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HALF-LIFE - Full Game Walkthrough

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HALF-LIFE - Full Game Walkthrough

Full Playthrough of Half-Life on the original GoldSrc Engine (Gold Source) with No deaths

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Good morning and welcome to the Black Mesa Transit System automated train is provided for the security and convenience of the Black Mesa research facility personnel the time is 847.

Topside temperature is degrees with an estimated high of 105.

Is maintained at a pleasant 68 degrees at all times.

This train is in level three dormitories sector C test.

Is a high beyond sector C you will need to return to the central transit hub in area 9 and board a ha secure if you have not yet the retinal clearance system you must report to Black Mesa personnel for processing before you have been permitted into the high security branch of the transit system.

Due to the high toxicity of material routinely handled in the Black Mesa compound no smoking eating or drinking are permitted within the Black Mesa Transit System please keep your limbs inside the Train at all times do not attempt to open the doors until the train has come to a complete halt at the station platform in the event of an emergency the passengers are to remain seated and await further instruction.

Should be evacuated first please stay away from and proceed to an emergency station until assistance arrives.

Mesa hazard course Decathlon will commence this evening at 1900 hours in the level 3 facility the semi-finals.

Is transmission more lives than your own may depend on your fitness do you have a friend.

Addition to the Black Mesa team immediate openings are available in the areas of materials handling security.

Or other please contact our research is.

An opportunity a reminder to all Black.

Mesa personnel regular radiation and biohazard screenings are a requirement of continued employment in the Black Mesa research facility missing a scheduled urinalysis or radiation checkup is grounds for immediate termination if you feel you have been exposed to radioactive or other hazardous materials in the course of your duties contact your radiation safety on work safe work smart your future depends. On it.

Sector C test labs and control facilities.

Please stand back from the automated door and wait for the security officer to verify your identity before exiting the Train be sure to check your area for personal belongings thank you and have a very safe and productive day mornin mr. Freeman looks like you're running late.

Hey mr. Freeman I had a bunch of messages for you but we had a system crash about 20 minutes ago and I'm still trying to find my files just one of those days I guess they were having some problems down in the test chamber too but I think that's all straightened out they told me to make sure you headed down there as soon as you got into your hazard suit hello there if the sample.

Was just moving to the test chamber big day today even good morning doggy.

That should shake up those grand unification boys I can't be bothered.

Right now please leave me alone until after you'll just have to wait until after the test greetings.

Welcome to the HEV for protective system.

Or use how in hazardous conditions. High-impact reactive Armour activated.

Vital sign monitoring activated systems.

Engaged defensive weapon selection system activated activated.


Excuse me.

Ah Gordon yeah you are we just think the.

Sample down to the test chamber we've boosted the anti-mass spectrometer to 105 percent at a gamble but we need the extra resolution the administrator is very concerned that we get a conclusive analysis of today's sample I gather they went to some lengths to get it they're waiting for you Gordon in the test chamber.

I'm afraid we'll be deviating a bit from standard analysis procedures today Gordon yes but with good reason this is a rare opportunity for us this is the purest sample we've seen yet potentially the most unstable no now if you follow standard insertion procedures everything will be fine I don't know how you can say that although I will admit that the possibility of a resonance cascade scenario is extremely unlikely Gordon doesn't need to hear all this he's a highly trained professional we've assured the administrator that nothing will go wrong yes you're right Gordon we have complete confidence in you well go ahead.

Seems to be in order we could ring the.

Anti-mass spectrometer to 80% and hold it there until the carrier arrives.

Stage two imagers activated.

We predict how the system can operate.

Please to work as quickly as you can.


It's probably not discrepancy. Sustained I.


I'm afraid to move all our phones are out please get to the surface as soon as you can and let someone know we're stranded down here you'll need me to activate the retinal scanners I'm sure the rest of the science team will glad they helped you well the dimensional.

Beach is definitely transmitting organic matter.

Gordon man am I glad.

You won't even know I'm here slowing it down yes let's go am I in that much of a.

Burden let's go.

This is as far as I go.

Gordon my deal it was you I'd applaud you in everyone's head into the service and but I think they're crazy bring it.


Got another one.


Bring it on.

Is responsible for this mess.

They don't count on the Cavalry's finding us down here head for the surface elevators are out of order but we can still climb.



Well so much for the government their idea of containment is to kill everyone associated I'd say you were part of what went wrong and that right now look anyway which in this case a science team and the latest economy but the transit system how I couldn't tell you how to get there but there's an old decommission wrist make it through the rocket test labs you might be able to learn your way from the old tunnels to track down whatever is left of the lambda you can trust them.

Freeman I see you are in this mess too.

We'll have the engine up again in no time major fracture detected.

Semester you can get the power on that train will take a straight to the surface I have to drive myself generate. A room and there things in the way.

We were gonna make better going.

Freeman I've been waiting for you one year scientist pal said to give you a message you're supposed to take this old rail system up to some kind of satellite delivery rocket I don't know where it is exactly and the old guy was so worried about getting out of here alive he didn't tell me main thing is the military aborted the launch so when you do find the rocket you'll have to get up to the control room and launch it yourself he said something about a lambda team needing the satellite in orbit if they were ever going to clean up this mess.

Okay why not didn't want to dialogue.

They said.

No there's a trend buzzer gun and the shark-cage not sure work on this species you're welcome to try.

Gordon Freeman it is you isn't it the science team has been tracking your progress with the Black Mesa security system unfortunately that was the military that suit of yours is full of tracking devices still it's better than going naked in this place it is holy in there and you'll have to hurry it could SAP your suit power in a matter of moments if you're bent on reaching the lambda complex then you'll want relief to the other industrial areas where the security system is full of holes it's worked for me so far.

I certainly hope you know what you're doing and slow you down lead the way.

Freeman right I've got a message for you make sure you don't.

Hey it's no good up there it's all sealed off the only way out would be to find someone with scanner access who can open the front door I'm pretty sure there's a few scientists hiding somewhere in the labs maybe with both of us look and we can track them down and get them to let us out okay why not.

Thirty percent.

Some kind of weapon put that down it's a prototype it's much too.

Unpredictable don't let it overcharge what do you mean over.

Major fracture detective a scientist.

We all have scanners escort us to the lobby and we can get out of the land good luck to shut down the surgical unit first Peters switched it on Barry.

Let's go. I refused to go another step I stay here.

Elijah fellas.

I certainly hope you know what you're.

Doing don't I'll let you know it's hell.

Out there it's completely under militant.

Expect you'll meet many of our peers.

Where the rest of society has taken shelter I wouldn't venture there myself but I will let them know that you are coming.

25 40 percent power 55%.

- lecture detected.

Thirty percent.

Help me somebody please help me I'm dying out here please.

I was heading there myself enjoy.

If you intend to go on then I beg of you proceed with extreme caution.

Okay we might live longer if we work together.

Major fracture detected minor fracture.


I know fracture detected 15.

Hello let's get the hell outta here.

I apologize for mr. Freeman but I.

Couldn't risk opening that door so I was sure you would scour the area this is the last interests of the lambda complex every other has been sealed off to contain the invasion when we realized that you might actually make it here we drew straws to see who should stay behind let you through obviously I drew the short one my colleagues are waiting at the tip of the lambda reactor waiting for you I mean the reactor is shut down right now but you've been activated on your way up you'll have to flood the floor any way to get into the teleportation labs you're not authorized to know about those but I didn't see you already know a great deal more that any one man is supposed to.

Were you in weapons research - I built the gluon gun but I just don't bring myself to use it on a living creature you don't look as if you have any trouble killing things.

You'll need to activate coat pumps you plug them after and then that access pipe down there will take you to the car time is short.

Don't leave there mr. Freeman you've turned on the pumps now take the excess pipe across the core and get on up to the labs without delay.

Roger that let's run like hell.

Dimension field back to.

You finally found it so this is the guy we thought you'd never make it this is the supply equals the first survey team quite a few handsome specimens were collected from the border world and walked back this way before the survey members started being collected themselves that is we suspect there is an immense portal over there created by the intense concentration of a single powerful being you will know it yeah.

You'd better kill it of course you owe us nothing mr. Freeman but you've come this far you know as much about these creatures as anyone enough to know that if you don't wipe it out yes so if you're willing my.

Colleague is waiting for you at the main portal controls he will open the gates for you mr. Freeman do her don't forget to gear up cover you while you're waiting for that portal mr. Freeman is a long jump module.

Created expressly for navigation in the world beyond I certainly hope you received long jump training because once you're in the descent you will need it I would advise you to practice before crossing over.

We might stand a better chance.

I'm up here breakfast your long jump if you must but hurry up.

Okay I'll secure this I can open the.

Portal now the process is complicated and once it's begun I must not be interrupted or I will have to start all over again don't enter the beam until I give the okay understood I will begin.

We're almost man.

It's ready you must go now.

Raksha detected.


Minor fracture detected.

Gordon freeman in the flesh or rather in. The hazard suit i took the liberty of relieving you of your weapons most of them were government property as for the suit i think you've earned it the border.

World then is in our control for the time being thanks to you quite a nasty piece of work you managed over there i am impressed that's why I'm here mr..

Freeman I have recommended your services to my employers and they have authorized.

Me to offer you a job they agree with me that you have limitless potential you've.

Proved yourself a decisive man so I don't expect you'll have any trouble deciding what to do if you're interested just step into the portal and I will take that as a yes otherwise well I can.

Offer you a battle you have no chance of winning rather an anti-climax after what you have just survived.

Time to choose wisely done mr. Freeman I.

Will see you up ahead

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