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Age of Pirates: Captain Blood - All Gameplay Footage [Cancelled Game]

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Age of Pirates: Captain Blood - All Gameplay Footage [Cancelled Game]

All the trailers, gameplay and cutscenes available of the unreleased pirate game Captain Blood.

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The game generally places you in the role of John blood and with that name he does pretty much exactly what you'd expect me to he shoots evil we're pirates he stabs evil were pirates he fires cannons and evil worships and generally badasses around occasionally Captain Blood places you in the role of his first mate Walt well Walt is a wily bastard and he lacks the punch and manliness of his captain the game generally consists of third-person action trappings from games like God of War but these are broken up by ship the ship battles that see the captain single-handedly Manning every cannon on his snowin pirate ship that being said for the most part you'll be chaining together combos and using the right analog stick to roll away from attacks from a fixed camera so far Captain Blood surprises by how mechanically sound it feels to play which helps given frequent difficulty spikes in combat maybe most surprising is that the game exists at all such a release later this year Captain Blood is the rarest of treats something we weren't expecting here's hoping to the oversea wolfen one see maintain the pirate code and fulfill captain Bloods promise for more on Captain Blood check out

Captain blood the burly title character of Russian publisher once seized first two major console effort seems to have what it takes to make it as an action-adventure hero but the trusty blade and hand cannon a mean assortment of combos brutal finishing moves in a rage meter that Sens him into a killing frenzy he's got pretty much everything you'd expect from a modern-day brawler but seeing as how this is his maiden voyage into a genre dominated by some truly fearsome characters foremost among them the formidable Kratos from the God of War series this barrel-chested pirate also has a lot to prove you're suitably.

Bloody journey will take you from port to port across the Spanish mane due to the nautical nature of your travels you'll often find yourself Manning the cannons to take out an enemy ship including a double-barreled rotating kind of gatling cannon that's a good indication of the game's exaggerated style while you'll certainly sink your fair share of ships it's putting men in their graves that will take up most of your time minor threats can be dispatched with a flurry of attacks or put down with a quick grabbing attack but other enemies need some softening up before you can deal the killing blow as soon as they're marked with an ominous skull icon you'll be able to trigger a particularly nasty finishing move there are also four different types of fatalities and the animation and effects will vary when inflicted on different enemies whether.

It's a gruesome series of stabs or point-blank punishment with a pistol the finishing moves look powerful and fairly original different moves also carry certain advantages one such attack is a series of punches that pounds extra gold pieces out of your opponent's face but the jackpot pay off for the final blow you don't have access to all your moves right off however you'll buy them along with other upgrades with the gold you've pillaged along the way.

While captain blood certainly seems capable in any situation in his handy with just about any weapon he picks up there's at least one other character you'll be able to control more the quick and agile time your crew mate Walt boards an enemy ship via interactive cutscene and eventually faces a huge dumb and burly foe using explosive barrels and some additional quick time flourishes thrown in to give the fight a bit more Flair this early version of the game seems surprisingly solid and while we haven't seen the game charm much new territory it does have at least one or two original ideas realizing that death is almost inevitable in a challenging action game the good captain always commits to a glorious death unlike other video game heroes who fall flat the second their health runs dry Captain Blood stubbles to one knee and summons all his remaining strength to deal one last powerful blow sure you'll have to restart at your last checkpoint but that brief chance at revenge offers you instant gratification. While the North American release date hasn't been announced to this pirate adventure game will almost certainly set sail before the end of 2010 we'll be sure to let you know if this is a voyage worth taking in our full review.

My name is Anitha Lisa Martin and I'm the international PR and marketing director for one C company and we are presenting captain blog for you today this game is going to come out by the end of this year it's done by the studio. Called 1c C dot and this is our one of our internal studios the guys are actually known for making a series of games dedicated to the scene that we're doing the famous Sea Dogs and right now they're they're working with Captain Blood which is due to come out on PC and 360 so this is a hack and slash game that has different several types of like basic gameplay first of all you attack a lot of enemies both on the deck of the. Ships on land and he also we also have naval battles like we're witnessing right now during the naval battles you actually have to shoot at the enemy ships and prevent them from boarding you because if they come close and you're not able to shoot those down the boarding crew will come to your ship so we have to deal with the with the boarding through so right now we're just trying to prevent the Spaniards from coming over to close and overtaking our ship so here we can see that the boarding crew is actually coming coming closer and in a couple of minutes I guess they will be on board and we'll have to deal with them as a hack-and-slash game we have all different sights of gumbo special movements fatalities etc so you can also. While playing the game and while advancing through the game you will also have a chance to upgrade your character to make you more powerful use more fatalities like we're seeing right now more deadly stuff also use different weapons like not only called steel but also some of the firearm so most the biggest part of the game you'll be playing for feeder blood or captain blood but in some missions you will be able to play for his companion Jeremy pin he is not that powerful not that tough but he is more fast more agile so it represents another type of gameplay actually so here's another another example of one of the fatalities that we've got in the game of one of the special movements so as soon as we're done with the with the boarding proof we get back once again to fighting the enemy ships where our main aim is to destroy the approaching Spaniard Spanish Armada there we go this is what one of.

The big guys of course liking any other hack-and-slash game classic hack and slash game we've got the boss level so as soon as he's finished several levels you'll actually have to reach the boss level I guess we're almost done there.

Happens sometimes even to the people that you know that are doing and producing the games here's another example of like basic for gameplay and Captain Blood this is one of the like the ground battles where we're fighting actually on foot inside some buildings and sounds against dozens and hundreds of Spaniards so as soon as we get out from this building we also have a lot of cutscenes so since this is a story oriented game both the whole story will be given actually through the computer cutscenes like the one we have right now.

And in a couple of seconds we're actually going to see the second character that we have in the game the companion of Captain Blood.

So here we go the second guy close to you is your companion so he is accompanied Peter blood in some of the missions Jeremy pit so we're not controlling him now he is ai-controlled but in some of the missions players will be able to control and play for our journey in as well.

No words we don't will not but knock oneself cooperative and this one maybe later on as DLC or something like that right now we have the single mode single-player mode which is the main one for this game and s for the multiplayer we have arena battles where up to four players can actually play in one arena against different bosses and units so.

After you actually finish the level you also gain money you'll be able to buy different combos after you finish the level so you will be more powerful and of course the QuickTime events is where pushing you like beat the B button right now like any other console hack-and-slash game we've got a lot of QuickTime events.

So we also have interactive objects like for the for example the barrels over there so we are we the players will be able to grab those barrels and roll them into the enemies so use environmental objects to coalfield their needs so.

Right now we can see that for example our character is using another type of gold seal it's off like is default saber and and the firearms as well those can be upgraded and you like or we can buy new ones as we proceed and go further in the. Game like we're throwing a barrel right now stunning the opponent here we go.

So for example if you kill a purse if you kill an enemy character you'll be able to take his gold feel like by pressing beak and you can take his wrath here.

And of course there are special movements that you can grab the character and perform a special combo in this case all the level or all the buttons will be displayed on the screen so captain blotter schedule portal before a q4 2010 release and it is coming out both on PC and Xbox 360.

Classic hacking / experience in the beans of game like God of War so on for most of the time you imagine in Skipton blood is a big powerful martial type of character with a lot of enemies approaching him from different sides so in this case your task will be to you know kind of eliminate all the enemies on the level so right now the the whole thing is set up in the Caribbean we've got the notorious captain blood fighting against the Spaniards the pirate so a lot of other villains so this game is all about a lot of you know fighting around different combos fatalities you know sometimes violence and war see since this is a eken / game so here you can see that we also get some additional stuff when we kill the enemy like coins like potions potions are used for life so we can you know make them live longer and here we've got for example a lot of coins coins can be used to go into the shop so we can go there anytime when they have enough money and try and buy some you know improvements for our main characters like life some additional attacks fatalities another other different stuff which is you know pretty important for a magnetized game. Talking about the weapons we'll have different types of weapons like the default right one right now we're having we also have some firearms the whole storyline will be given through cutscenes like that which are based on the game engine most of the time in this game you will act as Captain Blood himself but in some of the missions he will be either accompanied by his faithful companion Jeremy bit or you will even have a chance to play for Jeremy pit he's not that big not that huge not that muscular but he's more like sporty looking more more fast more agile so the guy on the right right now is our companion Jeremy a bit he is AI controlled right now but in some of the missions that will show later on you will be able to act as as him so this is an example of one of the fatalities that we've got in the game so as soon as you advance through the game you'll be able to buy new spectacular fatalities and you know executions as they are called in the game it's not a cutscene but some of the Spaniards coming our way going back to to the weapons their special skills so our captain can use the default cold steel and default firearms he has but he will be also it enables to take cold steel from from his enemies and actually killed killed the enemies for their well not likes when they don't stop with their own cold steel.

Keyboard and the last type of action you will have in this game is a naval Bell you do not control the ship you will see that Kevin blood finds himself on board of the ship and you cannot control the ship itself you have to fire cannons against other ships so they do not come close to you and board you so the the. Cannons overheat so you have to use you cannot use one one cannon it all the way. Through the game so you have to run and even so if you miss a an enemy ship it.

Comes over and board you so you will have to fight through the enemies on board the ship apart from shooting other ships will try okay you see Sergei.

Managed to okay if you see we have.

Several attacks and several executions as I said you can buy those to get more stuff from the enemies so you see very tough enemies and Sergei will demonstrate the fatality like very bloody very nice one of course.

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