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PREY Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - INTRO - (Exclusive Gameplay Prey 2017)

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PREY Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - INTRO - (Exclusive Gameplay Prey 2017)

Prey Walkthrough Part 1 Full Game - Prey 2 2017 Gameplay Part 1 Intro with First Impressions. Potential Game of the Year? Let me know what you think? Not a sponsored video but was recorded at Bethesda London

Prey is a first-person sci-fi action game from Arkane Studios, creators of the award-winning Dishonored series. In Prey, you are the first human enhanced with alien powers aboard the Talos I space station. Improvise and innovate as you fight your way through the alien infested station in your search for the truth Cosmonaut Shotgun Starter Pack Pre-order Bonus: Fans who pre-order Prey will receive the exclusive Cosmonaut Shotgun Pack. The pre-order bonus consists of Morgan Yu's family heirloom Margrave shotgun and tools to fight threats aboard Talos I including: three Neuromods players can spend to acquire new abilities, two Medkits, a Fabrication plan to create Shotgun Ammo, a starter kit for building tools and weapons, and a unique upgrade to help players preserve their limited resources

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