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Republic Commando PC Gameplay - Part 5 (ANTI-ARMOR - Let's Play Republic Commando Walkthrough)

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Republic Commando PC Gameplay - Part 5 (ANTI-ARMOR - Let's Play Republic Commando Walkthrough)

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What is Star Wars Republic Commando ?

"Chaos has erupted throughout the galaxy. As leader of an elite squad of Republic Commandos, your mission is to infiltrate, dominate, and ultimately, annihilate the enemy. Your squad will follow your orders and your lead, working together as a team - instinctively, intelligently, instantly. You are their leader. They are your weapon.."

Republic Commando PC Gameplay - Part (STAR WARS - Let's Play Republic Commando Walkthrough)

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Hello Reformers and welcome back to Star Wars Republic Commando now if you haven't seen already there is a new series of Knights of the Old Republic yes the original game from 2003 I believe it is on Victorious channel she is a fellow youtuber and my wife and if you'd like to check that out then there is a link in the comments section it's on my pinned comment as well as in the description I hear that she's going to be playing Darkseid so it's gonna be pretty it's gonna be pretty villainous isn't it he is very very villainous and yes I guess we should probably open that door shouldn't we everyone is back to full HP oh-- yes oh-- I've also found the ion detonators I believe I hope these are the iron ones at least yeah they seem to be the ion ones so hopefully that's gonna make a huge difference to how much damage we were able to do I don't know whether they're just the stun ones yeah they don't really give you an explanation so I hope that that was it yeah it seemed to deal some pretty considerable damage to them so I suppose that's okay we're gonna just make you our way down here there we go okay yep they shot it they shot the. Grenade they literally shot the grenade that's fantastic isn't it okay there we go yeah.

Get stunned get stunned you terrible terrible fiends yeah are you dead yet oh no they're not dead and my health is critical okay well I'm gonna run back because literally one one soft little breeze can kill me at the moment so yeah probably a good idea to get that back to full HP thank you very much there we go okay are you still fighting them are you seriously still okay so is this is this the ion one or is that the idol I don't even know what which is the ion one I'm gonna throw that one and see what it does what does that do I think it's a proximity one isn't it yeah that's him yep that's a proximity one and it seems like a poisonous one or something along those lines and I don't know what the others do or anything but I'm just gonna you know use them as we go and I think this is the end of the level yet is amazing alright so we definitely do need some back you just made my day.

Apparently that's a flashbang okay that's flesh bank so that is the ion one so it's a little bit weird that the ion one doesn't really do that much yeah it does stun them and stuff but you know I feel like sniping them or something is probably a better idea we are gonna get an anti armor attachment so that's gonna be extremely nice obviously I'm gonna want save to go and heal over here and we don't even need ammo so I don't really even want to take that to be honest I don't want to take the ammo here I want to shoot some more things yeah I want to shoot some more things.

Well I guess it's a good a time as any to actually just heal up but then I'm gonna take one of the ammo packs I don't really want to take them but I guess it's fine now obviously I'm gonna want to get the other fellow that I put in cover to come over here because right now he's not really busy okay so there seems to be a number of droids over there take thermal detonators okay take thermal detonators okay that did not also work yeah great very very good.

Okay well oh wow they're giving us a lot of back - that means there's gonna be a lot of enemies coming our way that's for sure so at least we killed all those or at least we killed most of them did we the thermal detonators seem extremely underpowered against these guys for some reason well nevermind let's use that there we go you get stunned or okay apparently you did not get stunned I am terrible with using grenades did I tell you tell you that I'm terrible at using grenades yeah now you know now you know okay well anyway I'm just gonna go up here and just melee them a little bit seems to be. A good a thing to do as anything and oh yeah I should probably get one of that one of our people in there go save go this is probably not a very very good idea is it that's probably not a good idea oh hello you seem to be there oh they make a really funny sound when you oh wow that yeah yeah yeah save being in that is gonna kill absolutely everything in the vicinity extremely effective of course so happy that he's in there definitely happy that he's in there come on now let's move on let's get another one in there saves just gonna be doing a lot of damage and wait a minute what's going on over there oh I see I see okay I think sniping is a thing that is actually necessary right here just keep. Out of the way a little bit there we go.

Die please yes thank you very much okay kill that as well there we go okay fantastic yeah well it seems like I'm the only one taking damage right now which is never a good sign because if I die then well basically the entire squad has to restart from checkpoint which is definitely not something that I want to force them to do and they're always going to be like your three-eighths why did you do that yeah and I'm just I'm just gonna be like I don't know I just I'm bad yeah that's probably it okay my health is critical I've done them come on kill them yes there we go.

I feel like the Millea attack does more damage than anything I really want to go back and heal but I just hate having to run back and forth that's why I was asking for a sprint button in the previous episodes but no there is no sprint button he does move relatively fast anyway so it's not really in this as necessary I was gonna say it's not really necessity but ah yeah it is not really necessary is it but every time I press shift that's what happens yeah it's just a little bit of a run you know a little bit of a walk should I say so let's move on and see whether we can find our anti-armor attachment oh there's a lot of explode up there we go oh they had a bad crash landing didn't they yeah oh there's a lot of super battle droids okay take that okay so can I can.

I Snape there we go a little bit of snappy action going on there we go take that one out and maybe we can get out of the way fixer oh yeah you got stunned a little bit didn't you terribly sorry okay there we go that one's dead too and oh there's a very nice turret oh I like it I like it and that's our anti-armor attachment I believe some we're probably gonna go and pick that up real quick hopefully scorch is gonna be okay there will I just switch attachments whoa there's a lot of them okay take that take that grenade is that working yeah it's working against all of them fantastic okay get me that I want this okay can I get it there you go okay here. We go oh yeah fantastic this is gonna be fun.

It's gonna be real fun that's just oh oh he's just hiding behind the door there well I suppose that's fine you can do that if he's soda sighs I'm just gonna go back here and just get these things there yeah thank you very much and now oh yeah this is either gonna blow me up and kill me or it's gonna kill him oh oh.

Yes a solution to all our woes oh yes fantastic okay well let's go inside shall we yeah let us through so we can.

Kill you thank you very much okay well how do we what wet well we have to we have to blow up these rocks I assume don't we yeah I'm sure you are.

Yep yep exactly sev 7:07 knows what I'm saying yeah it's gorge yeah you're you love blowing things up come on now you're cut you can't you can't deny your your instincts can you okay well let's get someone here apparently there's going to be a couple of enemies coming yes this must be I really.

Like all the references that they make someone just said this must be the droids were looking for yeah all the references fantastic okay so let's just get this and blow that yep I said that was gonna happen I said that was gonna happen didn't I yeah okay come on scorch revive me please I am just an utter disappointment to the entire squad as everyone knows and no doubt that's the reason why I continually die isn't it okay well let's blow that guy up okay let's get a bunch of our people here and I'm gonna just get save come on now save let's get another one there doesn't seem.

To be even any droids to snipe really I mean there doesn't seem to be that me oh my that's a big enemy that is a big enemy okay I'm gonna need to restore me oh really oh great.

An aunty armed opposition oh there's the aunty armed opposition fantastic okay so let's just aim for that then there we go I aimed for it did I do damage to it I don't even know right now it seems I'm doing damage to myself more than anything is it dead oh no it's doing something it's doing something powerful and not an annoying yes more annoying than powerful perhaps anyway let's just see if scorch can repay the favor thank you thank you very much thank you okay so let's see what I can do here can I just shoot this okay I'm shooting it I'm shooting the spot there we go shooting it oh oh whoa okay it's got heat-seeking missiles and stuff I don't even know whether this is good is it good for me to shoot it with my assault rifle is it better to shoot it with the sniper rifle I'm actually unsure about that it seems fine I don't know should I use a grenade on it that doesn't really do anything does it it actually stopped one of our own troops from actually doing anything but there you go it's dead I don't know what's more effective probably a sniper rifle we do sniper rifles probably more effective than anything but well I didn't really want to switch to it and I was a little bit worried about being focused down because no doubt that's gonna happen if I switch to a narrow view or something it's probably gonna end up killing me more than anything.

What's and support okay so why did we not get air support at the other place surely the air support there could have blown a hole in the shields before there.

They are there they are so why did we not have this guy turn up before that's my question I suppose it was a little bit deeper into the complex so the shield was maybe a little bit more difficult too sure shall we say get to but still come on now there we go you.

Thought this was a covert op really no I don't think so somehow anyway let's see if we can just kill these and I've already killed the super battle oh there's another one of course there is you did you're not dead ah now you're dead thank you very much I didn't really want to waste another one of those explosive rounds but I suppose I had to okay well he while he slices in I'm gonna go back and just heal myself a little bit and maybe I can get a little bit of extra ammunition for our anti-armor thing I I don't think I I can maybe maybe maybe I can yeah it seems like I can that's rather nice okay so let's just hear ourselves and obviously they're fighting sev is obviously fighting because he loves it he loves bashing droids and killing xenos I was gonna say killing xenos yeah that's a that's a reference and a half isn't it no well anyway we do have a super battle droids over there okay so it seems like a sniper oh okay seems like we have to get a couple of positions going on here let's shoot that shoot that ok can you die please yeah there we go that's what you get ok so service over there I'm gonna tell everyone else to heal up hopefully for Oh we'll heal up relatively fast and let's get someone else to slice that or do something to it out well he killed it.

Never mind I'm actually just gonna leave sev to do his thing because it's kind of embarrassing for me to actually try shooting isn't it yeah sev is absolutely fine at doing that and now we're getting a bridge oh yeah come to Papa because that is that is technically you know actual military speech isn't it Papa tango and so on and so forth you know it's kind of cringe-worthy is that anyway we are now across Wow okay.

Well it seems like we're splitting up oh yes happy hunting to you to serve yeah I'm a little bit worried about this actually so I have to go that way do I well I suppose we'll do that in the next episode I thank you very much for watching and I will see you next time.


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