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Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper Walkthrough part 5

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Sherlock Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper Walkthrough part 5

September 8, 1888 6:30 AM

Hanbury Street

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You go in mr. ohms she's air we didn't touch a thing.

It was very good of PC Chandler to let us pass he said no one has touched the corpse it's the perfect opportunity for us to put our skills to the test Watson let's not waste it.

So doctor shall we examine our victim I'm tired Holmes I'm not sure if I am in a state to do this work come Watson there's little time show me what you're made of oh my god.

Pray Watson pull yourself together can you establish the time of the crime the extremities of the corpse are cold and rigor mortis is beginning to set in I would say that the murder was committed over two hours ago before 4:30 a.m..

A torn envelope it smells of rubbing.

Alcohol it contains three pills I will take one or two should suffice for the police.

The blood is a dozen inches or so from the ground lud states on the war.

Bloodstains on the wall.

A piece of course muslin two combs curiously arranged.

There are no trails on the ground there's no sign of a struggle now let's.

Look at the stomach or at least what remains of it it's dreadful Holmes who could do that to someone that's what you're here for Watson tell me what this man has done the stomach has been entirely opened and oh my god a number of organs have been removed so you're telling me that the organs were removed Watson they weren't ripped out not at all Holmes on the contrary this is clearly the work of an expert I couldn't have done any better myself and the uterus is missing.

Looky here it would see me as a mark on his left hand the victim must worn a large ring or several little ones and someone pulled them off forcefully this detail will be very valuable Watson you can be sure that.

Let's look at this poor woman more closely a bruise look at her neck what.

Can you tell me there are two incisions. The tongue is swollen the victims face.

Appears to have bruising wouldn't you say under the maxilla and cheek there is less on the right side my dear Watson now that we have found all of our clues nothing remains but to subject them to our most likely hypotheses in order to deduce the facts.

I hear noise coming from the street Watson the authorities are arriving it's time for us to go Holmes has been locked away in his room for days always saying the same things I'm thinking what very good Watson as you wish Watson but I am thinking too so much so that I can't sleep Andy Chapman got lured Holmes examined.

The broken jar that belonged to Finley's Tennant I wonder what this substance is I don't recognize the odor formalin Watson this jar can't a formal it interesting don't you think hmm I've been waiting for something for days just the tiniest bit of news er would make sense of this whole matter but there's nothing neither from the press nor the police unless abberline is holding on to some information without realising its importance which is quite possible it is time for you to return to the police station in Whitechapel Watson and didn't you tell me that you had a matter to take care of it take advantage of it to learn more about this pill and its contents ah but Holmes it's late and spending another night in this district is hardly my idea of entertainment I know doctor but we don't have any choice time is against us take your pistol in case you run into any trouble some characters fine as you wish Holmes.

Good evening I hope I'm not disturbing you not at all doctor this man mr. Richardson is a witness to the holida fair at 29 Hanbury Street the murder of Annie Chapman we are discussing the relevance of his testimony you're. Probably not in a position to discuss it with me but I would like to know more about what you call the relevance of this young man's testimony who there's new secrecy it's simply that the testimony given by mr. Richardson doesn't match the time of death given by the coroner dr. Phillips what was the time of death according to him before our 4:00 in the morning my.

Conclusions were the same were there any other conflicting testimonies will two other witnesses summoned at the preliminary inquest gave testimony but in these cases to the times don't match do you remember what it was they said I didn't question them myself a colleague of mine took down their statements on paper but on deciding they would have little use he tore them up and threw them in the bin there's no point in being bogged down with useless paperwork I will take my leave Humphries good boy dope. May I introduce myself I'm dr. Watson I am you want to bait a chat what writes a detective stories in that they're paper well yes indeed my stories have been published in The Strand go noemi want to tell me Oh mum it would seem your testimony is the subject of some debate could you tell me what it was about I don't we tell you I'm a bit befuddled about the times I told him but it can't be so I knows what I say and what I don't sees that morning what did you see or what didn't you see and at what time would you say I'll tell you it is for nothing it's me old mummy lives in the house where the body was found out back in the garden she has her a shot but a bottom to the right of stairs the door was broken there not too far back because he's so real Zooey's right the morning it happened I head that way a sees if my old mum has finally had the place broken into it was caught afire when I got there that old swear on me dear old mum's life I had a look round see if the seller had been taken no I don't sit down on the stairs by the courtyard because miss shows were causing me now in the pain on I had a cut low I didn't seize a single thing below two steps doctor not one single thing if there was some bernal covered in blood taint know how I could have missed that even if it were nighttime right five minutes after getting up at 29 I had to clip off and now they tells me that I know I can't tell time the more or I was fixing me loafer next to a stiff that we're still steaming right in allegiance.

Yes doctor so how far along are the investigations into these two recent murders everyone around here believes both crimes were committed by the same man but as for the Hanbury Street and Bucks row crimes nobody has heard or seen a thing by the way have you heard. Of a doctor Tumblety um no is it important yes well no maybe. Actually I don't know I have heard about this man he's frequent nocturnal outings and bizarre behavior what does a chap look like doctor and where can we find him the last I heard was that he was staying at Finley's place the man who was looking for me a few days ago it would greatly assist us if you could ask Finley what your strange associate looks like we could then see if the description matches any witness accounts I will take my leave Humphries good boy dog

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