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Mafia 2 Walkthrough - Part 1: The Great and Powerful Don Calo (Xbox360/PS3/PC)

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Mafia 2 Walkthrough - Part 1: The Great and Powerful Don Calo (Xbox360/PS3/PC)

Mafia 2 Walkthrough Part 1 Gameplay Review Let's Play Playthrough (Xbox360/PS3/PC)

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What is going on guys welcome to a mafia - I said I was thinking about playing GTA 5 for a second playthrough this time with commentary however I decided GTA 5 is getting completely flooded on YouTube and I'm sure some people believe it or not are actually getting tired of the game it's a pretty hard game to get tired of not gonna lie and I may play GTA 5 as sometime in the future but I thought for now I go ahead and play something somewhat similar but different and that is mafia 2 it is quite similar in the whole aspect that it has free roam guns stealing cars all that good jazz but it's also set in a different.

Time period and it's by a different developer 2k games this one is not by Rockstar there is one by Rockstar called la Noir which is somewhat similar to this in the time period but it's more of a viewpoint of a police officer rather.

Than it is a thug or a mobster so anyways we're gonna be jumping into mafia 2 today I may play GTA 5 again in the future but for now we're just gonna be starting up this and hopefully you guys enjoy so without further ado let's go ahead and get started and I am gonna be playing on medium because this game can get a little dip again get a little bit difficult at times.

My name is Vito Scaletta I was born in Sicily in 1925 that little.

Guys me I'm standing there with my parents and my sister Francesca in front of our old house I don't really remember too much about the old country except that we were pretty hard up and then one day my father decided it was time to move away.

Away from sicily across the ocean to. Start a new life in America.

Never in my life that I seen anything as fantastic as Empire Bay it was beautiful.

On the other hand I'd never seen anything filthy a more disgusting than our new shithole of an apartment the.

American dream was more like a nightmare.

My father started working at the port for the guy who arranged our immigration it was back-breaking work and with little money he made mostly went towards booze eventually my parents sent me to. School I had to learn English I sure as hell was gonna do that in a neighborhood full of Italians that's where I met Joe come on hurry it up we ain't got all night all the time Joe and I got to be best friends and since we were both poor and it wasn't much work around shit we started a little business of our own freeze police stop Vito this way true me.

To bed stop her shoot shit okay you bastard. Spread your legs I'm sorry well that one time it didn't work out so good the year was 1943 America was at war and the army was looking for guys who spoke the language to help with the invasion of Sicily I was 18 and anything seemed better than Jail who says he can't go home again sent back to kill.

His own people kind of fucked up chapter 1 the old country.

Operation husky I was assigned to the 504th Parachute Infantry on the 11th of July we were supposed to be dropped though with a southern coast assistant but we got hit by flash way behind them of mines only three of us made it wasn't.

For the local resistance we wouldn't have had a chance so a Mussolini soldiers came into the town and start around than everybody else a mission the.

Bad luck with War Memorial and we are.

Thrown right into the thick of things all right Scotland and what's really funny is this guy this guy supposed to be a help to us way too old probably.

Shoot this guy this guy ever good for.

Your lives people get the fuck out of the way I don't want to accidentally shoot you seriously dude get out of the way part of the resistance you're like right in my way dude red mullet volume on my. Speakers can't hear myself think rhyme I haven't actually played this.

Game on the Xbox 360 so it's gonna be kind of a new experience for me.

The only grenade I have still think. There's one scratching my chest haha holy shit bird bass is birds yeah look there's.

Still a grenade strapped to my chest and yet I don't have anymore do I know I don't okay well great holy shit maybe I'll. Find some in here there's a lot of ammo in here give me some new guns what is that the pistol I want it give it to me I guess I already have it let's see what do we got now uh we got this thing this looks like a Thompson pumps again uh no idea what. Kind of oh oh that guy scared me okay no idea what kind of good this is I'm not really good with Old World War type two or War guns world war one war or two guns some more of the modern type of guns and again oh my good experience customer call of duty with a I haven't played since this guns doing.

Pretty good so I'll get him in the head it's a one-shot kill shit let's have the prisoners upstairs get the call to kill the one-shot kill in the head I'm Maggie one oh shit.

Okay I'm crying take cover now I'll holy shit guys do a lot of damage that's what I'm talking about like even on medium it's it can be pretty difficult so oh my god even see that fucking guy holy shit guy came out of nowhere okay I need to catch my breath here. Banging in these doors oh you thought not don't think about it. Don't you do it oh you got fucked up I'd even shoot you to get my hommies out while they're dead anyways doesn't be those guys okay that's probably take cover here before I die I'm guessing we're not going that way in this way come on yeah yep that's what I thought. Really you gotta start a fire fight with these guys let them be no they're.

Assholes in our shit oh my god is there.

God behind me dammit help me out here guys I don't want to okay I am really close to dead because my shots are being very thing.

All right cool q well that's what.

Happens when your love too eager there buddy we've kind of switched places here.

Now they're attacking us and we're defending their newly own face I gotta get on the minigun alright hopefully I don't die here other than minigun is pretty fucking awesome sir mows down two people it's pretty DV to get yourself killed when you're on the vinegar here's the sitting fucking target and ever everybody wants to kill you isn't killing all the people.

Here please don't kill me. Try the best can't aim that well PC gaming oh god there's a tank I can't even get off this thing fuck me please don't die Vito alright.

Disable Mamiko this Saturday for eternity for adventure is white chocolate a stiletto don't do that don't.

Do that no it's a Paragon Carlos only 30.

Consider to the poor so don't allow the.

Harris Lima an entire garrison troops surrendered why because he told them to.

And that's one powerful man.

Chapter 2 home sweet home. My first chapter was more of a prologue if anything especially considering that the rest of the game is nothing like that.

We're on Vito a few years later the.

Nazis put a bullet in me I was in a hospital for a bit then I got a month's leave so I could go home at least for a little while.

Fino over here Joe hey welcome home.

Buddy how'd you know I got my sources come on let's take a ride looking a little fat there's yeah comes with the territory I know you're itching to get home before he slits get a beer yeah sure come on I.

Just want to get spent some time with my family oh look at the doggy there it is.

Empire Bay hella true you miss it hey does a bear shit in the woods I like this place ever Tommy this shitty. Weather they're saying this is the coldest winter on record paper say it's gonna keep up like this for weeks don't worry Joe a drink will warm you right up how long's it been since we had a drink together Vito who I almost three Tony said Shelly's party right come on Vito come on the last drink we had to get it was right after your romance funeral right before you shipped out you remember five minutes we're already talking about my deadbeat father can we change the subject please so tell me pal what was it like over there anyway I kept reading the papers to see what was going on and you know how much I agree yeah I know you guys kicked Mussolini's ass right by sort of we had a little help from a guy named Don Carlo no shit Don Kolo I heard of him really you bet I know guys like him over here wiseguys you work for them you set you'll fuck with him you die nice to see you've been busy yeah and I heard you got a medal right from old man Patton himself whoa so you're a real war hero and then what you screwed a couple of Sicilian broads and came home yeah right country over here you can screw anything with a heartbeat no one gives a shit what a country here's to the US of A into having you back home Salo house.

Hello the chin dot how come you're back they let you out early for good behavior I took a bullet a couple months back spent some time in the hospital and na mele wait you mean you gotta go back would you think the war ain't over yet you don't want to go back do you my course not but what can I do one minute wait right here hey it's sure remember.

Last week you know Vito just taking me.

Out thanks Giuseppe all right I'll see you later you want a piece of Vito okay listen up it appears that your injury is much more serious than it first appeared and the doctors say you can't fight no more what oh did you just like I said I know people you get all the official paperwork tomorrow when it comes to the right stamps and signatures it's just a question of money you're kidding me right your net a bit risky it's me that could end up in the slammer you know now am I gonna pay for it I got it covered think of it as a welcome home present and don't worry the documents will be clean trust me well thanks. You're welcome come on Oh Friday you're like a brother to me now you can start thinking about what you're gonna do next sure but first I got to go home alright you want a ride no thanks I want to walk around a little see what's changed since I've been gone no problem say hello to your sister for me come see me tomorrow we got a lot to talk about it I can't believe you just got me out of the service thanks again no problem I'll catch up with you tomorrow I'm gonna check out this girl that's being all flirty eyes with me hey don't look at her like that that's my girl Joe what the fuck oh come on I want.

To go talk to the girl damnit here we are oh thanks keep the change back in this shithole of a town look at this we're in. The hood what's that blinking use a radar to navigate okay alright I got it.

Objectives are marked on the radar I get a newspaper get the fuck outta my way old man how you doing sir la better now that I'm. Home you want leave or home for good that's uh classified so uh what's new around here class not much everybody just wants the war to be over over and they're saying this is the coldest winter on record wish I had some good news for you all right you're boring you and me both all right I'll see what about you.

Apparently you know me you you look so handsome in that uniform your mother must be so yeah month of majority.

How was he doing he's yeah there's fuckin rats in the stream home my week ago yeah Sal joined a navy I'm in the. Army it's different why don't you come inside and have some tea with me Vito no no no thank you I know what you're sorry about I know I know you want to get in my pants lady but that's not gonna happen apparently people just walk around with rats in the streets like it's no big deal nowadays would be freakin their shit out and again I guess it's probably pretty common thing in New York but still.

Veta communities goddamn it I want a.

Newspaper know what's going on here.

You know all right how did everybody know me.

Wow why do you build it in the hood where nobody has any fuckin money. Uh yeah II gotta yeah uh there's newspaper that now it's a box cardboard box can I go in here buy some clothes I can I don't know if I have any money I think you'll find the quality is well worth their jacket huh uh casual hmm I.

Think I'm gonna go home first let me go home first I don't know when I have my wardrobe at home I could just walk around the streets with my army uniform and just look then get shit for free you know how it is if you're in the army people admire you a lot more what was.

That for fucking throw dishes at me I.

Knew where you were I'd come beat you up smack you upside the face my briefcase oh no that's a that's a cat so that was a giant rat Oh stupid cat what happens.

When you don't like Vito.

Francesca make a space Zucotti pollo it's good for it's like jambalaya Oh.

Francesca you so frightened deep it's a shame you papa didn't live to see this he would be so proud yeah sure Vito you.

Know better sorry mama sorry.

Are they even soup off a plate I guess it's hard times seriously it's accused what kind of room is just like you left it okay can't really pick and choose what kind of kind of dishware you use so.

This is my room I believe yep this is my room okay well there's two beds in here and I'm kind of curious where you guys sleep exactly their bedrooms over here what is this that's a bathroom okay and then there's nothing so this just that goes outside there's a bathroom and then there's my room where the hell do you guys sleep unless you guys actually sleep in my bedroom and you've just been sleeping in these two beds while I was going but where are you gonna sleep tonight you gonna sleep on the sofa huh whatever whatever let's go to bed just a fucking rocking horse in here which makes no sense because I left when I was 18 so why wouldn't you have a bunch of kid toys and shit I don't know there's also little stuff here they were morning Mia bambina

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