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GTA V: Trevor Kills Floyd And Debra

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GTA V: Trevor Kills Floyd And Debra

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I really wish we got to see what happened in there, because it obviously wasn't clean.

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Fish y'all ready the f-word are you.

Doing here that's a funny way to greet your cousin jeigh ain't my G damn cousin Trevor I thought we was family please just go and ruin somebody else's home furnishings no one my sweet hey by any chance did you catch crabs at that conference I heard that those conferences are regular little fuck fest time guy come in I'd like you to leave right now oh yeah some serious corporate gangbang and going on right yeah with every executive and director of communications from here to Bangalore taking it left right and center in the name of team training right I mean now that's what Floyd told me yesterday is he was staring at my uh my penis look this is.

All I got all right I had a tough upbringing my daddy was not nice to me okay now look Debra I love you and I love you too Floyd why can't we all just be together huh you can have Mondays through Thursdays you can have the weekends all right I know that's not normal but in this crazy crazy world it's normal so good huh huh look Debra you marry me yes there you.

Made me swear your crap Floyd crap.

You're not a man at all thoughts right about you Oh who's Bob I want both of you to go now you and your weird friends whoa hey my name is Trevor sweetheart hi.

I'm not afraid to do this I'm not Bob taught me fuck Bob you people are not very fucking nice oh hey Garrick Trevor.

Hey there wait did you meet Deborah Oh interesting lady I should probably go say hi I wouldn't why not let's go get in the car all right let's go have the time of our lives.

Oh I know exactly where to take you.

I could run in and get Floyd Guerra I know she seems kind of uptight but she can have fun mmm no I don't think she can wait just get Floyd's gonna meet us there boink strip exactly Oh Trevor maybe got all over your Cal euro rag you got.

Yeah sir accidents we've all been there.

We sure have but they go Kay clack Gareth don't taste me all right just no licking okay hey you remember when we met your last year I look on the way through the gathering with geikie bail and push chronic and and you stopped in sandy shores to get after you when your friends had abandoned me that was weird wearing it black tie back dog with you driving out to the quarry and then they just disappeared oh right I mean they were gone some friends right and now cousin Deborah don't want you around on me there's a pattern here the Congo get get messy the pattern is you can't rely on anyone anyone except me.

Look this is it so they see where.

Everybody's gonna meet if you're strip club oh yeah okay let's go knock em nigga real homebody he loves that apartment interestingly you and me we got a new home we're here now I know.

It's unconventional but that's the way we're old homie hey you two you two I want you to give this boy a good time long time gorgeous courts tell me where. The management staff through there and take two doors to the right. Thank you.

Amigo where to meet your new partner.

Hey Lester hey Trevor just called about the big one the you D you know anything yeah I told him we could hit it you down of course I'm down look I'll get my research together and meet you at Trevor's he's taken over the vanilla unicorn gentlemen's club all right message Franklin

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