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Warcraft III Reign of Chaos: Undead Campaign #1 - Trudging through the Ashes

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Warcraft III Reign of Chaos: Undead Campaign #1 - Trudging through the Ashes

Blizzard's 'Invincible':

MrVoletron's 'Invincible' Remix:

Blizzard's Warcraft III is the game that started it all! Without this, we would have no MOBA genre, a much smaller MMO genre, and not to mention its influence on the RTS genre. This game is legendary, and it also happens to be one of my favorites. Released in 2002, it tells the stories of Thrall, Arthas, Jaina and Illidan among others, and sets the stage for everything to come in the future. Join me for a blast from the past as we play through the campaigns from start to finish!

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What trickery is this mal Ganis I don't know how you survived but how your son is Martin's IR ty congress like mal.

Ganis i am a dread but I am NOT your enemy in truth I've come to congratulate you congratulate me by killing your own. Father and delivering this land to the scourge you have passed your first test the Lich King is pleased with your enthusiasm yes I've damned everyone and.

Everything I've ever loved in his name and I still feel no remorse no shame No.

Pity the runeblade who carry was forged by the lich king and empowered to steal Souls yours you the first one had claimed then I'll make do without one what is the lich king's will the cult of the Damned must be rallied once again many of the acolytes have been in hiding amongst the populace once you've rallied them I will give you further instructions so the path the dawn begins in truth no Arthas around is no longer a paladin he is in fact a death knight the very first death knight although in Warcraft - there was unit called the death knight that was more of a spellcaster-type thing rather than this which is basically the anti paladin Arthas was the first and there are others that is this is the undead's one of the undead strength heroes that he used sin the multiplayer now one thing you might have noticed immediately is that Arthas has a horse now the story of Arthas horse was first something no one really knew about but in the book and later in world of warcraft it was elaborated on the horse is called invincible Arthas had it since he was nine but at some point when he was out in the snow it fell had an accident and Arthas was forced to kill it to put it out of his misery second he finished.

Succeeding his father he walked over to its grave and raced it from the dead to become his spectral undead steed invincible is also the name of a amazing music track that was made for the wrath. Of the lich king expansion in role of Warcraft and if everything has gone as planned you should be listening to it right now the undead music in this game is actually really good but you'll be hearing plenty of it in the missions to come when I figure in this the very first mission we can have a listen to them it tread lightly so Frostmourne Arthas as a.

Different tone in his voice and he is a badass something cool this is brand we're now the undead I always thinking I always think that.

They say was up but I'm streak so we've gone on level 1 and we're obviously quite weaker firstborn is also lost its chaos damage but whatever no be fine the mission is to rally the cult of the Damned to do that we need to find the red villagers hidden around said village this is number one readings great lord our master killed Azad told us that you would come kel'thuzad.

State this mission is really more about stealth a little nice touch by the ways that every time we recruit one of these they teleport over here and hang around the countries like the dreadlord got on this one we'll be sneaking around as much as we can trying to avoid fights this we're still weak as we have newly awoken at last who are our dead form.

Death coil is basically deep resolve aunty Holy Light it is either you heal your friendly undead units or you deal half damage to enemy living unit as opposed to hold a light can heal your non hundred units or damage or under the unit's makes sense and we're never gonna have a little bit of a slap fight with this one town guard it was in pretty slick it's not the most cinematic and exciting fights but but. The music in background maybe feels a little bit epic this ended up taking 200. Damage there Frostmourne we have a. Potion revealing I didn't feel any few stunts none of these froth our acolytes they don't even have names that even the lady physical endures last.

There we go take him out uh hello my friend.

Frostmourne it's our optional quests ah the shady side is yours the shade is as you can see an invisible Scouts tread lightly and walk around perfectly fine he's revealing Oh scouting sounds for Arthur's so we know where to go so we can see the hair we have one into acolyte in hiding let's see let's make sure the shade is safe so we can see the Patrol of the footmen yield let's see what is it now. Frostmourne hungers at last hi hey buddy.

Oh the patrol is coming Frostmourne hungers hidden who make I shall be you.

The shade group - shall be our eyes what means revealing tread lot Arthas will be your eyes all shall be revealed it definitely don't want to tangle with a nice revealing I go unseen my son of.

Them I read this guy's read what needs revealing well let's keep an eye on the Patrol you need to it I crave for it to pass by us and then sneak I don't look into it I develop your sir obviously nothing to be afraid of just looking we don't want them to alarm the let's see fighters we can't I don't know if it's we have to go around because going this way means we'll probably see half the deal with the night how the patients leave I'll look into it I care one see I'll look into it.

Oh we could just go grab this guy first right here we go this is more like her.

Death coil on mass the non-believer.

My life my life for their Zulu using.

Speakers this thing this is crossed Oh. Careful this is more.

Vidia was one of them the shade can't. Fight at all literature self efficient peeking out we want to make sure we don't actually get ambushed I go see one where we enter the little slap fight tread lightly this money goes.

Frostmourne hungers reason to get guards.

Frostmourne I live to see there's.

Horsehair you will know n what is it we.

Don't like horses we're gonna like invisible invincible press the peace. Horse well last not good finally this is.

More like it I don't know how far we have to run for wait for them to go back to their Patrol but we are way faster than them so I think would be ok yeah there is more like it right scout ahead shade my friend what is it now she'll be my eyes this is. I shall be your eyes like we have to sneak around tread lightly this is more Frostmourne hungers at last what needs.

Revealing I go on seeing you go down Z. To speak fool we have another acolytes fine.

You also see that this one over here my.

Side is yours no that's just Tyler and Robert I assume you get the reference if.

Not it's McClair it's a Fight Club reference I shall be your eyes I go.

Nikki sneak shade you want to see more look into it oh I'd see lots of dudes. What needs revealing patrolling night as well looking into it now there are a few hidden items on this map board but most of them are consumables so they're not really that big a deal and oh careful rusty and those that aren't are I mean they're not bad it's just like a ring of region and a ring of protection women gauntlets of strength tonight ready and they're not bad but we're gonna get better eventually and it is some of them will require a bit of sneaking around and one of the world where fight scene let's see like a light.

There let's make sure we see where the night is patrolling tread lightly Frostmourne undead sound the alarm don't sound the alarm this is my case no alarm something ah at last we don't afire the night this is more like it ah you and head level two though this is more some cool skills Frostmourne hunger my life for Nestle our little.

Congregation is growing what is it Padua now level 2 this is more like take a look at the other abilities here one of these are this death pact pretty obvious usage of this it's good for healing when you've got lots of units which on that tend to have although they're not quite like the surrogates RS but they still have the only a lot of units unholy are of course is really good makes you move around a lot these are I mean in the campaign it's a matter of preference I'm gonna go with unholy aura mostly nice well the death pack can save me a few times not like really that massive frost I would knock these graves were done recently arise in the name of the Lich King hey some skeletons we in fact also left these behind which I mean sure I think.

That's a huge deal but maybe now that we have a little bit of more of an army can find some use for them bring them with us long as we don't accidentally run into the footmen these aren't as fast as Arthas yeah good be quick be quick about.

It larger mo they don't have the most interesting voices it's mostly ours yeah although they do say was up sometimes yeah the undead is returned. Sound the alarm person my lord yeah oh no bite yeah we can arguably.

Kill the night now actually if he wants to come into my arena you ain't get killed just make sure to throw the death card to heal you can see the death toll is actually noticeably cheaper this is more like it get a better surround and finally then home lights if only we could race this guy from the dead now after a fight like this units might have taken a little bit of damage that's okay we have a solution for that you just go eat him what do you mean no usable crook there we go I just clicked it I should have left him eating anyway you can eat corpses it's pretty cool no one orders me around all right shade guy let's start exploring I go on scene I'll look into. It the gauge locks my way but not your.

Onesie oh there's their actual base here we can take this out if you really want to but Shelby these peasants will of course be able to do call over call to arms those are some things you have to deal with money first of all to sneak up and grab this I collect at last Frostmourne hungers this is more died humans you're right the bandits are. Attacking like a like man hello alright this is having issues I like walking around.

We can kill all of these and then munch. On their corpses when we're done the skeleton worries of course don't actually countable eyes look they're still good the unholy are gives them slight regeneration anyway which is a big deal today like because otherwise they wouldn't like undead don't regenerate unnaturally at all so you just sit and wait and they slowly go up to calligraphy I find it very useful and campaigns like this what is it I'm gonna Waldo's just start mashing another thing oh hello another bandit Arthas since he.

Is a very evil person he's going to hunt down a child with medical aid okay that. That felt pretty dark Frostmourne there should be more bandits over here yeah indeed but also an acolyte goodness oh yeah you didn't expect that did you lady that your husband was an acolyte what is it well now you know no one. Frostmourne now the bandits should be here unless you kill them all nope aha they've kidnapped bottom acolytes go back to kill that one later on the.

Assassin is the only real danger here I'm gonna save that that's going for healing my guy stuff it's more useful in the long run a potion of healing sure why not perhaps poisoning everyone likely pick up the spider ring it's kind of crap on Arthur's honestly he's not an agility hero and he it gives him next to nothing but I'll keep it for now let's destroy some of these put some waypoints on it my site is yours the shade of course can't attack so he can't go through the gate but that's ok I'll bring the Jews over there eventually we have the entire rest of.

The map that's a lot of acolytes.

Speak look there's nothing and that's Frostmourne hungers this is what I wasted time let's just take out our frustration on this town all no one orders and cackle madly at our evil.

Since we are now we're evil to the core never doubt it we're soulless monsters there will be no redemption we're here to murder and destroy everything in the Lich Kings will.

Slightly more potions of healing food. Again he left before friends help another acolytes she big fool and we are. Swimming in these at last in just drink for now I guess alright as well now let's guide out this area before we go any further in all Shelby I don't feel too worried about any sort of army now is that we've grown but we don't really want to mess with multiple nights I'll look into it I go I'll sort of want to see where exactly the Acolytes all right I let's see I'll look into it I go unseen let's see. I go unseen badly none of the kids are acolytes hiding tread lightly well let's roll over and grab this guy then frost or dividend reason again God so your dance is good you've betrayed us all I did I have no.

Real argument against that the unholy.

Our effects are more visible than the others I think what it because it's not just on the ground it's sort of around as well we're done let's have some food.

Nom nom nom nom nom nom mist hasty tread.

Lightly frost will stack this poor horse what if.

Your rest in peace horse fine this is more like it my life Ron fools.

Death comes for you kill them all Lords.

Of the captain links is down is there and watches refined.

Looks like they found some of my men.

Speak finally anyone inside those cages.

I can't really see anyone at last your.

Pain nope your pain shall be legendary yes uh yes. I'm cool Frostmourne cool attack lines now this is more like it right shademan I need you to scout it out again let's see let's see he talks.

About seeing a lot but I mean it's kind of a soul present d'etre really so you know that's not that's price like you're one ah you're hiding you there no one talked about being in hiding what needs revealing let's see the damned stand red.

Beak fool my size yours trendline.

Where's the last guy he's B can we recruit him before the mission ends hurry Arthas or this oh well done death. Knight the coat is nearly assembled loader on lies and ashes what good are these cultists to us now they will aid you in your next undertaking and what's that you will go to under Hall and recover the remains of the acolytes former master the necromancer kel'thuzad.

I knew we'd be seeing him again well I.

Mean obviously I played this before and everything but the first time around I never be seeing this again and you knew too because you're smart you can sense things like this coming

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