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Classic Game Room HD - GOLDEN AXE BEAST RIDER review

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Classic Game Room HD - GOLDEN AXE BEAST RIDER review

Classic Game Room HD reviews GOLDEN AXE BEAST RIDER for PS3, also available for Xbox 360. This updated, modern remake of Golden Axe Beast Rider is published by Sega and has some things in common with the original Genesis and arcade classic, but for the most part is a modern, hack and slash style video game. This CGRHD review of Golden Axe Beast Rider has gameplay footage from Golden Axe Beast Rider on Playstation 3 showing the game being played on YouTube. This game has gotten terrible reviews for the most part but isn't really that bad, actually it's kind of fun. Sure it may be mediocre for the most part, but for a budget game these days you'll find some fun gameplay, lots of blood and gore and monsters that breathe fire! Run around and slash enemies, counter and attack with more force. It's not a bad game, it's just not a great game. Golden Axe Beast Rider can be had for a steal now on PS3 and Xbox 360 and has an entertaining single player campaign and lots of action. Controls make sense one you get used to them and it has fire, dragons and half naked women with swords. Win! Classic Game Room HD is down with Golden Axe Beast Rider and so should you! Does not have trophies or multiplayer, sadly. No affiliation with the movie Beastmaster (which was the bomb!)

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Oh Golden Axe beast rider ride the beast.

Now here's a game that I don't think I've heard anything positive about from anyone I'm recording this in the middle of 2009 and by now the price has dropped to the point where this is a budget game it costs less than many downloadable games and you know it's not that bad it's fairly mediocre on most accounts but if you can pick this game up for 10 or 20 bucks you'll get some good hack and slash burning people with monsters kind of fun out of it.

Look at it this way you get to burn people with monsters and cut them in half so the controls aren't as good as they could be but you get to burn people with monsters and cut them in half visually the game doesn't look that bad it plays in 1080p and looks excellent on a large high-definition television and when you burn people with monsters and cut them in half it looks cool by the.

Way did I mention that you get to burn people with monsters and cut them in half if I didn't let me just say it again you get to burn people with monsters and cut them in half all right.

Check it out on screen did you notice what just happened I just burned people with a monster say where's the monster dealership around here there it is.

You know they lose 10% of their value when you ride them off the parking lot and I don't care what everybody else says maybe they want to make friends and solve puzzles and stuff but I like burning people with monsters and cutting them in half so I enjoyed my time playing Golden Axe beast Rider and this game has sacrificed doors doors that you can't open until you impale somebody on a spike nearby and it's green technology.

Because you're not using electricity to open doors so it's somewhat impractical.

But we'll look beyond that.

Now there are some problems with the game and if you're going to nitpick it visually the game does start to look the same after a while all the backgrounds start to blend together it's got that whole Conan the Barbarian kind of feel to it and that's not bad that's that's a good thing usually in the combat Department it actually has a lot in common with the original golden axe from the Sega Genesis days in the arcade theoretically at least one major rule applies you do not want to get surrounded by enemies then it becomes very difficult to defeat them you want to try to pick them off one at a time also it has little gnomes that you beat around and get magic and health if if you're one of those people who's really into the original golden axe I could see where you would be disappointed with this version personally I enjoy the original golden axe at least the one in the Genesis that I played before and that's an excellent game to play with friends and this is a pretty massive departure from the original especially when you get into the combat system but you do get to burn people with monsters and cut them in half now let's talk about the combat system it's got this weird thing where people will come at you with an attack that's either red blue or gora green if you can react in time and hit the proper button you will perform a counter move and then have a more powerful attack afterwards so if they can match you with a blue attack you hit the r-1 button on the ps3 controller block it and then you have a more powerful attack we're watching the ps3 version this game is also available for xbox 360 this does sort of slow down combat a bit and makes it clunky it's not nearly as fluid as say the Wolverine game I reviewed recently where you just hack and slash with just fluid non-stop movement this one is more like a hack and slash then you need to back off watch your enemies block attack.

Sacrifice store love those they need to. Have those at Lowe's frequently off guys standing off to the side dropping boulders on you or trying to electrocute you and then you can bounce back magic bolts and by the way you get to burn people with monsters and cut them in half the game is pretty bare-bones you don't get multiplayer the ps3 version doesn't even have trophies and for the most part it's really nothing groundbreaking but it is fun as I've said previously yes you do get to burn.

People with monsters and cut them in half it could be an acronym to book what.

Flaming my tried writing this down TV PWM acgih these more vowels Golden Axe.

Beast Rider if you want to just sit around and complain about why every game doesn't look exactly like Metal Gear Solid 4 then you probably won't like Golden Axe beast Rider but if you like burning people with monsters and cutting them in half give it a play.


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