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Nancy Drew: Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon Walkthrough part 4

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Nancy Drew: Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon Walkthrough part 4

Finding out the name of Jake's engineer. Talking to the other passengers.

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Sup I found Lori's safe and sound in the caboose so I guess those vibes you got about her being in serious travel were wrong strange my vibes are never wrong what's even stranger is I'm still getting them so maybe they're not about Lori maybe they're about you me I'm not in. Any trouble trust me either you or Lori is or soon will be in big trouble no offense but I don't believe you don't say I didn't warn you sir you making any progress in here oh yeah not only am I getting some real unusual EMRs that's electromagnetic readings but take a look at this you've got something I set up a camera and took some time lapse photos sometimes I was in the room sometimes I wasn't but somewhere along the line I managed to get a shot of Camille where you don't mean that little blob do you yep that's Camille okay you're skeptical. That's cool just remember the key word when it comes to ghostly phenomena is energy that blob is the result of Camille's residual lifeforce spirit if you will reacting with the chemicals in the photographic paper couldn't it just be a flaw in the photographic paper okay it could be that too but it's not trust me do you think Camille's residual psychic energy is what threw that emergency break that's a good question applying force to an object by distorting its electromagnetic field requires such a highly organized concentration of energy then I'm inclined to doubt it but it's possible ask me again at the end of this trip something tells me if we make it that far and something also tells me that's a pretty big if all will become clear thanks for the chat goodbye.

That tool I saw in the caboose I bet that's what you use to unscrew these bolts.

More pipes to connect.

Here we go.

So Laurie pushed that button slid the shelves open further squeezed through and disappeared very clever Nancy you missed it missed.

What the argument of the century Joe he's exaggerating oh come on you heard him they were ready to tear each other to shreds who charlena and Laurie all we heard was the tail end of it and unfortunately we really couldn't make out what they were saying so you don't know what they were arguing about no but whatever it was both of them were absolutely out of their minds livid and it would probably be a good idea to find out why let me look into it I'll talk to you later okay you know where to find us.

A square and a deck now where have I seen those before.

Is this Jake and his wife yes from what. I've read Kamiya loved to sing and dance even in death apparently Jake reportedly told people that after she died he would sometimes see strange glowing lights outside the windows at night bobbing gracefully alongside the Train as if dancing with it he said he found the site very comforting I suspect normal people would have found a terrifying more questions would you.

Like to see the letter that Lori gave me as a reward for finding her the one in which Jake Hurley supposedly tells his niece how to find his lost mine no thank you I happily leave it to you to try to solve the mystery of his disappearance you can afford to look foolish dear I can't do you have a theory as to who pulled the emergency brake well I know it wasn't me I assume it wasn't you and I highly doubt it was Lori so that leaves those two friends of yours mr. gray and mr. Balducci what do.

You think their motive was I don't know about your friends but perhaps those other two simply thought it would be fun boys will be boys what were you and Lori.

Arguing about earlier today Lori and I we weren't arguing we were simply discussing a topic about which both of us are passionate that's all were you. Discussing her wanting to be a romance novelist no and even if we were that's really none of your business I know that sounds harsh but really Nancy eavesdropping is so tacky actually it was Frank and Joe Hardy who overheard you they said I should talk to you before they gave me all the gory details but since you obviously don't want to tell me your side of the story I'll just have to get the scoop from them no no you don't have to do that a storyline that Lori submitted to me found its way into my last book despite the fact that she never received compensation for it she's reading the book now and when she got to that part she freaked you stole one of her ideas.

She had no business sending me unsolicited material but technically yes. Now legally she can't prove anything and I'm certainly not about to admit anything and it's not as if she needs the money but that's what we were arguing about for what it's worth I'm going to talk to this producer I know to see if he'll cast Laurie in his next movie it'll help ease my conscience and who knows she could wind up being a star I mean she is blond were you able to. Find the name of Jake's train engineer I came across three references to the fact that Jake had an engineer but I'm afraid none of them included his name I failed sorry aren't you even going to try finding out what happened to Jake Hurley no time the only reason I haven't insisted that Laurie released me from all the silliness is there's always the possibility that what happened to him has the makings of a best-seller although I highly doubt it why are you so sure that Jake's story wouldn't make a bestseller his story is an all-too-common one a man wanders off into the desert in search of gold and never returns why he either doesn't have enough food or water or he encounters hostile natives but why was his train found out in the middle of nowhere with just the dead engineer on board that does make the story a little more interesting my guess is the engineer got tired of waiting for Jake to return took off in a train to get help and died of a heart attack along the way after which the train rolled to a stop in Blue Moon Ken anyone experienced enough to single-handedly run a steam engine would have been quite a bit older than Jake what do you think happened to Camille she probably died of something mundane like pneumonia or even measles now if it was wintertime when she died and they were in the mountains Jake no doubt kept her body on the train for months before he buried her which is rather delicious in a morbid sort of way I should get going let me know if you run across anything juicy.

Glad you dropped in Laurie told me she'd given you a letter from Jake early that says how to find his mind that's right.

You can read it if you want Laurie should have given that to me I mean I'm the trained professional around here let me take a look and I've seen.

Enough to words use less those are just.

The rantings of a guy who spent way too much of his life swirling mud around and panda in the hot Sun five star nut job you don't think there's anything helpful in there nada how come you told me you and Laurie never went out and she told me you did don't you ever stop asking questions I'm. A detective you know how it is my dumped her okay I'm not proud of what I did I'm not happy about what I did but it's done it's over now let's drop it guess I'll. Just have to go talk to Laurie again you are incredibly irritating you know that I dumped her because because people said going out with her would make me look bad said she was a joke that no one took her seriously said if I started hanging with her no one would take me seriously so I stopped calling.

But you didn't stop caring no now take a powder I don't feel like talking anymore.

That square that duck look very familiar.

With any luck I just opened the stove in the dining car.

What is that.

Jeanne's Thurston.

Hey how's it going I think I know the name of Jake Hurley's engineer James Thurston great what else do you know about him well nothing good good yeah finding out more about him will give us something to do we'll look into it. Talk to you later you know where to find us.

Hello hi biz hey what's going on someone. Threw the emergency brake and almost derailed the Train someone tried to sabotage the Train that looks that way although I sure don't know why maybe someone wants to Jake's gold all to himself or herself that doesn't make sense Bess nobody even knows where Jake's mind is yet I know maybe the gold from his mind is already on the train somewhere so Jake stashes a pile of gold ore on his train but so far the only person who's managed to trip over it as the saboteur I don't think so apparently Tino and Lori went out a couple of times but he broke it off why'd he break it off because everybody told him dating her would hurt his credibility oh my gosh that is so cool it's cool that bail duty lets other people tell him who to date know that the three of us know something that like maybe four other people in the whole country knows you scooped the tabloids Nancy Beth calm down you're slopping paint all over the phone oh no it still works doesn't it hello Nancy you still there hello yes Bess I'm still here oh thank goodness so what are there yummy things that you found out charlena and Lori had this big huge argument and you'll never guess why Lori called charlena a hack no charlena called Lori an airhead no she doesn't really want you to guess okay tell us man well it seems that Lori sent charlena a bunch of story ideas one of which charlena used in her latest book without telling or paying Lori charlena stole something Lori wrote that's incredible no the fact that Lori wrote something that Charlene had thought was worth stealing that's what's incredible it makes me think that Lori may not be quite as dumb as she looks yeah better keep an eye on her nan catch you later remember when in doubt call

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