what was it you said disrespect is the route to carelessness I am weary of this Oliver leave are now miss Croft on.

Your head be it von Croix.

Have faith in experience child and you will learn more and simple.

My name whether he's trapped helping out out.

Hold on I'm coming back to.




And there she is alright that is the end of the very first level now as you can as you may have noticed um there is no definitive beginning and end of levels there is no stats at the very end of a level so I'm not sure how many - I'm going to slice these videos up I may just figure out where Stella you know ends her walkthroughs at and just call that the end of a level I'm not sure how that works yet so we'll figure it out and if anybody has any idea or if you want to comment please post some comments below and we'll go from here and I will see you guys in the next video I'm badass games and you guys are watching Tomb Raider for finally you're watching terminator for I'll see you guys next time bye

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