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Call of Duty: Black Ops - Walkthrough: Level 9 - Part 1 (100% Intel)

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Call of Duty: Black Ops - Walkthrough: Level 9 - Part 1 (100% Intel)

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This is the ninth level titled "Victor Charlie". The walkthrough will show all intel in the game. This is the 15th part of a complete gameplay walkthrough of Call of Duty: Black Ops for the XBOX 360, Playstation 3, and PC. Played on the XBOX 360.

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Developer: Treyarch

Publisher: Activision

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This is hotel nine one we are going down inspector Bravo tango seven Niner Davis.

Frank you okay shit my legs I'm bleeding I need some help here Ted chop it.

Kill those bastards we got get out of here this Sigma.

We're going under.

The sharp mason they're out there.

Dead ahead take cover.


Sergeant woods is very capable you have chosen your men wellness I will move to higher ground to look for crescendos compound understand stay close Victor Lima Niner x-ray is.

Risky you out there yeah whiskey goo what thought we lost her in that shop what's the new plan you clear the southeast perimeter in meters Israeli bleep Roger with you on the way over glad down the game would really point is just ahead Bonilla should be waiting for us no noise knife only.

Hey Charlie never gets old.

Mason chosen somewhere near this village is a military outpost under the command of general Kravchenko been losing our FAC to Triple A have a cpu with this armored. They'll bring in the Hornets risky team you cover the bridge in East River Mason with me on the West perimeter rendezvous point the village in five minutes you got it whiskey team on me leather boys.

Other DS Bank moving to the bridge Sears at the North nor there.

X-rays clearing the west flank eta three minutes we got split up I'll take the high ground you cross the river and a place with a semtex Raju.


Explosives are primed and ready Heron position ready Roger x-ray inbound you.

Got that detonator right here put a.

Little present in a few reserva behave all right Mason let's see what this semtex can do.

Go go but weapons free keep your eyes open their CPU.

Get there we're clear hang on room Clapham peasant death position.

Bosworth Mason take those bastards out.

I travel on the roof spider roll get ahead get a date that spider hole.


We got beat you on the river nice excuse me brother.

Let me God nation you know what's gonna bring a hornet meet you on the web dammit yes get to that tool to I'm pinned down next to the hut on the river in the sand Charlie don't want to let that gun go look at those fuckers move 1-0 Ness is.

Empty objective clear right keep your shit truck we are coming in hard here's a spoiler.

Ciara's clear the north over there moving in the village looks like Pakistan the rules got it.

Someone dropping Nate in the hole.

Laughter damn let me count. They're here.

Get down. Take our grenade.

Right now.

Daka's clear move are gonna cut through this fun Mason take away clear the rest of the village Mason over here mg tank pepper.

Somebody take that son of a bitch down.

Mason you've got eyes on them push through let's go thanks to make sure that hooch is clear.

Rat tunnel up ahead nice charlie nine o'clock.

RAK tunnel up ahead I see it.


Viii clear this time I'll take it Swift with me all right keep the hornets going area Lehmann irons is x-ray prep for recon sweep 3k radius yeah take this.

Stay on will find your cuff chanko we make it out of there alive Bowman point let's move. You

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