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Fable 2 - Longplay (Part 1 of 2) Good Walkthrough (All Silver Keys & Gargoyles) (No Commentary)

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Fable 2 - Longplay (Part 1 of 2) Good Walkthrough (All Silver Keys & Gargoyles) (No Commentary)

Fable 2 in this longplay's series I will be collecting all silver keys and all gargoyles. As well as doing all the quests, at least all the main and side quests. Not the unlimited ones like the bounty hunter or save a citizen. If you want to skip the childhood beginning and jump straight to adulthood 36:16.

A little history about me finding this game:

So Fable 2 this game and me have a history, a good history. This is the first Rpg I played and I feel in love with it. My friends used to talk about it all the time back in junior high, I was left to my imagination. I eventually asked to borrow the game and played my lil heart out for a couple days until I had to give it back. When I gave the game back I searched everywhere in my town for a copy of it, eventually finding a collectors edition copy at a pawn shop. Not even sure why they let me buy it I was like 14 or something. But I was so happy when I got it, I played this game for hours and hours. This is one of the few games I've completely 100% and got all the achievements for.

My opinion on Fable II:

What to say about this game hmm.. First thing to say I love this game's peaceful music, so calming and the instruments used all blend together perfectly. I listen to this music weekly from a playlist. The way the world feels is so good, for example when you in bower lake it's big but not to big they let you explore and find chests hidden along with dig spots, silver keys and gargoyles. I think the quests are very well done to they will have some interesting dialogue banter and take you around area's you may have never been and killing various groups of enemies. Now I'm not particularly fond of all the enemy variants, it does feel lacking enemy's. You mostly fight Bandits, but you do come across quite a few Hobbes and hollow men as well. Along with a few balverines, and a couple banshees and the terrible and boring trolls. The differences between them all is pretty unique, Bandits are by far the most challenging especially the assassins they block, counter, and make fun of you. I find it really cool when they make fun of your name. The Hobbes are pretty funny if you kill their leader or one of their leaders they will scatter and jump of ledges or just hide. Hollow men are just fun to kill, especially when you shoot off their head. The trolls are the worst enemy's take to long to fight and are boring. The descriptions of items in this game are hilarious and very well written, made me laugh out loud more times then I expected. Your dog is a bit buggy at times but it's nice having a companion.

Onto the jobs the jobs are pretty simple staring but get a little crazy fast and less enjoyable at the higher ranks. I always love the woodcutting one in oakfield because it's peaceful with the music and very little npcs will bother you. The npc's in this game have so much dialogue and can usually make you laugh will something absurd that they say. My biggest disappointment with this game is the final boss, I won't spoil it but it is the worst final boss in a game I've ever played.

So I feel like I've just written a 1000 word essay on what not to do at a stoplight. Prop's to ya if you get the reference. Yeah I love this game guys It has flaws like any game but it is so much fun and pretty atmospheric. So with all that being said I hope you enjoy part 1 of this longplay series.

Gameplay recorded by Quaver

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