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Nancy Drew: Ransom of the Seven Ships (Part 1): Kidnapped!

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This video from: Arglefumph: The Nancy Drew Dude.
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Nancy Drew: Ransom of the Seven Ships (Part 1): Kidnapped!

Part of a video walkthrough for Nancy Drew: Ransom of the Seven Ships. In this part, the game starts with Nancy going on a vacation, only to learn that her friend Bess has been kidnapped! Nancy then explores the resort that she and George are in.

This video contains footage from the Nancy Drew series, made by Her Interactive ( All rights are owned by Her Interactive.

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Hey there a Nancy Drew clue crew my name is michael gray and today I'm playing Nancy Drew ransom of the seven ships hi.

I'm Nancy Drew this is my center of operations my desk okay if you want to know the particulars of how I do what I do take a look at the book title status now you can check out the scrapbook you can read up about all the various different games in the Nancy Drew series. And as Nancy was saying before I interrupted her you can check out this to learn how to play the game if you've never played one before I always use my magnifying glass to scan my surroundings for clues when it turns red I know I'm onto something when you're magnifying glass turns into a question mark you can talk to someone when it becomes a hand so that's good if you haven't played one of the Nancy Drew games before and this is the case file where you can learn about the case leave it to Bess to enter in the online sweepstakes and wind up winning a five-day vacation in the Bahamas naturally she invited her cousin George or me to go with her and naturally we said yes as luck would have it dad and I have to go to a father-daughter banquet on a day to vacation begins which means I'm going to have to arrive a day late but the eco-tourism resort where we're staying sounds very cool and the island is so remote you can only get there by Flo Slee white sand beaches turquoise waters and tropical sunshine here we come alright that sounds like a fun vacation and click the plane ticket to start the game you can choose either junior or senior detective junior detective is a little bit easier there are a couple of puzzles that are different depending on whether you choose junior or senior detective but don't worry I'm going to show you the solutions for both junior and senior detective mode in this video walkthrough.

It looks so small it taking a while to get any we're not there on what I can tell you that unless you're super athletic how often do you like charters out here your concurrence the ones I love there yes there are my first doctors and weeks pretty isolated granted a lot of these places.

Hey George.


What's happened oh no this morning.

Bess's bed hadn't been slept in and there was no sign of her she never came back from going to watch the sunset here's the note the Gibson's left I knew I should have gone with her but I was just so tired this is all my fault it is not your fault George they give sense they're the people who own the resort yes but there's no sign of them either uh-oh well that's not good news Bess is gone and the Gibson's are gone here here's the note I found from the kidnappers they obviously knew you were coming it sure wonder who el Toro is he was the Spanish captain of a fleet of seven ships that sank near dread Isle about 300 years ago there's something about him in those books over there so these are the ransom demands we're going to get to those in a couple of minutes I believe and we can talk to George about three different things let's try the last one yep just a.

Note about watching the sunset I've been trying to get this satellite phone to work so we can call for help so far no luck it feels so useless you can do it George just keep at it in the meantime I'm going to look around maybe go out to this sound wave each place this took the only golf cart that worked that one that's still your needs water or something anyway keep me posted okay so George is going to be trying to get the satellite phone to work and in the meantime let me show you around the shark diving ecotourism resort you can. Walk outside here to find a sailboat that's pretty much.

All you can do when you walk in this direction now also outside we have the.

Shed where they keep the sails and we.

Also have the golf cart but it's not working right now see it's not turned on its going to be a puzzle in order to fix that so we have to go back inside and talk to George for the solution have you got something yeah the sneaking suspicion of this whole thing the contest best one the trip here the notes and the Gibson's 92 is all just a big toy to capture one or both of you so someone could force me to find this treasure for them that's so diabolical who would do something like that someone who doesn't much like me maybe well let's see if we take the number of crooks you busted and the force of solving a mystery factor in their friends relatives and co-conspirators and add to that all the people out there who don't much like anyone we're down to what like a thousand people you're right the only way we're going to find out who it is is by finding this I think the Gibson's are in on it you know I think that's pretty cool wouldn't it be interesting if this game features the triumphant return of one of the villains from one of the other games in the series that would be awesome the mainland or something they probably have no idea what's going on so this is gone our cellphones don't work and we're trespassing but it's just keep coming have you by any chance seen a key to the shed outside I've seen a key I'm not sure if it's lucky here try it and see if it works thanks okay anything else nope I see you later keep me posted now the good news is that is the key to open up the shed I'll get to that in the next video for now let's continue exploring through shark diving ecotourism resort here we have the international nautical flags we have a thing about the various bats that you can see on the island as well as a bat detector ah but it's all out of.

Batteries we also have this thing on the. Monkeys there's a primate research facility that you'll be visiting later on in this game these are all the various sounds that the monkeys make and.

There's also sunny June's field research notes he worked at the primate facility so he has some notes on the monkeys and here we have what's your name you look.

Just like this bird I met in England named Lulu so this is the granddaughter.

Of Lulu the parrot from Nancy Drew Chris of Blackmore Manor.

Hey it freaked out like that with me too probably tired of eating thirsty Oh poor.

Cuckoo we'll have to make sure to get. Cuckoo some fruit so she doesn't go hungry

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